Part AMazing 12!!!!
Lyle then found my entrance, and began to slowly enter me. The head
of his cock pushed into me and I gave out a moan. He then quickly said
"Are you all right?" I then said "Yeah dude, go for it." He then
slowly pushed the rest of his cocks shaft into me, and I felt his
balls resting on top of mine. He was fully deep inside me, and I
waited for his hips to start fucking me. He then said "Fuck dude, your
so fucking tight even though Buster just got done fucking you awhile
ago...Hows my cock feel in you, are you going to be able to let me
start fucking you?" I then adjusted my ass, and said "Yeah, Im good
so far...fuck me dude." Lyle then started moving his hips and fucking
me real slow like he said he would. About a minute into fucking me,
he layed down on top of me, and wrapped his arms around me, and began
to hold me real tight. His pumping at me was still nice and gental,
even thought his big hard cock was buried deep inside me. He then
whispered in my ear "Im about ready to cum" and not 2 seconds later,
he started bucking at my ass and I felt his cum shooting in me. He
then gave me a few more short strokes with his hips and whispered into
my ear "Oh, there ya go dude, my first load of cum is inside you." I
slowly said "Oh yeah, I felt every spurt dude." Lyle then rested for
a few seconds and then said "Are you ready to take some more?" I then
answered by turning my face towards his, and I then licked his face
and said "Im all yours." Lyle then licked the side of my cheek and
said "Im all yours too." He then started moving his hips, and began
fucking me again. He was still being very gental with me, and not
fucking me to hard. I was in my world as his cock pumped and pumped at
me, and I began to moan as he slowly picked up the pace of his
fucking. As soon as I started moaning, he placed his lips on my cheek,
right next to my lips, and moaned out the words "Busters cum is
keeping my cock lubed up, Oh cumming again!" I then felt him
thrust at me a few times as he pushed every inch of him in me, and I
began moaning as he then shot his second load of cum into me. He was
breathing a little harder, as was I. Lyle then said "Oh..yeah...fuck
your tight." I then said nothing, and he then just started to pump
away at me again. He started to get a little rough with me this time,
and I was moaning pretty loud at each of his thrusts. I then heard
him say "Buddy, what are you doing here?" I then turned to see Buster
right near Lyles pumping ass. A few seconds later, Lyles pumping at
me changed into more jerky motions, and then heard Lyle moaning. I
then turned my head again, and this time I saw Busters nose buryed
into his masters ass, licking it, as he was fucking me. Lyle was
really digging his dogs licking so much that he moaned out "Yeah,
buddy..Oh!, Oh" I then felt Lyle give my ass a hard thrust, and he
said "Fuck yeah". I then felt a huge load of his cum shoot into me! I
moaned real loud and at the sametime So did Lyle. He then said "Oh
fuck dude, Buster licking my ass while I was fucking you, made me put
the biggest load of cum in you just now." I then caught my breath,
and said "Fuck yeah you did..damn that was a lot." Lyle was pretty
weak from that large ejaculation that just shot out of him, so he
began resting on top of me, breathing in my ear.

As we layed there in our lust, I then saw Busters front leg land
right near my arm, and at the same time, I heard Lyle say "No buddy,
my turn" I then looked, and noticed that Buster was standing over us,
and tring to mount Lyle. I watched as Buster then grabbed Lyles waist
and forcefully pull his ass up off me. Lyles cock slid out of me real
fast, and I then heard Lyle say "No! Buster, No! No!" But Buster was
not listening at all. He seemed to be horny again from watching us
fuck I guess. I then heard Lyle give out a 'groaning' sound, and then
he said "God damn it, he's got me." I then slid out from under them,
just in time to see Buster latch on to his masters body real tight,
and begin fucking him. Lyle then looked at me and said "No way dude,
he just fucked you awhile ago, no way hes horny again, oh fuck." I
then said "Wow dude..maybe he got horny watching us fuck." Lyle
didn't say anything, but from the look on his face, It was easy to see
that he was getting fucked pretty good by Buster. As I watched, I
noticed that Buster had his front legs clamped down hard around Lyles
waist, and his hips where really driving hard at Lyles ass. I then saw
Lyle grab one of Busters legs that was clamped on him, and raise it,
as if he was tring to get Buster off of him. As soon as he had the leg
up from his hip, Buster would shake it free, and clamp right back down
on him. Lyle then looked at me with his eyes getting glossy again,
and making an 'Ah Ah Ah Ah' sound with his mouth with each thrust
Buster was quickly giving him. He then put his head back down as if
submitting to the fucking he was getting. About 3 long minutes later
of being fucked hard by Buster, he then raised his head and began
making 'grunting' sounds, and breathing out of his nose real hard. I
then thought to myself 'Wow, normally Buster would have knotted with
him by now, but he hasn't.' I had no Idea what to make of this kind
of fucking.
I then said "Dude, is he knotting with you?" Lyle could barely speak,
but moanded out the words "No, no knot, just a great deal of fucking
and cock deep in me." A few seconds later, Buster slowed his fucking
and began to just give his master slower deeper thrusts.

Since the fucking slowed, Lyle was able to compose himself and take
the slower fucking, and then looked at me and said "Damn, I got one
horny dog here." I then laughed and said "Yeah you do, or hes jealous
about us fucking." He then said "Maybe.." I then asked "No knot
still?" he quickly replyed "Nope, and no cum eathier, just a big long
dick in me and a whole lot of fucking and scratching me up big time,
and his grip on me, fuck, tightest grip he has ever had on his
fucking slave right now." I then laughed, and was about to say
something, when Buster then started to pick up his pace again and
started fucking Lyle harder again. Lyle quickly blurted out "Here we
go again." and then went back into submission to his dogs fucking. I
had a huge hardon from watchng this fucking, that I began to stroke my
cock and knew I would have to cum again from all this hot fucking I
was seeing. I started jerking off, but needed lube. I then spit on my
hand, and placed it back on my cock, and that did it. I was in pure
heaven now. As I stroked, and watched Lyle getting fucked hard again,
it only took about 30 seconds, and I was about to cum again. I then
took a few more strokes on my cock, and my cum shot out of me and
landed on both Busters back, and Lyles too. Lyle felt it land on him
and just turned his face and smiled at me. I smiled back and then
began to rest. A few seconds later I heard Lyle starting to moan real
REAL loud! He then grunted and said "Oh shit, Knot, Knot, oh fuck..Its
got being tied." Just then I looked at Buster, and WOW,
his tounge was hanging out of his mouth, and his face looked as if he
was in pure heaven, his head was real high, and his nose was pointing
straight up in the air. I then looked at Busters hips, and they where
giving final thrusts at Lyles ass, confirming the tie up with his
master. I then looked at Lyle, and his head was bent down in pure
submission to his dogs knot. I then said "Dude, you alright?" It
took a few seconds for him to answer me, because Buster was giving him
two or three more thrusts, and then he stopped. Buster then just layed
down on Lyles back, and was panting like crazy. Lyle then slowly
raised his head and looked at me with his glossy eyes, and said in a
panting voice "Fuck tied up again." I didn't know what to
say at the moment, since I was still recovering from the first time I
had cummed 2 times in one night.
I then said "Wow dude, Twice for your dog, and twice for me in one
night." He then said "Pretty fucking awesome night." I quickly replyed
"Hell yeah it is!" Lyle then started to bend his head back down, when
I said "Is he cumming in you too?" He then did not raise his head,
and said "Yup".

About five minutes later, I noticed that Buster was still on top of
him, and not going butt to butt with Lyle. I saw Lyle squirm a bit
under Buster, but not make any noises. I then said "Is his knot
easier to take since he has not gotten off of you?" Lyle quickly
said "Heck yes it is, and I already feel him him shrinking in me...any
second now ." And just as he ended talking, Lyle fell foward onto the
floor, and Busters cock came sliding out of him. Buster then slowly
walked over to the closet area, with his huge cock hanging below him,
and then plopped down on the ground, and began cleaning himself up. I
then looked at Lyle, and noticed that he was looking at me with a
strange face. I then said "You alright?" He then said "Dude, im
going to need your help walking me home." I then said "Whys that?" He
then said "My ass is so fucking sore right now, I can barely feel my
legs." Since I knew that feeling, I said "Sure dude, let me know when
you want to go." He then said "Let me rest for a few more minutes,
and I will let you know when im ready." I then said "Sure, no problem
dude." About 30 seconds later, Lyle said "Is my cum still inside of
you?" Since it was, and had not leaked out of me, I said "Yeah, all
of it is still im me." He then smiled and said "I wish I could put
the rest of my cum in you right now, but im too worn out right now, I
need to get feelings back in my legs so I can walk." I then said
"Yeah, I know that feeling when Rascal first fucked me." He then
quickly said "Dude, I have been fucked by Rascal, and then you, and
then by Buster tonight. My asshole is so fucking sore right now...I
can't even walk right now...but I did have fun." I then said "Heck
yeah dude, it was a great night for me too, I cummed twice." Lyle then
laughed and said "What time do you think it is right now?" I had no
Idea, but I knew of a way to find out. I then said "I don't know, but
theres a clock in the auto shop that I can see through the window, if
you want me to check." He then said "Yeah, go find out, but please
come back!" I then laughed and said "Sure, be right back." I then put
my clothes back on and went down the stairs and headed off to the auto

When I reached the fence, Rascal was quick to greet me, wagging his
tail and sniffing at me through the fence. I then tried to see the
clock in the office, but I could not see it since I was outside the
fence. I then just climbed the fence and hopped inside the yard.
Rascal was all over me when I hit the ground, he was sniffing at me to
no end! I then walked over to the office area and saw that the clock
read 3:15 AM. I thought it might read 1 or 2 am, but 3 am, wow! I
then started to go back to the area where I hopped over the fence, and
on my way, Rascal hit my back, which threw me to the ground. He then
quickly mounted me, and tried to fuck me while I was wearing my
clothes. I felt his cock pokeing at my jeans, and he quickly realized
that there was no entrance, and hopped off of me. I then quickly ran
over to the fence and climbed over it. Once I was over the fence, I
gave Rascal a little pet through the chainlinks, and said to him "Not
right now buddy....maybe in awhile." I then walked back into the old
"Haunted" house, and started my way up the stairs. I then heard Lyle
say "Whos that?!" I then said "It's me dude." When I reached the top
of the stairs and went into the bedroom, I quickly noticed that he
had his clothes back on, and was huddled with Buster near the closet
area. He then said "Did you find out what time it is?" I then said
"Yeah, it's 3:20 am by now." He then said "Fuck, I have to get home
now!" He then slowly stood up, and leaned up against the wall, and
said "Dude, im so fucking sore..please help me get home." I then said
"Dude, its ok, let go then." He then said "Can you grab Busters leash
and put it on him, and walk him home with me?" I then really felt bad
for Lyle, he must have really got fucked good! I then found Busters
leash and put it on him. Lyle then said "Can I put my arm around you
as we walk down the legs are still weak." I then said
"Sure dude". He then put his arm around me, and I put mine around him
too since I knew he was really having a hard time walking. As we
started to go down the stairs, I could feel him lean on me with each
step. Buster seemed to know what was up, because he too slowly walked
with us down the stairs, step by step with his master and I.

When we reached the bottom of the stairs, Lyle then said "Hand me
Busters leash, I think I can maybe walk now...but stay close to me in
case I can't." I then gave him Busters leash, and we then walked out
the front door of the old 'Haunted' house. Once we where outside,
Lyle seemed to be walkng ok, but he was not in a normal pace yet.
When we got about half way to his house, he said "Im good now, thanks
for helping me." I then said "Dude, no problem." When we reached his
house, I followed him as he walked to his side gate and opened it and
let Buster go inside his back yard. Lyle then turned to me, and said
"Wait here for a second. I left my back door unlocked when I left, if
you see me turn on the light in my room, then im cool. I then waited
for about a minute, when I saw his bedroom light turn on, and off a
few times. I then figured everything was cool, so I began my walk

Durning my walk, I kept thinking about what had just happened
tonight, and how Buster fucked me, and then fucked Lyle about an hour
later and fucked the hell out of him for at least 10 minutes before
knotting up with him. I then thought about Rascal tring to fuck me,
when I was in the yard just looking to see what time it was. With all
these thoughts going through my mind, my cock was hard all during my
walk home. I then thought about how Buster only knotted up with Lyle
for about 5 minutes, before releasing him. I was horny again, and said
to myself 'When I reach the auto repair shop, Im going to see if
Rascal is still intrested in fucking me, and knotting with me for
about 5 minutes like Buster did with Lyle. When I reached the auto
shop, I was expecting to hear Rascal barking from just the sound of my
foot steps, like he would always do when anyone would get close to his
yard. But this time, no barks, no noise at all. I then stopped
walking, and thought 'maybe hes not barking because Steve is in the
yard with him right now.' I then continued walking past the auto
repair shop, and when I was about half way past the main entrance
gate, I hit my hand against the fence just to see what would happen.
Nothing... I then went over to the railroad tracks side of the fence,
because thats where the grassy area was in the yard, and I knew Rascal
hung out in that area. When I reached the grassy area, I suddenly
heard a voice say "Jeff, is that you?" I then froze dead in my tracks.
I thought for a second to myself 'hmm..that must be Steve, because hes
the one that lied to and told him my name was jeff. I then said
"Yeah, is that Steve?" the voice then said "Yeah. fuck, you scared
the hell out of me." I then said "Where are you?" He then replyed
"Keep walking, you'll see me any second." I then continued walking,
and in just 4 steps, I quickly saw Steve and Rascal both tied to each
other, right up next to the fence, in plain view. I then said "Wow
dude, what are two doing so close to the fence?" He then said "Well,
Rascal started fucking me over there on the grass, but he was fucking
me too hard tonight, so I tried to get him to stop, and he wouldn't,
so somehow we ended up here when he knotted with me." My cock was rock
hard when he said that, because I knew why Rascal fucked him hard. I
then just said "Pretty cool." He then asked me "Where you the one
that just made that noise at the front gate?" I replyed "Yeah, I was
wondering where Rascal was." He then said "Good, I though it might
have been the boss or somebody comming in. I would hate to have them
find me like this." I then said "How long have you been tied with
Rascal?" He grunted a bit and said "He was just starting to tie up
with me when you made the noise at the gate, so only about a minute
now, why?" I was just about to say something, when all of a sudden
the Whole Auto Shop Yard just lit up! I quickly ran to the back of
the fence to hide in the bushes behind the shop.

As I looked at the light, I noticed that it was comming from a
passing police car on the main street, that was driving real slow. My
heart was really racing, and my eyes stayed fixed on that police car,
to see what they where going to do next. I then saw the cops just
keep driving and shining their light at all the other businesses on
the street, and then turned off their light and then stop at the
traffic light at the major intersection, and then turned left, heading
away from us. Just then I heard Steve say "Where are you?" I then
went back over to where he was, and he said "Don't worry about them,
they do that all the time around here. It's a normal routine they do."
My heart was still racing, but I started to calm down once he said
that. I then looked down to see that he was still knotted up with
Rascal. I then said "That was scary, I thought somebody might have
seen me walking around and called the police." He then said "Speaking
of that, where you in the yard about an hour ago? I heard the fence
rattle, and looked out my apartment window but I didn't see anyone." I
knew it was me that he heard, but I didn't want to tell him, so I said
"No, was not me." He then said "So what are you going here at this
hour?" I then just said "Im comming home from a friends house." "At
this hour! he exclaimed, Boy or girl friends house?" I was starting to
lose intrest real fast with him, because I was the one that wanted to
be knotted up with Rascal, but he beat me too it. I was jealous I
guess. I then said "It's pretty late, and I have to get home before my
parents wake up." He then quickly said "Ok, but before you go, why
don't you stick your hard cock through the fence and let me give you a
blow job." Since my cock was hard from seeing him locked up with
Rascal, I figured, why not. Maybe I could see if I could cum 3 times,
since he did suck me off before, and was pretty damn good at it. I
then looked around to make sure nobody would see this, and all looked
good, so I pulled down my pants and stuck my dick through the chain
link fence, and Steve quickly just buryed my cock into his mouth and
started sucking me. I started to REALLY get into it when I felt his
tounge sliding up and down my entire cock. I then pushed against so he
could get all of my cock. I then felt the head of my cock deep into
his throat and felt him kinda choking on me, but still sucking hard at
me. About a minute or so into it, Steve began to moan, which sent a
vibrating sensation onto my cock that instantly made me cum! He knew
I was cummng, and started moving his mouth up and down my cock from my
shaft to my cocks head. He was not swallowing my cum, but instead
letting it all fill up in his mouth. I then gave a few jerks at the
fence, and his mouth, as my last spurts shot out of me. He then
slowly slid my cock out of his mouth, and I looked down at him as he
held his head up and began swallowing my cum. He then looked up at me
and said "Damn your cum tastes so sweet." I was pretty much in shock
that I cummed 3 times tonight, and that last load in Steves mouth,
felt like the biggest one yet. I was in heaven after that, and also
pretty damn worn out. I then pulled my cock out of the fence, and
pulled my pants back up. I then looked at him and noticed that Rascal
and him where no longer knotted together. I then said "When did
Rascal pull out of you?" Steve licked his lips a few times and then
said "When I was moaning his cock was sliding out of me, about the
sametime you started cumming." I then said "Wow, when you started to
moan, it felt so great that I didn't even feel myself about ready to
cum, it just came out of me within seconds." Steve then said "Hmm..I
will have to remember that next time I suck you off."

I was really tired, and drained from what had just happened and said
"Dude, I have to go home now, it's real late." Steve then quickly
said "I haven't cummed yet, wanna go to my apartment so I can fuck
your sweet 16 year old ass again?"


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I'd love to be knotted with a big dog!!!


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hes not writing it hes stole it off from another author. go to nify and look in the beast section for s story called auto repair shop dog

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i cummed 18 times while reading this so far constant boner


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