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So, this is the second installment of what I'm calling The Ebima stories. Corny, but there it is! I l worked really hard and I hope you guys enjoy. Leave me some comments and suggestions as to what you think I should include, exclude, anything. Thanks!
Christopher McIntyre pushed his pen away and stretched gingerly in his seat. He felt a distinct itch between his shoulder blades and knew, without having to turn around, that his potential manager was still eye banging him. It had been almost a year to the day that Chris had had his car accident on his way home during a hurricane. He'd skidded on the road and wrapped his poor Honda Accord around an unforgiving oak tree, that didn't even have the consideration to at least appear damaged. Chris stared at his job application, feeling himself drifting into thought.

The night he crashed was also the night he met his 'boyfriend' of sorts, that he knew next to nothing about. The man (if he could be called such) went by the name Ebima, and he had pulled Chris from the wreckage of twisted metal that was his car. Ebima had spirited Christopher to his own world, and to Chris' constant embarrassment, made love to the boy in ways that made Chris' head spin and cheeks flush. Ebima returned Chris to the hospital, and disappeared for a few weeks. Chris went through physical therapy for a few months to get his leg back into working conditions. Ebima had healed it on their first encounter, but Chris insisted it remain broken and heal on it's own, to avoid obvious suspicion. Ebima had returned a few times since they met, and took Chris wherever he was.

On one uncomfortable incident, Chris was in line at a restaurant when Ebima appeared behind the counter, only visible to Christopher, and dragged him to the men's' bathroom. Chris protested and attempted to fight his overzealous lover back, but to no avail. The demon was simply stronger. Ebima pulled Chris into the larger handicapped stall, bent him over the toilet, and proceeded to fuck the boy for all he was worth. Chris' attempts to push Ebima away became less and less heartened with every powerful thrust against his prostate, and before long, the boy completely submitted and did his best not to make too much noise. Ebima came inside of him, filling Chris' insides with his hot, sticky love, and withdrew. Chris spun around to nothing but air, and a deep chuckle, leaving the poor boy to clench as best he could walk/run from a restaurant full of people gawking at him.

The next time Ebima appeared, while Chris was studying for his midterms, the boy was ready for him. Ebima materialized behind Chris' chair, and laced his long fingered hands up and around his lover's shoulders. Chris leapt up, spun around, and full on tackled the demon to the floor. Ebima growled lustfully, taking it as a love tackle, but Chris straddled his body and leaned into the demon's shoulders. "You, have got to stop doing this!" He'd whispered/shouted, as his family was asleep just down the hall. Ebima smiled and placed his hands on either cheek of the boy's face. "Whatever do you mean, love?" Chris leaned back, still straddling Ebima's waist. "I mean, I love having sex with you, you're....You're a-fuckin-mazing. Stop grinning. What I mean is: I need you to time your advances a little better. It doesn't always work out well for me." Ebima frowned thoughtfully. "I do not understand." Chris sighed and sat back in his chair, leaning his elbows on his thighs. "I can't just fuck in the bathroom of a fucking Wendy's, okay? It's fun and all, but this is a small town, and I knew almost everyone there. I can't just fuck in front of those people, it's not the way humans do things."

Ebima sat up slowly, his alien face visibly working to understand. "But I love you." Chris flushed a brilliant red, and waved a hand. "I...I get that...I think. But there are other ways to show love. Other than just fucking nonstop and wherever. That's shit animals do, not humans." Ebima leaned back on his hands and lowered his head. "So...what you are saying is, I must find another way to display my love for you. Other than mating?" Chris smiled. "Yeah! I mean...the occasional fuck is great, but other stuff, like going out for food, or doing something fun would work too." Ebima nodded and leaned forward to peck the boy on the lips. "I understand, my love. I will try...Other things." Chris patted Ebima's head and turned to face his books again. "Great, uh...Thanks." Ebima stood behind him and looked over his shoulder. "What are you doing?" Chris tapped his notebook, "Studying. I've got a shit ton of stuff to cram into my already jam-packed little brain for these tests." Ebima kissed Chris' forehead, "Then I will leave you to your studies. I will check in later on, my love." The air behind Chris' back wavered, and he knew Ebima had disappeared. He sighed heavily and opened another book, only to squawk in fear as Ebima reappeared. "What the shit?!"He whispered/yelled. "You scared the piss outta me!” Ebima crossed his arms over his chest, frowning. “I forgot something.” “What? I’ve got shit to-” “I would like to ask you to attempt to curb your use of profanities in exchange for not mating in public.” Chris stared at him blankly. “Wha-?” “You have such a lovely face to have such garbage pouring form it. Slim your use of profanity, and I will not mate with you in public. That is my request."

Without waiting for an answer, Ebima disappeared once more, leaving Chris staring at nothing. Things had gotten easier for Chris after that, Ebima visited every now and then, they would watch a movie together, sit and look at the stars, or simply talk. Ebima evaded most personal questions, to Chris’ growing annoyance. ‘I’m gonna make him tell me something.’ He thought, tapping his pen on his job application. Chris was applying at a local grocery store as a restocker. It wasn’t glamorous, but he figured he needed the money, and they needed the manpower. The manager of the store was a lovely older woman by the name of Margo Bixler, and she was all to happy to give him an application. She’d made sure to brush against his arm as she handed him his application, and fuss with her shirt as she verbally interviewed him. Mrs. Bixler wasn’t an ugly woman, around 5’4 or 5’5, slim with an average bust and hip size. She was almost 60, and it showed on her lined face. She’d caked on makeup and curled her shoulder length blonde hair, but she looked her age. Not to mention she seemed to bathe herself in stuffy lavender perfume that Chris could practically taste when near her. He shrugged again, mentally, and finished his application, resisting the urge to turn and look in Mrs. Bixler’s direction. After re-reading his app, he handed it to Mrs. Bixler, breathing through his mouth. She smiled and fussed with her hair, “Aw, thanks, honeypot. I’ll look over this personally and give you a call sometime tomorrow, kay?”

Chris forced himself to smile and nod. “Yes, ma’am, thank you very much.” Mrs. Bixler stroked his cheek, “Don’t you call me ‘ma’am’ it makes me feel old, Christopher.” Chris nodded. “Just Chris, and thanks again.” He waved and left the store quickly. Chris climbed into his replacement Hyundai and yelped when he saw Ebima sitting in the front seat, wearing a sapphire tunic over black pants and black boots. He quickly looked around and confirmed no one saw, and proceeded to drive home. “What the shi-stuff are you doing! You scared me!” Ebima sat rigidly in the seat, staring straight ahead. “Who is that woman?” Chris sat in silence until he realized who Ebima meant. “Mrs. Bixler? She’s the manager of The Freshness. I’m trying to find a job, and they’re hiring.” He looked sideways at Ebima. “Why do you ask?” He suspected the reason, but asked anyway. Ebima shifted in his seat. “Her aura was pink. She wanted you...I believe if you were to move on her, she would not resist you.” Chris laughed, unable to help himself. “Let me get something straight, kay? I have no desire, whatsoever for that woman. She is a means to an end, and I plan on spurning her advances.” Ebima’s expression did not lighten. “You know she will make an advance?”
“Yeah, she’s not exactly hiding-”
“If you know she has romantic intentions toward you, you should seek employment where she is.”
“I don’t have much of a choice, Ebima. The job market isn’t exactly-”
“I do not care about your market! That harlot beauca has romantic intentions toward you, and I do not want you to work for her!”
“Uhh, hey! Newsflash, you don’t own me! I need to make ends meat on my own, and that’s not easy nowadays-”
“Leave it then.”
Chris started and stomped his brakes to avoid hitting a Mazda in front of him. He sighed heavily and leaned his head against the headrest. “Come again?” Ebima turned and gazed at him. Chris kept his eyes trained to the light. Ebima only showed himself to Chris, so he was forced to whisper through his teeth or work to maintain his current activity whenever Ebima was around. The demon leaned forward, his lips touching Chris’ ear. “Leave this work, this school, these hardships. Leave them and come away with me.” Chris slowly eased on to the main road, “I don’t follow...” Ebima shocked him by grabbing the steering wheel and pulling them onto the shoulder. “WHAT THE SHIT, EBIMA!” The demon ignored him, wrapped his long arms around Chris’ torso, and in the blink of an eye, they were standing in Ebima’s bedroom. Chris pulled away and stepped back. “Why the hell did you do that? You could’ve killed us!” Ebima folded his arms. “I was being serious. You were preoccupied, I removed your distraction.” He moved closer to Chris and putting his long hands on either side of the boy’s face. “I love you. I am in the position to provide for you, if you will let me.” Chris stared at him. “ want me to what, live here? With you?”
“I can’t do that.”
“Why not?”
“Other than the fact that the only thing I know about you is that you’re a demon? I can’t live off of someone doing nothing. That’s not how I am. I have plans, goals, I have things I want to do with my life.” Ebima sighed heavily. “I know that...I just, I do not like the constant temptation you are surrounded with.” He lowered his head, his white locks shrouding his face. Chris gave a small chuckle. “Y’know...I have to say. Seeing this jealous side of you is pretty awesome.” Ebima frowned at him, but was unable to hold it. A slow smile spread across his dark face, adding a glow to his onyx skin.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Chris’, asking him with teeth and tongue to open. Chris gave in, and allowed Ebima to slide his long tongue into his mouth and around his own. He slid his hands under Ebima’s tunic, running over the silky hair on his chest. Ebima growled into Chris’ mouth, slid his hands under the boy’s thighs and lifted him. Chris responded by wrapping his legs around the demon’s waist, clinging to him. Ebima walked backwards until he sat them in the chair next to the black desk. Chris settled his ass over the firm bulge in Ebima’s pants and sat back. Ebima massaged his back, “What is it, my love? Is something wrong?” Chris shook his head and tugged on the demon’s tunic. “Off. Now.” Ebima smiled fiercely and pulled his shirt from his body. Chris pulled his own shirt, the fabric was barely clear of the boy’s chest, as Ebima latched on to his nipple. Chris cried out as Ebima sucked and worried at the puckered flesh, his massive hands kneading the boy’s crotch. Chris grabbed Ebima’s hair and swung the demon’s face toward his, melting into his mouth. As they ate at each other, Ebima stood them up and leaned Chris against the desk. He hooked his fingers into the top of Chris’ jeans and ripped the clothing from the boy’s body. Somewhere during their lovemaking in the past, Ebima had taken to biting Chris on various parts of his body.

The first time it happened, Ebima apologized profusely, but Chris reluctantly found it to be exhilarating. Since then, they had incorporated what Ebima happily called ‘love bites’ in their sex life. Ebima tore the remaining clothing from his body and kicked off his shoes before kissing Chris again, crouching down, and sinking his teeth into his lover’s thigh. Chris screamed in pleasure digging his fingers into the wood of the desk. Ebima lightly licked at the blood pooling into the impressions on Chris’ thigh. He pulled the boy’s sandals off and threw them over his shoulder. He then pulled Chris’ leg over his shoulder and slid his tongue into his ass, eating away with vigor. The sensation of the warm intruder coating his ass nearly drove Chris to orgasm then and there. He took deep breaths and writhed as Ebima moved his tongue in a slow rhythm. Ebima moaned into Chris’ ass, sending a wave of pleasure through the bass of his voice. The sensation drove Chris over the edge, he came over Ebima’s back and on the floor. Ebima stood, grinning. Chris blushed. “Sh-shut up...It’s not funny...” Ebima threw his head back and laughed, shoulders shaking. He leaned forward, resting his head against Chris’. “I am sorry, Christopher. You just make me so happy.” His laughter slowed and a dark lust filled his gaze as it swept over Chris’ body. “So...very...happy.”

Chris blushed deeper. “Don’t...don’t look at me like that.” Ebima slid a hand up Chris’ thigh slowly. “Like what?” Chris frowned. “Like-!” Ebima cut him off by pushing his swollen member inside of Christopher’s ass. The demon pulled the boy’s legs around his waist and sat back in the chair, pushing his entire length inside of Chris. Chris responded by rotating his hips, driving Ebima in and out of him. Ebima seized the boy’s waist, and leaned forward to nibble on Chris’ nipples, pulling loud moans and cries from Chris, who used one hand to hold him to the battered flesh. “Ohh, uhh...Ebima...Yes, yeees, GOD. “

Ebima rested his chin against Chris’ stomach, maintaining his thrusts. “Yes, my love. Tell me.” Chris moaned, “Fuck me. Please...just fuck me! Harder, I want it harder!” Ebima growled in response, and threw Chris across the room and on his bed. Chris watched Ebima stalk to the bed, his 9’ erection jutting furiously from his body. Ebima fell on Chris, pulling him by his thighs, and entering him once again. Chris lay flat on his back, fingers curling into the sheets beneath his body, his legs on either side of Ebima’s hips. He screamed with every strong thrust, every push against his prostate. Ebima dug his fingers into the boy’s skin. “Look at me, my love. Let me watch you climax.” Chris struggled to maintain eye contact , as everything moved back and forth. Ebima’s eyes bored into his, and Chris felt and saw the love in them. He leaned forward and kissed Ebima, who pulled him against his body, and resumed his work. Chris remained welded to his lover’s slick, sweaty body, as a massive orgasm flooded the both of them. At the same moment, as waves immense pleasure crashed over them both, Ebima bit into Chris’ shoulder. Chris howled in pain and pleasure, and fell limp against Ebima, who quickly put a hand behind them both to steady them. They sat on the bed in that position, panting heavily, covered in sweat, blood, and other things. Ebima gently laid Chris backward on the bed, and flopped down next to him. Chris turned to snuggle against him, “Ebima.”
“Yes, my love?”
“I think...I love you.”

Ebima chuckled and wrapped his body around Chris’, spooning him. “And I you, my love.” Chris closed his eyes, surrounded by the warmth of Ebima’s body and the thick post sex air, and fell asleep.
An earth shattering boom jarred Chris awake. He sat bolt upright, and instantly regretted it. Ebima’s ‘love bites’ had been a bit deeper than usual. “Hey, you jerk-” Chris was startled to see he was alone in the bed. He slowly crawled to edge and gingerly climbed off. He limped around the dark room and located his jeans...But only one sandal. “Dammit...” Chris tugged on his pants and gave up on his sandals. He saw a dim light coming from the only door in the room, which was slightly ajar. Chris limped closer to the door, only to jump when it banged open against the wall. “What the hell, you-” Chris’ words died in his throat as he saw the demon was not Ebima.
The demon in front of him stood taller than his lover, 11 or 12 feet tall. His skin was black like Ebima’s, but had blue and white lines running up and down it in ornate designs. His hands were long, and housed long black talons, his hair was silver to Ebima’s white, and fell in waves to Ebima’s petrified straight locks. His eyes and face were almost a mirror image, aside from the dark, angry air to Ebima’s light and open. He growled, baring a mouthful of long and razor sharp teeth. Chris gulped, opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a heavy slap across his face. He went flying into the wall next to him, and crumpled against it. Chris moaned in fear as the demon slowly walked toward him. Chris held up a hand in a weak attempt to stave him off, but lost the battle with the darkness that ate at his vision. He heard the sounds of fighting, felt hands under his body, then nothing.

Oooooooooookie dokie, that's where I'm at! Please let me know what I need to fix, or if you liked it!

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