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Lustful Dreams
I'm in the New York office for business meetings, after the morning meetings I informed my secretary having her block my afternoon off. I returned to my apt. that I was sub - leasing to Betty. I had called in several favors from business associates to get her hired for an early morning news show. I had woke up this morning with a raging hard on dreaming about Betty. How her tits feel, and how they taste. I climaxed with imagined images of her dancing in my brain - on her knees, her delicate fingers caressing my shaft, her lips tentatively kissing the tip of my hard cock, and her swallowing my cock whole, milking my cum.

About two in the afternoon, those sort of thoughts were once again dancing through my brain as I laid on the couch, music playing, the book falling open on my belly. My last conscious thought was the recognition that my cock was getting hard. " Not bad," I mumbled as I dozed off. The next thing I sensed soft delicate hands slidding under my white t-shirt, then my shorts and sweatpants sliding down, my hips reacting by rising just enough to facilitate the movement, my thick hard cock lolling on my thigh. I returned her playful advances -- sliding my hands under her silk blouse to cup her bare breasts underneath. We were both anticipating some fun as the afternoon wound down.

I feel two, or maybe three fingers tentatively exploring my hard cock, first just a touch, then a rubbing of the silky outer layer of skin along the inner hardness, and finally, tracing all along the length, up to the underside of my swollen helmet, startling me with a fingernail along the tiny flap linking head to shaft. I get up from the coach grabbing Betty pushing her face down on the coach. Slidding behind her, I gently kissed the back of her neck. She sighed softly in response to the warm lips on her skin. " aaaaahhhh..aaaahhh."
Sensing her pleasure, I nibbled her neck gently and slid a hand around and over her breast, massaging it firmly through the silky material. It was VERY nice!

She turned to kiss me deeply as I ran my strong hand along the curve of her hip and down her thigh. She couldn't help but moan softly into my mouth as I drag my fingers firmly up the back of her thigh and over the bare skin of her ass, massaging her tired muscles. She loves the feeling!

Subtly, She feels me wiggle out of my underwear and sweatpants, followed by the warm sensation of my bare hard thick cock pressing urgently against her bare ass. She quickly turned and gripped it softly, tugging my hard thick cock toward her again and again as it grows harder in her hand (another feeling She loves). She was feeling my horness growing as I feverishly unbuttoned her silk top -- just half way -- to expose her bare breasts. Nearly tearing it, I spread her top wide, slipping my hands beneath and spilling her full B-cup breasts out into the open afternoon air.

Hungrily, I begin squeezing, nibbling and sucking at her breasts! Starting from beneath, I gnawed at the entire surface of her breast, intentionally grazing but ignoring her hardening nipples. " Unghhhh," She sighed hornily as I engulfed her hard nipple in my mouth. It feels soooo good as my tongue circled firmly over her areola before sucking and pulling my head away, tugging her nipples to their fully-engorged length. I gripped both breasts firmly, perking my nipples up high and began gnawing relentlessly -- one breast to the next and back. She released my thick hard cock and placed her hands over me, massaging her breasts into his hungry mouth.

As if a single string connected her entire body, the rough squeezing and tugging of her breasts sent urgent, aching pangs deep between her legs! She couldn't help but swivel her hips as muscles all over her pussy contracted and released in painful anticipation. She could feel the increasing wetness flowing warmly from her center with each maddening gyration. She was getting deliriously horny!

Sensing her arousal, I pressed my muscular thigh hard into her pelvis region, causing her to moan loudly " OOOOHHHH..AAAAAHHHHH," as she mindlessly begins grinding her wet panties against my leg. Crushing her clit, She wanted something -- anything -- deep inside her as she desperately needed to erupt in orgasmic release.

My big hand released one of her breasts and drifted quickly beneath her ass and upward, palming her entire pussy like a sweaty, slutty basketball. She groaned at my touch, " aaahhh..aaahhh " feeling so overwhelmed and taken. It was so intense! My thick fingers drug heavily over her clit, past her moist opening, and gently over her anus and back again. I continued this path at a maddeningly slow pace until She could literally feel her pussy muscles trying to draw me in as my fingers fumbled painstakingly close with each passing. It only took a few of those and She was wiggling out of her shirt, letting her breasts bounce freely, as I quickly yanked her thong panties down her thighs. She was soooo, soooo ready for me!

I surprised her! I grinned evilly and disappeared down her beautiful body. She giggled as my warm thick hard cock drug down her leg -- and jumped when my mouth touched her thigh. She knew what was next ... but when? Suddenly, She felt my two thumbs open the wet outer lips of her pussy as my tongue dove firmly into her opening. A surge of pleasure raced through her body as She arched, then collapsed in satisfaction as my tongue slid from inside her, up over her clit and back down. The anticipation and response -- the sheer arousal of being robbed of preparation -- was making my disappearing act down her body a tremendous turn-on. She was a slave to the sensations my exploring tongue delivered. All She could do was live in the moment -- and feel every physical response with overwhelming honesty.

Her honesty moaned like a whore when I replaced my tongue in her pussy with two of my thick fingers! " OOOOHHHH..AAAAHHHH." She jumped and fucked back on my fingers as they entered her saturated pussy with practically no resistance. The thickness and fullness of my invading fingers, circling gently against the walls of her pussy, was very satisfying! She could feel the pangs of orgasm getting increasingly urgent from deep inside. She needed to cum sooo badly but this build-up was maddening. She panted like a dog, breathing heavily past her full lips as the pace of my fingers increased! To her surprise, She felt the flat surface of my tongue rock clumsily over her clit and hood and the few trace hairs atop her otherwise shaven pussy. " OOHHhhh," She blurted as the newly-combined sensations shocked her senses.

Knowing all her signals -- her wetness; her sighs; her needs -- I sucked fully against her swollen clit, pulling her lips tightly, and plunging my fingers deeply into her pussy. With familiar precision, I stretched and curled my digits to finger at the opening of her cervix! The slurpy sounds of my collective invasion was only muffled by the grunts, groans and moans that unabashedly left her mouth. She gripped my head, bucking and fucking her hips until She erupted in a loud, overwhelming orgasm! It felt like every muscle in her body converged to burst a water balloon wedged deep inside her. The rush of warm wetness cascaded from inside her like a waterfall. She could feel it escaping and drizzling over her puckered anus with each instinctive convulsion.

She didn't care! She looked at my shocked expression as She demanded, " FUCK ME ... NOW!!!" I was pleased with her arousal and wanted to TAKE it! I wiped her wetness from my face and rose above her body like an angry shadow. My dense forearm hooked behind her knee and raised it until it crushed her breast beneath. The cool afternoon air was startling on her open, exposed wetness. In one hard, heavy movement, my thick, rock-hard cock SLAMMED into her soaked pussy in one unforgiving motion. She groaned " UUUHHH " and gasped painfully " AAAAHHH," adjusting to my thick hard presence inside. I slid it back out slowly as she could feel the walls of her pussy working to cling to my every movement. She had so badly wanted me inside her! She raised her right leg higher to accommodate my length as I slammed into her again and again with increasing depth. Within seconds, I was fully inside her again, crushing her slippery, sensitive clit between our pubic bones. Holding us firmly together, I lurched my considerable weight forward, pinning her down with my thick hard cock fully engulfed. Helpless but happy, I rhythmically nudged forward, burying every conceivable length of me inside her.

Overwhelmed, She could feel the head of my penis teasing at the opening of her cervix. WHAT A SENSATION!!! She gripped my ass urgently, trying to pull me deeper inside. Could he enter my womb? Would it hurt? She was so deliriously aroused she couldn't care. She could feel her womb opening slightly around the tip of my penis -- and judging from my moans " uuuuhhhh..uuuuuhhhhh," so could I! The teasing was intoxicating. We continued these deep connections until pleasantly, I withdrew fully and begin entering and reentering her pussy with long, deep steady strokes.

She immediately erupted into another wet orgasm, digging her nails into my arms as her convulsing muscles paved her pouty pussy with more moisture for my continued rough attack. She came all over my cock, which was now leaving and reentering her pussy fully with every rough deep stroke. She was sooo, SOOO wet; there was no missing her pussy as my every lunge accurately pierced her wet gaping hole.

I was relentless and primal, slamming into her with no regard; single minded in pursuing and prolonging my own orgasm. The intoxicating smell of sweat and sex swelled within the room as the unmistakable sounds of our passion rang loud like church bells. The slapping of flesh subsided as I begin teasing her spent sore opening again with varying strokes. Shallow penetrations teased as crushing entries followed that sent her moaning into my chest. My large hands pinned her breasts and shoulders to the coach. She was mine -- helplessly impaled against my deepest invasions. A broad and powerful man, She had often witnessed my animalistic, aggressive tendencies; this sexual prowess was what she long for! Untamed and unforgiving, my pace and endurance were selfish -- pummeling her sensitive tender insides one moment, then teasing them lovingly the next. I was full of surprises this afternoon ... and the surprises continued!

My own orgasm imminent, I released her from my captive grip and leaned upright, my still-hard cock nearly slipping from her now-stretched bruised sore pussy. With feather-like sensitivity, my large hands softly explored the smooth, sweat-slicked skin of her breasts, stomach and thighs as we worked to recapture our breath. Arching my back sharply, my cock reclaimed its position in her depths as I penetrated her with long, loving strokes. this loving interlude was erotically interrupted as I wickedly grasped her upper pussy lips with my thumb and forefinger, grinding her clit between them. The direct pressure sent surging convulsions like rippling waves up and into her pussy as my invading hard cock resumed its long, languishing pathways. She could feel another orgasm mounting as my pace increased and my thumb fumbled beneath the fleshy folds onto her hardened clit. Like a joy buzzer, each touch of her swollen button reverberated like soundwaves into her aching pussy! Her hand joined mine as we both fumbled to stimulate her hypersensitive hood.

Her left hand violently gripping her breast, the right feverishly swirling circles over her pussy, She was lost in pure ecstasy anticipating her next orgasmic eruption! Yet like a whisper in the haze of her arousal, a distracting new sensation captured her attention.

My thumb traced her opening as my thick hard cock slammed steadily inside. A very pleasant experience. To her surprise, She felt the mouth of her pussy stretching wide as the tip of my thick thumb accompanied my thick cock inside her. Before She could react, my entire thumb disappeared inside atop my monster-thick cock!

OH MY GOD! The fullness was intoxicating! It had been so long since she was stretched so wide; yet it seemed to slip into her wetness with ease -- a scarce thought quickly eradicated by the overwhelming sensation of my thumb, now hooked upward onto the rough skin of her G-spot. As if a fire was lit in her belly, uncontrollable waves of heat and sensitivity cascading through her. " UNGH, my GOD," She moaned incoherently as my grip grew tighter ... the brutal strokes of my cock, more aggressive. Pleased with her whore-like moans of approval, She could feel me growing harder inside of her, stretching and tearing her more as my body eagerly anticipated my orgasm.

Urgently, I flung my thumb from her wetness and grasped the arm of the coach! With a single, gut-wrenching stroke, my weight crushed her helplessly against it as my burning-hot cock unloaded wave after wave of warm, wet cum into the depths of her pussy. The erotic convulsions of my throbbing jerking cock inside her launched another violent orgasm as her tired sore muscles strained powerlessly against her vulnerable position.

Still in the euphoric haze of her orgasmic bliss, I hunched over her, slamming into her hard and fast with my thick hard, numb cock! Her cum-soaked pussy put up NO resistances as I continued ramming into her -- like a pile driver -- with long, punishing, unapologetic strokes. The slapping of sweaty skin and primal grunts echoed throughout the apartment as she moaned louder " OOOOHHHH..OOOOHHHH..AAAAAHHHH..AAA
HHHH," screaming " You Fucking Bastard..FUCK ME..OMG..FUCK ME HARD..YYYEEESSS." upon each hypersensitive stroke. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body as each one blended into the other. The endless foray of breathless satisfaction subsided as my softening cock slipped sloppily from her gaping, cum-soaked pussy. My absences inside was quickly filled by the now-humid livingroom air as she lay exhausted below me. We kissed, breathlessly panting, as we struggled to calm our pounding hearts -- ignoring the tickling sensation of our combined orgasms escaping her body.

Exhausted, I laid beside her. The puddle beneath her butt grows on the coach and the late afternoon's reward seems to flow endlessly down her inner thighs and round cheeks. Thoroughly satisfied, she steals away to clean up -- hardly able to walk -- and return with a warm, wet cloth. Lovingly, She worships and washs the soft, thick cock that has given her such satisfaction and curled up beside me for a well-earned rest.

I've been experiencing wet dreams of the moment my long shaft would pierce her tight anus again. My thick cock recovered becoming hard again. Betty got on her hand and knees on the floor. I parted her legs kneeling between them behind her. I widened her ass cheeks to lustful look at the tantalizing view of her pink creased anus. Unable to resist I rubbed my finger on the creased anus. She moaned " oooohhhhh..mmmmmm." I knew, I hadn't planned on cumming in her wet slit. I wanted to unload my load deep inside her ass.

I pushed my fat finger back into her pussy, and started fucking her with again. Then she feels something that startled and excited her in a most forbidden way. My hard cock was nestled between her ass cheeks nudging up against her small tight asshole. It felt slippery, sticky, and impossibly huge.

The pressing threat of pain, was like an oaks mighty roots reaching deep into the earth. Suddenly in an explosion of pain and ecstasy she feels her body opening up to me, and my thick hard cock was deep within her. She collapsed onto the floor, her arms giving out beneath her. With the force of my thrust, my weight followed her, she could not feel it. The world had gone black, she passed out from the immense pain of my cock forcing its way into my tight small asshole. She awoke, moments later, her ass throbbing, sending white hot searing pain throughout her senses with her face wet and tears blurring her vision. I lifted up off of her, rolling her onto her side and curled up against her back, my cock pressing in-between her ass cheeks once more.

She was confused at why I wanted that so badly when I had already been inside her. Once again her insecurity rose, she was so scared, she shook as she remembered the pain in it's full extent, still persisting where I rested against her. I took some KY gel and coated my cock again this time spreading some on her ass too. She feels two fingers pressing into her pussy first, shortly followed by my thick hard cock trying to intrude into her tight asshole. I lifted her leg, and held it in the air, as I forced my cockhead into her again. This time, it went in, not without a lot of pain, but easier then the first time. I froze only momentarily as she begins to cry, pushing my fingers in and out of her pussy. I didn't wait long though. With her, still crying I begin thrusting in and out of her stretched, torn asshole.

I pause a few minutes later, to apply more of the lube on my cock, never pulling completely out. Then resuming my thrusts long and slow in her tight small hole. I couldn't cum there and quickly pulled out of her burning, torn ass, and turned her onto her back to take her wet pussy again. I took her again with angry pent up passion. With short rough strokes, I fucked her, hard and fast. Her legs, stretched over my shoulders were burning each time I came down onto her. She was hurting now, in both holes, feeling violated, used. Her pain was mixed with pleasure. She knew, she didn't want me to stop.

I decided for her, slammingg into her driving my thick hard cock all the way into her. Exploding in her, my cock throbbing and jerking shooting my hot cum deep inside her. The bulk of it came sliding back out of her abused sore pussy, soothing and moistening her sore torn asshole. I laid there for a moment, my cock softening inside her, panting and sweating, trying to catch my breath before finally moving off her. Betty scrambled up to find her clothes and cover herself. As She got dressed, I got up turning to her, telling her " That was great. Will see you again when I return to New York." I got dressed leaving for the airport.
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