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The saga countinues, feel free to comment, suggest.
The continuing summer modeling camp on my private island. This is purely fiction.

     I went and said goodnight to all the girls and tucked them in. As I made my way back to my bedroom I heard moaning. The pills must've really hit Amy. I opened the door, there was little blonde Amy, wearing only stockings. Her legs were spread wide open on the bed, she was furiously rubbing her little wet pussy. She didn't notice me as she flipped onto her stomach, on her knees, her small round ass in the air. She reached around behind herself and began to finger her visibly soaked pussy. I stood there and watched, my shorts bulging with a huge hard on. 
     I picked up my camera and began to snap. She heard the shutter and turned to me and smiled, pulled her finger from herself and licked it clean. I moved closer and began to rub her with my fingers, up and down in and out of her surprisingly open little pussy. I licked my fingers, "mmmm you taste delicious Amy" I stuck them back in and began to finger her deeper, she bucked her little ass into my fingers. The young girl played with her undeveloped breasts, pulling at her tiny perky nipples as her pussy tightened around my fingers and she began to orgasm. Her small body collapsing on the bed, the stench of her young juices filled the room and soaked the sheets. I didn't care, I removed my shorts and climbed into bed with her. 
     I woke up in the morning to see Amy, wrapped halfway around my body, only in stockings, I could feel the heat and stickiness of her small pussy stuck against my thigh. My cock began to rise as she moved her arm, exposing her tiny budding nipple, very hard already even as she still slept. I began to caress her small body, rubbing her soft buttcheeks as she slowly stirred. She lightly moaned as I traced down her buttcrack with a finger, and into her tight pussy, sticky from her juices of last night. 
     I cupped her young hairless pussy as I began to circle her clit with my fingertip. Still closed eyes, she smiled and spread her legs open further, almost straddling me now as her arm rested against my hard cock. Even without looking her thin hand found its way to my cock and began to explore my dick and balls. She fondled me and slowly began to stroke me. 
     Amy let go and moved her way up my body some more, opening her blue eyes she smiled, looking in mine and leaned down and kissed me. It was a deep, passionate kiss from a 9 year old. We gently made out with each other as her body wiggled ontop of mine. She rocked back and forth on me, rubbing the length of my thick cock between her bare wet pussy lips, the head of my cock stimulating her young clit, she continued, maybe thinking that was all sex was, I'm not sure. I loved it though, her juices coated my dick as she slid back and forth on me. 
     Amy tensed up, gripped her legs around my waist, pushing down on my cock with her small pussy. As she started squealing she rocked forward and then back, the head of my cock slipped inside her, she pushed back a little further as her tight pussy clenched me. I couldn't hold back, my cock jumped and I began to squirt my warm thick sperm into her pussy. As she rocked her hips and her pussy milked me, I began to think what might happen. I was a little scared, nervous, and excited about possibly knocking up a 9 year old. 
     She laid on me, my cock still halfway inside her pussy, dribbling the rest of my cum inside her. "mmmm that feels really good" she said looking into my eyes. "yes it does Amy, we can do this again you know." She slowly pulled off me, and hopped off the bed, not knowing that I'd filled her with cum, she didn't even notice it leaking out of her pussy and down her legs as she stood there putting her little girly panties on. What a hot sticky mess those panties were, slowly leaking my cum into them from her pussy while all the other girls sat and ate breakfast together with us later on. 
     Amanda and Julie finished their breakfast and said they were going for a swim. Amy piped up and wanted to go too, the three of them ran outside and down to the lagoon. Emily looked up at me and batted her eyes, "finally some alone time for us." she said to me, looking down at my crotch. "what would you like to do?" I smiled at her, running my fingers through her strawberry red hair. "I wanna show you the sexy outfit I found" she replied, and ran up to her room. I casually walked up to her room as well, peeking out of the balcony, the other three were in the water playing in the tiny bikinis. 
     Emily emerged from the closet. She was wearing a white open cup bra, her puffy pink nipples poking out beyond the open top, the bra underneath only supporting and making her tiny tits more perky and turned upright. She put one foot up on the bed to show me the matching white crotchless panties. Her fiery red pubes contrasting so beautifully with the sheer white material. Her eager pink pussy was slightly open and dripping wet already. She slid a finger inside her and licked it, "I want your cock inside me" she demanded, walking over and quickly pulling my shorts to my ankles. "I just ended my period, and mommy says this is when I would be my most fertile." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "what?" I asked. 
     "I want you to put a baby in my tummy" she said in the cutest most girly voice as she stuck out her tummy, rubbing it with her hands. "I don't know Emily, you're only 11, don't you think you're too young?" I was hesitant, but my cock was stiff as a board. "but I want you," she whined. "and I want a baby!" she smiled a devilish smile, reaching out and tugging on my cock. 
     "please" she batted her eyes, laid back on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide open. Her panties still on, but her swollen pink pussy completely exposed, open, ready for my seed. She pulled me by my cock, closer to her entrance, not giving me much of a choice. "I took my own virginity last year with a hairbrush," she smiled up at me. "Give it to me" she said. 
     I couldn't believe this barely developing 11 year wanted me to get her pregnant. How could I resist? I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her juicy slit, coating my dick with her pungent juices. I pushed the head of my dick inside her, leaned down and passionately kissed her. She winced as I pushed more cock inside her, eventually opening her pussy taking my entire cock inside. She breathed a sigh of relief and began to slowly sway her hips. I rocked in monitor with her, my cock slowly pulling and pushing back in a little at a time. I grabbed her small freckled legs and began to pump her deeper and harder. Our juicy crotches slapping together making loud squishy noises as she moaned louder. "fill me with your sperm Jake!" she yelled, looking up at me. I pulled her legs up and over my shoulders, putting one knee on the bed, her pussy horizontal to the bed as I pounded my cock down inside her deeper and harder. 
     She gripped my arms tightly as her pussy gripped my cock, moaning squealing as she orgasmed. She panted and moved her hands down to my ass, pushing me into her. "your turn" she smiled, "I want you to get me pregnant, fill me with your sperm, I'm ready Jake" she said passionately. I plunged my cock deep inside her, grinding my body on her clit, I could feel the tip of my cock poking inside her fertile womb. My cock throbbed, as we looked into each others eyes, I began to shoot my hot potent semen into her waiting womb. Little did we know at the time, she was being fertilized in that moment, kissing each other as I continued to fill her with cum. She rubbed her tummy acceptingly, smiling and moaning as my sperm fertilized her. "I love you" she whispered ever so quietly. Emily wrapped her legs around my waist, not letting me pull out yet as she soaked in my sperm. 
     We lay there together, my cock slowly softening inside her. Kissing and caressing each other. I eventually pulled out slowly, she kept her young ass in the air and cupped her exposed pussy, making sure to not let any leak out yet. I leaned down and kissed her lips, she smiled up at me and looked down to her tummy, rubbing it gently with her free hand moaning softly to herself. 
     I got up to use the bathroom, as I left the room to go downstairs, Emily was still laying there rubbing herself with her ass in the air. I walked down to the lagoon in my small speedo, Amanda and Amy were sunning themselves on the beach, both wearing micro gstring bikinis, Amy in black mesh and Amanda in sheer white. "wow you two look so beautiful laying there together" I began taking a few photos. Amanda perked up and smiled at me, caressing her young sister's little round bare buttcheeks. 
She watched my small swimsuit bulge as she rubbed a finger down her buttcrack and into her sisters pussy under the string. It startled Amy at first, then she spread her legs and relaxed. 
     I just watched as try began to entangle their bodies, eventually making out, fondling each other as I took photos. They ended up in a 69 position and hungrily ate each others pussies. Both their faces covered in each others juices after they both orgasmed loudly. They both giggled when they saw the head of my cock pop out the top of my speedo, not being able to contain it any longer. They got on their knees in front of me, Amanda eagerly showed her sister how to stroke and suck on my cock, they took turns and shared me, their pretty young faces still wet with pussy juice. "I'm gonna cum" I uttered as Amy stroked me furiously, my cum shooting out all over her face, in her hair, down her tiny little chest, she pointed my cock at her sister, laughing as I jizzed in her face too, the last bit dribbling down her chest. 
     Over the next few weeks it was the same everyday, amazing. The girls and I became increasingly more and more horny, drinking the aphrodisiac daily, Amanda taking the pills, and Amy sneaking one or two here and there. They were always dressed in the skimpy outfits, lingerie, sometimes nothing. Amanda was okay with Amy sleeping in my bed, she probably thought we never actually had sex, but she was wrong. Amy rubbed herself back and forth on my bare cock every night before bed. Just as the first time, I'd push my cock partly up inside when I would cum, her little pussy was always a sticky hot mess in the mornings, but she didn't care. Emily or Amanda would eventually lick it clean! 
     Every morning after breakfast, Emily would dressed in some of the most scandalous lingerie and make me fill her with my sperm for the day, every time she would wear the tiniest panties afterwards, pressing snug against her pussy, holding my cum inside her most of the day. She would rub her tummy incessantly, and constantly looked in the mirror after for some sort of sign of a baby bump. 
     Amanda understood Emily wanted a baby so badly, and she thought it was really sweet of me to help her. She had a small craving for that too, but was older and knew her parents would kill her if she got pregnant, that's why she took her pills everyday. Or so she thought...

To be continued...

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2016-01-11 01:51:42
Where is part 1

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2013-04-28 17:57:17
I agree with the previous comment. You're writing a really hot series. Keep up the good work. Not all of us are hypocrites. Most of us know what this site is and we don't like a few self-important assholes thinking they're going to get away with telling us what we're allowed to read or write.

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2013-04-28 16:03:14
Good story line but how did his full grown man's cock just slip into Amy's nine year old pussy so easily, so he could fuck her and cum in her.. almost without being noticed? Why no explanation for her not having a hymen? You made it sound like nothing.

I can still remember the first time I fucked my nine year old sister and how hard it was to get my five inch cock into her pussy.. even coated with Vaseline.. and I wasn't quite thirteen. She was yelling her ass off until I finally got it to go in and that's when I broke her cherry and she started crying. I fucked in until my whole cock was inside of her and then just held onto her until she stopped fighting and crying before I started really fucking her. Before I was finished, she'd started moving around under me while I was fucking her and was lifting her pussy up to meet me as I fucked my cock into her. She looked like she was satisfied after I'd pumped that first big load of cum in her tight little pussy.

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