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Nicki was so excited. Her good friend Julie was having a dance party at her house. All of their friends were going, and a lot of boys as well. Nicki couldn't wait! Finally, the long awaited night of the party was here. There were a lot of people there. The music was loud and people were dancing. People were drinking booze and doing drugs, but Nicki didn't give into peer pressure, even if Julie was doing it. Nicki couldn't take their loud retarded behavior any longer. She went up into Julie's room to find some peace and quite. She opened the door, walked into the room, and shut the door behind her. In the room she saw Julie's dog, Rex. He was a Great Dane. Nicki sat down on the floor next to Rex and started to pet the large dog. Then Nicki was rubbing his belly. She touched his large sheathed penis by accident, which caused Rex to get a boner. His large, sexy, red, hard, hot, amazing, orgasmic, canine penis was exposed and fully erect. Nicki was curious about Rex's hard member. She started to stroke the large dog dick. Rex was in pleasure as her young hands rubbed up and down the length of his doggy shaft. Nicki was aroused by his dog penis. Ever since she was young, she would always stare at doggy genitalia, especially male dog genitals. When she did this she felt funny, but in a good way. Her young vagina would start to get wetter, and she would feel the need to touch her young sexy privates. She would do this in her bed, thinking about dog cock, dog balls, and sometimes dog vagina. She would moan in pleasure as she shoved her fingers into her soaking wet pussy, while touching her clit. She then would sometimes shove a finger or two into her young anus, using her vaginal fluids as lubricant. She would then have an orgasm. Sometimes it would be thinking about seeing a dog's balls sway as his owner walked him, seeing a female dog licking her canine pussy, or seeing her neighbor's golden retriever's hard boner. As she was stroking Rex's penis, her pussy was tingling, and fluids were pouring out. She then decided to take this sexy adventure to the next level. She started to suck on Rex's hard cock. She loved the sexy taste. She was enjoying it when Rex started to thrust his hard doggy penis into her young fifteen year mouth, and into her throat because it was so big. She wanted to continue sucking on the cock, but the feeling in her hot vagina could only be satisfied by a hard dog penis. She pulled her mouth off of his big shlong. She lay down on the floor with her back on the ground. She then took off all of her clothes while squirming around sexily on the floor. She was touching her sexy nips, which were now erect on top off her sexy mid-sized young breasts. Her hot puckered anus was on the floor. Her sexy vagina was soaking wet, and waiting for Rex's penis. Rex got on top of her, and started rapidly thrusting his dog dick into her pussy. Nicki was moaning and groaning, she was screaming "Awwww Yeees! Fuck my cunt Rex! AWEYU!" Rex was very deep inside of Nicki, and pretty much inside of her young teenage womb. Nicki knew he was all the way in when she felt his sexy balls slapping against her asshole. She then begin to feel Rex's huge penile knot expanding within her inner vaginal canal. Rex was then cumming. Nicki screamed "AWWW YES SHOOT YOUR DOGGY JIZZ INTO MY WOOOOMB!!!" as Rex pumped his warm, hot, sexy canine semen deep within the young girl. She had an orgasm as she yelled, and it sent shock-waves of pleasure throughout her sexy young body. By now she was completely knotted up with Rex, at first it kind of hurt, but she was used to the pain by now, and sort of liked it. Rex was now facing away from Nicki, with his penis pointing out from behind him, and still stuck within Nicki's pussy. Rex's penis was now deflated, and he pulled out of Nicki, and licked the mixture of dog semen and vaginal fluids off of his cock, which then retreated back into its sheath. Nicki was pulling on her clitoris until she had an orgasm and pussy juice squirted out of her young cunt. As this happened she moaned "Oh Yeah I'm cuuuuming." The she got up onto Julie's bed, still naked, and fell asleep. Nicki woke up in the morning, and got dressed. She walked around the house, everyone who didn't leave was passed out all over the house. Some on the couch, some in chairs, some on the kitchen counter, and a lot on the floor. Nicki saw Julie on the floor, naked, and completely covered in semen. Many a boy lay around her, their flaccid penises, some circumcised some not, lay down above their balls covered in mostly dried bodily fluids. Nicki then found something awful, Rex was dead, his throat was slit. Blood covered the area around his dead dog body. Hoan Vegars then walked in, he was wearing a western shirt, a bolo tie, a white Stetson western hat, Wrangler cowboy cut jeans, a brown western style leather belt with a Montana Silversmiths Texas themed belt buckle, and brown Lucchese western boots. Hoan was holding a bloody Redhead brand Bowie Knife. Nicki tried to run away, but Hoan threw a rolling pin, which was found by Hoan on the floor and happened to be covered in shit and blood,at Nicki. It hit her in the head, and she stopped, dazed. Hoan ran up to her, and stabbed her a lot in the back. She fell forward, dead. Hoan stabbed all the passed out people to death who had been engaging in sexually immoral acts last night at the party. Hoan then walked out the front door of the house, and drove away in his White Ford Pickup Truck.

The End.

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2014-01-10 02:48:12
Someone. Murder this motherfucker I think Hoan will catch him fuckin a dog and kill him

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2013-12-12 20:08:11
If this is a "true" story it would have made international headlines.
It would have said something like this; "SLAIN, TEEN BODIES FOUND IN SUBURBAN HOME" or something like that. Furthermore, being the author, how would you know of all these details? Most true stories involve the author as the protagonist, where were you during all of this?

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2013-11-26 22:34:00
Saddest piece of trash ever , this fucker needs writing lessons and a new brain and a new life

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2013-07-14 04:03:55
Basically it's like writing a story saying there was a girl that fucked a dog and got killed for no reason randomly
The end

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2013-07-04 01:32:03
Who the fuck is hoan in each and every fucking story :( ..the story was good till hoan came in

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