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This is my fist story of this kind... So please be constructive.... Ill continue if that is what people want.

Anna rolled over in her sleeping bag and opened her sea green eyes and grimaced and slowly stood up pushing the long strands of her blond hair from her eyes. She stood at only about 5' 5" but what she lacked in height she made up with her massive breast and perfect body. Quietly slipping out of the tent she slipped though the camp like a ghost. Her older sister had though it was a good idea for her to go on a summer camping trip. Anna though that her older sister just wanted her out of the family mansion so she and her lesbian lover could spend the summer screwing. So now she was here, on a parades island in the pacific ocean. Yet not allowed to go swimming or spend time on the beach but digging in the sand looking for artifacts for extra credit.... Even that wouldn't have been so bad but it was a girls only expedition so that the teachers could be confident that when they returned the girls to their boarding school there wouldn't be any reproductive accidents. Anna though that was bullshit two after all they were on 15 or 16 and had been told over and over again almost until it felt like her ears were going to bleed about the dangers of sex after all what else could you expect form a privet school run by nuns.. So hear she was hot and horny as hell and she couldn't even masturbate in her tent because the other girls would notice. So to get any relive she had to sneak out of came and into the strange temple that they were excavating. Not that they were going to find anything after all what real arcioligist would let 10 teen age girls around a real discovery. She had to admit she did like there arcioligist guide she was like a hot long black haired version of Indiana Jones.
It didn't take her very long to get out of camp and enter the temple were she quickly started heading into the deepest parts of it. After all if you're going to though all the trouble of sneaking out of came you might as well be able to reach orgasm loudly. However right when she had decided that she was deep enough and started to slide her shorts off she heard a strange sound coming from even deeper in the temple. Quickly pulling her shorts back up she stepped around the corner and gasped. This passage had been a dead end the several times that she had slipped down her before but this night the wall stood ajar. And from beyond the wall came the sound again, her curiosity over coming her sexual desire for a moment she slipped into the passage.
After several minutes of walking slowly though the dark she saw a bright light up ahead. as she stepped out into the light her mouth dropped in shock. The room was littered with artifacts of all shapes and sizes and one whole wall was filled with books... Then her eyes fell on a sight the made her freeze with fear. In the center of the room was a bed and on the bed naked and glistening with sweat was Miranda. Her back was arched in ecstasy and it was clear she was in the throes of orgasm but what froze her with fear was the thing that's face was buried between her legs. It looked for all the world like a mummy. Anna stood staring her mind unable to comprehend what was happening, how could Miranda be getting off let along be in as much pleasure as she clearly was because of a rotting pile of flesh. Yet even as she wondered this her hand were slipping into her shorts and beginning to stroke her sex. If she had been thinking straight she would have ran screaming but the magic of the mummy unbeknownst to her was feeding on her lust energy and in turn making it stronger. Had she not been in a state of arousal she would still have had a chance of getting away but as it was she was overwhelmed with lust before she even had realized what was going on.
Miranda arched her back in ecstasy as her Master fed on her lust as well as her sexual fluids. She could remember the first time she had encountered her master perfectly. She had been exploring the ruin on this island in the hopes of finding something the big expeditions had mist. She hadn't any money so it had just been her. She knew coming in it would be a make or break but she had needed a success if she was ever to get out of the whole she was currently in. When she had found the latch that lead to the secret passage she had been overjoyed. when she had entered the room and light all the torches that had been arrayed around the room she had wondered how something like this had been missed, the room was filled with gold and gems of every type. then she had seen it the Mummy lying on the bed in the center of the room. As she had approached it her breathing got heavier and her nipples had hardened by the time she was standing next to it she was so aroused that she was going made. Looking down at the Mummy she said.
"God you must of gotten a lot of action if even as a decayed corpse your still turning me on." Slowly slipping out of her cloths she looked at the Mummy her hands covering her massive breasts that despite their size were firm and well formed and said. "Don't mind me big guy ill just be getting some much needed relief." And so she had masturbated until the whole room had smelled of sex had she been able to think of anything but getting relief she would have noticed the Mummy slowly beginning to move. First it's dried hand then its arms and soon its whole body was shifting closer and closer to her almost as if drawn by the moisture that her sexual fluids represented. Then just as she reached orgasm the Mummy moved with a speed that was beyond that of human. Miranda only had time to scream before the Mummy had pushed her hand aside and clamped its mouth over her Virginia it's two skeletal hands latching on to her but cheeks with super human strength. She had tried to fight, tried to get away but it had been hopeless as the Mummy drank her sex juices her mind and begun to be overcome with lust. Within minutes her hand where placed on the back of the Mummy's head as if it were some long time lover, her body locked in a continuous state of orgasm.
The Mummy had kept her like that locked in a state of orgasm for days only stopping to insure that she remained hydrated and fed. Sometimes it would leave her chained to the bed in a barley aware state as it restocked the water and food. Then after it watched her drink and eat it would force her to lie-down and spread her legs and begin to feed again. After a week she didn't even give it a token resistance in fact she had become a willing partner. She burned constantly with lust and there were even some times that the Mummy seemed to find her attempts to be fed from tiring. After two weeks she had discovered that she was reaching a point were no matter how much she drank or ate she was having trouble producing the same amounts of sexual fluids. At three weeks the Mummy was becoming desperate no matter what it did to her no matter how good she felt no matter who many times it forced her to reach orgasm she was producing only a tiny amount of fluid and it was getting less every day. By then she had figured out that he had once been a great sorcerer and ruler of this island. However one of his followers had stolen the gem that was the sores of his power and used it to over through him. Building this temple to imprison him. The temple had been built to prevent him from using the powers that he still had to escape. Yet the builders had overlooked that as long as he remained in the center and didn't try and escape he could still work magic greatly reduced but enough for a clever man. And so he had devised a strategy for escape. He had turned his body into that off a dried husk so that in exchange he gained eternal life. Yet he could regain he lost form with enough energy and he got that from lust. Yet even with unlimited lust energy he still needed bodily fluids to return to his natural form. So fare he had been content to drain her sex juices but if he became despite enough he might drain her of all her bodily fluids, so she had proposed a deal. The Mummy enter hibernation again and she would bring it more women to fed from. Despite how good the Mummy had made her feel she had had no intention of living up to her end of the barging. Unforchanetly for her the Mummy had realized this and took steps, before she could react the Mummy and grabbed her and thrown her down on to the bed and rolled her over so she was lying on her stomach parted her but cheeks and drove it's penis deep into her rectum. She had screamed in pain and begged him to stop but he had just kept pushing deeper until his 14 inch long and 6 in wide dick was buried up to the balls in her. Rapping his hand round her breast and waist he had lifted the up into a standing position with her bend forward slightly. Then he had begun to rape her, at first she had screamed and tried to fight but it was no use against his strength. With each in and out motion her but had sent wave after wave of sharp jabs of pain into her, and her stomach had bulged in an obscene reminder at how deep inside her he was buried. After 3 hours of this blood was running down the inside of her legs and dripping from her ass to the dusty floor. She had long since stopped screaming and now she just twitched with every thrust. Her eyes stared off into oblivion as drool rain down the front of her chest. Then in one final massive thrust he had driven deep into her and released a flood of semen, her eyes had rolled up into the back of her head and she had screamed and as she screamed a light began to glow on her mons slowly forming a strange ruin which she instantly knew meant that he had claimed her as a slave and she would have no choice but to return with more women for him to feed. And so she had convinced a privet school dean to have a special field trip. It had taken her years to get everything working just right but the ruin on her mons and insured that she did. It had also insured that she had taken no other lovers and that she had suppressed her sexual needs, so that when she returned to the island she could once more feed her Master.
Now she opened her eyes and saw the girl called Anna standing in the entryway with her shorts down around her ankles her tank top up over her monsters' breasts and a hand stuck firmly into her sex well the other franticly massage her breasts. Raising her arms Miranda called out in a seductive voice.
"Come hear Anna and let the Master make you feel pleaser beyond imagining." Slowly hesitantly as if some part of her was still fighting Anna took a step forward. Then as if that had broken her last shreds of sanity she kicked her shorts free and ran forward pulling her tank top off as she went. Miranda sighed as her Master pulled his unnaturally long tongue from her depths and turned. So that just as Anna was coming to a stop his mouth closed over her sex and his hands clamped firmly onto her firm but.

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