This story is rather twisted, most who read it will not like it, though I'm sure others will. A moment before we begin however: I'd like to say this is the first story I've submitted, and I hope it goes over well with my fellow sickos. I'd also like to ask that comments be about the structure of the writing, plot holes or problems, you know constructive stuff. Not so much on the story itself, I know it's sick; I wrote it. Hope you enjoy!
Sammy's Ruined Life

Quick note: Though I never mention it in the story, all characters are over 18. Also to keep the story simple and neat, there is no blood, or explanation to the snuffing. One last thing, in keeping with simple and neat, the characters never gain names, except Sammy. It's simply his Mother, Father, the Bully, and his Ex-Girlfriend.

In the living room of a normal suburban home, something horrible was happening.

"Lick my asshole loser! Remember who owns your worthless ass, now that your dipshit father is dead!"

Sammy's cries filled the room as his tongue cleaned his worst enemy's smelly asshole. His mother laughing at him while stroking the bully's fat cock.

"Your daddy cried like a bitch too, before I put him down. Best remember that if you want to stay on my good side."

The bully laughed then kissed the horny mother, Sammy couldn't believe how bad things had turned out. It started simply with bullying at school, when he told his mom and dad about it things got worse. First with his mother, she was suppose to have a talk to this bully and make him stop. Instead the bully awakened something evil in her, and she was forever obsessed with him. Texting him, sending him pictures, and ignoring her husband and son.

Next came Sammy's father, when he told him about being bullied he didn't help at first. Being a bit of a wimp he was afraid to confront his son's bully, but eventually did. However while waiting for his father to come home, the phone rang and his mother snatched it up before Sammy could and rushed into her bedroom.

Sammy quietly picked up the other phone to listen in, and was horror stricken at what he heard. It was his bully, talking to his mother while someone cried in the background. He could hear the lust in his mother's voice as she spoke, and the proud arrogant tone in his bully's.

Sammy's heart pounded in his chest, as they spoke about what to do with his father.

"I have the fag all tied up, what do you want me to do with him, baby?"

"Oh god, you know what I want, and I know you can get away with it too."

"You're damn right I can, I'll text you some pictures when I'm done. I'll make a few calls to sort it out, then I'll come over."

Sammy's heart burst, he couldn't believe what he was hearing, how could all this happen? Even worse was he knew he couldn't stop it. His bully was connected with the local police, and judges, he couldn't be touched.

Before his mother hung up he could hear her groan loudly, apparently cumming in her bedroom from the news.

Two weeks later, events continued at Sammy's home, now actually his bully's home.

Sammy's tongue continued lapping at the smelly asshole of the teen who snuffed his father, his eyes full of tears. He was too busy crying to notice the bully grunting, and while Sammy's mouth was open from crying, a hot mouthful of shit poured into it.

More laughter erupted from his mother, and his bully. But now accompanied by his girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend since his bully stole her from him. Just a week after everything had happened, she had run into Sammy's bully, and he had somehow turned her just as evil as his mother.

She had just woke up on the couch beside them, but an hour ago Sammy's bully fucked her senseless in front of him, sprayed her face with cum, and she had promptly passed out. Though now she was enjoying the show and playing with herself.

"Better eat it all and thank him, or he might make it worse." His mother said gleefully. How such a loving, caring mother could turn into a evil, lust filled whore was beyond him.

"It wont be the first time he's tasted it, this happened all the time in gym class. Coach did the same to him in the shower when he refused to let me practice my wrestling moves on him."

Through choked cries Sammy finished the horrid meal. It was the only dinner he would get, since his mother was busy pleasing the teen that ruined Sammy's life.

With a snort of laughter, the bully gave sammy a sharp slap to the floor, and took his mother and ex-girlfriend by the waist to Sammy's bedroom. They enjoyed fucking in his bed more then anywhere else, because it tormented Sammy, and was a constant reminder that he was alone and had to live with it.

Before they reached the bedroom, Sammy head his mother speak.
"Oh baby, your never told her that you tit fucked me at my husband's funeral!"

The bully smiled and looked back at Sammy kneeling on the floor.
"Titty fucked her right beside the casket, the funeral director said not to worry about the cum I shot everywhere."

Sammy's ex girlfriend giggled.
"You're so bad! How'd you get away with it?"

"This was after everyone had left except us, and that wasn't all I did, was it Sammy? You were there, tell her what else happened."

Sammy stopped sobbing for a moment, then spoke.
"Well.. After he.. Shot all over mom, and.. Dad. He high fived the funeral guy, and said he needed to take a piss really bad.."

A broad grin swept across his ex's face as he spoke, and her hands moved to her pussy.

"The funeral guy said to use the urinal in front of him. So he, told mom to lick his ass.. And while she did, he pissed all over my dad in the casket.."

Sammy choked out the last few words before crying again. Despite how horrible it was for Sammy, his small dick had betrayed him. It had been rock hard the entire time.

"You're worthless Sammy, that wasn't all that happened. After your mom's tongue finished cleaning my ass out, I bent her over the casket and fucked her brains out!" He said with an evil laugh.

"You sure did! You fucked me so hard we almost knocked the casket over! The director had to hold it steady while we fucked, Sammy was no help at all, he just kept crying like a bitch." His mother added.

"Wow, that's so naughty.. You're such a bad boy." His Ex said, rubbing a finger up and down the bully's ass crack.

"Well I'm not completely heartless, after I shot another big load everywhere I let Sammy come over and get one last good look at his daddy before we left. Of course he was soaked in piss with my cum on his face, but I'm sure Sammy didn't mind."

"Don't forget your spit, baby." Sammy's mom mentioned.

"Oh yeah, I might have spit on his face a few times while Sammy was crying over him."

"And then the funeral director..." His mom mentioned again.

"Right that too, he came over next to Sammy and mentioned how glad he was that faggot was dead. Then asked if he could leave a nice fairwell gift with him. I told him we've already left ours, so he could too. "

Rubbing her pussy vigorously, his ex asked what happened next.

"Well he asked Sammy to hold his hand so he could balance better. Which Sammy did, I bet his daddy would be so proud. Holding Sammy's hand he managed to climb on top of the casket drop his pants, and squat down over Sammy's daddy."

"He didn't!" Gasped the Ex.

"He sure did, the funniest part was Sammy hugging his stupid daddy telling the funeral director not too. But he didn't listen at all, he just laughed and blew rancid shit all over Sammy and is poor daddy. Then we left Sammy there, I mean there was no way he was riding in the car after that."

Everyone laughed but Sammy, who continued sobbing on the floor, the memories of those events swiftly returning. Sammy didn't tell them what happened after they left him, he didn't want them to know he had been forced to lick the funeral director's ass clean. Along with getting fucked by him, he threatened to stuff him in the casket with his dad if he refused.

"Okay girls let's go, I wanna try knocking you both up tonight." The bully said, holding each girl by the waist, leading them into the bedroom and slamming the door behind them.

With the memories flooding back, and the current events in his bedroom, Sammy's cock could take no more and shot all it could. His sperm wasted on the dirty floor, while the bully that got away with snuffing his father shot load after load into his mom and ex girlfriend.

As horrible as everything had been, some evil sick part of his mind enjoyed it, and he couldn't bring himself to fight back against his bully, his mom, or his ex-girlfriend.

Sammy crawled across the room, and pushed his ear against his bedroom door, listening to his mother being defiled. He could hear his ex girlfriend moaning, no doubt playing with herself, waiting on her turn.

"I can't believe you did all that too his dad." Sammy heard over the grunts and moans.

"When you're connected like I am, you can get away with shit." His bully replied proudly.

Not aware of how tired he was, Sammy closed his eyes listening to the sounds in his room, and passed out.


If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. Let me know what you thought, too much? Not enough? Do you enjoy my style of writing, just not what I wrote? Leave some comments and I'll go from there.

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