When a dishonest Norseman is unable to repay his debts, he must find other means to repay . . .
Note: This is a fictional sex story based off of a character from the TV show "Vikings". Please do not comment about the inaccuracy of the women; once again, it is fiction. Thanks.

The land was full of violence; violent weather, violent hierarchies, and violent men. In this respect, she should not have been surprised by the way her life changed.

Astrid had always known that her land was a land of violence. From the time she was young, violence had surrounded her. She saw it in the frightened eyes of slaves, in the quietness of many wives, and mostly in the plunder that the arms of strong men heaved from the boats.

Theirs was not an honest way; many a man in the world made an honest day's living, but not them; not the Norsemen.

Astrid had eyed them with suspicion all her life. The men were large and burly, their beards thick and their arms thicker. They wore animal skins and carried deadly weapons, sending chills down her spine. She dreaded the times they would crowd in her family's home, there to meet with her father. Many a Norseman eyed her, and each marriage request was met with a jovial chuckle and warning glance from her father; for this, Astrid was thankful.

Even in the land of violence, Astrid had found peace. She found peace in her daily chores, serving in the household with her mother and the slaves. Although only 16, she felt as if the world around her was a familiar place.

Astrid had to accept, also, that she would be the constant object of fascination to her father's many friends. Her hair was long and dark, glimmering in the light as the same shade of rubies. Her eyes were dark, also, and gleamed with intelligence; they gave away nothing, but one could always see the small flame burning beneath the surface. Her skin was white as snow and soft, oh so delicate and kissable; every man dreamt of kissing her, biting her neck and seeing what sort of treasures laid beneath her gown. She was slight in build, but her curves were ample enough to make any man appreciate womanhood. She knew, uneasily, what her father's friends imagined when they looked at her.

Astrid's mother smiled at her and nudged her gently, sensing her young daughter's slight duress. Astrid grinned in reply and tried to settle herself to the task at hand; she knew that, with her father in a high ranking position, she would not have to worry herself too much about rude Norsemen for at least a little while longer.

"What is occupying your mind, my sweet?"

"Nothing!" Astrid lied.

Canute had never imagined that his debts would catch him. He always gambled, always lied, and always cheated. He had always thought, though, that Loki would protect him and assist him in his wily pursuits; he was sad to see that he was wrong.

Canute could not stop thinking of all these things as he rode silently, the men to whom he owed money close behind. Canute had thought, more than once, of riding away, but he knew better than to try. His horse's hoof had been bothering him, and he knew that his fighting skills weren't nearly good enough to fight off five angry Norsemen. He gulped quietly and prayed that his wife and children had left, after he had warned them of the impending danger; he did not want them there to see their home ransacked for invisible gold.

"It had better be there." Grumbled one of the men, "We've been riding for hours. I don't remember your home being this far away."

"We're nearly there, I assure you." Canute said more bravely than he felt, "Just be patient, lords."

"I don't understand why we don't just kill him now." One hissed, "He's caused us enough trouble as it is. Why give him the chance to cause more? What if he has others there to help him escape?"

"He won't escape." The leader assured the men, his voice calm and steady, "We'll be sure of that. And see? There it is."

The men stopped on the crest of the hill, watching the smoke billow out of the chimney of the small house, a pony nickering in the humble corral. The men grinned, smelling the delicious aroma of supper.

"They've made dinner for us?" The leader asked. Canute's eyes widened in terror for his family as the leader smiled, adding teasingly, "Oh, they shouldn't have!"

The men galloped down the hill, knocking over fences and anything else as they approached. A servant saw them and fled up the hill, hiding herself in the bushes. The men laughed and dismounted, striding jauntily into the house.

A pot shattered as Astrid's mother screamed, making the men all the more merry. They seized her and grabbed at her playfully, making her wriggle and weep to free herself. Canute stormed in, grabbing at their hands in an effort to preserve his wife's honor. The leader finally ordered them off with a chuckle, and they all crowded around the table, tearing into the food before an invitation was given.

"Canute, what is the meaning of this?" His wife asked near tears, "Why are these men in our home?"

"Tell her, Canute." The leader instructed, his voice steady, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth, "Tell her why we are here."

"They are here," Canute said in quiet shame, "because I owe them a bit of money."

One of the men shouted the large amount, and Canute hung his head in shame. His wife slapped him, storming out the door angrily. The men laughed heartily, greatly enjoying the scene before them.

"Father?" Astrid asked casually as she strode into the kitchen, her eyes on her apron string. She felt eyes upon her and stopped abruptly, her face bright red as she realized there were strangers in her home. She retied her apron and fixed her gaze on her father, trying not to notice the strange, burly men at the table. She asked him quietly, "Who are these men?"

"We are here to collect your father's debt." The leader said, his eyes fixating on Astrid.

"Debt?" She asked her father.

"Yes, debt!" Canute roared, "Debt to repay with gold that I don't have!"

The room fell silent. All eating stopped, and all eyes were on Canute. The leader raised a brow, and his mouth twisted into a crooked smile. His voice remained calm, yet grew dark, "You assured me that the gold was here."

"I lied."

In an instant, it seemed, the leader was upon Canute, his jaw gritted and his axe handle across the man's throat. Canute struggled for air, his jaw set in clear defiance.

"You owe me, and you will pay." The leader turned to the men and roared, "Take everything!"

The men grinned and began to ransack the home, taking any possessions they found. They took food, cups, jewelry, and even furniture. One man walked outside and even managed to catch two of their horses. Other men caught chickens, binding their legs and carrying them out.

"You cannot leave us here with nothing!" Canute insisted, "How are we to live?"

"That's not my problem." The leader grinned, "You'll be lucky if I leave you with even your lives! I've not yet decided whether I should accept this small payment of your belongings, or whether I should just cut my losses and massacre you all for the sheer pleasure of it."

"My lord, have mercy!"

"Mercy is for women."

An idea struck Canute. As a Norseman dragged him away by the waist, he shouted to the leader, "My daughter!"

The leader stopped in his tracks and turned, eyeing Canute with suspicion. His eyes turned, then, to Astrid, who stood in a corner, frozen in terror.

"You'll give me your daughter?" The leader clarified.

"Yes, my daughter!" Canute explained. The men released him, and he continued, "She is 16, my lord, and very beautiful. She's healthy and strong, and she's a virgin. Keep her as a slave, if you wish; she comes from a good home and has been raised in a powerful political family. She'll serve thee well, my lord. Please; just don't kill us or take all we have!"

There was silence as the leader contemplated this offer, the men standing as statues, waiting for the command. The leader locked eyes with Astrid, who prayed to Thor that he did not say yes.

The leader smiled faintly and turned to Canute, "I do not want her as my slave-"

"Please, my lord!"

"-I want her as my bride."

The wedding was short, the dowry small, and the bride tearful. The leader married Astrid in all haste, using his axe as a bargaining weapon when anyone dared to protest. The dowry consisted of her mother's jewelry and the family's gold cups; it was all they could spare. When the small and unorthodox ceremony was done, the leader smiled at Canute and rode away with his bride, eager to reach the bed chamber.

One of the men laughed madly as they rode, finding great joy in the fear behind Astrid's wet eyelashes. He laughed and blew kisses to her, making her all the more scared.

"Such a poor little thing," he crooned, "taken away by big mean vikings! If you think this is bad, little virgin, just wait until you reach the bed chamber. Rip!"

The men joined together in laughing at this, as if it was a great joke. Astrid found no humor in such talk; she treasured her virginity, and even as she wept, she tried to think of ways to preserve it.

Astrid thought of trying many things, from poison to strangulation. She knew, though, that any battle involving strength would end with her as loser; the leader was large and very strong. She knew that if she was to be successful, her attack would need to involve a swift and fatal blow, before he knew enough to defend himself. Perhaps if she got him drunk . . .

Astrid thought of all this as they rode, biting her lip and looking to the ground as she was ponied alongside her new husband. The leader eyed her knowingly, sensing that his life would be threatened that night.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked curiously.

Astrid tensed automatically and hesitated to raise her gaze. When she did so, she was met by blue and humorous eyes. His mouth curved ever so slightly, hinting at a smile. His whole demeanor said that he was amused by everything, yet his voice portrayed nothing; it was smooth and soothing, sending chills down her spine. She lowered her gaze again and answered quietly, "Nothing."

"You've inherited your father's poor deception." He chuckled.

The other men laughed, and Astrid felt words rising like bile in her throat. She hissed at him, "He was smart enough to deceive you. You thought the gold was there!"

"I knew it wasn't."

"You're just saying that because you're proud." Astrid rebutted, "If you had known it wasn't there, you wouldn't have wasted the time going to fetch it."

"I intended to ransack his house."

"But you took me instead?"

"I still intend to do plenty of ransacking." He smiled.

Astrid wanted to scream as the men laughed in derision, feeding off of her horror. She wanted to plunge a knife into her new husband's flesh and feel his blood pulse out. She had to get away.

Astrid threw herself off of the horse, running as fast as she could into the forest. The men prepared to pursue her, but the leader halted them and merely smiled.

"She's getting away!"

The leader said nothing, but simply dismounted and handed his reins to one of the men. He grinned and explained, "The village is only a few miles away; I intend to catch her and carry her like an animal. Take the plunder back to my home and we'll discuss your shares later."

Ragnar did not wait for a reply; he strode into the forest, a grin on his face as he went hunting.

Astrid ran as fast as her legs would carry her. She did not run towards home, but instead ran in the direction the vikings had been taking her. She knew not what she would find, but she knew that to return to her family and kindle the wrath of the leader would mean almost certain death for them all. So, she ran; blindly, frantically, and clumsily.

Ragnar tracked his prey with skill and little effort. He walked briskly, knowing that soon his bride would run out of energy and be easy to catch. He chuckled to himself and felt an animalistic determination rise up in him; he loved a challenge.

Within about a half an hour, Ragnar could see Astrid. She was gasping for breath and lifting her skirts, trying desperately to pick her way through the thick undergrowth that choked the ground. She did not see him, too absorbed in her own struggles. Ragnar smiled to himself and circled around her quietly without so much as breaking a twig.

Astrid cursed the gods inwardly; how could they let this happen to her? Were they really amused by this? They must be mighty bored to torment her so.

Ragnar stood a few mere feet from his bride, who was still so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she didn't even hear him. He had been focusing, mostly, on her face, but when he finally realized that she wouldn't notice him, he allowed himself to feast his eyes on her delectable young body.

Astrid's running and stumbling through the forest had taken a toll on her already humble clothing. The top laces of her bodice had snapped, allowing a bit of her pale breasts air; he could see them tremble slightly with each breath she took. Her hair was a beautiful mess, dark auburn with emerald green leaves stuck randomly about. Her skirt was partially torn, revealing her soft, shapely, pale thigh to his hungry eyes. He felt his cock stiffen as she drew nearer; he was ready to pounce.

Astrid had finally made it through the worst of the undergrowth; she raised her eyes to the path ahead of her, relieved to finally be through it. She raised her gaze, seeing the clear forest ahead; she released a sigh of relief.

Astrid whipped her head around at the sound of a twig, but saw nothing. Her pulse quickened; had the men come looking for her, after all? She thought she saw something behind a tree . . .

Astrid grew frantic, turning in all directions to see any possible threats around her. She breathed harder, her thoughts racing; she wanted to scream. At the crack of another branch, she turned tail and ran as fast as she could.

Ragnar had to try his hardest to keep from laughing. He had thought of the chase as hunting, and rightfully so; Astrid was a frightened, flighty little doe with less survival instinct and a slower run. He chuckled to himself as he stepped out from behind his hiding spot, catching her round the waist and pulling her to him.

Astrid saw her whole life flashing before her eyes. She saw herself and her mother, and even her younger brother. She saw herself picking wildflowers, and watching eagerly as new boats were made. She saw her entire life in an instant as she waited for her beastly husband to plunge an axe through her throat.

"You are very bad at running away." He chuckled as he forced her onto the ground. Astrid fought against him, but he easily subdued her. In mere moments she was lying on her back, her wrists pinned above her head, and her new husband straddling her hips. She wiggled beneath him, trying to avoid his gaze as he stared at her, inches from her face. He smiled and asked, "Why do you still fight?"

"You will kill me either way." She said finally. Astrid quit struggling and went limp, feeling on the verge of tears and yet unwilling to cry. She looked him in the eyes and inquired, "You are going to kill me?"

"Why would I do that?" He asked amusedly. He held her small wrists in one hand and let his other large hand find its way to her cleavage. Astrid's eyes grew wide as he explained, "I can have much more fun by not killing you."

"I'll give you anything," Astrid said, "except my virginity."

"But, my darling, that's what I want from you; and more. I want you in my bed every night, for my pleasure, and yours."

"Mine?" She chuckled, "You think I'll derive any pleasure from being your wife? I do not even know your name."

"Ragnar." He said simply.

Astrid's mouth formed a surprised "O" and her eyes widened as the full weight of that name sunk in. Ragnar smiled, enjoying the fear and amazement that entered her eyes after hearing his name.

A thousand thoughts raced through Astrid's head. She had heard, many times, of this man; he was said to be the fiercest, greediest, toughest Norseman in all the land. He was an earl, and very powerful. He had led hundreds of raids and fought in countless battles. Now, here he was, on top of her and as her husband. She knew not what to say. A mixture of fear and awe were in her mind. On the one hand she would have power as his wife, but on the other, he was said to be ruthless; should she trust that he not take her life?

"You've fallen silent, little girl." He said as he unlaced her bodice, "Are you really so shocked? Did you not know who I was?"

"I had heard only tales." She admitted, "I was not sure if you were real or simply legend. I never imagined you like this."

"Like what?" Ragnar asked, his curiosity triggered. Astrid pursed her lips, and he rubbed his hard cock on her pelvis, enjoying seeing her eyes widen. He asked again, "Like what?"

"I thought you'd be old," she blushed, "and fat. I didn't think you'd be-"

Astrid fell silent, and Ragnar demanded, "Tell me everything."

Astrid met his eyes and felt a twinge of fear. Finally, she continued, "I didn't think about what color eyes you would have; I didn't think they'd be so blue. And since you're nobility, I didn't think you'd be a good fighter or very strong. I thought you'd be fat and lazy and pompous."

Ragnar smiled, "Do you find me attractive, then?"

Astrid blushed even more deeply and could not bring herself to look at him. He felt a deep satisfaction; this was all the answer he needed.

Ragnar focused his attention, once more, on her perfect breasts. Astrid gasped and wiggled one of her hands free, trying to push away his massive paw. Ragnar practically growled at her, pinning her wrists once more and gazing deeply into her eyes.

"You are my bride; I intend to have you. You might think that your body is your own, but it is not. You are mine to do with as I please. I want you in my bed, every night, naked and joined to me. I want you as an animal. I expect you to know your place, and by running, you have disrespected me. Why do you think I let you run? This time I will not punish you because I enjoyed it; next time, I might not be so nice. You are mine to claim, devour, and enjoy; are we clear?"

Astrid's eyes were wide with fear, and she knew not what to say. She could not make any plans clear in her head; what was she going to do?

"My lord," she began, "we are perfectly clear. I do, though, humbly request a favor."

Ragnar seemed amused, but smiled suspiciously and asked, "And what is that?"

"If you do intend to take me sexually, I ask only that you do it in your home, rather than out here in the wild. I would feel much more comfortable in the bed chamber, don't you think? Besides; then we could enjoy each other without having to worry about being caught."

Astrid smiled sweetly and nuzzled against Ragnar's shoulder; he smelled of animal hides and masculinity.

Ragnar grinned knowingly; it was a trap, and she would fight him once they arrived in his bed chambers. However, he was interested to see what his young bride was planning.

"As you wish, dear." He grinned.

Ragnar stood and helped Astrid to her feet. Astrid lowered her eyes and brushed the dirt off of her dress, slightly in shock because her husband had actually listened to her! He must be very gullible, like she thought from the first.

Ragnar devoured his bride with his eyes as she brushed herself off, the brusque movements of her arms causing her fair, perky breasts to quiver. He felt his cock twitch at the sight and asked tensely, "Shall we continue on?"

Astrid pursed her lips but nodded, following him obediently like a dog. He stopped to wait for her, but finally realized that each time he stopped she stopped. He grew tired of it; he did not trust her enough to let her out of his sight. Without a word, he scooped her into his arms and began to carry her. Astrid squirmed and squealed, pushing against his chest. He smiled at her and stopped walking, studying her face in amusement.

"Why so troubled, my love?"

"Ragnar, put me down! I can follow you perfectly well, can I not?"

"You can," he replied as he continued carrying her, "but I don't trust you. Besides . . . it's much easier to play with you this way."

Ragnar eased a large hand up her skirt; the tear made for easy access. Astrid gasped as he carelessly slid a hand up her smooth thigh, still walking all the while.

Astrid did not know what to do. Her whole body tensed at his touch; she felt the need to flee, and yet the feeling of his hands on her bare flesh made her feel too paralyzed to do much of anything. Ragnar smiled; she truly was a virgin.

"What, doesn't it feel good?" He asked with a smile.

Astrid blushed hotly and replied, "No, it does not. Could you please stop touching me?"

"You are mine to touch." He said simply.

Ragnar continued this, stroking her thigh, sometimes allowing his hand to slip between her legs, nearing that precious mound that he knew was his that very night. When he did so, Astrid would gasp and quiver, hiding her face against his strong arm. He grinned when she did so; toying with his quiet yet fiery virgin was enticing as ever.

Ragnar walked increasingly fast, making all haste to reach the bed chamber. His home was soon in view, and the sight was as welcoming a sight as he had ever beheld.

"See?" He asked as he withdrew his hand from her skirt, "There lies your new home."

Astrid raised her head, gazing out at the little settlement that was to be her home. It was much larger than her own, to be sure; he had a vast amount of livestock and many slaves. Smoke billowed from the chimney, and Astrid shivered; she hoped it would be warm.

Ragnar descended the hill and strode into the house, never letting Astrid down the work. The slaves gazed at their master questioningly, but he merely barked at them, "Leave."

Ragnar finally set Astrid down, and Astrid crossed the room while Ragnar locked the doors; she wanted as much space between the two of them as possible.

Ragnar smiled, still facing the door. He could feel her eyes on his back and hear her heavy breathing; she was ready for a fight.

Astrid reached for her right hip and felt her dagger. She moved her hands slowly, grasping the handle in her sweaty palm. She longed to throw it and watch the blade sink into his back, but she did not trust her aim enough; if she was going to win, she would have to stab him quickly and effectively.

"Do you plan to take me now?" Astrid asked in a challenging tone.

Ragnar raised a brow, still studying the wood grains of the door. He nearly chuckled to himself; he did not expect her to initiate the fight.

"Yes, I do." He replied. Ragnar turned slowly and began taking off his clothing, starting with his heavy coat and thick leather belt. He enjoyed watching her eyes, studying his frame as he shed his garments. He inquired with a smile, "Do you plan to fight me?"

Astrid raised her eyes to his face, tensing herself for battle. She swallowed and lied, "No, my lord."

"You're a terrible liar, little pet." He chuckled, "So what is your plan? Surely you're not stupid enough to try and beat my strength."

Ragnar stripped off his shirt, revealing a broad chest and muscular abs. His chest was covered in a light layer of hair, much like his arms. Astrid stared at him openly, and Ragnar smiled. He shifted his hands towards his pants, stepping out of them as well. His cock bounced free, and Astrid felt like screaming.

Ragnar's cock might just have been his deadliest weapon. It stood long and proud, protruding from a patch of dark blond fur. It was at least 5 inches in girth, and a good 10 inches long. It twitched and bounced as Ragnar neared her, an amused grin on his face. Astrid could not tear her eyes away from his fleshy spear.

"Do you like it?" He asked, taking the shaft in his hand, "Because it likes you."

Astrid raised her eyes to his face, inching back as he neared her. He did not reach for her, but merely suppressed her space. Astrid swallowed; he was massive. The top of her head reached his shoulder, and she knew that she was well under half his weight. The task ahead of her seemed ever more daunting.

"You'd best make your move now, little one." He smiled, "Because I'm growing impatient."

Astrid quivered with fear and could not bring herself to move. Ragnar reached out a large hand and brushed a strand of her silky auburn hair from her face, which sent her running.

Astrid bolted away from him, and Ragnar smiled. She stood panting on the other side of the room, and he walked towards her with a grin on his face. He asked teasingly, "Is that your plan? You do realize that I'll catch you easily, right?"

As Ragnar neared her, Astrid attempted to elude him again. This time, he did not want to play; he caught her easily and hoisted her up, carrying her to the bed. Astrid kicked and screamed, beating at him with her fists. He laughed at her.

Ragnar threw Astrid on the bed, and she was on her hands and knees ready to fight him in an instant. She pulled out her dagger, letting him see the metal glinting in the light.

"Aw," Ragnar smiled, "I thought I felt something in that skirt of yours. What do you intend to do with that?"

"I intend to kill you before you try to bed me."

"But I've already bedded you." He laughed.

Astrid's blood boiled and she lunged at him, narrowly missing one of his broad shoulder with her dagger. Ragnar growled and snatched the dagger away, throwing in to the other side of the room. Astrid heard a dull "thunk" as her only weapon sunk into a door.

Ragnar pinned Astrid to the bed and straddled her hips, just as he had done in the forest. Astrid squirmed to free herself, which merely rubbed the soft fabric of her dress against his insatiable dick.

"Are you really a virgin, sven?" He asked softly as he kissed her soft throat.

Astrid screamed, her blood boiling as his lips caressed her. He pulled away, gazing at her face, his eyes twinkling. Astrid spit in his face, which only seemed to amuse him all the more. He kissed her hard, dominating her mouth with his own. She tried to pull away, but she was no match for him.

Ragnar released her hands, allowing her to beat him as he ripped apart her dress. He first tore open the corseted bodice, then yanked the whole garment down her slender legs. He hurled her clothing across the room, leaving her naked and vulnerable on his bed of furs.

Astrid did not know what happened. One moment she was wearing clothes, and the next she was nude. Ragnar began to sit up to better admire his prize, but Astrid covered herself as best as she could.

"Let me see you." He said simply. Astrid shook her head, and he smiled, "Let your husband see you, or I will tie you naked in the village square where you will be exposed to the eyes - and other parts - of all the vikings who care to pass by."

Astrid gritted her teeth angrily, unsure whether or not he was lying. She uncovered herself bitterly, allowing him to gaze upon her nubile young body.

Ragnar fell silent, awestruck by her beauty. Her skin had the pale glow of the moon, and her body was perfect. Her breasts were firm and round, her nipples a lusty pink as they stood indignant at the shock of the chilly air. Her waist was small, widening gradually into the most lovely curves he had ever seen. Her hips were not too broad, but clearly showed her femininity. He felt a deep hunger within himself as he gazed upon her womanhood.

Astrid blushed in indignation and bitterness as he devoured her body with her eyes . . . especially her virgin pussy. Through all her years and all the men who had desired her, she had never once allowed anyone access to her sacred little love tunnel; she, herself, had not even touched it.

Ragnar had never seen such a beautiful pussy; her hair was dark red, and even in the dim lighting he could see the inner shades of dark pink that he knew led to the greatest pleasure in the world. His eyes rolled back in his head as he inhaled her scent; she smelled like a bitch in heat.

Ragnar lowered his head to her pussy, eager to taste his young bride. He was greeted with a punch to the head.

"Don't!" Astrid cried. She scooted backwards, as far away from him as the bed would allow.

Ragnar had played nicely thus far; he had allowed her to fight him for his own enjoyment, even though he ordinarily would have greeted such disobedience with a harsh spanking. Now, though, he had had enough.

Ragnar growled at his young bride, striking fear into her heart. Ragnar closed the distance between them, looming over her in a dark fury. Astrid gulped and looked up at him with the frightened eyes of a child.

Ragnar grabbed a fistful of hair and kissed her hard, snaking his tongue into her mouth to taste her. Astrid fought him then, too, but he merely kissed her harder; he would have none of this.

Ragnar finally broke the kiss and Astrid gasped for air, staring at him in amazement. Ragnar warned her, "I can be a kind husband. I can give you protection, wealth, and sexual pleasure; but only if you let me. You are my bride; I intend to have you. If I do not have you, I will let my men have you for a small price each. Those men, I promise you, will not be gentle; they will not offer you protection, wealth, or sexual pleasure; only I can, child. Do you not wish to know what pleasure I can give?"

Ragnar's finger found Astrid's pussy and moved upward, rubbing her from her hole to her clit. Astrid's back arched and she gasped, her eyes widening in shock and pleasure. Ragnar grinned, "Is this so bad? Lie back, pet."

Astrid was frightened of him; as much as she loathed the thought of anyone touching her, she would rather it were this one man than many foul creatures. She knew that what he said was true; she had heard of men whoring out disobedient wives before, and she knew that she did not want to meet the same fate of those women.

Astrid made the decision to lie back. Ragnar smiled, and she shuddered; she hated the effect he had on her.

Ragnar looked like a brute in every sense of the word. He loomed tall and broad over nearly everyone, and every inch of him was covered in fine hairs. His face bore a trimmed beard, and his head was shaved, leaving only a long mohawk, which he braided, in the center. His eyes were strikingly blue and his face always bore a smug grin. His voice was the most arousing Astrid had ever heard . . . he was confident to the point of being cocky, and his voice reflected this calm assurance.

Ragnar didn't know where to start. Every inch of his bride was delectable . . . he kneaded her breasts, inhaling sharply at their beauty. Astrid whimpered softly as he rubbed one of her nipples between his fingers, enjoying the effects his groping had on his bride.

Astrid's face flushed and even her chest, her whole body seeming to light up with excitement. Ragnar smiled; he knew how to heat her up even more.

Ragnar lowered his mouth and took her nipple between his teeth, flicking the tip with his tongue. Astrid gasped, fighting the urge to swat his head away at the intense feeling of pain and pleasure. Ragnar smiled, sucking on her tit. He assaulted her breasts, trading off between them both. He loved tormenting her.

Astrid squeaked, and Ragnar raised his head to look at her. Her chest was heaving from excitement and fear, her eyes filled with conflicting emotions. Her hair covered the pillow under her, making her seem even more delicate. Her eyes studied him with a childlike innocence, and he leaned down to her.

"Am I still so cruel?" He asked.

Astrid gawked at him, knowing not what to say. Ragnar smiled and kissed her plush lips, enjoying their softness against his mouth. He raised his head from the kiss and kissed her forehead before continuing his exploration.

Ragnar ran his hands down the sides of Astrid's body, starting at her rib cage. He wrapped his fingers around her and noticed, with wonder, that when he reached her waist his hands could nearly wrap completely around his bride. He slid his hands down her hips to her thighs and then to her knees, where he parted her legs gently. Astrid gasped in fear, but Ragnar ignored her.

Ragnar pressed his lips to Astrid's swollen clit first, inhaling her sweet scent and enjoying the heat radiating from her virgin hole. Astrid whimpered and moaned, even though he did not move; his mere nearness to her virginity made her squirm.

Ragnar pulled apart the folds of her pussy, inhaling sharply at the sight of her pink pussy. Every part of her cunt was soft and pink, pulsing with excitement. He spread her open a little more and found that precious nodule of flesh, flicking at it with his tongue. Astrid shot up like a rocket, and without moving his face away, Ragnar pushed her back down.

Astrid panted and gasped for air as Ragnar flicked his tongue over her clit, sending shock waves through her whole body. She grabbed fistfuls of the fur pelts that lay across his bed, gritting her teeth as her whole body vibrated with pleasure. Ragnar snaked a hand up to her chest, massaging one of her nipples between his fingers. Astrid whimpered and moaned, thrusting her hips towards his face, unable to stop herself. Her whole body coursed with energy as she neared the first orgasm in her young life.

"You'll have no release without this." Ragnar smiled, holding his cock.

Astrid gasped as he stopped his assault, so near to her climax that his withdrawal was nearly painful. She propped herself up on her elbows and gazed at his cock in fear and amazement, both.

Ragnar flashed her a smile, his white teeth looking like fangs to her. Astrid gulped, and Ragnar used his strong hands to push her shoulders back onto the bed. He laid on top of her, groaning slightly as he rubbed his cock against her hole.

Astrid's eyes were wide as she held Ragnar's gaze. She was holding her breath, waiting for him to rip her in two. Ragnar smiled and brushed hair away from her damp forehead, kissing it like a father as he did so.

While kissing her forehead, Ragnar allowed the tip of his weapon to settle against the tender virginity that was now his to take. Astrid wrapped her arms around his back, hugging him close as if she was hanging on for dear life.

Ragnar's first thrust was brief and searingly painful. Astrid cried out and sat upright abruptly, her innocence torn through with one swift blow. Ragnar pulled himself out immediately, allowing his young bride to wait until the pain subsided.

Astrid felt as if she might weep. She looked down between her legs, startled to see the blood that was there. She gazed at Ragnar helplessly, who regarded her with a calm and loving smile. She wanted to scream.

"That's the worst of it." He said simply, "Lie back."

Astrid shook her head, a few hot tears stinging her eyes. She remembered the pleasure he had given her quite well, but it was nothing compared to the pain he had caused in one small thrust; he would destroy her if he was in her longer.

"You'll hurt me." She whimpered.

Ragnar gazed at Astrid intently, pushing her back onto the fur pelts without a word. He kissed her lips gently, then her cheek, then her ear, then her neck, and then her collar bone. He raised his face to her again and kissed her hot tears, rubbing his cock against her pussy once more. Astrid began to shake and quiver with fear, cuddling against his chest like a child.

Now that the worst was over, Ragnar made sure to move more gently. He knew that even though her hymen was gone, her virgin hole had never held anything, let alone a cock of his length and girth. He eased himself in, his large dick head pushing past her pussy lips. He closed his eyes and relished her warmth; he had never suspected she would be this wet.

Ragnar pushed gently, working himself in and out as Astrid waited with dread for that familiar sharp pain. To her surprise, none came. There was only the feeling of being stabbed and stretched . . . yet, it felt somewhat pleasurable.

Ragnar finally hit bottom. He was buried balls deep in his little virgin, his hands on her hips as he gazed down at her delicious young body. Astrid's eyes were half open, her lips parted slightly in surprise and pleasure. Ragnar smiled, then nearly lost his self control as her little pussy clenched his cock.

"Oh, my child." Ragnar sighed as he stroked her cheek with his large calloused thumb.

Astrid gazed up at her husband, her eyes innocent and doe-like as she whimpered slightly. She felt as if her hips were actually being widened by his massive cock. Ragnar inhaled sharply and moved his hand down to her firm breast, squeezing it slightly and enjoying the moan he received in reply.

He pulled his cock out slowly, trying to be gentle with his little virgin. Astrid lolled her head to the side and bit her hand, trying not to cry out; she was still sore.

"You don't need to be quiet." He smiled, "I like to hear you."

Astrid turned her head and looked up at Ragnar, shadows dancing on his muscular torso as he pulled nearly all the way out of her. His face turned a bit more serious as he pushed his cock in once more, watching her face with an intensity that almost frightened her.

Astrid moaned and clung to the fur pelts, her body twisting and writhing with pleasure. Ragnar panted like an animal, wanting to abandon control and breed his bitch. He dug his fingers into her hips, trying to control himself; he did not want to cause her unnecessary pain.

"Does it hurt so badly now?" He asked as he lay down on her.

Ragnar stopped moving, his face inches from her own. Astrid breathed heavily, feeling the warmth of his skin against her firm breasts. She could feel his cock pulsing inside of her and the warm liquid trickling down her ass, making her want him more. His hands held her face, stroking her temples with a tenderness she had not expected. Astrid kissed him delicately, her lips soft and her kisses gentle. Ragnar kissed her hard and worked his cock in and out of her once more, making her wrap her arms around him and cling for dear life.

Ragnar couldn't help himself; he increased his speed, working his massive tool in and out of her hard and fast. Astrid squealed and whimpered, cuddling against his chest and yelping with each thrust.

Ragnar closed his eyes and cherished the feeling of her virgin pussy clenching his cock, drenching him and yet clinging tight at the same time. He grunted, fucking her as rabbit's pace now.

Ragnar sat up, grasping her hips and slowing his pace. He growled and reached a hand down, weaving his fingers into Astrid's hair and demanding, "Call me master."

Astrid was silent, and he rammed himself inside of her, feeling his cock kiss the back of her womb. Astrid cried out in half pain half pleasure, "Master!"

Ragnar hissed, so pleased to hear this from her defiant lips. He dug his hands into her hips and pounded her until the bed shook, watching her breasts quiver as his balls slapped her ass. Astrid moaned and arched her back, seeming to be in intense pain, yet enjoying it.

"Master!" She cried.

"Oh, my child . . ." He moaned, his hips bucking as he shot cum deep into her virgin womb.

Astrid cried out, her pussy clenching his cock so tightly it nearly hurt. Her whole body felt hot and cold, asleep and awake. Her eyelids fluttered and she softened, seeming to wilt back against the fur on the bed.

Ragnar pulled out of Astrid, his whole body quaking with excitement. His dick was still hard, ready for more of his little bride. He gazed down at Astrid, seeing her weak and tired body. He sighed and lay down beside her, blowing out the candle and pulling her against himself.

Ragnar breathed in the scent of her hair as she drifted off into sleep, chuckling to himself. He knew that he had only to sleep for the night; he would have his fill of her in the morning.

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