This the story of my intorduction into sex as a teenager
For as long as I can remember, Mum and I have always lived on our farm. I do all the hard chores for her. I can't even remember my Father, but I can still clearly remember the first time I ever had the chance to spy on my Mother. She was in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, with her dress up around her waist. There was no pubic hair visible. I found out much later that she had always shaved.
I didn't make a noise, I just stood there staring at my Mother there like any healthy pubescent fourteen year old boy would do, when he was spying on any grown woman, Mother or not. Mum, was and still is a very beautiful woman. She is a better mate than any of my friends. I can say or do almost anything to her.
It all started when I was in bed playing with my erect cock under the blankets, when Mum came into my room. I quickly stopped all the motions that I had been making with my cock. I wasn't quite quick enough in stopping. "You shouldn't have to do that, son," She said, "We should be living closer to town, and then you'd have other friends around you."
"Oh! It's alright, Mum," I said, "I can get by out here and besides I like it here."
I have always loved my Mother, very dearly and I'd do anything for her, if she asked me. I had stolen a pair of her sheer knickers that I kept hidden in my room. I quite often either wore them or wrapped them around my cock when I was jacking off. Fantasizing about her being naked under me. Mum didn't know about my fantasies and I wasn't about to tell her about them, either.
Mum, had started to lavish small loving duties onto me, just after I turned fourteen and she had found out that I was getting erections. She didn't know how well developed my cock and balls were. Whenever I jacked off I always stopped just short of ejaculation, so I didn't know what coming was like. Mum started coming into my bedroom more often and her clothing began to get more skimpy every time. Then one morning when she came in. I could tell that she didn't have much on under her housecoat, I couldn't see any thing. These visits became more frequent, but they never really came to anything either.
Then one day the inevitable happened, I got to the stage where I needed sexual release. I couldn't very well tell Mum that I wanted to fuck her, even though I really did want to. It was around that time that Mum started wearing shorts and low cut blouses more often; I soon noticed that she was sitting more carelessly when she was wearing shorts; that she bent over more often when she was near me to pick up things, revealing a lot of ass from the rear view or a view of her tits down her blouse from the front. They were all just the little things, but they added up to the fact that I was seeing a lot more of Mum than I should have been seeing. I was certainly enjoying it.
One day Mum was wearing a short golf skirt, a style of garment that she had never worn before that spring. I was lying on the carpet watching TV when she bent over to pick up the Sunday newspaper that was lying on the floor nearby. The paper was in several sections, she picked up each one separately. She bent straight over from the waist and the short skirt went way up over her thighs, even revealing the twin crescents of her white panties. I leaned forward to get a better view of her full round thighs and her sexy ass. She took an awfully long time picking up the various parts of the paper, much longer um started wearing than necessary. Then suddenly I looked beyond her and saw the reflection in the full length on the closet door that she was watching me. She quickly glanced away, but in that brief moment I realised that Mum was bending over for my benefit, she was watching my reaction.
I was bowled over! Now all those little temptations slid into place. I was convinced that Mum was deliberately leading me on, enticing with all those little glimpses of her goodies. It too good to be true, but I was almost certain. But what should I do?
Was Mum going to do more than just tempt? Was she just a "cock-teaser?" If I responded too boldly, what would happen? The next week was a cat-and-mouse game, with the two of us taking turns at both parts. She kept up the pattern of revealing her charms. I started staring a little more openly, daring to let her see me looking. I started holding her longer on the hugs, kissing longer, and pulling her body against me tighter so that she couldn't help feeling my hard cock against her belly. started praising her more. She, too, would seem bolder, but then would retreat into that sacrosanct of mummy-hood. I would get more daring and then pull back, too, for fear of going too far and offending her. But I grew gradually more sure that Mum really could be had if things just worked out. When the break finally came, it was all so simple. It was Saturday morning, a very warm day for the end of April. I had just showered and was sitting at the breakfast table, wearing just a pair of shorts. Mum had the same golf skirt on and was bringing more bacon and eggs to put on my plate. She stood right beside me, almost touching me, much closer than she needed to be. Without really thinking, just reacting, I reached out and ran my hand up her inner thigh from her knee to near her crotch and then down again, lightly caressing the smooth, soft skin of her shapely leg.
Mum stood stock still. Realising what I had done, I felt a wave of heat surge through me. But I just kept on moving my hand up and down that gorgeous leg, feeling the firm fullness of her beautifully tapered thigh. Mum still didn't move. Time seemed to stretch out to eternity. I started to fondle the thigh more, squeezing the soft flesh. Then finally Mum seemed to relax and I heard a deep sigh. It was as if she were letting go, sort of letting down the barriers. She put her arm around my neck and said, "Oooooh, that feels oh! Ahhh! so good, honey." She set down the pan on a plate. I pulled her over closer against me and put my other hand on her leg. Mum leaned down slightly, holding my head against her breast as I ran both hands up and down that magnificent bare thigh. Finally I slid my hand to the inside of her leg, all the way up to her crotch - and wow! My fingers encountered nothing but curly hair and soft damp flesh - no panties! I soon had both hands up there, one petting that hot hairy pussy, the other exploring the smooth, firm hemispheres of her bare ass. Mum spread her legs farther apart and again murmured, "Oooooh! That feels so fucking good, so good, honey!"
I tried to pull Mum's skirt up so I could get a good look at her sexy goodies.
"Just a minute, honey, let me slip it off, for you." She said,
She quickly unzipped and lowered the little skirt and stepped out of it as it dropped to the floor. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and took it off as well - no bra! There stood my wonderful Mother, completely naked! Her big, full tits stood out proudly, sagging only slightly from their weight, the pinkish-brown nipples sticking out long and hard. Her broad hips flared out from her firm waist. Her slightly rounded belly with its pretty navel curved down into the "vee" of her mound, covered with an abundance of thick, crispy dark-brown hair, through which I could see the swollen lips of her pussy. Mum turned slowly in front of me to give me a view of her out-thrust, very sexy ass. It was broad and dimpled, round and smooth, creamy white, with that exciting dark valley dividing its luscious halves. Mum spread her legs apart and bent over in front of me, thrusting her fantastic ass right in my face and revealing her hairy pussy framed in that exciting junction of her thighs and her ass. I grabbed her ass and started covering it with kisses at the same time tugging at my shorts to pull them off. I gently pushed Mum over to the island counter, where she laid her head and spread out her arms, leaving her ass sticking out at me. I stepped up to her ass and pushed my the head of my rigid cock against her pussy. Mum reached a hand back between her legs to help me guide my cock into her cunt, then she pushed her ass back as I shoved my cock deeper into her creamy cunt. Man did it ever feel good!
I was soon in Mum's cunt right up to the hilt and I started fucking her for the first time. She responded eagerly, bucking her ass back into my belly. What a tremendous sight - my mother's naked ass, humping and wriggling, jamming my happy cock deeper inside her wildly willing cunt! I put my arms around her to grab hold of her big tits and squeezed them tightly as I fucked my cock into her. I was ramming into Mum so hard now that every thrust lifted her up on her toes. If she hadn't been braced, I would have lifted her up onto the counter with the force of my fucking. Mum was giving it back to me with a passion. There was plenty of power in her full thighs and broad ass. Her cunt was hungry to have as much of my hard cock as it could possibly swallow. Finally that hot, delicious feeling started spreading from the head of my cock through to my groin, I knew I was about to come, I began to pant and grunt. Mum's ass and cunt just went wild. Man, could she move her ass! Then I was spurting into her. Mum gave a little string of oohs and aahs and then a long drawn out moan as she shook and shuddered uncontrollably. She let me push her hard against the counter and pin her there as my cum shot into her. She just stood there trembling and panting in the throws of her own shattering orgasm. She was soon just lying there with me almost lying on her back, her ass was pushed right up to my belly and my cock was still buried deep inside of her contracting, squeezing cunt.
What a tremendous fuck she had given me, it was - our first, but sure as hell it wasn't to be our last!
When I finally pulled my cock out of her cunt she led me naked to her bedroom, as we got to her big double bed, I gave her a push and as she landed on my back, on the bed, she spread her legs wide apart, waiting to be fucked again, I jumped on top of her and drove my, cock into my hot, slippery, come filled cunt. We spent the rest of the morning fiercely fucking, sucking, licking, tickling, laughing, teasing, loving and talking.
After lunch I grabbed her and fucked her unceremoniously on the lounge room carpet, then on the couch in the basement.
That night we went out for dinner, then we went for a drive out into the country, as soon as she stopped the car, I was all over her trying to get my cock up her. Even as we were climbing into the back seat I was still trying to get my cock into her. Then as I finally got her into the back seat, I climbed right on top of her and I fucked her again.
When we finally got home, I literally tore her clothes off, I threw her onto the bed and fucked her yet again before we fell into an exhausted sleep, in each other’s arms, happy and sexually satisfied for the moment.
The next morning I was awakened by mum sucking on my erect cock. I quickly spun around, getting my body under hers and into the sixty-nine position so I could clamp my mouth around her hot cunt lips. It was the best breakfast we ever ate; I know it was my most delicious breakfast

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2014-08-25 20:27:14
So at first it was a shaved cunt ..always hairless you say and the it goes to a furry cunt....what is it ?...

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2014-03-23 04:09:32
I just to fuck your mother. Sounds sooo hot, and since I'm also in australia it should not be too hard to ook up. Is she up for it.

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2014-03-10 14:11:50
"My Mother's Hot Cunt" - Unnamed Mother and Unnamed Son

There is no mention of the mother's age nor the fact that she most probably is still young and fertilly capable of being impregnated by her young, virile fourteen year old horny son!! The fact that she has possibly been without a cock in her neglected pussy for a decade or more, she most likely is not using birth control. The story would have reached a sexual cresendo had she been knocked up (using vulgar language for effect) with her young, respecting son being the father!

The story is fast-paced, ending much too soon, and lacking enough detail in many areas. It is well written though!

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2014-02-28 22:43:03
What a great mother. Just the best. Alex


2013-10-16 20:38:19
Wonderful account.....goes nicely with your pictures.....whendid you get her pregnant the first time?

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