A 'Lord' takes advantage of a younger female.
**This is something I picked up while doing a role play on another site between two people give your opinion rape or not?**

Lucila nodded her head smiling delicately she stepped into the coach with his help before seating herself opposite him so she could speak to him properly. "Thank you Lord Black." She would reach up after a short while tightening the satin bow holding her brunett ringlets back from her face. "Is there a particular topic you wish to speak on now?"

Lord Edward, smiled to her charmingly, "Well, you could tell me a little about yourself miss Lucila, you have a governess correct?" he asked her, his dark eyes gazing directly into hers, slowly weakening her will to his charms and eventually would make her willing to do anything when he used his persuasive voice.

"Yes I have a governess, she`s rather strict though I know it`s only because she wants me to grow up to be a proper young lady. And well I`m ten years of she currently as can be seen from my dress I am rather fond of the colour blue." Lucila blinked as she looked up at him she trembled only a moment shivering lightly the longer she stared into his eyes the weaker her resolve seemed t become. "Perhaps yuk tell me abut hues elf Lrd Black if that`s not to bold?"

Lord Edward nodded, "I am a member of the House of Lord`s, I own land and a manor in the county of Devon and a large townhouse in London. I appear to be twenty four years old," he informed her, then smiled his most charming smile, "Perhaps you would be more comfortable if you lost a few layers?" he suggested, his voice persuasive and seemingly very reasonable, the young female would most likely find such a suggestion most appealing to her.

"She tilted her head intently listening to him though one phrase caused her to grow slightly cautious. "Appear to be?" She repeated curiously then tilting her head his next words caught her off guard ringing in her subconscious as a fair idea. "Perhaps you are right Lord Black.." She lightly whispered slowly her delicate gloved fingers moved to unbutton the outter coat of her gown just before slipping it off she folded the garment placing her gloves on top then smoothed down her underdress she smiled feeling oddly more comfortable now.

Lord Edward smiled and nodded, "Now then miss Lucila, I am hungry, would you terribly mind coming and sitting beside me, or on my lap perhaps, so that I may...ask you something?" he asked her in that same persuasive voice, his dark eyes boring into her own.

Lucila tilted her head slightly looking up at the male a moment confused before she slipped into his lap she brushed her curls away from her neck. "What do you wish to ask Lord Black?" She asked curiously looking up at the male a moment assuming he had a secret he intended to share.

"Nothing, just to tell you, I am a vampire," Lord Edward told her, as he bit into her neck, his canines having elongated they slid into her vein, allowing him to drink from her, his arms holding her tightly.

"Lord Black, what`s a.." Her eyes widened slightly as she gasped feeling his fangs in her throat she closed her eyes. Lightly trembling she closed her eyes shivering slightly as she sat there in his lap she could feel her blood leaving her life slowly fading though she hoped he wouldn`t kill her she knew she would loose consciousness soon a child her size would succomb swiftly to anemia.

Lord Edward finished and released the child, before she became unconscious, "My thanks miss Lucila, my brother Lord Henry Black wishes to speak with you now," he said and exited the coach, an instant later his twin brother stepped in, he looked slightly different than Edward, his hair was longer, his waistcoat red and his lapel pin was studded by an emerald. He also wore a leather overcoat and carried a slightly different sword cane, other than that he had the same voice and eyes as Edward. He smiled at Lucila charmingly, his dark eyes gazing into hers, with the same effects as his brothers.

Lucila blinked slightly she was clearly quite dizzy from blood loss she only sat there looking at him she nodded her head. "Goodbye then.." She whispered quite dazed she would whimper slightly looking up at the new male then she inched away slightly though she soon stopped as she looked up into his eyes. "Help.." She whispered softly reaching up she touched her neck shakily wondering of she was still bleeding. She wondered what this male wanted from her briefly.

Lord Henry leant over and tapped her bite marks, healing them, "There we go..miss Lucila was it?" he asked her, his dark eyes boring into hers, sapping her already weakened will. His voice persuasive yet, seemingly kind.

She nodded slightly "Y..yes my name is Lucila..Are you a vampire too?" She tilted her head slightly looking up at the male. She was still a bit dizzy though she was feeling a little better now that the bleeding stopped. She looked up at him offering a tiny smile her brown eyes glazed over once again she just sat there silent now.

"I am, but fear not, I have no desire to feed from you. Though I would suggest removing another layer or two of your clothing, to help you breath and feel better," he suggested to her, his suggestion would feel like the only right thing to do to the young female, as his dark eyes slowly enslaved her will.

Lucila blinked sliding her under dress off just sitting there now clad only in her undergarments she looked up at him. She sighed softly she felt better then, odd she though had her clothing been constricting her breathing? She lightly shrugged her shoulders before looking up at him again tilting her head slightly to the left. "W..why are you here.." She whispered wondering what he wanted to talk about isn`t that what his brother had said he wanted?

"I just thought that I should meet you, my brother said you were a charming young lady, and I see he did not lie," Lord Henry said to her, smiling at her charmingly, "Come here and sit on my lap, I swear on my Lordship not to drink from you," he said to her, persuasively, his dark eyes still gazing into her own, his angled face pale and flawless.

Lucila nodded her head slightly the girl crawled into his lap then looking up at him the satin bow in her hair loosened allowing a few stray ringlets into her face. "Your brother has a silver tongue..and such a demeanor about him that draws one in to trust without reason.." She whispered softly then tilted her head as she studied him "twins?" She inquired before lowering her gaze.

"Yes we are twins, and my brother does have a silver tongue, miss Lucila," Lord Henry said to her, smiling charmingly, "Perhaps you would be willing to sacrifice a kiss to me?" he asked her, his voice making it seem as it was the reasonable thing in existence to ask.

"A kiss?" The femme looked up at him she leaned up to press her lips to his cheek certain that`s what he had ment. "And what about you Sir? Do you have a silver tongue as well?" She tilted her head quite certain he did she would then bite her lip slightly.

"I don`t know miss Lucila, do you think I do?" Lord Henry asked her, his dark eyes gazing into hers, his voice persuasive as he sapped her will still further.

Lucila nodded "Yes..." She whispered just before falling completely silent she looked up at him her eyes completely glazed over. She just sat there in the older males lap looking up at him she was completely dazed she wasn`t really sure what was going on in truth not any more.

Lord Henry nodded slightly, then gently ran his hand down her back, before bending forwards and kissing her soft lips gently.

Lucila blinks slightly feeling his lips against her own she closed her eyes then and kissed him back softly a bit hesitant at first but it felt right to her. Her small hands placed to his chest then a small shiver ran through her spine feeling his hands moving along her back whatever was left of her free will was quite confused as to what was happening.

Lord Henry drew back and smiled charmingly, his dark eyes sapping the last of her free will from her, "I don`t think you need those clothes any longer," he suggested to her, his persuasive voice luring her into following his every command.

Lucila nodded her head undressing completely she sat there in his lap gazing up at him her light brown hues seemed to glisten with admiration for him. She was under his complete influence now not a bit of free will she sat waiting for perhaps what he would want next from her. She would move her hands then back to his chest pressing them there slightly while she stared unblinking into his eyes.

Lord Henry reached into his jacket pocket and drew out a necklace, "This will give you the body of your fourteen year old self while you wear it miss Lucila, put it on for me, would you," he said to her, his voice still persuasive, to ensure she remained under his control, his dark eyes gazing into hers.

Lucila nodded her head smiling softly she would then pull on the necklace she blinked slightly as her body changed. She looked up at him tilting her head slightly her gaze never leaving him "My Lord, are you pleased now?" She whispered softly looking down at her body she tilted her head slightly blinking.

"Very much so, miss Lucila," Lord Henry replied, smiling as he began to remove his clothing slowly, his dark eyes never leaving her. When he had shed his upper clothing, he would undo his trousers and pull out his erection, "Now then, my little thing, would you like to stroke him for me?" he asked her, his voice persuasive as ever.

Lucila blinked finally as she watched hm tilting her head slightly she slid one hand from his now bare chest. "Okay.." She whispered wrapping her hand hesitantly around his member slowly stroking she looked up at him curious if she was even doing this right in truth.

Lord Henry smiled at her, "Thats good miss Lucila, now if you`ll just go lie down on the seat over there," he said persuasively, indicating the seat opposite, as he removed his shoes, socks, trousers and underwear.

"Yes sir.." She whispered releasing him she crawled up laying down on the seat opposite him then looking up she tilted her head slightly shaking her head slightly she would touch the necklace she wore. "My this at all proper?" She whispered hesitantly as though her mind was trying to fight his control though she was loosing obviously.

"Yes miss Lucila, it is proper," Lord Henry said to her persuasively, his dark eyes looking into hers as he moved ontop of her, parting her legs gently and easing himself between them.

Lucila blinked looking up at him again she nodded her head smiling softly she looked up as he moved between her legs she blinked. Tilting her head slightly she would reach up to wrap her arms around his neck loosely.

"Now then miss Lucila, this will hurt, quite a bit," he told her smiling charmingly, before he suddenly pushed into her deeply.

"wha.." She had started to steak just before her eyes widened suddenly she was screaming as he pushed into her. Lucila looked to at him and just whimpered she pushed at him slightly the moment she managed to tear her gaze away from his. "My Lord...please it hurts.." She whispered wrapping her hand around the necklace she wore though she swiftly fell under his control once more when she looked up at him.

"It will go away after a time, miss Lucila," Lord Henry assurred her persuasively, beginning to thrust deep and hard within her, groaning softly with pleasure, though his dark eyes never left hers.

"My Lord...please your hurting me.." She whispered whimpering as he thrusted into her she didn`t understand what was going on. What had he done to her she wondered she blinked looking away from him now she only closed her eyes. "Not so hard.." She whispered once more slowly realizing that she was beginning to like this.

Lord Henry thrust slightly less hard within her, wanting to corrupt, not break her, he raised one hand and fondled her small breast gently, his dark eyes gazing down at her.

Lucila shuddered as he thrusted into her she moaned softly after a while she would gasp lightly. She would gasp lightly her entire body trembled lightly with each thrust.

Lord Henry began to speed up the tempo of his deep thrusts, snarling slightly with pleasure, his dark eyes gazing into hers unblinkingly.

Lucila melt her eyes closed she whimpered still though a few moans escaped her lips as well. She pawed at his chest slightly as she lay there her legs trembling.

Lord Henry continued thrusting within Lucila, his hand now tweaking her small nipple gently.

Lucila whimpered as he continued thrusting she was starting to feel quite strange her body shaking slightly. "My Lord.." She whispered softly still she kept her eyes closed tightly and away from his his much longer she thought till he was finished with her.

"Yes, miss Lucia?" Lord Henry asked her, as he continued thrusting within her deeply.

Lucila blinked slightly looking toward the male "i feel strange.." She whispered softly close to her climax she would whimper slightly.

Lord Henry nodded, "Just go with it," he said to her persuasively, his dark eyes looking into hers.

Lucila blinked slightly looking up at him again she would lightly nod her head shuddering she would cry out in pleasure. She shuddered as she climaxed just before she closed her eyes once again she would then tremble slightly.

Lord Henry snarled and climaxed as she did, filling her with his seed.

Lucila whimpered slightly squirming now hoping to her out from under him she would tremble slightly. "Um ma..may I go now My Lord.." She whispered softly looking up at him a tiny smile touching her lips though she was frightened of him she found herself intrigued by him as well he and his brother were the first vampires she had ever seen.

Lord Henry withdraw from her and sat on the other side, cleaning himself off and dressing, "Yes you may go now miss Lucila, though you can not tell anyone what happened, it will be our little secret, and maybe I`ll come see you again another time," he said persuasively, smiling at her charmingly.

Lucila blinked slightly looking up at him she dressed shakily she sat up and watched him a moment longer "you don`t know where I live My Lord.." She whispered softly before she reached for the door to the coach shakily slightly "a..and what if i do tell what you...what we did.." She whispered softly looking down slightly her purity had been snatched away her parents and her governess would have her shipped off to a convent if they knew.

Lord Henry smiled slightly, "Why if you do tell, you and your family will disappear one night and never be seen again, also the police will not believe you, as myself and Lord Edward are high standing members of the House of Lords, miss Lucila," he told her persuasively.

Lucila whimpered shakily she just stared at him "You`re a monster..." She whispered shakily opening the door of the coach she fixed her hair and dress. Lightly she would sigh touching the necklace she wore just before she tore it off leaving it with him she took off running.

Lord Henry smirked watching her run off, "Unfortunately for you, history won`t see it that way," he said softly, before climbing from the carriage and instructing the servants to clean it thoroughly.

Lucila sighed running down the street she headed toward her hope though she wasn`t going home just yet. She sighed looking at her house before she stopped moving past it and too the park she preferred to remain at lightly she trembled her heart was racing.

Lord Henry climbed back in the coach once it was cleaned, "Back to the ship," he ordered. The driver cracked his whip and the horses began a slow trot back towards the ship.

Lucila sighed lightly as she relaxed there upon the ground she would softly sigh to herself she knew she couldn`t tell what happened. Why had she gone she thought to herself shaking her head she simply decided she wouldn`t speak at all.
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