Part 2 of Sammy's Ruined Life
Despite the first story getting a negative response, I've received a few requests asking for a second part. Some want to see Sammy get his revenge, others want the terrible happenings to continue. Since I personally love the story and the horrible things in it, I was more then pleased to write a second part. I hope the perverts out there who wanted this enjoy it.

Sammy's Ruined Life 2

We pick up where we left off in the original story.

The world was spinning, fast at first, then gradually it slowed until Sammy opened his eyes. Waking up on the floor felt painful, his body ached from the lack of cushioning on the carpet. As his senses returned, he could smell the strong odor in the carpet. It was piss. This would have been a disgusting shock to most who wake up on the floor, but to Sammy it was nothing new. This had already happened to him before, such was his current life.

As his vision returned and the world became less blurry, he sat up on the carpet, now realizing he was very wet, no doubt the piss he smelled so strongly. The question, although unimportant, was who's piss. Sammy knew his bully would piss on him, it had happened several times before.
However after the events of the past two weeks, his own mother, or ex-girlfriend would have jumped at the opportunity to piss on him.

After sitting a while, listening to the silence of the house Sammy got to his feet, A foul taste in his mouth from last nights dinner. Peeking into his own bedroom he found his bully asleep, stretched out on his bed.
Completely naked, he was an teenage Adonis, Sammy could see why his mother and girlfriend fell for him. If not for the fact that he had snuffed Sammy's father, and gotten away with it, Sammy could see himself being greatly attracted to him, and to his large but soft cock. But after a moment of staring at him, memories of his bully cumming, pissing, and spitting on his father while in a casket brought him back to reality.

Leaving the door to his bedroom he wandered into the kitchen, and was taken aback by the sight before him. There sat his mother, and his ex-girlfriend drinking coffee at the kitchen table, fully clothed and smiling as if everything was normal.

"Well about time you woke up, sleepy head. Do you want some toast?"

The words came from his mother, though he could hardly believe it. Sammy's first thought was a dream, he had to be dreaming. They never seemed to take notice at how disheveled Sammy was. Hair matted to one side, shirt soaked in piss, limping from a cramped leg muscle.

Sammy slowly walked to the table and took a piece of toast, eyeing both woman like they were aliens. They simply smiled back, watching him with mild interest. Until finally his mother tried to hide a laugh, but promptly burst with laughter, followed by his girlfriend. Sammy quickly stepped back, his eyes darting between both of them."Did you enjoy the warm shower, I gave you?" His mother said between laughing and catching her breath. Sammy's mood returned to his normal shy self, wiping the front of his wet shirt but saying nothing.

"I wanted to piss on you too, but this morning I pissed myself laughing thinking about what happened to your poor daddy in the funeral home." His ex-girlfriend said, her teeth gleaming in a wide smile, clearly trying to provoke a response from Sammy, who simply frowned.

Her smile became less happy, and turned evil as she spoke a second time."I wish I could have been there, I would have left my own present with your daddy." Sammy remained quiet, but looked at his mother for a response. She simply smiled wider and sipped her coffee."I would have spit right in your daddy's -" But Sammy didn't listen, he simply turned and left the kitchen, headed to the bathroom to clean up. The laughter of both woman loud behind him.


Sammy's time in the bathroom helped him think, and cleaning himself up made him feel better. While taking a shower he tried to think of anything besides all that had happened. He wondered if his best friend could help him, even though he had moved away a month ago. He thought about his sister who never showed up to the funeral, maybe she would take him in.Though as he showered, he became frustrated with his own small dick. The more he tried ignoring it, the worse it became. As much as he wanted he
couldn't stop the memories, and his frustration mounted as his dick became fully erect at the thoughts of what his bully had done.

But no one knew what he was doing, so he got on his knees and took his cock in hand. A moan of regret escaped his lips as he whispered: "I'm sorry daddy.." then dove into the darkest parts of his memories and started fisting his cock furiously.

He felt sick with himself as he pounded his short cock, but his heart beat fast and for this brief moment he didn't feel sad. The shower head sprayed him with hot water, as he sat back thinking of every horrible thing that had happened. But his cock wanted more, as he grew closer to cumming his mind reeled with new thoughts, things that hadn't happened, yet his cock wanted them to happen. He wondered how his bully had snuffed his father, was it slow, did his bully cum as it did it, he knew his mom had.Just as he reached the point of no return, he remembered his bully had sent his mom pictures of it. The thought of getting to see his daddy's last moments at the hands of his bully was too much for him, Sammy's cock spewed copious amounts of cum, again wasted down the drain.


An hour passed in the bathroom, though no one in the house seemed to care where he was. He could hear that his bully was awake and talking with his mom. Drying himself off and putting on clean clothes, deodorant, and fresh socks, he breathed a sigh of relief. What he had done in the shower made him feel better, though it still felt wrong.

Hoping for the best of a new day, he stepped out of the bathroom and slowly creeped up the hallway to the kitchen. His girlfriend was gone, but his mother still sat at the table, though now she sat across from his bully, who was still naked.

They both turned to face him as he entered the kitchen, his mother smiling, and his bully beaming with evil intent. "Well you sure took your time, other people need the bathroom too you know." His bully said. Sammy didn't like where this was going.

"Um.. I'm out now." He said quietly. But his bully simply waved his hand and said: "Oh don't worry, your mom here really needed to go, but since you took your time I told her to just use the floor." He pointing to the floor.

Sammy spotted a large pile of soft looking shit on the kitchen floor, surrounded by piss."Be a lamb and clean it up will you? Your mom needs to go to work, and I'm headed over to your girlfriend's place in a minute, we don't have time to do it." He said smiling.Sammy pushed himself into the corner as his bully and mother walked by him saying nothing else, but smiling. As he heard his mother's car leave, and his bully got dressed and left without another word, Sammy sighed and grabbed a roll of paper towels.

As he finished cleaning the large and smelly pile of his mom's shit, he sat down at the kitchen table and grabbed another piece of cold toast. That's when he noticed something his mother had left behind. Her cellphone.

Sammy's hands became very sweaty, and his heart began pounding in his chest. He was afraid of what he might find, and at the same time, excited. He held the phone tightly and rushed to his room and onto his computer. The room smelled like sex and cum, but he tried to ignore it as the computer booted up, and he flipped the phone open. His plan was to send the pictures to his email, evidence he could use against his bully.

Punching buttons on the phone he brought up the photo album, and started going through it. The first few were normal, a friend of his mother, a new building in town, a cute dog in the park. Then came the pictures he wanted. First one of his mother and his bully, her arms wrapped around him lovingly. The next was them french kissing, Sammy felt his cock stir in his clean underwear, he slapped it trying to make it behave.

Another picture, this one far dirtier, his mother sucking on the bully's fat cock. The next, a picture taken by his bully, a close up of his mom's pussy with his cock in it. These kinds of pictures continued for another dozen, and then he came to one of his father, tied in a chair with tears running down his cheeks.

Sammy froze and stared, his cock now straining against his zipper. He took a deep breath and swallowed, punching buttons on the phone, entering his email and sending the photo before looking at the next. The next was similar to the first, only a cock had appeared in the frame, and was firing a stream of piss at his father, clearly soaking him. Again Sammy clicked on the phone, sending it to his email, while waiting on the file to send his free hand stroked his cock a few times without realizing it.

The funeral director appeared in the next photo, choking Sammy's father with his cock. The next photo was also of him pissing all over his dad's face, the bully must have been taking the pictures Sammy thought, again rubbing himself without meaning to.

After the photos had been sent, Sammy clicked the phone and the next photo popped up. Right away his cock started throbbing, trying desperately to get relief. The photo showed his bully with both hands around his father's neck, and the hand of the funeral director giving the middle finger to him. The next picture was more of the same, from different angles, and finally was the picture of Sammy's daddy slumped in the chair tied up, soaked in piss.

Tears formed in Sammy's eyes, while precum flowed him his raging hardon. He stared hard at the picture, flipped back and forth through the other photos, slid out of his chair onto his knees, and unzipped his pants.


After Sammy had finished sending all the incriminating pictures to his email, and cleaned up all cum he wasted on the floor, he went through the phone an deleted the sent picture messages to cover his tracks.

Since he was still home alone, he decided he would clean up the house. While picking up cum soaked panties, dirty socks, and wadded up tissues, he noticed how much better he felt. Seeing the pictures had perhaps given him closure on his father, or perhaps it was spraying his cum on the floor that made him feel better. Ether way he no longer felt a deep sadness, though he hadn't forgiven his mother or his horrible bully.

After cleaning he made himself something to eat, and decided to get online to IM chat with his best friend who moved away. Sammy didn't know if he should tell his best friend everything that had happened, it wasn't like he could help. Not with his bully having so many connections near by. Sammy had an idea though, he wanted to see how his friend felt about the photos he had saved.

cooldude96 says: hey man i just found some really hot pics, wanna see?
alphanerd12 says: sure! i'm always up for some hot porn!
cooldude96 says: well they are not porn so much, as like snuff pics..
alphanerd12 says: oh shit cool, are they real?
cooldude96 says: oh yeah they are real, but the faces have been blurred
alphanerd12 says: fuck yeah man, i need a good jerk, send them!

Sammy had made extra copies of the pictures, and blurred them himself. His heart raced and his cock throbbed as he selected the pictures on the computer, and sent them too his best friend.

cooldude96 says: okay sent, let me know how hot they are.
cooldude96 says: ive already rubbed it a few times too them.
alphanerd12 says: holy fuck dude!! these are awesome!!
cooldude96 says: did you see the one with him getting pissed on?
alphanerd12 says: fuck yeah man! you know the stuff i like are there more?
cooldude96 says: no thats all, good though right? hey what if they went to his funeral and did more? haha
alphanerd12 says: hell yeah man, i would have helped them do more!
alphanerd12 says: he looks like a loser who deserved it, cryin and shit you know?

Sammy had already shot on the floor again, he couldn't control himself. He sent a few more messages to his friend, and a final message asking when he could come visit. His friend said soon, like within a week. Sammy told him that would be great, because he had a big surprise for him.


Well we've made it through another part of the story. I hope you sickos enjoyed it. Please leave comments, let me know if the story was too long, too short, too vulgar, or not enough. As I mentioned in the first story, all characters are over 18, and this story is suppose to be unrealistic, that's why it's fun. Oh and I know it's sick, don't comment about how screwed up I am, because I already know.

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2013-08-04 19:52:07
dude bro what the fuck man

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2013-05-01 16:12:54
Love it. More nasty stuff please....this storie isn't really scatology

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2013-04-30 21:11:13
your story is total crap no birth mother would turn on her flesh and blood like that and NO !!!!! high school bully could power over the police to get a way with killing sammy's dad

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It would do well if you added length to it. Maybe some back story on the how his mom, and ex turned, and his dads death.

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The bully should break his mind and sammy should love the treatment he gets, become the ultimate slave. I loved the first one because there was a lot of different action in it, but this one was more story based. If you make a part 3 which i would love, please include more abuse <3

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