Setup the situation and got more than I bargained for.
Taking advantage of a great situation:

Taylor’s aunt and Uncle were gone this summer weekend. Taylor was 17 and a beautiful young lady about 5’5” tall with brown eyes and auburn hair. She had almost no tits, but a magnificent bubble butt that seemed to be baby fat when she was 13, but never went away. A beautiful body with a flat stomach and thighs proportionate to her ass. She had become sexually active and would take advantage her alone time as much as possible. She seemed to be quite the horny young woman, but often seemed to frustrate her boyfriends teasing them to no end and then loosing the mood.

Taylor had talked to me on the ride home about how she had been fighting with her recent boyfriend. He did not trust her as she had cheated on him when they had dated before. Very possessive and would get pissed at the smallest of things and just leave her. I saw him enter her house that afternoon.

About two hours later I was on my roof and had a great view into her Aunt and Uncle’s bedroom. Due to the heat they had the windows wide open and were lying on the bed watching TV. I just happen to be up on my deck where I got good cell reception. I could see her head bobbing in his lap. Then they giggled as he placed a blindfold on her. I watched intently as he tied her arms to the headboard and spanked her on her ass. Just thinking about the ass I had fascinated about all of these years being naked and in the air ready for fucking gave me a raging hard on. I decided to try something and see where it took me and that’s where the craziness started.

I sent a message to Taylor’s cell from my work phone as I knew that she did not have it programmed in, so my name would not show up. “I can’t wait until later! Call me when he leaves so I can come over and give you a bigger dick! I am ready to fuck just thinking about it! Hurry before I take care of it myself.”

I saw her boyfriend pick up her phone when the text beeped in. He didn’t say a word, he just left laying her phone next to her. I waited for him to exit and I used the emergency key to enter her house. I was as nervous as a sinner in church as I walked up the stairs to the room she was in. I picked up her panties on the floor taking a big sniff of her sweet musty odor. She laid there with her ass in the air.
“Billy, where did you go? What kinky shit are you thinking about doing? Why don’t you just spank me and fuck me like the bad girl I am!!!”

I didn’t need any further guidance and spanked her ass so hard she screamed. “oh yeah, that’s it! Now kiss it and make it feel better!”

I dove in licking her beautiful bubble ass running my finger against her slit rubbing her clit and pushing my finger between her swollen lips that flowered from her labia. She moaned in ecstasy “Oh god that feels so good, what has gotten into you?” I continued licking every inch of her ass reaching up cupping her tiny breast and twisting her nipple between my finger and thumb. I finally reached the middle tonguing her crack reaching her nice clean virgin anus. I licked the rim “OH GOD! That feels great, keep doing that I am almost ready to cum!” I stuck the tip of my tongue in her anus, it was tight so I could not press far. Once I got it in there I twirled it around tasting the saltiness of her asshole. “Grrrrrrgggggoddddd yes!” I pushed her legs together against her chest which better exposed her pussy for me to eat it. I licked around it from thigh to thigh and then licking her swollen labia until she was bucking with frustration. I then sucked each lip into my mouth and then shoved my tongue in between her lips as deep into her sweet hole as I could. The whole time massaging the swollen bud of her clitoris. “pppppppllleeease just FUCK ME!!! I am ready to cum and I want to cum on your little cock!”

“Little” I thought to myself. Was this how she turned her boyfriend on by calling his cock little? I guess she would soon know it was not him.

I stood up at the head of the bed grabbing her by her hair and placing my cock at her lips. She was so turned on that she took the head in her mouth sucking like a vacuum soon bobbing back and forth and up and down with a fever. I had dreamed many times of having her hot young mouth on my cock and it was finally coming true. “Oh god, you are so big! What did you do to make it so big?” I slapped her on her ass and grabbed her hair again shoving my cock deeper in her mouth and fucking her face. She used just the right amount of tongue and teeth that my balls were shaking ready to explode. I pulled her down on it until I could feel it hit the entrance to her throat and gagged her as I shot hot sperm into her throat. I pulled back shooting the rest all over her face and hair.

“Oh my god Billy, that was so hot! Why did you try to choke me like that! Your cum tastes so good. Let me lick it again!” I pulled her head back to it and she quickly sucked it back to life. So I went back behind her getting what I thought would be my last taste of her sweet ass and pussy. I tongued her ass as I squeezed her cheeks roughly in my hands licking her juicy pussy with purpose. As she started to shiver “I am going to cummm! Fuck me, let me cum all over your cock!”

I obliged starting slow and then pounding my cock into her tight pussy faster and faster hitting her cervix over and over. “gggdggdgdg ummmm” as her pussy walls contracted on my cock. It became harder to push in and out as her pussy muscles tightened then one last push and I was shooting my load deep into her pussy. Just then I reached down shoving my index finger deep into her ass. I could feel her pussy contracting from within her ass. As I pulled it out each knuckle seemed to set off new orgasms. My cock still hard I continued ramming it into her pussy until I had finished releasing me load. I milked the last shot off onto her ass. Coping one last feel of her tiny breast I kissed her back as I laid her down on her stomach. She laid there with a smile on her face “that was unbelievable! We should do this again!” before I exited the room I erased the message from my phone.

I went down stairs and sat on the couch watching TV and drinking water. She was calling out for her boyfriend for at least an hour. Finally I used my personal cell and called her hearing it ring in her room. She called for him again now crying. I called her cell again letting it ring louder. I normally called about this time when her Aunt and Uncle were away to see if she was ok.

I got up opening and closing the door calling her name “Taylor? Taylor? I called and you didn’t answer, are you ok?”

“Tony! I am ok. Do you see Billy down there?”
“Nope, I thought I saw him leave a while ago. Ok, well I just wanted to make sure that you were ok. Close the window before you go to sleep!” I acted as if I was going to leave.
“Are you sure that Billy isn’t down there?”
“Yes, I looked all over and no Billy”
“Promise not to get mad?”
“Sure, what’s up? Can I come up there so we can talk?”
“Welll, I guess so. Please come up, but don’t look!”
“Don’t look at what? Damn Taylor!”
“I guess you looked.”
“Sorry, it was too late! Nice view though!” She chuckled
“Stop it, just help me get loose. My arms are dead and I can’t move.”
“Taylor, what is all over your face and hair? It is on your ass too?”

I grabbed her phone before I took her blindfold off and deleted the messages from Billy

“Well, that’s a long story.” Then she started crying “I bet you think I am some kind of slut or freak or something!”
“No, I don’t really need to know what happened either. Let me just help you get untied and cleaned up!” I untied her arms and then helped her to sit up. Her hands and wrists were sore from struggling to get out of the wraps and her arms were tired from hanging. She was still crying, probably more due to embarrassment. I pulled her up on my lap placing her head into me shoulder to comfort her.
“Are you going to tell my Aunt? She’ll kill me if she knows I had someone in here when she was gone. Especially if she found out how you found me.”

“I don’t know Taylor. It is a really strange situation. I’ll have to think hard about it. Who did this to you anyway? Was it Billy?”
“Well, it is strange. I was with Billy and he tied me up. A while later he came back in. The strange thing is that he did things to me I never thought he would. Then he was different than Billy.”
“Strange how?”
“Never mind, it’s too embarrassing. It was just different.”
“How would you know it was different if you were blindfolded?”
“Well, let’s just say that size matters. What ever happened it was the best I ever had. After you tell my Aunt it will be my last for some time.”

I stood up taking her in my arms carrying her to the bathroom. I sat her on the toilet looking down to see that she had leaked my juices onto my sweats. “I’m so sorry, that has got to be gross to you. Pull them off and clean them off in the sink.”
“I don’t have anything else on.”
“Well, look at me. It would actually make me more comfortable if you did. Kind of make us even. Plus, you will get all wet helping me clean off” I pulled my sweats off and her eyes locked on my semi erect penis. “Damn!’
“Come on Taylor, I haven’t made comments about your body.”
“You mean like “Nice view” when you were looking at my ass?”
“Oh, ok. It was a nice view though.”
“Now I can say the same thing” as she said that looking at my penis it grew to a full erection. “Ok, now you made it awkward.”
“No, you made it and now it’s awkward!” We both laughed, which cleared the air.

“I guess we need to body and hair”
“Well, I like to wash my hair in the sink. That’s why it has that nozzle. Why don’t you help me with my body and then maybe by the time we are done I can wash my own hair by myself. My hair is a very sensitive spot, so I am not sure that I want you doing it.”

“Ok, well the water is warm so let’s get in the shower.” There shower was nice with a long hose connected to the nozzle and a bench to sit on.
I sat her down on the bench while I was getting everything ready. My cock was looking her in the eye as I grabbed the shower gel on the shelf above it. I took my time looking down to see her staring right at it as I moved it close to her face and then moved it away. I stood her up rinsing her down and then putting the gel on my hands. I thought about asking for a wash cloth, but it would have been a lot less entertaining for me that way. I washed her shoulders down to her lower back reaching my hands around to her sides and breasts. As I washed her breasts I pressed my hard cock against her ass. She actually pressed back against it while I cupped her tiny breasts washing her nipples between my fingers.

I moved back putting more gel on my hands then as I moved forward I pushed my erection down so that it came up between her legs. She jumped a bit “Oh sorry about that”
“No, that’s ok. I know that we don’t have much room in here.” So I left it there and continued reaching around to wash her belly on to her pubic region then cupping her pussy in my hand and rubbing the soap on it. She grabbed my arm, but just held it not pulling it away. I moved back to her waste and then back between her legs. As I rubbed more soap on I ran a finger through the middle bumping against her hard nub, which was a good indication as to how excited she was.

I sat on the bench with her amazing ass just below eye level. I took my time washing her ass and upper thighs. I ran my hand down her ass cheek rubbing the soap on. I bent her forward for a better view and access. “Damn, you are really dirty back here!” She turned with her face totally red and nodded her head.
“Please get it all out, I mean off…”
I soaped my hands up and soaped her ass a couple more times then swirling my finger around her asshole. I noticed her pushing back towards me “Now I don’t think it can get much more embarrassing than this! I have never had anyone clean my asshole.”
“Don’t worry about it, even that is beautiful”
She turned looking down at me “Now who is making the comments? You’re just saying that to make me feel more comfortable. That’s nice of you though.”
I looked up at her pointing at my erection “Taylor, I can’t lie right now. This is like the opposite of the Pinocchio story. If I was lying then it wouldn’t grow like this.”
She blushed and smiled turning back around and bending over even further. I continued cleaning her ass and playing with her anus. I could see that her labium was becoming even more swollen. “You are still oozing quite a bit of juices” as I ran my hand up against her pussy while grabbing the shower head spraying it up towards her crotch. “Do you want me to clean this?” she just nodded her head and opened her legs further. I could tell that the shower head was doing a number on her, so I kept it pointed at her crotch.

I reached my right hand forward spreading her swollen lips open. Her hips bucked a little “I’m sorry, are you extra sensitive there?” once again she just nodded. I used a smoother touch watching her body quiver as the shower head sprayed on her clitoris and I rubbed the lips of her pussy. “Ok, this is going to get stranger” as I slid my finger into her slick hole twirling it around against the walls of her pussy, not pushing in or out acting as though I had a purpose. She sat back against me hand until I pulled out leaving her wanting more. I didn’t want to stop either, but I wanted it to seem as though I was just cleaning her up rather than finger fucking her.

I moved my finger back to her anus “Okay Taylor, almost done. Is there a reason for me to clean here better too?” She nodded once again. I was ready to explode and my balls were aching. I pulled her ass cheeks as far apart as I could, running the water against her ass. Then twirled my finger around the outside of her anus turning the shower head so that it was still pulsating on her crotch as I pressed my index finger into her ass up to the first knuckle and twirled my finger. I then watched as her knees buckled pulling my finger out of her ass letting her fall into my lap. My cock sticking from between her legs out the front with my shaft pressing against her clit. Her whole body convulsed in wave after wave of orgasm.

“I’m sorry, I know that this should not be happening, but your hands and the shower head were too much.” She was beat red from her face to her shoulders and I could feel her juices leaking down onto the shaft of my cock. I made it jerk against her nub a couple of times seeing her reaction. I then started rinsing the soap from her shoulders making good my hand to wipe away what was now imaginary soap, once again rubbing her breasts making sure to get her nipples clean.

I worked my way down her belly and down to her crotch moving my erection out of the way as I rubbed her pussy with my flat hand as she spread her legs wide providing the access for me to do so. As I moved my hand I pushed my cock forward with it letting go to slap back against her clit. She jumped as it did. I pulled her arms back down putting them in her lap on top of my cock moving them as I rinsed them off. She rubbed my cock without gripping it, probably to make it seem as though she was not doing it intentionally.

I stood her up holding her against me and kissing her on the shoulder. She turned kissing me on the neck “thanks for taking care of me!”
“No problem, I have enjoyed every minute.” She smiled from ear to ear.

We exited the shower and I dried off then helping her dry off. “So, do you need my help washing your hair or can you handle it?”
“Well, my arms are still like spaghetti. Would you mind?”
“Not at all, how do you normally do it?”

She pulled the step stool over getting on it and leaning over the sink. I rinsed her hair getting it nice and wet running my fingers through it. Being on the step stool lined her pussy up perfectly with my cock. Taylor handed me the bottle of shampoo, with no where to put it I set it on the floor. As I did I was face to face with her succulent clean pussy, it still glistened from her previous orgasm. I thought about licking it leaning in close to get a good whiff of it. She wiggled “What are you doing back there?”
“Putting the shampoo down, so I can rinse your hair before I shampoo.”

I used turned the water on waiting for it to get warm turning the nozzle so that she could put her head under it. She had to lift up onto her toes and drop her head and shoulders down. I tried from the right of her so that my cock would not be between her legs and it wasn’t working as I could not reach the top of her head. Still holding her hair I moved to the left of her my erection rubbing against her ass across the middle and across her other cheek. That was not working either. I pulled the tip up resting it in her crack as I moved right behind her running my fingers through her hair to rinse out my sperm and work out the tangles. The nerves in her hair seemed to be extra sensitive as she said. She moaned in appreciation from time to time telling me how good it felt in a sexy throaty whimper. I continued working her hair until it was ready letting her rest her legs while I got the shampoo ready. As she did not need the water she was able to remain with her feet flat. I did notice as I stopped to smell the roses once again that she was visibly wetter and even more swollen than before. Her labium had closed to a camel toe before and was now in full bloom again.

I started to massage the shampoo into her hair “please be sure to really get the top, if not it will go flat and the rest will be curly.”
“Ok, I will do what I can.” I moved in behind her this time not lifting my erection. While I massaged the shampoo into her hair my erection was rubbing her slit. I was ready to explode from the friction and thought of fucking her once again. As I reached further across her to get to the top of her head the head of my cock pressed against her lips. I could feel the warmth of her sex and my mushroom head pressing between her slick and swollen lips. She moaned more “mmmm, that really feels good” pausing leaving the question of which end she was talking about “your hands are like magic”. I held my cock in that position massaging her head and stroking the shampoo covered hair. I could feel her starting to push back until the head of my cock was entirely covered by the sweet lips of her pussy.

I just left it there and continued my work, with each movement a new sensation. I let her know that the shampooing was complete. “Ok, well push all of my hair forward and rinse the shampoo from the top down. You have to hold your hands around my hair and squeeze the shampoo out as you rinse it. Kind of like tooth paste without twisting the tube.

She lifted up again so that her head was under the water. I now had to reach over her to do what she asked. As I started my cock rubbed between her clit and the sink rim. I knew that I would cum soon if I kept that up. So I aimed it upward across her taint between her cheeks. As I pushed forward my balls slapped against her labium and she moaned. While I wrung the water from her hair I moved back with my cock once again pushing against her slick opening. As it did she sat back flattening her feet which bobbed her head hitting the spout. Her reflex from that made her hips buck taking me in past the head. She moaned and stayed there not pulling away as almost a quarter of my cock was not in her pussy.

I couldn’t take anymore pushing it to about half way. “Tony please, she cried.” I thought that I had really screwed up “Please just put it all the way in, I want it! I want you to make love to me!” Instead of pushing further in I pulled totally out knowing in just a couple of pumps I would be shooting my load. “Why, why? Do you not want it too? You are so hard, you must want it!”

It eased her mind as I kissed the back of her neck while cupping her soft tiny breasts massaging them and pinching her nipples. I kissed down her back to her amazing ass licking and nibbling from each side back to the middle. She pushed back against my face as I tongued her anus drawing circles from the outside in with my tongue. The smell of her wet pussy had become musty and was calling for me to taste it once again. Before I did I pressed the tip of my tongue as far as I possibly could into her salty ass. She writhed in pleasure until I licked across her taint and plunged my tongue into her swollen pussy. I tongued her pussy and clit until my tongue was too sore to do it anymore.

I finally aimed my cock into her hole pumping in and out until I was buried against her cervix, leaving it there as I reached forward rinsing her hair. She began to buck her hips to get herself off. “It feels do good to have your big cock in me again!” I guess he gig was up unless she was referring to a few minutes ago. At this point I didn’t much care with my only thoughts being about how good her tight wet pussy felt against my cock and how great it felt to be looking down at her wonderful ass as she bucked against me. Finally getting all of the soap out of her hair I reached under and started squeezing her tiny breast and slamming my cock in and out of her. Once again she started to shudder and scream in orgasm as I continued to slam into her. As her pussy contracted on my cock I was ready to cum with her. “Please don’t pull out cum deep inside me!” my load came in two more pumps and I shot it against her cervix as she screamed “Oh my god, yes, oh my god fill me up with your hot cum!” Her pussy milked every drop that my balls contained.

Taylor turned around dropping to her knees trying to suck my erection back to life. “I want to do it again! I want this big cock in me again!” I pulled her up knowing that it would take some time. I grabbed her by the ass and kissed her. Taylor shoved her tongue deep into my mouth and was still pulling on my trying to get it hard.

“I guess you are ok now, so I will head back home.”
“What the hell do you mean? You are not just going to leave me here after all of what just happened are you?” I shook my head as I had not good way to exit, especially if I ever wanted to have the same experience. “Just go watch TV in the bedroom and I will clean up” I walked towards the bedroom with my head spinning thinking about all that had happened.


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