Some of the neighborhood girls got invited to a theme party at one of the local Italian night clubs. The theme was Pimps and Hoes. I guess the locals had been watching a lot of hip hop or rap videos on MTV. Drinking age is 16 in Italy, which means at 16 they are legal for the clubs as well. The girls were excited, but wanted some protection at the club with all of the “perverts” that would probably be attending.
Pimps and Hoes Party!!!

Some of the neighborhood girls got invited to a theme party at one of the local Italian night clubs. The theme was Pimps and Hoes. I guess the locals had been watching a lot of hip hop or rap videos on MTV. Drinking age is 16 in Italy, which means at 16 they are legal for the clubs as well. The girls were excited, but wanted some protection at the club with all of the “perverts” that would probably be attending. They came to me since I had been a bouncer at college bars in Texas and Ohio as well as here in Italy years back. I also speak Italian and they trust me to take care of them.

In there excitement they asked me to take them one afternoon to do some research on the subject with the local talent.
Taylor “Please Tony, we need to know how to dress and act?” I have a soft spot for Taylor as I have for years. She is attractive 18 year old with brown eyes and auburn hair. She stands about 5’5” with minimal breasts, but her most attractive asset is her bubble butt. The type that men lust after and women are jealous of, I had masturbated many a night to visions of that ass at different angles.

Tara “We’ll bring euro as I am sure that we will have to pay them to show us stuff.” Tara is 16 the same height with an athletic slim yet muscular build. She has blond hair and blue eyes, not quite as facially attractive as Taylor but not unattractive by any means. The thing that catches everyone’s eye is when she does not have a sports bra or heavy duty bra on restraining her double D cup breast that seem out of place on her frame.

“Just what kind of “stuff” are you talking about? I won’t be doing anything with them especially not with an audience if that is what you are thinking.”

Amanda “Tony, do you really think we would ask you to do such a thing? We are just talking about them showing us how they dress up close and how they act with their clients, up until the actual part where they provide services.” Amanda is the same age as Tara, about 5’7” tall with brown hair and big brown eyes. She has the body of a porn star and the face of a princess with every move she makes teasing men that watch.

Along with them was her sister Gee who is 17 and Paola who is also 16. Gee is the beautiful prom queen type more beautiful than the rest with a nice fit body a smaller ass, but a tantalizing gap between her legs. Paola is probably the least attractive facially with dark hair and eyes small breasts, but a Latin bubble butt that is bigger than Taylor’s and rivals its beauty.

I am a big strong guy at 6’4” and 250 pounds. A proportionate body and all parts so to speak. Not one to measure my own penis, but have never gotten complaints or felt as if I had left any women needing more. I love foreplay, so that helps as well.

“Well ok I guess we can go then, just hope the wrong people don’t see us and get the wrong ideas about what we are really up to.” So off we went in my truck, the girls in their shorts or denim skirts and t-shirts and I was in sweats and a pull over.

We pulled up to area with two on the street that motioned us back behind a broken down building. So we got out and started talking with the women. Not a one was covering her full ass with their g-string covered crotches showing as well. One had a dancer’s ass small g-string and purple transparent nylons with no skirt and an open jacket exposing her nice breasts. Another the same with red net hose on and a half shirt with constant under boob on display with nipples exposed with every move. A couple with thin transparent tube dresses and nothing at all underneath. The other two had on short jean skirts that came down to the top of their triangular patch in the front of their g-string and top of the crack of their ass.

Strange how the most of them seemed to speak a decent amount of English. They let the girls take pictures with them and then they bring them to me to show how they persuade their customers. They hug up on me and start stroking my crotch placing my hands on different parts of their bodies. As we look around we can see other customers with women doing different things. I can see the girls are actually starting to get nervous, not sure if it is because of what is going on around them or with the feelings they are getting from it. Gee, Tara, and Taylor were pretty red faced Paola and Amanda were really getting into playing along with the women.

The attention I was getting and all of the stroking had given me an erection. I could see that all of the girls had noticed it as well since it was hard to hide in my sweats. With everything going on I was in sensory overload. I had not noticed that Paola and Amanda had worked their way next to me replacing the women in the group. Their skirts hiked up with my hands feeling their asses and their hands feeling of my erection. Once I did realize it I acted as if I hadn’t long enough to get a good feel of their beautiful asses and had pushed my fingers up onto their slits. As Paola started to put her hand down my sweats I grabbed it acting surprised that it was them instead of the other women. As I pulled her hand away it pulled my boxers and sweats snapping them halfway exposing my erection. The other three gasped as I pulled them back over my rock hard erection.

“Ok, that’s enough! Let’s get back in the truck and go.”

Paola and Amanda “We’re sorry! We got caught up in it as we could feel you did. We thought that by the way you were playing with us that you wanted more. We are so sorry!”

“Look I am sorry too. Yes, I was caught up in it as well and that was nothing I could hide. I did not realize it was you two until the moment I stopped you. I told you guys that nothing like that would happen, so when your hand started down my pants I realized things had gone way too far. Let’s just go.”

As I got into the truck I heard the girls in the back seat whispering “Did you see how big it was? How did it feel? Oh my god that was so hot…”

I acted as if I didn't hear it, but liked what I heard. It actually turned me on that they had seen or felt my erection. Gee and Tara were sitting in the front with me. Gee was sitting next to me and kept stealing glances of the bulge in my pants. Tara’s eyes were glued on it as if she was in a trance. To me this seemed to make me harder, but it probably just kept me hard. Even still erect when we arrived back home. They had all started chattering about what they planned on wearing and who they would emulate. They were going to walk up to the Italian lingerie store close to our houses the next afternoon once they had it all planned out. The streets are narrow so I had to park with the passenger side of mu truck up against the wall. I held my door open to help Gee and Tara out of the front. Gee got out spreading her legs as she did giving me full view of her crotch under her little denim skirt. She had on a white cotton thong and her crotch had a visible wet spot as she scooted down putting her foot on the step bar. She caught me looking and blushed, but did not attempt to cover up or put her legs together. As she stepped down past me her arm brushed my crotch pushing against my erection as she acted like she did not know. Tara had spandex short shorts on that did not hide a thing. She jumped into my arms throwing her arms around my neck and wrapping her legs around my waist.

“Thanks Tony! We had fun and know exactly what we are going to do for the party.” she stated as I am sure she could feel my erection poking against her slit through our clothes. Still hugging me as she slid down tightly against my body, which caused her body to guide my erection against her crotch like a finger on a light switch. I actually came in my shorts as she did. I think she knew it as she must have felt the pulsation against her thin spandex. Her reaction was to keep hugging me with her arms around my midsection. At least the timing felt as though she did as soon after I stopped exploding in my boxers she let go smiling as she walked away. They all left thanking me and heading to Taylor’s house.

The night had come. The girls asked me to pick them up in front of Taylor’s. They also asked me to wear a black Adidas track suit with white piping, a wife beater, sun glasses, a few big rings, gold watch, and a thick gold chain. I put it all together opting out of the boxers as they bunched up with the static caused by the material of the sweats. I headed over in my truck.

I was awe struck when I arrived. They wanted to take some pictures in front of her house and I could not believe my eyes. Taylor had a very small G-string, blue transparent hose not hiding anything, and a leather jacket. They obviously had started drinking and she turned around bending at the waist asking if I liked her costume. I almost jumped her bones right then and there. Tara came down in some thin nylon booty/boy shorts and a half shirt that just barely hid the nipples on her bare DDs, a denim jacket over her shoulder. I was not sure if she actually realized how much of her lower body that could be seen with the right lighting. I could actually make out her camel toe and a tuft of blonde hair above it. Paola had on some red net hose and a leather jacket, her ass was unbelievable and her white transparent G-string showed the dark shadow of her landing strip. Amanda had on a shortened denim skirt with a red thong, when she turned around the back was open to the top of her beautiful ass crack. Gee came out in a thin red mostly transparent tube dress that was very tight, ended just barely below her ass cheeks and seemed to only be held up by her nipples. I couldn’t make out her panties, but when she turned around there was nothing hidden through the stretched material. My cock was already mostly erect and I was wishing that I had thought better about buying some briefs or wearing some compression shorts. I was getting excited remembering how it felt for them to check out my erection the last time.

They each came up getting pictures with me holding them from the ass as they posed at my side raising a leg across mine and then another with me dipping them backwards with one arm. They seemed to be fine with me groping their asses except Gee seemed a bit nervous. She gave me a hug and I kissed her neck, which seemed to ease her nervousness. We did the first pose and then when I dipped her she almost fell back as my hand slid on the slick material of her dress. As I grabbed her to stop her from falling I grabbed a handful of her dress covering her ass which popped the top down uncovering her breasts. She jumped against me to hide her breast wrapping her legs around me as I held her up by her bare ass. As my hand flattened like a seat under her ass my fingers touched her naked, swollen, and slick slit. She gasped loudly as it did, but did not move to change position.
“Holy shit, you aren’t wearing panties are you?” I whispered in her ear. I knew the question was already answered, but for some reason I wanted to point out that I was feeling her hot wet pussy. She buried her head against me and shook her head no, then proceeded to let go of her grip around my neck leaning against me while she pulled the top of her dress back over her breasts. As she wiggled she wiggled against the hand that was holding her up. My fingers covered her gap and I could feel the lips of her pussy rub back and forth against my fingers. The heat and wetness was an amazing feeling. I am sure that she could feel my now rock hard erection against her mound as well. As I set her down I kept her against me to make sure she got a good feel of how much I appreciated her and ran my finger through her slit, across her taint, and ending up on her anus as she stood on the ground. She got on her tip toes and I met her half way kissing her on the lips before we separated. The flash from the Iphone went off and then they all decided that they needed that pose as well. So I kissed each while I put my hand on their asses.

Tara asked me how I like her costume as she posed with her hands behind her head. When she did this it totally exposed her Nickel sized Areola and pencil eraser sized stiff nipples. When she realized my eyes were popping out of my head and why, she blushed and let her arms down. She stood close to a light and I said “I hope it is dark in the club!”
Tara looking confused “why’s that?”
“Your shorts don’t hide anything in the light”
Tara “just in the back, our butts are supposed to be on display”
Tara “Now what do you mean by that? You can’t see anything.?. Show me where!”
I approached her taking my finger outlining the tuft of dark blonde hair. As I did I could see her labia start to swell. “OK, OK, I get the point! Any lower and they will really be transparent. Is it bad?”
“Just don’t stand close to bright lights close to people you do not want to see it.” She started to pout a bit “It is really sexy though…” She grinned ear to ear.

They wanted a group picture. They had Taylor on my right and Paola on my left as I held their bubble asses and they put heir hands in front of me acting as though they were on my crotch. Amanda bent over in front of me with Tara and Gee leaning onto her once they set the timer for the camera on the Iphone. Amanda pushed back acting as though I was taking her from behind. This pushed Paola’s hand into Taylor’s and on to grasp my erect cock. They all laughed, but even after Paola moved her hand Taylor did not. I squeezed her ass which seemed to wake her up and she let go. Once she did I poked Amanda in the ass with it acting as if it was unintentional.

“Ok, let’s get going before your neighbors think you are running a brothel…” I loaded them in helping them up onto the step bar knowing that I would get a great view. Tara got in the back first giving me a great upshirt view of her magnificent breasts as crouched to walk over to the far seat. Then Amanda with an awesome ass view looking over her shoulder to catch me checking her out. Paola got up bending over to give me a face full of ass. A clear enough view that I could see that she hadn't shaved her ass in some time if ever. Dark curly hairs poking out around her G-string. “You might not give many others this view until you shave” I said while laughing. She blushed and hit me on the arm. Taylor got into the front I was mesmerized by the beauty of her ass in the hose as she worked her way across to the other window seat. I am sure that she felt the heat of my gaze as she did. Gee stood on the step bar and then turned around sitting on the edge of the seat giving me a perfect view of her glistening wet pussy. As she tried to scoot over in a sensual manner it caused her dress pull exposing her beautiful breasts. A firm handful each with tan dime sized areola and stiff little nipples. Once in place she adjusted her dress covering herself once again. Taylor saw this and laughed.

We arrived at the club to find many others in costume, but it seemed more like a psycodelic 70’s party with men in bright colored suits and matching hats the women in short dresses with bright crazy patterns. Many had bouffant or afro wigs. I looked at the girls “I think we missed the mark on the theme!”
Taylor “Actually, I think we are the only ones that hit a bull's eye!” We all entered with them grouped around me. Boy did we turn heads! Actually they did. We found a booth and sat ordering drinks. The waitress talked about how impressed she was with our theme costumes. She was dressed in black G-string and white hose on bottom and a tiny half shirt covering two thirds of her breasts that said “fuck me!” on the front.
Tara “See, we did get it right.”
Amanda “I guess we are the only ones with the balls to do it.”
I watched the waitress’ beautiful round ass as she walked away. Amanda hit me from one side and Gee from the other “what the hell? You are here with us, are we not enough for you?” I laughed thinking that they were joking then looked around at the scowls I was getting from each of them.
“Ok my bad, but a pimp always has to keep his eyes out for new talent!” they all laughed nodding in agreement.

The waitress came back with our drinks plus complimentary shots. I don’t drink so I gave mine to Tara. The waitress pulled out her Iphone and wanted to get a picture with me. She handed the phone to another waitress walking by to take the picture. She kissed me on the cheek while I groped her ass and then she grabbed my semi erect cock, which hardened in her hand. Once the picture was taken she turned to kiss me which is when Taylor and Tara jumped between us pushing her away. Tara pulled her hand away and replaced it with her own looking at her defiantly before they kissed me on each cheek. Of course I placed my hands on their asses. Tara continued to grope my erect cock feeling out every inch down even to my sack. Taylor just looked down watching as she did while I felt her beautiful ass up through the nylons she was wearing.
“I need to sit down!” As I did Tara sat on the little table in front of me, Paola and Amanda sat on each knee, with Gee and Taylor on either side. A couple of drinks and shots later they wanted to dance. It was easy to see that they didn’t have a whole lot of drinking experience as they were all really tipsy. I also don’t know what were in the shots. Tara, Gee, and Taylor each drank an extra shot as they drank my complimentary shots that came with each round. They say complimentary, but we did pay 30 euro a piece to get in.

Taylor and Paola started dancing against me like strippers gyrating against me. It was hard not to be into it keeping my hands low and in constant contact with their impeccable asses. They smiled at each other as they turned around rubbing their asses against me. Paola now reaching down to get a feel and stroking my hard cock. I reached down placing my hands between their legs finding both to be drenched with their juices. The heat coming from their sex was exhilarating. I rubbed their swollen pussies through their panties and Taylor’s Nylons. Paola’s web stockings were no protection from my fingers. They kissed me and moved to dance with Tara and Gee.

Amanda came to me lifting her leg into my arm kissing me passionately. She actually ran her hand down my stomach and into my pants gripping my naked cock and stroking it a couple of times before pushing down and squeezing my balls. I reached up into her jacket feeling her breast and she kissed me again. She then turned bending over pushing her ass against my crotch, I reached down running me finger through the middle of the damp camel toe pushing between her lips and on to her clit. This caused her to push back harder and gyrate against my hand. I was just getting ready to push in past her G-string when Tara came over to cut in. Amanda kissed me once again before joining the others.

Tara was quite tipsy and falling all over me kissing me sloppily. She moaned as squeezed her ass hard. My fingers reaching close to her slit as she has a skinny ass. “I am sure that my shorts are probably transparent by now” in my ear not whispering as the music was loud. She turned around placing her body against mine with my erection poking her just above her ass. She leaned back telling me to cover her breasts each time she raised her arms. I placed my hands on her waist and she grabbed them pulling them to cover her breasts as she danced with her hands on her head. What magnificent breast she has I was in heaven and massaged her breasts as I held them. She twisted and moaned as I held her nipples between my fingers. We went through this process a couple of times before I looked over seeing three guys in their twenties trying to join in the dance with the girls.

They seemed to be handling the situation fine until one of them got behind Gee pulling her dress together exposing her ass, pussy, and tits. I was there in the blink of an eye pulling her against me with one arm so that her breasts and crotch were covered by my body and my left hand covered the crack of her ass and anything else that could be seen from behind. At the same time I lifted my foot into his crotch catching the back of his head as he buckled forcing it into my raised knee. The guy to the left punched me in the side of my face As he came with the other in combination I dropped my head forcing his contact to the top of my forehead. I heard bones crack just before he screamed in pain then pulled him to me head butting his nose causing it to explode. The other ran in fear as the bouncers came towards me. As they saw the two on the floor and the mostly naked girl on my arm they quickly stopped nodding and taking the other two away.

I held Gee against me as the others helped her cover herself back up. I leaned down kissing her neck “Are you ok? Sorry I let that happen.”
She kissed me back on my neck nestling her face against it. “It is not your fault, just some asshole. Thank you for coming to my rescue, you really fucked them up! It was just embarrassing.”
I spoke into her ear “You have nothing to be embarrassed about. There is no part of you that isn’t beautiful.”
“Do you really think so?”
“My god yes, you are incredibly sexy! It would be a shame to hide that.”
She kissed my neck again “whatever, but you were the only one I wanted to see me.” She buried her head in my chest as we walked back to our seats. After that display the path cleared quickly for us.

As we sat the waitress brought us another round kissing me on the forehead “This one is on the house.” Gee sat to my right and Amanda to my left. Gee took my hand placing it on her thigh just below her crotch. She uncrossed her legs giving access to my hand as I moved it towards her swollen pussy. She was soaked in wetness her lips easily parting as I ran my finger between them. She watched me as I pulled my hand to my face sucking her juices from my finger and then kissed me shoving her tongue into my mouth.

The place had gotten crowded, so the girls decided it was time to go. The waitress came up seeing us getting ready to leave. She asked for one last picture with the group. She slid up next to me showing me her number reaching down to place it in my pocket while reaching over to feel my cock again. I worked my hand into the back of her nylons wiggling my finger against her anus. She got the picture that thankfully took some time with the crowd passing in front of the camera and then kissed me goodbye.

Gee was to my right and Amanda to my left. I had my arms around their waste, but they both quickly took my hands moving them to their asses. These two sisters were some damn sexy that it was driving me crazy. I had long lost where the facade of the theme act started and ended. I had touched parts of these girls bodies that I had only dreamed of touching and the night seemed to be far from over.


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