Sandy visits her husband and Ed takes Cindy
I was awakened the next morning by a small 9 year old climbing in with me and kissing me. She had slid an arm under my neck and was hugging me with both arms. She felt good next to me. But when I opened my eyes she said,"Breakfast is ready. Time to get up, lover." I got out of bed and got dressed.

When I got into the living room which was joined to the dining room with a wide archway I saw a table set with three plates. Each had bacon and eggs and toast with butter and jam two with large servings and one with a smaller serving for Cindy.

I sat at one end of the table and Sandy brought coffee and orange juice to the table and poured a glass of juice for each of us and a cup of coffee for her and myself. She told me her husband's case was up for appeal but their attorney had told them it did not look too hopeful. Cindy had signed an affidavit that she had set out to seduce her father and wanted him to do what he had done but being only 8 at the time it would not likely hold any water in the court.

Sandy told Cindy and me to have fun while she was gone and promised me I could take Cindy to my place and it wouldn't be a problem. At the age of 25 I had never taken any one by the ass but if Cindy wanted to explore that particular form of sex I had obtained an enema bag to evacuate her bowels before we did it. It was at my house.

Sandy said her goodbyes and promised to bring home helpful information from her husband. She also promised me an encore of last night's activities. She left me with a kiss with tongue that tickled my tonsils and started to raise my organ. Then she went out to her car and Cindy jumped up on me in an octopus hug. Her legs were around my waist and her arms around my neck. I held her up with my hands under her ass and kissed her like her mother had kissed me.

She was such a willing partner just like her mother. I put her down and went back to my place at the table. I sat there talking to her and asked about her grades. She went to her room and brought me a report card. It had A pluses in every subject. She told me she had to study hard or her mother would withdraw her permission to have a mature male baby sitter.

Then she said she was going to get ready to go to my house. So we went over to my place and I went to shower and she came and joined me. I washed her all over. She washed me where she could reach with included my balls and prick. When she had washed and rinsed them she started to jack me again and I stopped her. She was disappointed but accepted that I wanted to wait until we were ready to make love or something. So we got out of the shower and I used my hot comb to dry her lovely red hair. She dressed in a dress but I did not see her put on panties. We went out in the living room and I put a DVD in my laptop and played an anal intercourse porn video with tiny little Kitty Jung. She watched it wide eyed I ask her if she wanted to try that.

She said she would try it if I wanted to but wanted me to fulfill a fantasy that she had. I ask her what her fantasy was. She said it was to be kidnapped, tied up and raped. I was shocked! I have never done anything like that in my life and I agreed if I was allowed to make sure she was properly lubricated first. She agreed. So I told her to leave my house and walk around the block. I watched her go and went to my car and took off around the block in the opposite direction. There were three vacant houses on the block behind my house and woods across the street from them so it was there I decided to kidnap her.

I pulled into one of the vacant house's driveways and pulled all the way to the end of the driveway near the detached garages. I got out of my car leaving the engine running and went to other side of the house to look at the sidewalk. When I saw her between the houses I ran to the car, threw it into reverse and backed up blocking her way. I got out of car with a length of clothes line rope and a hanky. I grabbed her and looped the rope over her hands. I gagged her with the hanky and then pulled the loose of the rope down between her legs. Then I threw her in the back seat and loosed end of the rope around her ankles, hogtying her. I got and and drove to my house. I picked her up from the back seat and carried her into the house.

Leaving the gag in place I untied her ankles then rerouted the line to bend her over forward. This tied her hands to her ankles in place. Then I pushed up her skirt exposing her ass and pussy. I took off my belt and dropped my slacks and drawers. Grabbing a tube of KY jelly I lubricated by cock from the head to the base and then rammed it into her. Then I untied the gag. I thrust into her with a vengeance and even though she was being raped she still had an orgasm before I was ready to cum. So I kept at it and finally as the had a second climax I began to spuirt my jism into her cunt. When I was done I pulled out and got dressed.

I ask her if it thrilled her to be raped. She said it was everything she had come to expect from such a cold taking but the lubricant probably made it easier. I untied her hands and ankles and took her into my bathroom which had been stocked with Massigale Douches and helped her apply the douche to her abused pussy.

Then we went back to my living room and sat and talked for a while. She said her father had told her of a pedophile club here in town. Where guys brought their love partners to trade girls with other men. She had wanted to go to these orgies but she had to lose her virginity first as no virgins were allowed in these. Dad had never been to one but had friends who told him girls as young as 6 were available in these parties.

She hoped that I would be able to take her to these orgies for kids if her father could get me cleared. I told her I was a bit worried about it since the girls would be underage and I would be a child abuser if I went with her. She said all the other men there were also child abusers. But the other kids, like her, enjoyed sex and wanted to be there.

I told her I would have to have her mother's permission to do that and I was not sure she would go along with it. She said, I can handle my mother. Then we started to make out and as she applied her tongue to my palate I felt my already exhausted organ start to revive. She unzipped my fly and took out my semihard organ and began to administer a blow job with her tongue rubbing my cock and lips messaging it I got hard enough to fuck her again!

She grabbed her ankles and told me,"Okay fuck my ass good you old pervert." I told her wait a minute. We have to clean out your ass first. So we went to the bathroom and I took the enema kit and put the tube in her ass and put a quart of warm water into her ass. She sat down and pushed it out into the stool. It came out brown. I put another quart into the bottle and put the tube back up her ass and released the clamp and let it drain into her. This time it came back out clear. I said, "Now you are ready." She turned and knelt in front of me and took my organ back into her mouth. She sucked back to full hardness then she grabbed the lub tube and slathered my cock with it. Then she bent over the tub and said "fuck my ass now Ed". So I slib my cock slowly into her virgin asshole putting in about a quarter inch per second so it took almost a half minute to put all of me into her. Then I stopped as her ass adapted to the presence of a cock in it. Then I began to slowly hump her. I sped up gradually until after a couple minutes I was at the rythum I had been the day before with her pussy. She was grunting as I humped her and rubbing her own pussy to stimulate herself. until she shook in orgasm. That tripped me and I shot her ass full of my cum. It had only been about 6 minutes. Her ass was tight and forbidden nature of the act made me cum faster.

I slid out of her. She said, "That was different, I didn't think I would cum from a cock in my ass but I did."

I turned her around and kissed her and just held her in my arms. I grabbed a hair brush and started brushing her hair. She said, "What twisted perversion do you want to do next?" I told her,"I don't know but the two of us with think of something before I am fully recovered. I got in the shower and washed my prick with soap and water. If she was going to eat me or I was going to fuck her I did not want to spread any bacteria from her ass to her vagina. It would not be healthy for her. I did not want to mess up the good thing I had in Cindy and her mother Sandy.

I took out my digital camera and took pictures of her nude. In various positions. She wanted to hold her cunt opened for one but that definitely would be considered child porn I did not want to get into the complications of that. When I returned to the living room she had the laptop on the dining room table and was going through the disk looking at the Kitty Jung videos. They were all varying degrees of hard core porn. Kitty started doing porn when she was eighteen but being oriental and suffering from malnutrition through her puberty she had almost no tits and looked about like Cindy except her black hair and dark skin which was in sharp contrast with Cindy's red hair and pale while skin.

She excused herself and went to that bathroom to push my cum out. I heard the water run in the shower after her flush and she same out with her hair wet. I took her back to the bathroom and used my hot comb to dry her hair again then I brushed it out. She took some rubber bands and tied her hair into two high pig tails. She said they were handles to hold her by when she sucked my cock. I told her I did not want to chock her which would be probable if I pulled my whole cock into her head and did not let her breath. She said,"I can push back if it's a problem."

We watched Kitty take on tow large black cocks in a gang bang and Cindy wondered what it would be like to be fucked by two or three guys one right after the other. I told her to wait and I pulled out another disk and removed my Kitty Jung disk and put in a gang bank with 80 guys and two girls. It think this came from Czech Republic or somewhere in Eastern Europe.

The video ended with an interview. The two girls were smiling and talking in their native tongue which we could not understand. Cindy said they seemed happy. I told her I did not know for sure. It was close to noon so I thought I ought to feed her so I went to the kitchen and threw a couple of bot dogs in the sauce pan with water to boil them. I came out and asked her,"Hot Dogs all right for lunch?" She asked me if I had chips and I said yes and French Onion Dip too. She said it was fine.

Then she went to the phone and made a long distance call. She spoke to the a guy called Dimitri and asked him to translate something for her if he could. Then she backed the 80 guys and 2 girls gang bang video back to the interview and held the telephone microphone next to the computer's speaker. When the interview ended she took the receiver and then asked me for the fax number. She'd seen my HP All in one and I gave her the house phone number because they were all on one line. She hung up and the phone rang. I heard a fax machine beeping inquiring if there was one here. I dialed 1-2-3 on my phone and my fax machine picked up and I hung up so it could receive the fax.

When it came out of the machine Cindy read it and then fed it to my shredder. I asked her why she shredded it. She said she did not want me to know Dimitri's fax number. I asked her what was in the fax and she said the girls were saying they were happy to be fucked and fucked again and again and since all the guys were normal sized they were not torn or anything like that.

I went to kitchen to check the hot dogs. They were boiling so I used tongs to remove them from the pan and pulled down two plates. I put a bun on each of them and some potato chips and a dollop of dip. I put the dogs on the buns. Cindy asked me which plate was mine. I pointed to one. She took the dog off the bun, lifted her dress and put the frank at the entrance of her vagina. She pushed the wiener up into her pussy until only a half inch was outside. She said,"Now you can taste my pussy on your bot dog." I said,"That is a perverted thing you twisted little girl." She said,"I know I'm twisted but you love me because I'm twisted." I told her,"No I think I'd love you anyway because you are so cute." I took my plate and went to the dining room. She took her plate and followed me. I put no other condiments on my dog. She slathered hers with ketchup and mustard and relish. When she bit into the thing it dripped onto her little dress.

She said,"Oh shit" and took it off so now she was completely naked. She continued eating the dog and letting the condiments land on her chest and legs and even some was in her navel.I ate mine and used the dip on the chips until I was satisfied and the plate was empty. She did the same.

Then she went into the living room and said,"Clean me up. With your tongue." I started with the crude on her chest and swallowed it all down. Then I worked my way down to her navel and cleaned it out. I worked my way down to her thighs and licked them clean but some ketchup and relish had settled in her slit. So now I was supposed to clean that out!

So I ate her pussy again. I licked up all the residual condiments and swallowed them and then kept at it until she stiffened and quaked in her climax. As she came down she asked me if I was ready to fuck her again. I said,"No." She told me to get naked. So I stripped down to my skin and she reversed herself and said,"Let's do 69." I told her to get up so she would be on top. She said,"No, fuck my face as deep as you want to."

sO i laid down on top of her but only put the head of my cock in past her lips. she lifted her head to take in more of it. I continued my stimulation of her pussy running my tongue around her clit and up to her vagina. She tasted really good. I felt my penis swelling in mouth and after a few minutes she said,"Okay stud, you're ready. Now fuck me." I reverse myself over her and putting my knees on the outside of her legs I put my prick at the entrance of her vagina. I collapsed onto her driving my prick deep inside her then I rocked my pelvis to hump it in and our of her as I had with her mother last night. She came a few seconds after penetration and then again after 5 minutes and again after four more minutes then her third climax plateaued and she shivered for a full minute before coming back to reality. That tripped my trigger and I pumped 6 times hard then another dozen softer pulses came out.

She embraced me and held me to her as she resumed reality and said,"I've never had that strong of orgasm even from people eating me. You are a beast, Ed."

After holding each other for twenty minutes after her last orgasm my prick softened enough to come out of her. She said thank you and we both got up. She excused herself and went into the bathroom to douche. I heard the dispenser discharge then the tinkle of the fluid coming out and then I heard her flush it all away. She tossed the dispenser into the wastebasket. It clanged for a second.

I went to the dining room and picked up her dress and went into the laundry room and threw it into the washer with a few of my things. I started the cycle and went back to the living room where she was sitting on the sofa with my laptop. She had opened up the browser. She had clicked on the second tab of the Chrome Browser and was going to looking at She clicked on the "A Father-Daughter Affair" link and was reading about a man who had abused his own child. The abuse had started when she asked him to rub her down there when she was three and a half and lasted until she was almost 11.

She said,"I don't understand why he never actually took her virginity. She seemed willing but scared of the pain. All he had to do was thrust up and it would have been all over. Ed explained that he knew the man who wrote the story and it was true as it was written. He loved his daughter enough not to try to force her to give up her cherry. He did not want to hurt her. But she was now suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder because she Disassociated when she was being sexual with him. Cindy told me she liked having sex and was never going to disassociate herself because it was too much fun being there in the moment.

Then she asked me about the guy that wrote the incest story on the web site. I told her he was over 60 and had no interest in little girls since his treatment. She asked me if I had his phone number. I told her I did and she said to call him.

I asked her why should I call him? She said she wanted a simple two man gang bank to start with. She said if he resisted she wanted to talk to him but I was to tell him she was ready, willing and able. So I called him.

He thought I was the cops trying to entrap him. I reminded him where we had met at the restaurant where Sandy worked. He said he did not want to re-offend. I told him Cindy was ready, willing and able and said if he believed she would report it I would do her first. He told me to send him a photo of the girl so I used my camera's blue ray connection to download the pictures of her I had taken. I found one with her hands behind her head standing facing the camera with all her charms showing and sent him an e-mnail with it.

A few minutes later he called me back and told me he'd be right over. I knew he lived 15 minutes away so me and Cindy made plans for him. I told her he might decide to take her first and she said that would help her to deal with being done by strangers if I took her to the pedophile club.

The she excused herself and walked out the front door. I watched her go home and finding the spare key she let herself in and she came out with the VHS tape of her mother teaching her to give a good blow job. She had gone over naked as the day she was born but had another simple pullover dress on when she returned.

She said,"A sixty year old man might need it to get himself going."I told her,"He's the one who gave me the Kitty Jung videos on the computer DVD. I'm sure he will get it up once you show him the goods."

Then there was a knock on the door. I got dressed quickly and went to answer the door wearing only my breifs and slacks. Charles was at the door wearing sun glasses. He wrote the web site she had read and he gave me a hug then he turned to Cindy. Cindy smiled all the way to her eyes. Charles put out his hand and said "Hi, I'm Charlie." She shook his hand and said," Hi, I'm Cindy. Glad to meet you."

I went over to Cindy and told her,"Show him what you have." She pulled the dress over her head and stood there naked. Charlie sat down on the sofa and invited her to sit beside him by gesture. My Whirlpool Cabrio Washer sang out with three beeps indicating it had finished its cycle. I excused myself and went to the laundry room to put the load in the dryer. When I returned she was sitting on his lap, making out with him. They were embracing each other but he had not touched her in any illicit manner yet.

I bent over Cindy and whispered in her ear,"Is he getting hard?" She turned away from the penetrating kiss and said,"Something hard is forming under me." Then turning back to Charlie she said,"Will you show it to me?" He nodded then patted the seat next to his and Cindy sat there. He unzipped his fly and reached in a pulled out a hard cock!

She looked up at him and said,"That looks good enough to eat." Then she bent over and took him into her mouth. She was bobbing on his lap sucking his cock. I knelt in front of the sofa and pushed her knees apart then bent over to lick her pussy. I pulled the labia opened with my fingers and licked up and down her slit. It was distracting her from his rigid organ and Charlie pushed me back the grabbing her pigtails he pulled her around in front of him then pulled her mouth down on his organ. She was NOT Kneeling! Her ass was up in the air and she was bent over. I slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and stroked them in and out. I then asked Charlie,"Do you want to take her first? I'm willing to take sloppy seconds."

He stopped the cocksucker that was trying to deep throat him and ask her who she wanted to fuck right now. She said,"You" Charlie stood her up straight and stood up. He ask her,"Do you want to give me an octopus hug?" She said ,"Yes" and jumped up on this old man and wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He turned to me and said,"Ed will put me in her?" Now I am not homosexual nor am I homophobic. So I did what he asked me to do. I lifted his organ until it was at the entrance of Cindy's vagina and slid down impaling herself on his cock.

Then Charlie started a bouncing walk around my living room causing Cindy's weight to bob her up and down on his organ. She was turning into a slut considering I had just taken her virginity the day before! Now she was fucking a man she had met only a few minutes ago. I watched them as he paced and counted at least 5 climaxes as she bounced on his organ. this was erotic to say the least and my organ began to stand up. I told Charlie, "Let me know when you are getting close I want to be ready when she wants me." His only response was a nod. He kept on walking for close to half hour and induced a sixth orgasm before he ejaculated his cum into her.

Then he simply lifted her off his intruding organ by lifting her under her arms and passing her to me. I took her into my dining room and laid her on the table. she was right at the correct height to line up with my cock. So I slid it right into her and took long slow thrusts to try to match his performance, after all he was an old man and I was only 25 years old.

So I have her prostate on my dining room table plunging her pussy with my cock she had three orgasm before I was ready to cum but her fourth one she sat up and pressed herself into me and her hard nipples against my chest was enough to trip my trigger and I shot rope after rope of my thick sticky cum into her.

When I was done she turned to Charlie and noticed his organ sticking straight out from his body. She said,"Looks like the old man wants some more. He turned and she went to him. He gently laid her on the floor and putting his knees outside her legs he bend over to lay the tip of his prick at her entrance and then he pressed it home. He rocked his pelvis like I had done before and kept at it for 34 minutes at first or orgasm were shivers but as she progressed into higher realms of stimulation she was lifting him off the carpet until only his hands were touching my carpet. It was during one of these that lasted over thirty seconds that he finally came and pumped his own thick, sticky cum into her young body.

After he came he stayed in her until he got so soft that his penis fell out of her. I walked up to them and asked Cindy if she wanted me to do her again. She merely nodded. I assumed the same position Charlie had been in with her and I had been with her earlier that day and rocking my pelvis I held off for 42 minutes after which Charles pulled out his cell phone and made a short call. -About thirty minutes after that call there was a knock at the door and Charlie went out to pay the man and accept the delivery. It was pizza. He brought it inside.

Cindy went into the bathroom and Charlie followed her to watch her douche. We sat there talking and Charlie asked Cindy if her mother knew she was fucking. Cindy told her Yes, and she does not mind. Then he asked her if she was using anything to prevent conception of a baby.
She said,"I can't get pregnant until I have my period. So I do not worry about it." Charlie told her she was misinformed. He said,"You will eject an egg from your ovaries before your first period. That egg could be in your fallopian tubes right now. If it is you could get pregnant from either one of us right now.

We ate the Pizza until it was all gone. We were famished after the afternoon of sexual delights. We had all gotten dressed before we ate. She told me she liked being fucked again and again and cumming as many times at that could produce. Sex was really fun and only thing better was having orgasms!

After supper we sat around talking and I mentioned that Sandy was visiting her husband who had prematurely introduced Cindy to sex. They were still married. Charlie's wife had divorced him shortly after his arrest and imprisonment. His daughter had turned him in shortly after he inherited $18,893.68. That was what his wife really wanted, money.

Sandy still loved her husband and had not engaged in any affairs until he told her to fulfill her needs with whoever she wanted to. I had her last night and was lucky to have found out about her. He went to my laptop and went to the page on what happens to the incest victim and I realized Sandy was responding as a Party Girl whereas Charlies Wife, who was also an childhood incest victim, had responded to it as a Tough Girl.

She had claimed to be a Bible believing Christian, a virgin and wanted to have 10 to 12 kids. All three statements were lies though. The Bible tells a wife to be subject to her husband, but Charlie's ex-wife had threatened him with divorce anytime she wanted something different than what he wanted. She did not bleed when penetrated as Cindy had because virgin bleed from their ruptured hymen. And they only had two kids, one son and one daughter because she took birth control pills throughout their marriage except for 2 years that each resulted in one of the children being born. And she only made love to him 6 times from the birth of their daughter in 1985 and his arrest in 2002. She must have expect a virgin birth but God has not done that since the birth of Jesus some 2000 years ago.

Cindy said that Sandy might want to call Charlie if I was ever out of town and as a published author of mystery novels I was often out of town. So I game Cindy his phone number. She could give it to her mother if she ever expressed loneliness.

In the state were Charlie and I live those convicted of six crimes with minor victims must live 1500 feet from any school or day care center. That is why Charlie lived 15 minutes away. If he could live in town he would have been here in 5 or less.

After supper, we all three cleared the table and did the dishes. then Charlie said he had to go home. Cindy objected saying she wanted to blow him just once to see what he tasted like. He whipped it our and she went to work on it. It took nearly 15 minutes before he stiffened and shot his warm, sticky cum down her throat. She said,"I could taste the pizza in that and a touch of sweet over the saltiness I expect. He admitted to eating a Hershey bar on his way over to try to sweeten his cum. Then he left.

The phone rang after he was gone. Cindy was on my lap making out with me when it rang I picked up and said,"Hello?" It was Sandy, She asked,"Are you in her right now?" I told her,"No, we are jsut making out." She asked me to give the phone to Cindy. Cindy told her,"Mommy, he brought a friend in and they fucked me for over an hour solod. It was so good!" She said, "Oh he was a friend of Ed's with experience with child sex." Then she handed the phone back to me. She asked me,"Is the guy you invited over disease free?" I told her,"Yes, he was tested in prison and was celibate until he came here." She said, "That was good."

She told me she could be by in about an hour to get Cindy and asked me if I would accept a rain check on the sex tonight. I told her I was willing to accept the rain check because Cindy had worn me out. She laughed at that.

After I hung up the phone I found Charlie sunglasses and called him and he said he would come back to get them tonight. He said something about the data they contained. I wasn't sure what he meant.

I fucked Cindy one more time after that that night. We had a relaxing love making session with normal missionary position except I pushed in to be high in her slot which assured her orgasm before mine. It was jsut a clitoral orgasm but that satisfied Cindy. When Sandy was ready to leave with Cindy, Charlie pulled in. He walked up and gave Cindy a kiss on the cheek. She complained that she deserved a better kiss than that, he looked at Sandy who nodded and then kissed her with embraces and tongue. Cindy introduced Charlie to her mother and she said she was happy to meet him. Then I asked Charlie what data did the glasses contain. He said it had a video of his sexual exploits with Cindy.

Sandy asked if she could see it. He told her he wanted to be sure she would not report him holding child pornagraphy. He said he would view it once and erase the file. She asked him if his face was on it< He said,"no, but Ed's face might be. So we gathered in the house around my laptop and he used a USB cable to connect it to my computer and played the video with a VLC media player. We watched as a prick entered Cindy's vagina and as he walked around and paced you could see my face and body clearly. He also recorded my fucking during the gang bang if you can call two guys a gang bang. She asked Cindy which one made her cum more and Cindy said it was the old man. She asked Charlie for his phone number which he gave her happily. I wondered if I had been replaced as her main man.

Seeing my concern on my face she said,"If I'm not doing you, you have Cindy. If you do me I hope you don't mind if I invite him to do Cindy." I said "Okay" afterall women hold all the cards. They decide who and what and when.

Before they left and went home they gave Charlie and me both hugs and kisses with tongue. Charlie said goodbye to me, thanked me for inviting him to have a good time and then he left. I thought of the days happenings and thought I might not answer the door or phone tomorrow. I went in and went to bed alone.


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