This is a story about my life. Their are probably a few spelling errors here and their but don't let them get in the way of reading the story I hope you enjoy.
6:00am I woke up hot and sweaty  I look at my phone and calculate that I only have about two hours left until school starts. I slowly got out of my bed and noticed my 7inch  cock Is rock hard, damn it "I'm gonna have to take care of that" I say to myself as I quietly walk to the bathroom and turn on the shower once inside I lay down on the floor of the bathtub and  pick my phone up I log on to my favorite porn site  I look at the stories until I find the story Revenge Against Ex-Wife/Step-Daughter. I gently stroke my dick it feels amazing as the warm water rolls over it, with my firm hand I grab my cock and begin to move my hand back and forth at first slowly but as I read more into the story I began to move my hand moves faster and faster and I feel the pleasure building in my balls as I moved my body up and down with my hand until I climax letting stream after stream of cum flow from my dick. I lay in my tub and let the water run over me, then I stand up and rube every inch of my body with a bar of soap leaving me nice and clean. After my shower it is already 6:45am I put on the my clothes and make my self some breakfast as I finished my trigonometry homework, once that's done I turn on the news to see the weather and I pack my stuff accordingly and at 7:30 me and my mother leave her to work and me to school.

              Being 6.4 feet tall and puerto rican with short hair I was an average looking kid with mostly average grades and the normal but fun to be around friends. I walked into the school looking for only one person the girl of my dreams Kiana Diaz she was about 5.6ft tall with long flowing black hair and the most melon shaped breast in the history of the planet she had tan skin being puerto rican and to top off her appearance she never wore a bra always letting her boobs move around freely under her shirt. It didn't take long for me to find her. I walked past her and waved a small hello and she sent me a lite hello back as I sliped into my home room, I walk to my seat and as I sit I hear my friend Tajh yell "what's up Lawrence did you see the Knicks get smashed in yesterday's game aginst the celtics?". "Shut up Tajh" I say half heartedly only to be bombarded with jokes that I just didn't feel like hearing. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz I pick up my phone and read the text it's from by best friend Maggie she asks "whats up how's school L man?".

             I read the text and laugh Maggie is 16 years old and we have known each other forever our parents being friends at work ment a lot of hanging out at an early age but with her looks I never understood why she always wanted to chill with me then go out with the thousands of guys who asked her out daily her looks were great her boobs two nice C cups and a good firm round ass, she lived in the Bronx only a short bus ride from my apartment. Her being in a private school she sometimes didn't have to go to school on days I did and vice versa. This allowed us to talk all the time. "school sucks G girl."

           12:15 Buzz, Buzz, Buzz I look at my phone it's Maggie my math teacher Ms. Zhu passes by my seat and gives me a stair as i reach for my phone I move my hand from my pocket and wait for her to start the class agin. I reach for my phone and look at the txt It reads " I want your huge cock in my pussy". Knowing its just her trying to mess with me in class I begin to type " I'll give it to you hard" just as I finish Ms.Zhu picks the phone from my hands and slowly reades the text she looks straight at me as she says "were going to have a talk after class about this." the next 30minuts feel like years as they go by when the bell rings I get out of my seat filled with the panic of not knowing if she plans on showing my phone to the dean then to my mom I walk over to her desk she looks at me " what period do you have next she asks?" knowing she knows the answer I say "lunch". "good then you can stay hear and". Before she can finish I open my mouth and say " I know I shouldn't have been texting In class and I promise I'll never do it agin if you just hand me my phone and forget about it this once. " she looks at me and continues talking seemingly ignoring all I had just said. " As I was saying before your rude interruption if you stay here and fuck my pussy with your huge cock I might let you have your phone." I stare at her surprised by her words " you want me to fuck you in a classroom?"I said. " please don't make me beg I haven't had sex in months and I need something to fill me up I'll give you a 90% in this class if you do a good job." that was all I needed I took my phone from her hand turned the video on and put it where Ms. Zhu couldn't see i then had her take all her clothes off I looked at her C cup boobs as she removes her bra then I stare at her nice small pussy  she has a small black patch of hair right above her pussy and it looks amazing, "bend over the table" I say she dose as she's told with no resistance at all I unzip my pants and move my seven inch cock that is already rock hard onto the opening of her hole at first i slowly move my dick inside her she moans with pleasure increase as I move into her even deeper until I have about 5inches inside then I pull out until just the tip remains she looks at me with wild eyes and for a moment I forget I'm in school and I feel truely happy then I shove all 7 inches inside her grabbing her waist to give me leverage she screams loudly in pleasure as my throbbing cock begins to move in and out of her pussy which has become so wet with her own juices that my cock feels like it is inside a nice fitting wet glove. I move my hand down to her clit and begin pinching squeezing it, this sends her over the top quickly I move my hand over her mouth as she screams with orgasm  her pussy grips my cock like a smooth hand and that sends me over into a climax as my balls tighten and I begin to shoot load after load into her as I remove my cock from her pussy I noticed some of her cum was forming a puddle so I grabbed my water bottle and moved it directly under her soaking slit and let the bottle reach about an almost half full amount once there I cap it and begin cleaning the floor I dress my teacher who is still in a daze and hand her the bottle i lean over and whisper in her ear "drink it you'll love the taste" she looks at the bottle not sure of what to do so I take it from her and place it to her lips and she begins to drink the mixture of our cum I put on my pants  on and grab my phone checking to make sure I got the video I get my backpack and kiss Ms. Zhu on the cheek and quickly use my hand to pinch her tits  she smiles at me as I walk straight to my 7th period class where I get to sit next to Kiana Diaz.

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked the story it's only the first in a long line of stories I plan to write. 

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2016-10-02 08:45:07
it was too short let him blackmail her into being his sex slave

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2013-07-02 18:59:22
Need a part 2 and maybe a 3, where he gets to use the video to blackmail the teacher and he really gets to tip G girl, as she ask for it long and hard.


2013-04-30 11:03:08
Ok. Not bad. Spelling mistakes were good, unless you're a grammar nazi. Well done.

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