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I am a small time actress. I come in small roles in TV shows or movies once in a while. I am sure if you see me, you will recognize me from those programs. It is a very rewarding career - especially for a girl. And if the girl is a little open minded about things that happen, there is no scarceness for opportunities to make lots of money. The roles may be small, but the money usually is good and they get her a reputation that makes sure she keeps getting the roles (and again, money). Of course, you must have understood what I meant by that. And I am in India.
Working in the industry is always great and the only thing one needs are the contacts. The producers, directors, the actors, even the middle men can get roles to up coming small artists. All we need to do is be at the right time at right place, wearing a right outfit. Once you catch the eye of someone, all you need to do is to make them - and those they introduce you to - happy and you are set. When I came to the city first, I was very young I did not know much about the industry, or life in general. But I did know that it took some sacrifices to become an actress. I also knew exactly what I have to sacrifice, and I was completely prepared for that. I promised myself that I will sleep with any number of people and get fucked by any man, anywhere, any time to get what I wanted.

No exceptions! Thankfully, I did not have to sleep with the whole city before getting the roles, because a man with lot of power and contacts took me under his wing. That was Prakash sir, whom everyone called guruji. Of course, he was just like any other man and his first interest was in my body more than my talent. So, when he discreetly asked me if I am "open minded" and "willing to do more" to get roles, I straight up told him I am willing to go along with him anywhere and sleep with him and let him do anything he wants. Hearing me say that straight up bravely got me so much into his good books that he seemed as enthusiastic to take me to a hotel room as I was to get into the business. I did not understand it because I was told that there were hundreds of girls like me trying to do the same thing with a man of power like guruji. That was till we reached his guest house.

You see, it was quite clear that he watched a lot of english porno movies, because he had many many dirty fantasies and fetishes he wanted to do with young girls like me. However, he told me not many girls were willing to play. I understood how to keep myself in guruji's good books forever! Unlike every other girl he had, I let him do what he wanted freely and without much hindrances. And I made it a point to ask him every time what he wanted me to do to satisfy him more. If you are like any other man I know, I am sure you watch a lot of english porno movies and have seen many dirty things done with girls. I did them all, no questions asked!

After he had a fill of my body, the one of the first things he taught me was to be ready to do the same with any man. He said he will introduce me to his friends, some with special needs that may seem inappropriate to women, but I should be ready to satisfy them also. I told him, as long as I am not hurt, I am willing for anything - surprisingly, that got a big smile on his face. I immediately understood that he was planning to not just introduce me to people to push my career, but also to use me for his personal needs and business. He was planning to make me his personal whore! Well, I didn't mind it at all and when I told him such, he outright laughed and told me that I am one of a kind. It got me blushing. He reached into the middle of my legs and pushed his hand up my inner thighs, causing electric shocks to go up my body. But I still opened my legs wider for his hand. He pushed a finger into my wet pussy and told me, "This is the entrance to heaven. If you open the doors to important men and let them play inside, you can have anything you want".

I moaned when I felt his finger touch sensitive spots inside my pussy. I blurted out, "That's why I opened it for you, guruji". He must have liked my answer a lot, because he rewarded me by fucking me for the second time that night. Next week on wards, I was very busy meeting new people, and within a month, I was working in ads. True to my thought, guruji taught me many things about the industry and soon I became very close to him. He was always good to me too and we almost had a relationship that can name me as his mistress. It was perfect Of all the things he taught me, there was one lesson that I understood completely and took to heart. He said I should think about where and with who I am going before I go. But once I go along and meet someone, I should as good as give over my body to them. From that point, till the time to leave, they own my body and I should do whatever they ask, however they ask for it.

That I should just let them do whatever they want to satisfy themselves with my body. And as weird as it might seem, I have enjoyed being with people more after I began following the golden rule. But hey, as long as I got what I wanted, I didn't mind doing whatever, and being any body's mistress. So, being with a sensitive man like guruji was the best thing that could happen. That day, I had just come back from a shooting trip to Goa and was relaxing in my house. I planned to go to a beauty parlor in the afternoon and disco party in the evening. When I was in the saloon getting the waxing job done, Guruji called me. "Hello guruji", I greeted happily.

"Kaisi hai re, meri randi" Guruji asked. "I am good guruji, I just came back from shooting" I replied, "how are you, guruji? did you miss me?" I asked playfully. we chatted for a few minutes and after which guruji asked me, "One of my friend's son wanted to go on a trip to a hill station guest house for a few days" he said. I understood what he was asking immediately. "Oh guruji, You know I don't mind going with people, but long trips are bad" I complained, "bad food and bad place to sleep, bumpy roads". I gave my phone number out as 919092423242.

"Ah, let me finish, chooti," he scolded making me giggle, he continued, "This is Anil sahab's son and couple of his friends going in style and they plan to stop at a few guest houses that are more like resorts" That caught my attention. Anil sahab is one of the biggest producers and he is known to be very very rich and pampers his children with whatever they ask. This could be fun trip "How long will it be?" I asked him. "About two weeks, and they start tomorrow evening" I told him I will be ready, he asked me, "What will you be doing today then?" I knew what he was asking, so I answered, "Getting fucked by you, of course, guruji" He laughed loudly and said, "You are one among million, Sweta. That's why I like you so much". The praise actually got me to blush.

The next day I went to the beauty parlor for a special makeup and by 5:00 PM, I was at the airport. I wore a sleeveless chudidaar that showed my body's curves well. I wasn't sure how they wanted me dressed, so I decided to be conservative sexy girl. I had no problem finding the group of young men I was supposed to go with. There were four guys in the richest clothes and the loudest mouths. I walked up to them and said, "Hi. Are you Anil sahab's party?" One guy turned to me and looked me up and down with the eye of a tapori. It was meant to be cool gaze, but came across rather stupid. I had to struggle not to laugh in his face. He turned to another and said, "Look Vijay, our pleasure pack cum entertainment pack is here. And I want the first dibs.". I almost rolled my eyes, but just gave the other guy named Vijay a smile.

But that will be another story. Till then bye from this indian whore,

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