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My mom has a hot friend
    My name is Adam power and this is a story of the first time I got laid. Before I start I want to describe myself first. I'm 16, I have dirty blonde hair that swoops my bangs over my eyes, most my visible skin has freckles on it, I have greenish blue eyes, a long neck, very slim body,and I'm very tall (a little over 6ft). This story begins on a Friday around 1:00. I was walking to 6th period when I saw our principal walk out of the nurses office and he saw me and he told me to come here so I did. He asked me why my jacket was still untucked even when he was still staring at me, so I started to tuck in my jacket (at my school we're not allowed to have any piece of clothing hide our belt line). As I was doing this he told me that my hair needs to be cut because it was border lining (we also can't let our hair cover our eyebrows) and that I needed to tuck it in all the way around. Well, right then a girl walked up to him and wanted to talk to him so they went the office to talk and I went to class.       
     That afternoon I was gonna go down to my girlfriend's house for the first time since we got back together 2 weeks earlier but my friend texted me asking me if I wanted to hangout and she hadn't told me if I could come over or not yet so I was just gonna go down there until she told me I could come over. Well, he decided he was gonna meet me halfway this time because it's about a 30 minute walk from my house to his and I don't have a car just yet so I started walking with my skateboard in hand and everything. As I'm walking I see this blue truck recklessly driving down the road and it's all muddy and everything. This truck suddenly screeches its tires as soon as it sees me and I immediately know who it is. It's one of my old friends who I used to live near, Brandon mathers. As soon as the truck stops Chris gets out (the friend I was meeting up with) and Brandon drives away to get ready for a bonfire while me and Chris ride our skateboards to his house.
     Chris and I spent pretty much the rest of the day riding our skateboards down humongous hills that are pretty much on top of mountains. 
     Well, later that day when it turned night, me and Chris had already gone back to his house to play video games when he got a call from one of his friends who I had only talked to once before. His friend asked if he wanted to hang out and Chris said, "yeah but Adams here is that ok?" His friend, rick, must've said that's fine because he said he was coming over.
      About 30 minutes later, Rick finally got here. He hadn't eaten yet so he made himself a cheeseburger and ate it while Chris played games and I texted my girlfriend. Once Rick finished his burger, Chris wanted to go ride down some hills since Rick brought his skateboard with him. we headed out to those hills and we went down one of our favorite ones quite a few times then me and Chris started telling him that we went down this really steep hill that he did when it was just him and Chris. So we go over to the hill and since it was night we started working ourselves up the hill. We would start at one point and go down then we would go up a little bit higher and go down again and so on like that. Well, the hill changed pavements towards the bottom. The second time I went down, I hit the pavement change pretty hard and my board went out of control under my feet but I regained control and just kept rolling. I went even higher thinking that I'd regain control if it happened again, well this time I lost control and couldn't regain it because I was going even faster and I flew off. All I can remember is thinking that I don't want to break arm again (I had broken my arm twice before), so I positioned my left hand at my side and my right one under my chest and after that I don't remember anything until I'm pacing back and forth asking chris the same questions over and over agin like, is this a dream?, am I dreaming?, where's Rick?, we're we even with Rick?, am I bleeding?, and other similar questions. He answers them by saying no you're not dreaming this is all real, yeah we were with Rick he went back to his car to get his phone so you can call your mom, and yes you are bleeding. I lifted up my hand to the right side of my face and looked at my finger and saw that I was  bleeding. Right then I pulled out my phone to call my mom but she didn't answer. Then blank. The next thing I remember is a lady asking if we needed a ride and if I was ok. Chris said,"yeah we do."
        By the way, Rick is back at this point. The lady walks over and asks me where I live and I can't even remember so I told Chris to tell her and then blank. The next thing I remember is sitting on my moms bed with an ice pack on my face and another on my hand and everybody's my moms getting ready to take me to the hospital. I repeatedly kept saying sorry (I wasn't supposed to go anywhere because I went to court the day before for too many unexcused absences). My mom kept saying,"it's okay baby." 
     Then blank. I don't regain full consciousness until we arrive at the hospital with Chris and Rick. We brought them with us because I didn't remember a single thing. Once I get my clothes off and lay on the gurney, they nurse comes in and takes me to another room to get a CT scan of my head to make sure I didn't break anything or damage my brain. The doctor comes back with the results about an hour and a half later and say that I only have a grade 1 concussion. After the whole accident I ended up with road rash on my face, arms, hands, and knees, a black eye, and a small concussion. While we were leaving the hospital I told my mom about how I got in trouble with the principal and he said that I needed to get my hair cut.
     Sunday night after I got a shower, I went into my moms room so she could cut my hair before I went to school the next day. While she was cutting my hair she told me that she'll take me to her friend, donna's, later on in that week to get it all even because she was just trimming my bangs. 
     Tuesday, after school, we drive over to Donna's shop. Her shop is next to the tanning bed so my mom went to the tanning bed while I went to get my hair cut. I walk in she asks me where my mom is and tell her she's next door. I sit down in the chair and she wraps the towel around my neck and starts cutting my hair. She tells me that she's trying to be careful because of my swollen face and goes on to tell me how good I still looked even with my black eye. I tell her thanks and she keeps on cutting. After a while she takes the towel off me and says,"come on I have some more stuff at my house that'll help me move around your wounds better."
     I get up and she walks me out to her car and then goes into  the tanning bed to tell my mom and comes back.
     We get to her house and walk in. She takes me into the bedroom and turns me around to look at her. 
     "I didn't bring you here to finish cutting your hair. I already finished. I brought you here to take your mind off all the pain you've been going through these past few days." she says
     "how are you gonna do that?" I said playfully.
     She leans in and kisses me very very passionately and I kiss her back. My 7 and a half inch dick is rock hard at this point and I think she felt it because right then she reached down my pants and started stroking it. After a few minutes she pulls away and gets on her knees. She starts unzipping my pants and pulses them down to my ankles. My dick pops right out. She grabs it at the base and starts stroking it again and then puts her mouth on the tip and sucks it very tightly. Each time going deeper and deeper. I was starting to precum at this point because I hadn't been able to jerk off for a while thanks to the cuts on the palms of my hands. After a while, she stands up and kisses me again. She walks me over to the bed and lays me down gently and takes off all my clothes completely. She then stands up and takes off all of her clothes. Her boobs were about 36 c and were not saggy at all. Her pussy looked very tight for a woman who had given birth to 3 kids. She sits down on top of me and leans in and whispers in my ear to relax and enjoy it. She leans back and starts grinding her tight pussy up and down my throbbing cock. She then takes her hand and wraps it around my cock and stuffs it into her pussy. Immediately she started screaming as my cock was sliding in her. As soon as my cock gets inside her about half way, she starts humping up and down. Each time my cock was sliding in deeper and deeper. It was amazing. Just feeling her pussy grasp my cock as it slid in and out was the best feeling ever. We went on for what seemed like only a few minutes to me but was really 20 minutes, when I started screaming that I was about to cum.
     "me too baby. Cum inside me! I wanna feel every burst." se said panting at the same time.
     I did exactly what she told me to do. I cummed every last drop I could inside her and as soon as I was done she cummed too. 
     Afterwards, she rolled off of me and cuddled up next to me and told me how great I was while I stared at the ceiling trying to figure out if I was dreaming or not. I wasn't thank goodness but once I gathered up all my thoughts we both got up and got dressed. As soon as we were dressed, we heard a knock on the door. I wiped the sweat off my face and went down to answer it. 
     "it looks good. Are you ready?" said my mom.
     I nodded my head and she paid Donna and we walked out to the car and went home.

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