Jamie has Ron over for a TV watching party
Jamie 2: Jamie Wants More

by Tanya Writer

Copyright© Tanya Writer 2013

This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. The author does not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home.

Chapter 1

He wasn't sure it was a good idea to go back to the Coffee Cup, but if he didn't he might be tipping off someone or something. And Ron wanted everything to seem as normal as possible. The past few days nothing unusual had happened, other than the fact that he had made passionate love to his former 5th grade student.

The hostess, Alice, seated him in Sherry's section when he got to the diner that Sunday morning. So far so good the thought. He was wondering how Sherry was handling the situation, then he saw her. She gave him a thousand watt smile and nodded at him. After she put down the food on another table and finished with them she came over.

“I'm glad to see you, Ron," said Sherry with an enigmatic simile. "I have something for you.”

Ron was a bit worried. What could it be? Perhaps it was a bit of guilt, but he was a little nervous, still worried about having being with Jamie. Sherry reached into her apron pocket and drew out a piece of paper and handed it to him.

He looked at it, it had "THANK YOU!" written in large print across the front and was covered with red hearts. He opened it up inside it said "Thank you so much for your special present! I will never forget you or what you gave me. I love it so much. Love, Jamie P.S. Mom thinks it was a great gift too!" Also on the inside on the other side of the card was a lip print of a small set of lips done in lipstick under it read XXX.

Having seen the nice note, Ron beamed and was visibly more relaxed, knowing that everything was going to be all right after all. He'd treat himself to the Belgian waffles today, he thought, in celebration of the wonderful gift they had given each other.

That next week went fine. It seems his little indiscretion was not going to haunt him; he could breathe easier. He looked forward to seeing Sherry just like he usually did.

The following Sunday was like the previous visit until the moment Sherry got to his table. She gave him one of her patented smiles and asked what he would like this morning.

After getting him his order she asked, “Everything here OK?”

“Yes, they are, thank you.”

Sherry bent over his table, pretending she was pointing out a special on the menu. “Would like to come by this Wednesday if you’re not busy?” she whispered. Smiling more brightly, she continued, “I'd like to see Molly that night and Jamie would love it if you came by for one of your extra special visits.” Her hand closed on his upper arm and gave it a gentle squeeze as she pushed her breast into his shoulder. Ron couldn't be sure, but he thought he caught the hint of a blush on Sherry's cheeks.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," he assured her coloring a little himself, and settled back to await his waffles.

Chapter 2

That Wednesday, Ron came by to see Sherry dressed rather causally. She invited him in, and gave him a hug and a and kiss. When Jamie saw he was there, she ran over to him jumped into his outstretched arms and also gave him a bigger kiss.

“I'm so glad to see you!" squealed Jamie. "Did Mom give you my card?”

“Yes, she did and a very lovely one it was! I have thought of a special way to thank you for it,” Ron assured her.

As if she hadn't heard, Jamie rushed on, “You're gonna watch movies with us tonight?”

“Us? I though your mom was going out, so is that the plan instead? I thought she was going out with Molly tonight?”

Just then Sherry came by and said, "I'll be back in a couple of minutes, help Ron make some popcorn and get out the sodas.”

She was back shortly with Molly but neither of them were dressed like they were going out.

When she saw Ron, Molly said to Sherry, “I thought you said that we were going to have a date in and watch movies? Why do you have Mr. Baker, here you don't need a sitter for Jamie?”

Sherry said, “Well we'll have movies and popcorn in, but this is more like a double date .”

Molly looked her in a bit of shock and whispered, “He doesn't know that we are dating does he?”

Sherry spoke up saying, “Relax honey, Ron knows you and I are lovers, and he is cool with it. You won't tell anyone, will you Ron?”

“No! You are all cool with me,” Ron assured them both.

“See I told you!" crowed Sherry. She continued, "Besides Jamie is his date.”

The eyes in Molly's head grew as she looked in wonder at the adult man and the pre-teen girl. With that Jamie came over and wrapped her arms around Ron.

Ron looked over to Molly, “Are you cool with me and Jamie together?”

“Mr. Baker, I never knew that you liked girls like that,” Molly said softly.

“Well Molly, until recently I never did, but the events of the past few weeks and just who and what Jamie is, has changed my mind about things. By the way, when we are here, you can call me Ron, OK?”

“OK Mr. Bak… er…Ron”

Sherry said, “Now that we got that all set let's watch some movies. You got the popcorn done Jamie?”

Jamie nodded her head. “Go get it girl,” Sherry said, “And you come over here so we can get comfortable,” she said to Molly.

They each got cozy with their date. They avidly watched a hard R movie with more than a bit of passing female nudity. Ron was reacting predictably in those circumstances, and Jamie noticed it. She reached over and began to pet his straining cock through his pants where it was making a sizable tent.

Meanwhile Molly leaned against Sherry and began to play with her puffy teen boobs though her t-shirt. With Molly's nipples being as they were, it became obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra.

Sherry glanced over at Ron and Jamie, seeing her stroking him, she smiled and said to Jamie, “Why don't you take it out you can do a better job on it?”

Jamie didn't need to be told twice and reached for Ron's zipper, and quickly got it open before she got his dick out he stopped her.

Um… would anyone mind if I just took off my pants instead of just coming out through the fly?" asked Ron a little flustered. "It gets a bit uncomfortable.”

Sherry glanced down at Molly who just shrugged her shoulders. “By all means make yourself comfortable, my friend. I want Jamie to have as much freedom as she needs,” Sherry said. To Molly she said, “You know dear it wouldn't hurt you to loose this shirt so I can get to your lovely girls here,” she said as she gave a little squeeze on Molly's boobs. Molly's nipples were making lovely cones under the sheer cotton fabric.

Looking over at Ron with his pants off and his prick was standing tall, Molly pulled her arms out of the sleeves and the pulled the tee over her head. Ron looked over at Molly's B cup breasts with silver dollar sized areolas, and noted that her nipples were standing up as high and proud as was Ron's cock.

All that popcorn sat getting cold and the soda getting warn, the ice melting into it, watering down the drinks, just sitting there no one touching it. Their eyes were now spending more time watching their partners than the movie. And no one was thinking about eating food. Instead, they were thinking about sucking some sweet, sweet pussy.

Jamie had a good hold on Ron's veined cock and was moving him up and down watching in fascination the way his skin moved over the purple plum of his cockhead. He had to slow her down a bit or he would make another mess on the living room carpet. He got his hand on hers and got her to a pace that was a slow simmer. With his other hand he reached into Jamie's shorts and down her panties to run his middle finger up and down her hairless little fuck slit.

Suddenly Sherry jumped up and said, “Fuck this noise!” she exclaimed loudly. She stripped off all her clothes and said, “Now that's much better!” Sherry's body belied any insinuation that she had given birth to a pre-teen. It was tight and ripped from her years of carrying heavy trays at the diner. Jamie followed her mother's lead and was out of her clothes in two shakes of a lamb tail.

Ron shrugged and said, “When in Rome,” and was naked very quickly too.

All eyes turned to the half dressed Molly, who said “OK.” With that she kicked off her shoes and dropped her jeans only to reveal that she wasn't wearing panties. Everyone saw that. Molly blushed a bit but said, “I knew coming over I was going to be out of them anyway, just not in the living room.” Her little snatch was trimmed but she didn't have the bare pussy that Sherry and Jamie had.

Chapter 3

“Would you feel better, baby, if we went to my room?” Molly nodded her head and Sherry led her by the arm down the hall to her room.

Ron got up, bent over and picked up Jamie and said, “Shall we go to bed lover?” He took the naked, laughing teen up into his powerful arms and walked down the hall with his bobbing prick unerringly leading the way. In Jamie's room, he carried her to her bed, dropped her in and then bounced into it himself accompanied by gales of pre-teen giggles. Jamie was moving around and Ron caught more than a glimpse of her inviting little crack with what looked like beads of moisture forming on their dainty sides. His cock and his tongue were both aching to get some of that dew on themselves.

Jamie saw where his gaze was riveted and suddenly clamped her legs shut. He knew only one key to unlock this seemingly impassable gate. He reached down and gently began stroking her crotch from behind. This movement elicited another onslaught of giggles and a fresh shower of pussy moisture. Jamie gave in and uncoiled from her defensive position to lay down flat and look adoringly into his eyes.

He shushed her by holding her in his arms and nuzzling the top of her head. Then, he began to kiss her. He was nibbling on her ears when she stopped him and pulled away. Ron didn't understand. But quickly Jamie was back, only this time it was her nibbling on his ears. Well turnabouts fair play, Ron thought. He laid back and let Jamie do as she wanted. She was kissing his neck and around his ears. She enjoyed his neck as she could smell his cologne best there. It was a nice sweet smell but still manly. She ran her hands over his chest there was only a little hair there. But she still liked it was so manly, she liked it. But in the back of her mind she couldn't help but think of the softness of her mother's chest. She could touch his areolas but it wasn't as much fun as playing with her mom's breasts.

Jamie was surprised that Ron's areolas and nipples would respond. She didn't think that something like that could be, neither did Ron, but his body did respond. She stroked down his belly feeling that under his middle-aged bit of a paunch he had some muscles under there. But that wasn't want Jamie wanted. It was his hard cock that was laying on his groin all full and erect.

She took him in her hand and stoked him. "It's both soft and hard at the same time," Jamie sighed, "And I love it!" He pulled her up so her face was near his. He could kiss her lips. Their passion grew as their tongues came into action. But still Jamie didn't give up her grip on his cock and she stroked him.

Meanwhile, over in the other bedroom there was a bit less passion.

“Why did you tell him that I was doing it with you?” Molly wanted to know.

“Honey I don't tell him. He figured it out. I will admit it was my fault. I had my blouse buttoned up wrong and I didn't put my bra back on when we were done the night I drove you home. He knew it, I didn't have to tell him. He is an intelligent guy. But what's the big deal? He hasn't going to tell anyone. He is in up to his neck and he isn't going to tell anyone. He's fucked Jamie,” Sherry explained.

“Really?” was the surprised reaction.

“Yeah, why are you surprised?”

“I didn't know girls that young can have sex,” said Molly innocently.

“Oh c'mon we have been doing this since you were 13.” Sherry explained. "And that's pretty young. When we started, you didn't have pussy hair and you were an A cup just like Jamie."

“Does he know that?” Molly asked.

“Sort of, I told him you were 14 the first time. Besides you had been watching my porn for sometime, and don't deny it," Sherry said with a smile. "Look honey, he isn't going to tell anyone about you. He didn't before he was having sex with Jamie. And he sure isn't going to be telling anyone now that he has fucked Jamie.”

“Well part of it is I don't know that I like people knowing I am a lesbian,” Molly said.

“What's wrong with being out of the closet? Ron knows that I am bi. He is cool with it.”

“Yeah maybe you can be out, but not me," exclaimed the girl. "You don't have my parents. OMG! What if Tammy knew?”

“So what if they all know? More than half the people in the country support gay marriage. And so what if Tammy knew? Hello? Remember that I know your parents. They don't come unglued about gays. They support a lot of liberal causes. You also are forgetting that you weren't more than a couple of years older than Tammy when you had your first time with a girl. It didn't hurt you did it?”

“Well that is only in the abstract, it is different if they knew their daughter is gay; they would feel different about it all. You don't know them like I do. They want grandchildren, 'when the time comes,' they say. How am I going to tell them there isn't going to be any from me?” asked Molly.

“First off you worry too much, that's always been your problem," explained the older woman. " You need to take care of the problems you have today, not be worrying about the ones you don't have tomorrow. Besides even if you never want to be with a guy and find a girl you want to settle down with who says that you can't have kids? Will your parents not accept them from you if you are in a relationship with another girl? Also you forget that even if they don't get grandchildren from you they can have them from Tammy.”

Chapter 4

Down the hall, Jamie was lying on her back with Ron over her stroking her and kissing the back of her neck. His erection was rubbing against her butt and legs as he moved. He kissed his way down her back, planting little kisses and licks as he worked all over her. He moved back down and kissed her on her butt.

With that she looked back over her shoulder, saying “Are you kissing my butt?”

“Sure why not," Ron said. "You took a shower?, didn't you”

“Yes, just before you came over.”

“You washed everywhere and got nice and clean?” he continued.

“Yeah,” said the girl.

“Then why worry?”

He went back to kissing her butt. But it surprised her when he spread her butt cheeks and kissed there too. It was followed by his tongue as he licked up and down her butt crack. He wiggled the tip of his tongue at her butt-hole. That about made her cum right there, but he moved on before that could happen. He moved down her left leg kissing and licking her. He spent time behind her knee that was making her wiggle all over the place. He moved on down her calf to her feet. He kissed her feet making her bend her knee so her foot was up in the air. He licked the sole of her foot then took her toes in his mouth and was sucking on them while also nibbling on them. Jamie didn't know if she should laugh or cum from it. Ron then switched feet giving her right the same as her left got. He moved back up her right leg kissing and licking his way up.

When he got back up to her butt he picked her up and flipped her over like an egg. He began from the top working his way down again. He stopped and paid his homage to each of her flat but sensitive areolas. They received kisses and licks but he suckled at each while flicking his tongue all over each one. He spent a good deal of time with each of them.

Jamie's chest was turning a slight reddish color and it was visible that her skin temperature had risen. At the base of her throat a pulse beat as if her heart had risen from its usual place behind her flat chest. He just added fuel to the fire by going down her belly. It was ticklish and yet so hot and sexually exciting. She wanted him down between her legs and she couldn't wait until her got there. She needed it soon! she thought. She pushed on his head trying to get him down there. But Ron wasn't going to have any of that, he was going at his own pace. But it was driving Jamie crazy with lust. She tried to throttle the dizzying current racing outward from her groin. Her insides jangled with excitement. Her pussy was leaking her juices and she could feel some of it running down the crack of her butt. She wondered to herself if Ron would want to lick her butt crack now that the juices were there.

Ron's horny train pulled into Jamie's pulsing pussy station just in time. The touch of his lips on her moist, reddening lower lips was sending her higher and higher. He kissed all over her sweet labia before he brought his tongue into action. The new tongue action was only ratcheting up the tension in Jamie's pussy. He delved into her deeply and licked up her juices. He would get it all then she would add more to the pool he was trying to drain. In effort to head her off at the pass he sent his tongue in on a seek and destroy mission. He sought to put her pussy juice maker out of commission, but seemed to have only deactivate it temporally.

He moved on to her sweet clit from her hairless lips. Jamie was getting to be a big girl or at least it seemed her clit wanted to be one, since it was standing up as much as it could. Much like Ron's cock, was has hard as it could be. He took her throbbing clit in his mouth and began to suck and wiggle his tongue. She wrapped her thighs around his head and covered his ears. It was a good thing there were because they protected his hearing when Jamie let out a loud, extended shriek. She was coming and hard. Time and time again, she rode the big O roller coaster. As she was winding down, Ron's ministrations would ramp her up again. After what seemed like hours, but was in fact just a minute, her voice died away and she fell back into her pillow one drained, but happy girl.

Chapter 5

The noise of Jamie's orgasm was clearly heard in the other bedroom. Sherry said, “Sounds like Jamie is having fun and is ahead of us.”

Molly said, “I want to wear the strap-on first today.”

“Sure baby, but I'll eat your first. Also I got a new device for the cock, I think you'll like it. But for now I want on your back and with those sexy legs of yours spread so I can get down to some serious eatin'” Molly complied and Sherry dove right in as if she were a hungry lumberjack attacking a plate of her diner's flapjacks.

Sherry was sucking up Molly's juice. She was not like Jamie in that it took Jamie a bit to produce her fluids; not Molly, she would get wet in a hurry and continue to be very wet. Sherry was licking it all up while her finger went up Molly's pussy seeking out her G-spot. From lots of practice she knew just where it was and attacked it with a vengeance. With Molly's clit in her mouth and her fingers pumping in and out of Molly's pussy it didn't take long for Sherry to bring Molly to her cum. The sounds of another orgasm echoed through the house.

They kissed as they lay together in their afterglow. “I taste good on your lips,” sighed Molly.

“You sure do, I can tell you, having been down there to get your flavor," Sherry said as she propped her head on her arm. "But you've changed a bit over the years. You aren't quite as sweet a taste as you where when you were younger.”

Molly asked, “I was sweeter before?”

"Yes honey, young girls are usually sweeter. But don't worry I still love your taste, and always will,” Sherry assured the younger woman.

“How can you remember how young girls taste?”

“Hey, not only do I have a memory, but it's not a bad thing to sample a young girl once in a while,” exclaimed Molly.

“You have had a young girl recently?”

“Yes," nodded Sherry. "Does that shock you?”

“After knowing you as long I have, I don't know that I could be shocked by something you've done.”

“Are you cool with all the things that I've done?”

“Hey," cried Molly, "Wasn't I cool with it when you told me that Jamie's father was your uncle?”

“So you don't think that family love is not a bad thing?” asked the older woman.

“No," sighed Molly, "I guess not.”

“What do you think if I told you that I had a girl recently that is younger than you were when we started?”

“I wouldn't put it past you any more for you to do lots of things. Do I know this girl?”

“Oh I think you do, since you just heard her scream.”

“OMG! You don't mean Jamie?" Molly sat up abruptly. "You had sex with Jamie? Your daughter? My God she's just 10 years old!”

“Yes, that's just who I mean," Sherry said, putting a hand on Molly's arm. "What do you think of that now? You said you didn't mind family love or young girls. I gave her, a present: her first time with a girl. I've told you many times it is best that a girl has an older person for her first time. In fact it would be a good thing for a girl to have an older girl teach her things rather than having she and another girl her age fumbling around trying to figure it all out. ”

“You think that Jamie was ready for that?”

“Ready for it?" asked Sherry. "Didn't you hear her? No doubt Ron just gave her a good orgasm. So yes, she was ready for it. You'd be surprised what 10 year old girl wants and can do. There is nothing wrong with a young girl enjoying the love that we share. It didn't hurt you at 13 did?”

“No, I will say I loved it," conceded Molly. "I guess I was ready for it. And from listening to that from Jamie she must have been ready too. But you don't think 10 is too young?”

“No," Sherry said, "I think that is a good age for a girl's first time. She's old enough to know what she wants. Her little hormones are starting to flow and her body is getting big enough to handle it and her mind is able to handle the orgasms. I plan to give all girls that age all the orgasms that I can.”

“You have you eye one some on else?” Molly asked with narrowed eyes.

“Yes," said Sherry, "Are you jealous?”

“No I guess that I shouldn't be, after all I do know that you fuck guys too, and that doesn't bother me" Sherry said. She looked in the direction of Jamie's room. "Is Ron really that good?”

“Yes, he's not bad for me, and he's really good for Jamie." Sherry paused then continued, "Just as I can be for lots of little girls. You can live with that? Who knows? Maybe you might like to try it too.”

“Who would I have?” said Molly.

“Would you like to try Jamie?”

“Really?" Molly asked incredulously, "You'd let be with her? Would she let me?”

“Yes, she likes you," replied Sherry. "I'm sure she would like to try it with you. We can switch partners after you fuck me. Now, let me go and get that new dildo and you can put on the panties while I get it.”

The new dildo that Sherry had was one with a normal dick sticking out the front. But it also had a smaller one that came out the back and was made to be put in the pussy of the girl wearing the harness panties.

“Here this part goes in you,” Sherry showed the girl the dildo that went back inside the active partner.

“Oh cool!" cried Molly. "I can fuck myself while I fuck you! How great is that?”

Sherry laid down on her back while Molly got over her in a missionary position. Molly got her “cock” lined up and inserted it into her wet pussy then moved to Sherry. With a sigh from both women, the larger cock slowly slid past the mature lips and Molly lowered herself down onto Sherry. This allowed them to press their breasts together as they humped their hips. They shared a shower of hot kisses. Molly was being the aggressor, forcing her tongue into Sherry's mouth...not that Sherry was unreceptive to it. Rather, she more than passively accepted Molly's tongue; she sucked it into her mouth licking and pulling on it as it snaked around in her mouth.

Molly, finding how much she got her self fucked by fucking Sherry, was throwing her hips at Sherry as fast and hard as her back could work. Sherry moved up to meet each down thrust of Molly as the cock was moving to the back of her cunt knocking at the door to her cervix. Sometimes on the more powerful thrusts it was a bit painful, but Sherry had found that a bit of pain can mix with pleasure to create a wonderful sexual medley. She welcomed the power of Molly's hips, because of the way the dildo was made rubbing on their clits, it was driving them both toward climax.

Chapter 6

In the other bedroom Jamie was almost recovered from her orgasm and was now ready to give pleasure to Ron. He wanted to get her ready for her penetration.

“Mom got me this,” she said as she reached over and gave Ron a bottle of lube. "She said that was mine and I should I use it each time with you.”

“Your mom figured that we would do this again?” asked the older man.

“Yeah she says that once a man gets a taste of a young girl they'll keep coming back.”

“Oh she did, did she?" asked Ron, "And what else did she say?”

“She said that an older man was a good thing for a girl to find,” Jamie said pointing toward Ron's still unsatisfied cock bobbing gently in time with his heartbeat.

“Why is that?”

“Because they make better lovers and can teach me more than a boy my age," Jamie answered. "She says they will be gentler and nice to me. Plus she said you won't be telling all the other boys that we are having sex.”

“Well you can bet I won't be telling anyone about this," Ron assured her. "I know you won't nor will your mom and I just hope Molly won't.”

“Well you didn't tell on her," Jamie noted. "She doesn't want anyone to find out about her, so I don't think she will tell on you.”

“Well, where did you get so smart?" he asked. "You're just as smart as you are cute. Now look what I have for such smart not to mention cute sexy girl,” Ron said pointing to his vein covered shaft.

Jamie tenderly took the throbbing member in her cute little hand. She briefly bent her head and kissed it, taking the swollen head into her mouth. “It looks so big like that, but it makes me feel so full and I love it. Shall we get it all ready with the lube now?”

“Yes." sighed Ron. He took the lube and applied it to his shaft, then along the 10-year-old's pussy crack. His fingers lingered there more than they needed to do and Jamie started to softly moan again. "There! I think we're ready. Now I want you to turn over and get on your hands and knees with your butt towards me.”

“What are you going to do?" she asked fearfully. "You're not going to put in my butt are you?”

“No lover, we're going to do something called doggie style. I think you will like it.”

Ron moved behind her pushing her head down and getting her small butt in the air as he lined up his hard cock with her small hairless pussy. As he pushed into her slowly, exquisitely, he could hold her by the hip with one hand while the other reached around her to toy with her stiffening clit. When he wasn't holding on to her clit he could reach up and rub her little nipples which also came to attention thanks to his loving ministrations. He looked down and saw his shining cock sliding in and out of the sweetest pussy ever created.

The feeling of her pussy squeezing his cock as he moved back and forth inside her little cunt, he felt some of the greatest pleasure he had ever known in sex. Her pussy was soft silky and wet. Passion exploded in the soft core of the girl's body and the warmth of it radiated into Ron through his fleshy throbbing cock. For her part Jamie knew the fulfillment of her function, she felt that she had discovered the sweet mystery of life. She felt him filling her insides and when he moved out she wanted to prevent him from getting away she would clamp down her muscles there to keep him from getting away. But then she would relax to readmit him as he came back to her. Ron loved looking at the way her lips briefly clung to his shaft as he pulled out, only to fold into themselves as he reentered his young lover.

But her arms were getting tired of being in that position. With a bit of moving of his feet and legs, he grabbed her and fell back on his back with her lying across him with her back to him in what he would later tell her was the Reverse Cowgirl position. He was still moving in and out of her from behind. Neither had to hold themselves up and Jamie reached behind her head and up to Ron's head to run her fingers through his hair. He was running his hands all over touching all of the points on her that caused her to have pleasure. He could touch her face, chest as well as getting to her pussy from the front.

Oh the pressure; it was increasing the fluid in his balls was giving the sense of needing to exit quickly. Ron could feel it building up in him and he wasn't going to stop it. As his cum ran up from his balls through his cock it was giving him so much pleasure. His sperm ran up and out of him. He announced it was several low grunts timed with his spurts. His cock expanded as wide as the universe as the hot white goo exploded through it and off the walls of Jamie's cervix. The feelings of his cock expanding to allow passage of his jism and the sudden wetness in her cunny, was enough to set Jamie off on her own orgasmic journey. In turn, her pussy muscles contracted on his cock giving him even more pleasure. He held her there until he got soft and slipped out of her.

Chapter 7

Having reached their peaks Molly and Sherry were covered in sweat from their exertions, and were headed off to the shower. They limited the time they were in the shower, because the hot water might also be needed by the occupants of the other bedroom. Sure enough it was needed. As they exited as naked as they went in, in came Ron and Jamie, also sweaty and naked. Both Sherry and Molly noted the size of Ron's deflating cock and the small dribble of white showing between Jamie's pussy lips. It was decided that all would meet in the living room as soon as their shower was completed.

A little later, everyone was dry, clean and stark naked. Sherry got everyone something to drink. She gave Molly and Jamie a soft drink, while she poured a glass of white wine for herself and Ron.

“Jamie honey, we heard you through the walls" Sherry said holding up her glass for an impromptu toast. "It seems Ron must have given you a nice one. It must have been so good for you and I would have loved to watch you.”

“You wanted to watch me again?” asked the 10-year-old.

“Yes I love to see you experience pleasure," Sherry assured her daughter. "It gives me a nice warm heart to see you enjoy some of the best things of life. But would you like to try something a little different?”


“We can switch partners,” exclaimed Sherry.

“What you and me again, and Molly and Ron?”

“NO!” Molly said quickly, not wishing to have sex with the man.

“How about I take Ron and you can watch us," suggested Sherry. "It's not like you haven't done that before, just this time up real close. You like that?”

“What about me?” the girl asked.

“Would you like to try it with Molly?”

“Well, I like being with her. This would different, but I guess it'll be OK”

Setting their wine glasses aside Sherry leaned over his lap and began to suck Ron's flaccid cock. It didn't take long before it began to grow in her mouth. Sherry had lots of practice in her life and the older guys she learned from her taught her well. She could suck him and jack him at the same time.

This was of interest to Jamie, but seemed to interest Molly not in the least. She looked more like she was bored seeing it in front of her. Perhaps it was a bit of jealousy that her lover was now doing things with a MAN! of all things. Maybe she could tolerate Sherry with another girl, even a young girl like Jamie, but not a man. But Molly figured well better her, than me. Nonetheless, she enjoyed looking at Jamie's raised butt and her inviting pussy lips. She was slowly getting turned on by the action across from her, and her hand stole down to her own pussy where it gently rubbed her awakening clit, eliciting a flow of juices.

Jamie on the other hand was close up, kneeling on the carpet with her head close to the action. She could see not only like a front row seat, but she was almost close enough to reach out her tongue and join in. Sherry looked down with pride as Jamie was getting an education.

Sherry had his erection in his mouth. She licked around the head, with a flick of her tongue she caught the underside of his dick. It caused his dick to give a jerk and was a sign she was getting to him. Ron was getting excited more than just his erect state would show. He looked around the room to see a beautiful, shapely woman sucking him, another beautiful teen watching with her hand gently rubbing her clitty and a naked pre-teen with her butt invitingly in the air watching his cock disappear into her mother's eager mouth. Life was good!

Ron had about enough of this. He pulled out of her mouth and grabbed Sherry turning her around and bending her over the couch. He was now behind and he took his reloaded weapon and placed it at the entrance of her ready and waiting pussy. Ron got it in there and found that it was as wet as Jamie when he used the lube with her. But this was all Sherry's own wetness; no artificial additives added. The only thing he noted was she wasn't as tight as Jamie. But Sherry would certainly do. She was more practiced with sex than her daughter and she moved her hips to match his. He would grind his hips in a small circle motion which made him hit all of her insides. That was not a problem for Sherry since it was driving her out of her bird, and it wasn't so bad for him either.

Jamie had gotten on the couch where she could see her mom's pussy from the front as Ron drove into her from behind. Ron took hold of Sherry's hips and pounded into her in quick short stabbing motions. He was surprised to feel the familiar signals of his cum rising. They he looked around the room at the naked action and that pushed him over the edge with a vengeance. He started moaning, and with a final mighty shove into her Ron ejaculated his white hot cum into her receptive pussy. The thought crossed his mind a minute that since he was at the door to her cervix, he might end up getting Sherry pregnant. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing he wondered. Before he had too long to think about it, Sherry joined him loudly in her climax.

As he pulled away Jamie could see some of his cum leaking out of Sherry's cunt and the stickiness of his cock. Sherry told her to clean them both up. Ron moved so she could take his deflating cock in her mouth. She sucked it like she saw her mom do as Sherry encouraged her to leave his cock clean and dry. When she had done that Sherry rolled over on her back and spread her legs. Jamie went down between them and began to lick up the spluge that was leaking out of her mother's cunt. Until this point Jamie had not really tasted cum. She got what she could from her mother, and Sherry encouraged her to swallow what she gotten already. Then she had her go into her pussy and get anymore she could. Jamie was licking around Sherry's labia before going in with her tongue into Sherry's birth canal, the one Jamie had come out of. Now she was going back in there, at least with her tongue.

This was something for both of them. Sherry enjoyed her daughter licking her cunny and Jamie enjoyed doing it. The last time it had been just Sherry eating Jamie's pussy, but this time Jamie got to do the eating. This was something she liked. Getting more or Ron's sperm in her mouth wasn't too bad. It didn't taste that bad, but getting to be in such an intimate act with her mom made her love her mother more. This was so special for her, but it was also special for Sherry. For the same reason, it created a great bond between them. Besides it is so hot getting eaten by Jamie, daughter or not, but by a 10 year old. This was something Sherry was going to have more of. Ron, in his own thoughts, couldn't have agreed more.

Chapter 8

Now that the show was over with Sherry and Jamie, it was time for Jamie's second act. Sherry coxed Molly over to the couch. She had Jamie lay down on the couch and Molly came over she moved up to Jamie's head placing her pussy above Jamie's mouth. Jamie open her mouth to reach up and to began to caress Molly's hair covered labia. She searched through the hair for the opening of her cunt. Once she was there is jumped in searching for that passage to the inside of Molly's core. She got the tip of her tongue wedged a bit inside but couldn't make much headway getting into it. So she would just have to settle for going after clit.

Molly sat down more on Jamie's face so that Jamie could get to her better and bent forward over the girl. Jamie remembered how Ron had treated her pussy so she moved her tongue across Molly's clit fast making all most a "Lilililah" noise. The fast movement of the tongue with the sound like created a buzzing effect that was almost like a vibrator placed in her clit. Jamie moved her right hand under Molly's hip to reach her pussy and began to finger-fuck her. At first it was just a in and out movement. But she was going to try a different way while she had the chance. Remembering something out one off her sex education books, she bent her fingers up inside Molly's vagina and moved them as though she was gesturing someone to come to her. This was exciting the upper portion of Molly pussy and was something Sherry had never done to her in the three years they had been having sex together through today.

Jamie then began to suck on Molly's clit with a vengeance while rubbing vigorously inside of her pussy. Molly answered her by getting so wet that it was touch and go if Jamie would drown in all of her juices. But Jamie was a trooper and took all that Molly could give and came back for more. She would move off her clit every little bit and suck all the juice out of her cunt. Then she would return to her clit. It was madding for Molly. She would feel like she was almost ready to cum, then Jamie would pull her back and then when she went back at her clit again, she wasn't as ready to cum but it seemed to raise her to an even higher level than she was at before, as though the coming explosion would be even greater than it threatened to be before.

But while the switching back and forth between clit and vagina couldn't hold Molly off forever. Suddenly and finally it happened, the top of Molly's head blew off and she about fell over as she lost all control of herself in the midst of her very most powerful orgasm. In addition to all the pussy juices that she had released, now a tiny of her pee came with it. Good thing she had peed in the bathroom when she had her shower, or Jamie might really have drowned, and Molly released a large amount of pussy cream.

Molly's orgasm had left her in la-la land and Ron and Sherry had to help her off of Jamie and down on the floor. She looked like she had been rode hard and put up wet. When she could stand, Sherry walked her into the shower and put her in to rinse her off. She took her back out and sat down in the living room with Ron and Jamie. Jamie was saying her jaw was tired but she loved it.

Once everyone was settled down, Sherry asked, “How was it girls?”

Jamie was quick to say “I loved it, but” she said with a blush “I wish that Molly was shaved. A naked pussy looks some much better and I got her hair in my teeth.” At that everyone laughed.

Molly said, “I am surprised that Jamie could do such a good job. She is so young but such a good pussy eater. I've changed my mind about how old a girl should be to be having sex.”

Ron said, “That it was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen.”

Sherry, smiling like the Cheshire Cat, said “Maybe it was time for bed, since it's long after midnight.” They split up Ron and Jamie going to her bedroom while Molly joined Sherry in her bed. No one bothered with clothes.

Chapter 9

In the morning with every one up they didn't feel the need for clothes after the previous night. Sherry got up and made everyone pancakes, with Jamie's help.

Ron spent a little time with Molly catching up with her life, since they hadn't spoke much about things other than sex. She told him about her high school studies and her hopes for the future. Ron assured her that he would help her in any way he could.

“Ron," Sherry asked, "could you stay with Jamie while I take Molly home?”

“Sure, no problem,” he said.

Sherry and Molly dressed, as they did in the clothes they left in the living room the night before, Molly said, “Sherry will you let me borrow a one DVD?

“Which one?”

“The lesbian one of course.”

“I have many of them which one?”

“The one with the younger girl, and the older woman,” Molly said, looking over at Jamie.

“OK here it is let's go," said Sherry handing her the DVD, "but you have to keep this hidden from your parents. You still have the magazines I got you?”

“Yeah I keep them hidden.”

With that they were off. Ron and Jamie cleaned up the kitchen and got the dishes done. IThey didn't bother to get dressed. They had the placed cleaned up before she got home, despite the short drive it was to take Molly home.

“Well Ron," said Sherry once she put up her purse and keys and started removing her clothing, "how did you like your sleep over?”

“I didn't have sleepovers when I was boy, but if this is what they were like, then I missed out on a lot.”

“You don't have to miss out any more,” Sherry assured him.

Ron said, “Let me ask you, something, OK?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Jamie said you think a girl should have an older lover,” he said.

“I did say that. I think that's absolutely true," said the now naked woman. "When I was younger I had an older lover, and I am very glad that she does now too. "She pointed down to her hairless pussy and then over at her daughter's bare cunny. "An older man makes for a better lover for a young girl.”

“You also said that once a man has a young girl he will keep coming back,” continued Ron.

“Yes, that's true too, I did say that," said Sherry "But isn't also true don't you like it with a young girl?”

“Yes, I have to say yes having been with Jamie has changed my ideas," the man admitted. "But it does present a problem when the school year starts again, who knows what might happen. I am afraid I might be sexually attracted to some of my students. That could be a problem, me wanting to be with them. Not only would I be in trouble if I tried to act on it. But also I might be influenced in their grades, I might give a higher grade just because she is cute.” He had been gazing lustfully at Jamie and his cock was about three quarters erect.

Sherry said "Ron you're a professional. I think you can separate your desires from what they deserve for grades, and I think that you can control yourself and 'keep it in your pants'. Besides Jamie would love to have you over any time I am sure.”

“You also told her that you would like to watch her and I again. She told me that you told her that after you two made love together.”

“That is all also true. Jamie is a very truthful girl. And I would love to watch you make love to her again. Also I did make love to her.”

“Oh this wild!" Ron exclaimed. "I wonder what Maddie would think of all this. Of course if she were still alive I don't think I would be here, especially like this. But can I confess something to you Sherry?”

“Sure Ron," Sherry said sympathetically. "Not only are we are all friends here, but I think you would agree after last night, we're also lovers here.”

“I got a bit of a thrill knowing you were there and watching Jamie and me make love. But also I would love to watch you two together.”

“Your wish is my command. Come here Jamie.” Jamie took the couple of steps across the room next to Sherry and her mother began to kiss her. She introduced her tongue into Jamie's mouth, something that was not unwanted. It was quite the contrary, it was very welcome. They continued to swap spit, with rather passionate kisses for such a young girl. Ron thought the scene to be extremely erotic.

But even more erotic to Ron was that this was a mother and daughter doing this. His dick raised its head to get a look too, grew to full erection. His hand just had to go down and pet that trouser snake to keep it happy.

Jamie was kissing her mom while she reached up and began to fondle Sherry's small boobs. The boobs may have been on the smaller side, but her nipples weren't small; they were standing up asking for attention. Jamie moved down and latched on to one like she did as a baby. Ron couldn't help himself he came over and sit on the other side of Sherry and he feasted on her other nipple.

As delicious as the nipples were, Ron came to himself and realized that was a show for him, and it was not an audience participation show. He backed off and left them all for Jamie. The 10-year-old didn't waste time with Ron gone. She switched off the nipples pulling and twisting the one she wasn't licking or sucking on. This seems to have gotten to Jamie too as her nipples, what there were of them, were standing up as well. Jamie would lick around the areola and even all of the small boobs of her mother. She would nibble on the tits.

This was getting to Sherry who laid back inviting Jamie to move on to her pussy. Jamie was not dumb and moved to where she was wanted. She licked up and down her mother's hairless labia, while Sherry was beginning to leak her pussy cream. Janie opened the doors to where she came out into the world and went back inside with finger while she began a slow lick around Sherry's clit.

This was exciting for Sherry and she was climbing her orgasm mountain to her peak. But it did cause to wonder how her sweet little 10 year old daughter could become such a good pussy licker. She must be a natural at it. Her tongue was all over the place hitting all the places that Sherry loved, how could she know about those?

She was sucking on her clit and swirling her tongue around it while her fingers pistoned in Sherry. How many fingers did she have in her? Jamie's head was moving up and down and then back and forth and it seemed to be everywhere, sometimes with the soft side of her tongue, other times it was just the tip then it was the roughness of it. Her fingers were going in deeper and filling her up.

It almost caused Sherry to go into convulsions from the orgasm that Jamie gave her. She stopped Jamie and watched with amazement when she saw Jamie pull her whole hand out of her cunt.

Sherry had to sit back and rest a minute as she was panting from it all. Jamie for her part merely cleaned herself up by licking her hand clean. The effect on Ron with all this was that he almost came, without even touching himself. If he was up next with Jamie, he was going to need to cool off a bit first.

When Ron thought that he could touch Jamie without coming right away, he took her naked little body in his arms and kissed her. The first thing he could do was taste Sherry on her lips and her tongue. As he kissed her she reached for his cock but he had to push her hand away since he didn't want to be going off so quickly with this hot little minx. But at last he reached for her little snatch and began to diddle her. She was making more cream then she was before, either the last time he was here or even than last night. "What was up with that," Ron's mind wondered, "her pussy is getting hotter and more mature by the minute?"

She was ready it seemed and if he didn't do her soon, there might be another mess on that carpet. This time he was going to have her doggy style. He put her on her knees with her butt while she leaned her upper body on the couch cushions. He got behind her and after rubbing his hardon up and down her ass crack and along her pussy, he took aim and slowly and tenderly slid it home. They both relished those first sensations as cock enters welcoming pussy and the pussy conforms itself around the enjoyable invader. He was all the way in her in her in what seemed like a second. But it was a question who got more out of that. They both were feeling like a great high orgasm was coming over the horizon.

Ron grabbed her hips in order to plow into her better and slowly ramped up his in and out movements, watching with fascination as his manhood slid past the welcoming gate of the naked 10 year old. In the meantime Sherry moved up and then began to kiss Jamie and toy with her areolas. Ron could take it no more and took to banging into her as hard and fast as he could. Jamie was loving it, even if she couldn't say so since her mouth was filled with Sherry's tongue at the moment.

It was Sherry's good luck that she pulled her tongue out of Jamie's mouth, with the idea of bringing Jamie's into hers. But Jamie's jaw locked and her face became one of intense concentration as her giant orgasm hit her squarely between her legs. Her body began to constrict and her pussy was putting a death grip on Ron's cock. But death grip or not, it was going to make him cum. But when his sperm came running up his cock, Jamie's cunt wasn't going to let it come out as it was constricting his shaft. But Ron wasn't having any of that, the muscles in his body just reached back and put out an extra effort and shot his cum with that much more power. Once again, his cum reached for the stars. He didn't groan this time; he roared out his orgasm. It was a good thing he was in Jamie's pussy because, if it wasn't and hit someone, that shot could have put out someone's eye.

Ron, gasping and sweating, slowly pulled out of her. His cock had a covering of pussy cream and a bit of sperm on its tip. There wasn't that much that leaked back out of Jamie as he had shot his load as deep in her as possible and all his little swimmers were sloshing around the inside of her immature cervix. All he could do was fall back on his back and try to catch his breath. Jamie turned her ass end to her mother who proceed to lick her labia trying to get what little white cum that was leaking out of her. It was only then that mother and daughter sat back on the couch with their arms around each other. They watched Ron to make sure he didn't end up with a heart attack after this carnal adventure.

Sherry got up and gave him a towel and he dried himself off. Having recovered enough to put on his clothes, he thought it best that he ride home on his bike. At least if he had a heart attack that way they could blame it on a bike ride then having the paramedics coming to get him off of Jamie when he had his heart attack.

“You two, you're going to be the death of me yet,” Ron said.

“Yes, but what a way to go,” Sherry answered.

“The next time you have a TV watching party, I hope you'll invite me.”

With that he gave both of the ladies a kiss goodbye and walked to the kitchen door to head out to where his bike was parked to ride away. For some odd reason, his leg muscles felt a little weak this morning, but not his heart.

Thanks again to Nicknason for his help, keeping out the things that shouldn't be there and putting in the things that should.

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