A young teenager is betrayed by everyone he trusts.
Author's note: First and foremost: Thanks for taking the time to check out my story. I'm pretty new as a writer, but I'd really love to hear feedback on how I'm doing: structure, theme, characters, how I could improve overall and things like that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Oh and though I don't mention it in the story, everyone is over 18.

Betrayed by Everyone
Chapter One, The Grocery Store

Sammy was a normal teenager, he had a small part time job, a perky girlfriend, a few close pals, a jerk for a boss, and an attractive mother. Unfortunatly for Sammy, his entire world would soon be ripped apart by those he trusted the most. Everything started where Sammy worked, the local grocery store.

Sammy had just finished putting out the last of the produce, when his boss approched him.

"Hey, Sam. Listen when you're finished with that, I need you to go help Debbie up front, she's swamped in customers."

Nodding politely, he wiped his hands on his pants and started walking when his boss stopped him again.

"Oh wait, one more thing; I ran into your mommy the other day, you never mentioned she had such a fine ass." Sammy's boss said in a voice that exuded confidence.

"Now I see where you got your round little ass." Sammy frowned at him, nervous and unsure what to say, but his boss simply pointed to the front of the store then left.

It was true Sammy had a round, feminine shaped ass. Which was highlighted more because Sammy liked tight fitting jeans, his plump rump attracted more then a few gazes from strangers.

Sammy's sexuality had never really been questioned, after all he had a girlfriend. However his close male friends constantly teased him about his behind, and cracked jokes about plowing him if they couldn't hook up with his mom. Nothing Sammy took seriously, that is until it was to late.

As Sammy helped cashier the store, the hours passed and it grew closer to closing time. While helping an old woman bag her groceries, he spotted his mom enter the other side of the store. She was his ride home, since Sammy hadn't saved up enough for his own car yet.

Eager to leave, he hurried his work but still had two more customers waiting on him. As he worked he continued glancing at his mom sitting near the entrance, waiting for him. That's when he noticed his boss approaching her, smiling happily.

Sammy's stomach twisted, he didn't want his boss anywhere near his mother. His boss was a notorious woman chaser, and a smooth talker which could get him get anything he wanted, he was even good looking. Watching his mom laugh and chat with him made Sammy lose track of what he was doing, causing a customer to become aggravated.

Once he was finally finished, he switched off his light and promptly walked over to them, swaying his hips unintentionally.

"All ready to go, sweetie?" His mom said in her usual sweet voice.

"I sure am!" Sammy's boss cut in jokingly, causing laughter from him and Sammy's mother. Sammy didn't laugh.

"Oh you're terrible." She said, playfully slapping his arm, Sam shuffled nervously. As they started walking out of the store, Sam glanced behind him and caught his boss staring at his mom's ass. When his boss noticed Sam was looking, he smiled and made a fucking sign with his hands. ( index finger into hole ) Sam frowned and caught up with his mother.


The next morning at breakfast, Sammy couldn't stop thinking about his boss chatting up his mom. He was worried about what had been said when he couldn't hear them.

"Hey mom, what did you and my boss talk about yesterday?" Sammy's mother seemed a little shocked by the question, and almost avoided it.

"Oh, um, well you know just regular stuff.." She responded quietly, picking at her food. Sammy didn't buy it, he knew his boss had to have said something worse. So Sammy continued to pressure his mom about it, until finally she cracked.

"Oh fine, Sammy! He asked if he could come over and have dinner with me- us, tonight. I said yes." Sammy wasn't as shocked as he thought he would be. But he wasn't going to stand for it.

"Mom! What about dad though, do you really think you should-" But his mom cut him off. "Your daddy's gone, Sam. We both need to move on!"

Sammy's heart hurt for a moment, he had never heard such mean words come from his mother. Was she that eager to get a date with Sammy's boss? He didn't want to eat anymore, so he stood up and left the table, getting himself ready for work.

Him and his mother said nothing during the car ride, Sammy was still mad at her. Instead of pulling up to let him out however, she parked the car and got out with him. Puzzled but too angry to ask, he simply walked into the store with his mother behind him. And ran straight into his boss, who had a big shitty grin.

"It's good to see you again so soon!" He said, though not at Sammy who he ignored, he spoke with his mother. Sammy was literally pushed aside by his boss who hugged his mother. Sammy couldn't believe it, why was this happening?

His mother blushed slightly after the hug, and spoke. "Well I'm here, shall we?" Sammy was completely ignored, it's like he was invisible. "Of course, my office is in the back, after you." Sammy's boss said politely, gesturing to the back of the store. Sammy's heart pounded, and his head filled with horrible thoughts.

His mother walked past him, almost knocking him over. Though as his boss pasted him, he glanced at Sammy and gave an evil wink, then said: "Get to work." And followed Sammy's mother until they disappeared through his office door, which closed quickly behind them.

No way, Sammy thought. There was no way it was what he was thinking. Luckily for him, the produce section was close to the manager's office, so after helping unload a truck, and setting out some fresh produce, he decided to spy on them.

Sammy's mind was already betraying him, thoughts of mom getting used by that jerk of a boss sickened him. But before his mind could go further, he arrived at the door. Quietly he stood next to it, trying to act casual. The door had a "do not disturb" sign on the handle. Sammy's worries increased.

Unsure what to do, Sammy felt it best to just barge in, catch them in the act, if they were in the act. Taking a deep breath he turned the handle and pushed his way into the room-

There behind the desk, sat Sammy's boss, alone, writing on a paper. He looked up, with a rather shocked expression, but said nothing. Sammy glanced around the room but found no one else.

Just as Sammy was about to explain his clearly stupid reason for barging in, his boss sighed deeply, his expression turning to one of intense pleasure. Sammy stared stupidly as his boss leaned his head back against his chair and spoke loudly. "Oh fuck! Here it comes! I want you to swallow it!"

Sammy stood there like an idiot, unsure what was happening. That's when he heard a muffled voice under the desk, and noticed feet sticking out the front of it. His boss placed both hands under the desk, and groaned loudly, he could hear his mother moaning deeply under the desk. Sammy's boss relaxed some, and smiled at him, then took one hand out from under the desk, and flipped him off.

Sammy had been quiet the entire time, and his mother didn't know he was there. He felt like his heart was about to explode, when his mother spoke. "Oh my god, David! My husband could never cum that much! I couldn't swallow half of it!" Still staring into Sammy's eyes, his boss, David spoke.

"Well your husband was a loser, just like your son. Except now your husband is a dead loser." He said with a laugh, one hand still under the table. Tears filled Sammy's eyes.

"David! That's so mean, it's only been a week since the funeral." His mother said laughing. "I mean, you're completely right but still." David smiled more. "Do you have a bathroom? I need to wash the cum I couldn't swallow off my face before I leave. Could you picture the look on my son's face if he saw me like this?" She said with another laugh. "Your loser son you mean?" David asked. "Yes, David my stupid loser son. If you keep talking like that I'll have to suck your cock again, now where's bathroom?"

Tears had rushed down Sammy's cheeks, he rushed out of the office without a sound, he could hear David laughing as he left. Running into the store's male only bathroom, he sobbed silently. After a minute he had already decided he would get his revenge, he wasn't sure how yet, but he knew he would.

As he wiped his eyes, and left the bathroom, he hear his mother's voice coming from the female only bathroom. He didn't want to listen, but he couldn't help it.

"This was really fun, I hope I didn't wear you out though, we still have tonights dinner you know."

Sammy had forgotton about the dinner, a crushing weight had just been placed on him. As his brain tried to process the information, he heard David speak in the bathroom with his mother. "Oh don't worry I'm good to go all night long." He said in a fake charming voice.

"Sammy will probably be upset, he didn't like the idea of you coming over. And if he was suspicious about me being here.." Said his mother.

"Just tell him you dropped by to ask what I wanted for dinner or something. That loser doesn't know about today, he's been out back unloading trucks the whole time." David lied. "Stupid loser you mean." His mom said correcting David.

"Good girl, okay get out of here, I have work to do." He heard his boss leave the bathroom, the sound of his footsteps heading back to his office, as he heard his mother coming out he stepped out and ran into her.

Startled she made up a lie about having an upset tummy, Sammy only nodded, acting ignorant of what he knew. Then he noticed a twinkle in her eye, like an idea had just popped into her head. Before he could react, she told him to have a nice day, then kissed him on the cheek, and quickly walked out of the store.

Sammy glared at her as she left, wiping the cum kiss from his cheek. For the rest of the day, his mind worked on ways of payback, and revenge. However he never spotted David the rest of the day, so it went by quicker.

Time clicked on, and before he knew it, closing time was near. A knot formed in his stomach, he wasn't looking forward dinner.

End of Chapter One


Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed my story. I spent a fair amount of time working on it, and I hope it came out okay. Obviously there will be more, provided it gets enough attention and people want a second part. Let me know what you'd like to see happen, and please: tell me ways I can improve my writing. I really want to get better, and any ideas or thoughts would be great.

Extra note: I'd like to mention something about the story, in case you were going to comment on them. I purposely left out names so I wouldn't confuse the reader to quickly. I've ready plenty of stories where you're introduced to the main character (bob) and his wife (susan) and the secret lover ( jim) and his third cousin twice removed (max) and you quickly forget who everyone is. I thought it would be smart to refer to characters as (the mom) and (the boss) except Sammy who's clearly the main protagonist. And when appropriate, give a single name to one of them. Such as the boss becoming David.

Sorry for rambling so much, thanks for reading.

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