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a 14yo wo loves sex.
I was jogging through some bushland not far from where I live. I often go through there away from the roads etc
Usually on weekends I often see a few other joggers and occasionally a couple of lovers having their love-in session in the outdoors. I don’t think they realise how popular the track is at weekends.
Yesterday was a weekday and I was working from home as I often do. I decided to clear my head and go for a jog for an hour or so and used the bush track.

About half way along in one of the lovers spots that they use I saw this young girl completely naked and masturbating with a glass dildo – really working on her and I decided to watch from a secluded spot where it was unlikely she would see me. Anyhow she was far more involved and concentrating on doing what she was to herself and it was obvious she wasn’t new at it. After a while she reached her orgasm and really enjoyed the pleasure it bought her. I noticed she flinched a few times as she came. Once she had finished she lay back on the grass to recover and I decide to continue running.

As I found my way back to the track I tripped on a stick and made a hell of a noise as I fell.

As I did I heard her say “oh shit”. She obviously had heard the noise I made. I stood up and there she was standing no more than a few feet away completely naked. I said I am sorry to disturb you – I just tripped and fell.

She said “how long have you been there” as she put her hand over her pubic patch which was fully hair covered. Her chest was almost flat and she made no effort to cover that.

I smiled and said long enough to enjoy the view – you are a very pretty girl and I enjoyed the show.

Shit she said – did you see me.

I did I said and as I said I enjoyed the view as much as you enjoyed your pleasure.

Fuck she said – you watched me.

Right up till the climax and it was a good one too I think you will agree.

It was she said. Would you like to fuck me?

I said hells bells you don’t muck around do you.

She said I am not a virgin you know.

I said well you certainly started young – how old are you 14?

No I am 16 but not well developed yet. But that doesn’t matter – I still do it.

I said I should say no but you seem to be pretty open about asking me - I am a lot older than you.

How old – she asked.

I am 24 – 9 years older than you.

I haven’t been fucked by a guy that old before - my boyfriend is only 16– do you have big cock. He is pretty hopeless he always cums before I do and I hate that. Can you last long enough for me to cum.

I laughed and said well you are certainly straight to the point. All I can say is I haven’t had any complaints.

Good she said – how about you fuck me and see how good I am. I think I would like to be fucked by you – I can see your hard already in those joggers.

Having seen what I have – I think I could enjoy it with you.

She said come on over here – it’s a good spot.

I followed her and she lay down and I took my top off then dropped my shorts.

She was looking up at me and said - Shit she said that’s a monster, I have never seen one that thick before – I really want to try that, I hope it won’t hurt me..

Well I said it has kept a few girls happy – maybe one more if you are lucky.

She prepared herself and had obviously been fucked before. She pulled her legs back and spread them wide for me and I got down and said are you ready.

Without hesitating I guided my hard cock toward her cunt and she looked down and said I hope it fits.

I got the head of my cock into her lips and pushed it into her. I was about half way in.

Fuck me she said that feels good.

She was fairly tight – but I went in easily after I got the head of it into her and went right down and had my full length up her. It was tight warm and wet – wonderful..

As I went in she said – oh god that feels fantastic – shit its thick.

I said you are pretty tight – are you sure you are 16.

How old do you think I am.

About 14 or 15.

I told you a lie I am 14 but I had my first fuck when I was 12. I love it.

Shit I could end up in gaol if we get caught.

Never mind I will be worth it she said.

I had to agree she was good – her cunt was tight warm and wet. Fucking her was a delight and although she was tiny beneath me she got involved and was working her hips to meet my thrusts and the two of us were fucking each other. After a minute or two she put her legs around me and started to hump as I fucked her. This was good.

I said you are pretty good at this for somebody so young,

Thank you she said – nobody has told me I was good before. I have done it a lot with my boyfriend – he was the first you know – then I did it with a few other guys but they were more concerned about fucking any girl and never gave me a thought – it was all about them. Once they came the pulled out and that was that. Then they told everybody they had fucked me.

The two of us were fucking and she was really enjoying herself. She was talking to me all the time and telling me when it felt good in different positions. She kept telling me I like it when you do it like this or like that.....shit it feels good....... I was using my cock inside her in every way I could while we were fucking missionary. I slipped it up her slit and rubbing the head over her clit. She put her hand down a couple of times and rubbed my cock head over her clit and said shit that feels good. Then I would go back inside her hard and deep and she would grunt with the pleasure of having it deep inside her. She certainly wasn’t frightened of being fucked rough.

I said you certainly enjoy it for a girl your age – not many girls have lost their virginity before about 16 and you are an expert at 14.

As I was pumping my cock into her she said I have been doing it for nearly two years and I have had a couple of boys a bit older who taught me a lot. I let one guy fuck me one night and he told me his parents were away for the weekend and we could have a fuck fest with one of his mates. I told my parents I was sleeping over at a friend’s place. I spent a whole weekend with a guy and his friend – one was 20 and the other one was 18 and they both had girl friends who fucked. The two boys fucked me all the time. I don’t know how many times we did it but when one finished with me the other one started and we went like that all weekend. We lost count of the number of times we came but even after what must have been a dozen times they could still cum – we couldn’t work out where it all came from. T hey had a book on ways to fuck and we tried them all – I got to do them twice – once each. It was good because the three of us were all together and when one was doing it with me the other one was watching or telling us how to do it this way or that or I would suck their cock for them and we laughed so much – it was soooo good. The next day I was a bit sore because they were inside me almost all day and half the night. We used condoms to stop them cumming up me and making me all messy. I wasn’t on the pill then. I think we used four packets. They dropped them in a can when they took them off and the can was full of condoms and cum. That weekend was the first time I sucked a cock too and I did that a few times – it took a while to get used to the taste of cum though – I didn’t really like it at first but after a few times it didn’t matter. They sucked my cunt a couple of times but it was a bit smelly after a few fucks so they stopped doing that. Then they started to fuck me up my bum and they would cum in there. That made a big mess as they used a lot of lubricant to get their cocks in and it all mixed together - cum and KY I had to wash my ass a few times to clean up the mess. One of them used to put his finger in there and pull it all out – god it was a mess but it felt good. My boyfriend did it that way the first time when he was only 15 and he wanted to cum in me and I wouldn’t let him – I wasn’t on the pill then so he said he wanted to fuck my bum and cum in me there and I let him. I got the pill soon after.

I have had one gang bang where 10 guys lined up to fuck me. They were all in the same football team and there were a few who didn’t want to. That was amazing – I have never seen so many different cocks – they were all a bit different. A few were cut but most of them weren’t. They had big discussions about what was best being cut or not. They all masturbated while they waited to fuck me or after they had finished fucking me and a few came all over my chest. I wouldn’t get it in my mouth then. The guys who were cut said it had more feeling. I don’t know how they knew – they all felt the same to me. I don’t like sucking uncut cocks though – they have a smell or a taste I don’t like. As each one got ready to fuck me I had to roll the condom onto his cock – that was funny. The other thing was a few of them with small cocks left the condom inside me after they came and I insisted they had to pull it out. That was fun too.
While I was fucking her she said keep going keep going I am going to cum and she lifted her ass off the ground and forced my cock into her as I was fucking her and then she let out this huge sigh and grunted and moaned and her whole body shook as she came – keep doin it..... she managed to say between gasps during her orgasm – keep fuckin me.......... keep doing it........oh shit this feel good...... I love cumming........ she managed to gasp as she grunted again as I fucked her hard. Then she lay back and said – that was good – I loved that one.
I kept fucking her and after a couple of minutes she recovered and got her breath back. I asked her how she handled 10 men – and she said it wasn’t too bad Getting fucked and sucking a cock at the same time is not as easy as it sounds. After they had all fucked me they drew straws to see who would be the last one to fuck me and cum inside me. I got no choice – I just had to lay there and let them. I didn’t mind and it wasn’t that bad. I was on the pill then so I didn’t care.

Did you cum with any of them.

Twice but it want just them it was because I was worked up after a couple and I had my first one. He thought he was wonderful – I didn’t tell him that it was the guys before him who worked me up – he was just the one in me when it happened. The second one was with the last guy – he lasted long enough for me to get worked up and I managed to cum when he did. That was great. We were both grunting and humping together and most of them had left so we didn’t have an audience. That was the guy who I let cum inside me and it was great. He took me home and I gave him my pants – they were covered in his cum anyhow. He was really proud of them and said he would sleep with them on his pillow.

By now I had been fucking her for about 15 minutes and I was getting close to cumming. I began to go hard and fast as I began to cum. Then she said....... keep going ....keep going.........keep going
Then I came...AAAAAAHHHHHHHH........and my first stream of cum shot into her and then another......AAAAAAHHHHHHH and another AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH and then she started to goan and grunt and wiggle her ass as she began to cum.... I’m cumming.... I’ uuu mmmm... iiii.... nnn... gggg she grunted. ........FUCK ME .......she screamed FFFUUUCCCKKK....... MEEEEEE and she pulled me down to her and I kept cumming and filling her with th rest of my cum. She was working her cunt off over my now half hard cock,.....Dont take it out she said – keep it in there...........kkkk eee....pppppp it in a bit lllloooonnngggeeerrr ....and then she collapsed and just lay there well and truly fucked. aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh she said ...... that was fantasic. Two cums in one fuck – fantastic – that was the longes orgasm I have ever had – it was a beauty....... My pussy knows it has been fucked now – well and truly. Shit that was good I am glad we met.

We lay together with my deflated cock still inside her warm and cum filled cunt. It felt good the two of us just laying there skin to skin and sweating like pigs – we were soaking wet and I bent down and I kissed her – we had fucked together and that was our first kiss. More followed and we kissed for ages – it felt great.

God she said /// THAT was the best fuck of my life. The first time I have done it in the open too. I loved it. Can we do it again some time.

Tomorrow can’t be soon enough I said.

Promise she said.

Tomorrow we kiss first and fuck later – I love the way you kiss.

Tomorrow she said – I want to suck your cock.

We hugged and kissed again – she said until tomorrow – I love you.

And I love you too my 14yo sweetheart.

The next day and for three days afterwards we met in the same place and we fucked in every conceivable position and sucked ourselves to a standstill. We counted one day – I came10 times and she came 12. We really knew how to make it happen. It was amazing – we professed our love for each other – a 14 and 24yo old – it wouldn’t last I knew but we were going to make the most of it while we could.

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2014-12-31 06:23:13
Loved the story anyone like to text 33 m 205-281-1565

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2013-10-03 02:54:00
From the comments on this and other storiess there is one or two very active assholes writing derogitory comments. Just keep wanking and keep your fingers off the keyboard - when you can do better tell us.

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2013-07-22 21:30:45
Bad English, ruined the whole story, stay in school!

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2013-06-13 02:27:33
Obviuously not written by a yank - the spelling is english.
I enjoyed it even though it was a bit fanciful. Some 14yo can be like this - english girls particularly - they love cock.
I lived there for a while and rarely got a knock back from 14 to 40.

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2013-05-02 00:38:34
What is the point of repeatedly pointing out that she is 14? We understand the age difference the first time it is mentioned. And what is with her giving a detailed run down of all of her sexual exploits while fucking? Not to mention the contradictions within these stories. Even for a fluff piece this story lacks a sense of believability that even fantasy's require.

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