After an extended break it is great to back on the keyboard, and I hope you will enjoy my new story!

This is a new direction for me following the amazing reception to my “I Can’t Resist my Neighbor – Or Her Teenage Girls” tale, as I have decided to create an incest story which is hopefully more believable than most of the stories in this genre. Incest is the single most popular category on this site yet the majority of the stories are, in my humble opinion, totally unrealistic in the way they approach this topic.

While incest remains nothing more than a private fantasy for most of us, and rightly so, I have no doubt it exists in the privacy of many homes around the world. However the majority of stories do not explain how a family makes the initial decision to take this direction, nor do they seem to deal with the maturity of today’s younger people. It will be up to you to determine whether I have conveyed this in a more believable manner.

My characters are Jim and Carole, a couple in their mid thirties, and their children Matt and Cassie. This chapter deals with Jim and Carole’s realization that their children are developing a healthy interest in sex, and wish to explore further within the bounds of a loving family. Jim in particular finds it difficult to accept this situation, but he gradually comes round with the encouragement and support of his wife and children. As I did with the “Neighbor” series, I have attempted to create a story about sex which allows you to meet my characters and get to know them, rather than a series of disjointed sex scenes with little connection between them.

If your comments and posts confirm I have made a good start I will write further chapters, where the interaction will increase and I will include an unexpected twist or two. Your comments are welcome regardless of whether your view is positive or negative, as constructive criticism of my previous stories has helped me considerably in becoming a better writer.

In conclusion, please respect my copyright privileges, as this work cannot be reproduced or copied in part or in full without my written consent.


To all intents and purposes the Andersons were a normal loving family; at least they appeared that way to their friends and neighbors. Jim and Carole were in their mid thirties, and had met in college and married as soon as their studies were completed. They had worked hard and moved up the corporate ladder as they pursued their respective careers, purchasing a modern house in a nice neighborhood before deciding to start a family.

Their son Matt had just turned fifteen and was the spitting image of his father. He was tall and still growing with dark hair and a pair of sparkling blue eyes, broad shoulders and a muscular chest from his love of competitive swimming and sports in general. He was at the age where girls at school were starting to take notice, and his parents knew it wouldn’t be long before he started looking back, if he wasn’t already. His sister Cassie was thirteen, and growing into a smaller version of her mother every day. With a slim figure, long blonde hair, a trim waistline and budding breasts she was going to be a knockout, and Jim sometimes joked he should consider buying a shotgun for when the boys started calling.

Jim and Carole took care of themselves, at least as well as they could with two energetic kids to contend with, eating healthy foods and exercising regularly to avoid the dreaded middle-aged spread. Their lives revolved around each other and their children, and they did their best to educate Matt and Cassie in the ways of the world, and keep the lines of communication open so they could discuss anything they felt the need to.

An important aspect was their love for each other, and the effort they applied to keep their relationship alive and vibrant. They had seen many of their married friends drift apart, in many cases ending up in acrimonious divorce contests, and would shake their heads sadly. Carole thought back to a recent instance where a married couple they had known for years had come over for a barbecue, and Jim would do his normal thing and pause for a quick kiss or a brief hug and suggestive caress of her firm butt whenever he passed by, and her friend April had sighed softly. “I wish Phil still treated me that way.” She confessed quietly. “I may as well be a piece of furniture for all the interest he shows in me these days!”

Carole mentioned April’s wistful comment to Jim later that night after she had taken his long thick cock deep in her throat and sucked his cum straight into her stomach, before his wicked tongue returned the favor with interest. He stroked her hair and gazed lovingly into her sparkling eyes. “I love you too much for that to happen to us babe. Every time I see you I just want to take you somewhere quiet and have my way with your hot body until you beg me to stop!”

“Never going to happen Jim.” She replied, laughing softly. “You know I love anything you do to me, and I do mean anything!”

It was just after lunch on Friday and Carole had completed a time-critical project with a half-day to spare. After double checking her calculations she placed it on her director’s desk with a smile, and he asked her to sit as he reviewed the data carefully before he looked over at her. “I know how hard you’ve worked on this Carole, and there are very few people I would have trusted with this, great job! Why don’t you take the rest of the day and get an early start to your weekend? God knows, you’ve earned it!”

She thanked him and went back to her office, shutting down her computer before breezing happily out the door. Sliding behind the wheel of her little VW convertible, she powered the roof down as she slid an old baseball cap on her head and cranked up the volume on the stereo. As she accelerated up the freeway ramp she realized she was grinning from ear to ear. “There is nothing like being in front of the rush hour traffic, especially on Friday!!!” She shouted into the wind, contemplating a long relaxing bath with a glass of wine before the kids and Jim arrived home.

She pulled into her garage and opened the door to the house, moving along the hall toward her bedroom when she heard sounds coming from the den. She wondered whether she was mistaken as no one else should have been home, and moved toward the partially closed door. Another sound reached her ears and she peered through the gap between the door and the jamb, and saw her son Matt sitting on the lounge, naked with his hard cock in his hand! Her lungs sucked a sudden breath in surprise and she stood stock-still, her mind racing as she tried to process this totally unexpected sight. She hadn’t seen her son totally naked for years, though she admired his firm, muscular body every time he walked around in a pair of shorts, and her eyes drank in the erotic sight. Her gaze was drawn to his proud, rigid cock like metal shavings to a strong magnet, and she couldn’t help but notice that his cock was almost as long and thick as Jim’s impressive shaft. He leaned over for the bottle of baby oil on the side table, uncapping it and pouring a thick stream down over his shaft and tight balls before he looked up again.

“Oh yeah Mom, that’s it!” He moaned softly as he resumed his rhythmic stoking. “Do you wanna suck your son’s cock Mom, or is your hot cunt itching for a long, hard fucking!”

He was gazing at something across the room, and her eyes followed his until she realized he had found their collection of adult DVDs, and he was watching one of her favorites where an older woman seduces a young boy. She was rooted to the spot, unable to move away, which she knew was the sensible thing to do as personal privacy was a strong family value. But she just couldn’t convince her legs to do it so she stood there, a shadowy voyeur, watching her son masturbate. Her eyes glanced back to screen and she watched as the woman got down on her hands and knees, licking her lips as she gazed at the boy and reaching back to pull her butt cheeks apart. Carole knew every scene in the movie as she and Jim had enjoyed it several times, but she still stifled a gasp as the boy moved behind the woman, took his cock in hand, and lined up the glistening head with her puckered pink sphincter.

“Oh Mom, you filthy cock-whore!” Matt groaned. “You want your son’s cock deep in your dirty little ass don’t you? You want me to stretch your tight shit-hole, and jam my cock deep inside until I pump you full of fuck juice! You’re such a perverted slut; I guess that’s why Dad and I love fucking your hot holes!”

The boy in the movie had succeeded in slipping his impressive tool deep in the woman’s clenching ass, and now took a firm hold of her hair, pulling her head back as he fucked her hard and deep. As Carole’s gaze flickered between the screen and her son her hand drifted downward, lifting the hem of short skirt until she could slip her fingers inside her g-string, amazed to feel her pussy and panties were saturated. She breathed deeply, trying to quiet her pounding heart as her fingers slid along the length of her dripping labia.

She was racked with conflicting emotions, as the mother inside her screamed at her to leave, give her son some privacy, perhaps go back and slam the garage door hard and call out that she was home. But the sexual woman had an equally strident voice, insisting that she should stay, that she was still strongly attracted to her husband so why wouldn't she be attracted to his son, a young man who looked and acted like a younger version of Jim? As a result she was simply unable to move or even reach any form of decision, as she slipped her fingers inside her desperate pussy and continued to watch her son with an ever increasing sense of lustful voyeurism.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the woman was winning the intense, internal battle. "Look at him." The soft but persuasive voice whispered. "Look at the young man before you, totally involved in his own erotic world as he fantasises about! He's watching a porn movie but it’s you that he's fucking in his mind! Listen to his words, listen to his desire to hold you, have you, possess your mind and body and fuck you in so many different ways that your cunt is dripping with lust. Go to him, reassure him, and then teach him how to truly please an experienced sexual woman who will never refuse him!"

"Fuck it!" She whispered softly. "Fuck it, fuck it, FUCK IT!!!" The battle was lost, or won depending on your point of view, and she slid her panties down and threw them carelessly away. Her blouse was unbuttoned by fingers that were acting beyond her control, and it slid from her shoulders before she slipped her cami-top over her head and her bra joined it on the growing pile on the floor. She put her blouse back on and tied it loosely just below her breasts, aware that her rock-hard nipples could now be clearly seen through the sheer fabric.

Matt was focused on the screen, blissfully unaware that his every movement was being watched intently. "That's it cunt, take my hard, dripping cock deep in your tight little ass!" He half-shouted. "You're such a slut, a total fucking cock-whore aren't you? You just can't get enough of my hard young cock can you? Show me your pussy Mom; show your son your hot wet cunt! Do you shave your pussy Mom? Have you got a little baby-smooth cunt, or is your fuck hole covered in curly blonde hair?"

She took a deep breath and pushed the door open, striding purposefully into the room before she stopped in front of him, blocking his vision of the screen. "Hi honey!" She said in a carefree voice as she smiled down at him and took a hold of the hem of her skirt. "Actually, I shave my cunt bare, in fact I have for years as your father prefers going down on a smooth pussy." She hiked her skirt up to give him a front-row view. "See? Do you like it?"

Matt turned white and his jaw dropped as he struggled to deal with this totally unexpected interruption to what he had thought would be a quiet, satisfying jerk-off session. "Mom....oh shit .....OH FUCK!!! long have you been home???"

She was struggling with her own series of wild emotions but somehow knew she had to appear calm, even nonchalant if that was possible. "Umm....let me see....I think I came in somewhere around filthy little cock-whore and.....perverted slut. Yeah, I'm sure that's when I got here."

He went whiter still until Carole was worried that he might faint from pure shock. "Oh God. Oh Jesus! Oh Mom, I am! I...I....I don't know...what to say!"

Carole heard the tremor in his voice and wondered if he was about to burst into tears, and she finally achieved a degree of rational thought and realised this could be a traumatic experience that could affect him for life if she didn't tread very, very carefully. "I see you found our porn collection." She said, stating the obvious. "Matt relax please, I'm not angry or upset. I've had a great day and feel like a drink, would you like a wine, or do you could use something stronger?"

"Stronger....please?" He croaked.

She walked over to the well stocked bar and poured herself a glass of wine, before pulling out one of Jim's premixed cans of bourbon and cola. She figured Matt might have trouble with the ring-pull in his present state, so she opened the can for him and handed it over.

She sat on the couch beside him, glancing at his lap to see to see he still had his hand wrapped around his cock, but it had shrunk to less than half its previous size. "It looks like you didn't appreciate my interruption." She said, nodding at his groin as he looked at her in a perplexed state. "So, when did you find our stash? Have you watched many of them yet?"

" was actually Cassie that found them, a...couple of weeks ago, and....we've probably watched about half of them so far. I’m...I'm so sorry Mom!" He stammered.

That came as a major surprise. "So...Cassie's in on this too?" She asked, and he gulped as he nodded. "Well...we'll discuss that...later." She stood and unzipped her skirt, sliding it down and kicking it across the floor. "You asked before if I shaved my cunt, but you didn't say anything when I showed you. Don't you like it? Am I too old for you?"

He looked shocked and finally found the courage to make eye contact. "No Mom, NO!!" He replied emphatically. "I was just....shocked that you....caught this. I think your...cunt is beautiful!”

She flashed a lascivious smile as she eased his hand from his limp cock and replaced it with her own. "Jim and I enjoy an erotic movie whenever we get the chance. Your father says everyone watches porn, but it's only the honest people that admit to it. I think he's absolutely right, what do you think?"

"I guess so Mom." He replied. "And....I can't believe we're having this conversation. Have you really shaved for years?"

She grinned at him. "Since before you were born son. Why don't you....stroke my pussy and...get to know it a little."

"Fuck Mom! Are you serious?" He managed to ask as he closed his flapping jaw.

“Try me honey...just try me."

His hand snaked across the lounge before finding her slippery slit. "Oh're so wet!"

She took his hand in hers and showed him how to slide his finger up and down her slit, as her other hand started to squeeze the life back into his cock as she stroked his growing length slowly. "Hmmm ....nice cock baby! Do you know you're almost the same size as your father already? It will be interesting to see how big you are when you finish growing."

"Oh Mom!" He groaned. "I can't believe you're jacking my wang!"

She laughed softly. "Believe baby, believe! I love your father's big, thick cock, so why wouldn't I appreciate his son's? So tell me, have you watched this movie before, and if you have which part do you like best?"

He nodded to indicate he had. "The part that's coming up now, where the kid's brothers catch them fucking and join in." He acknowledged honestly. "It's really hot when she takes one cock in her mouth, one in her...cunt, and the other up her ass."

Carole knew every frame in this movie, and squeezed Matt's cock just a little harder as she continued to jack his shaft. "I can't remember, what happens then?"

"Oh Mom, fuck that feels SO GOOD!” He groaned before answering her question. “They all fuck her for a while, and then they pull out and spray cum all over her!"

A bead of precum finally oozed from his piss slit and she knew she was winning him over. "You know honey, I was standing at the door trying to figure out if I should go away quietly or....slip in and join and you, and I could hear what you were saying." He looked at her and was clearly struggling to say something but she wanted to finish first. "I was really flattered that you were talking about me like that....and thinking about fucking me.... and it really got me all hot and slippery!"

He was struggling to make sense of this as he remembered some of the words that had tumbled from lips in his aroused state. "Mom, I don't get it. I mean....I said some really...terrible, insulting things! I don't understand how...that could be a turn on for you!"

"Really?" She said quietly as she leaned closer so her lips brushed his ear. "So...if I was to say that seeing your big, hard cunt-fucking cock really got my juices flowing...that doesn't turn you on just a little?" She knew the answer before his shaft actually twitched in her hand. "And....if I was to tell you I really am a cock-hungry slut, and the only thing I want right now is to have rivers of your thick, greasy cum running down my face and sprayed all over my tits, that wouldn't do anything for you? I guess that...maybe you aren't quite old enough to understand that when a woman is hot to fuck, she enjoys language that some people consider might consider a little....offensive?"

Matt was finally starting to relax just a little, his color returning as his cock grew in Carole’s hand. “Is that what you really want Mom, or are you just saying that?”

She smiled broadly. “Matt, one thing you need to learn is that I may be many things, but a cock-tease isn’t one of them!” She nodded toward the TV. “It looks as though things are hotting up. The young fucker has company.”

Matt looked at the screen to see two more young men with prominent rigid cocks appear, and they high-fived their brother before grinning lustfully at the naked woman waiting expectantly. They moved around her body, tweaking her nipples roughly before one crawled beneath her and stuffed his cock deep in her pussy, and the other slid his shaft past her drooling lips. With all her holes filled they went at her, fucking her furiously. Carole slid to the floor, kneeling in front of her son as she continued pumping his rigid tool. “Talk to me baby.” She hissed. “Say whatever comes into your horny mind while I get to know your sweet cock.” And with that she dipped her head and slid his impressive shaft into her mouth.

Matt was in a state of disbelief as he gazed lustfully at his mother on her knees before him. “Jesus Mom. Oh…Fuck! I can’t believe you’re sucking my cock!”

“Hmmm.” She murmured from deep in her throat sending rippling vibrations through his shaft before she slid up and looked at him. “That’s not exactly what I had in mind baby. I want you to talk to me like you did when you thought you were alone, ok?”

He surprised her by grinning broadly. “Ok Mom, I think I’ve got it. Now, why don’t you stop talking and get that slutty cock-sucking mouth back on my fuck-stick!” She grinned broadly and did as she was told. “Oh yeah, that’s it cunt!” He said loudly. “Suck that cock you whore. You really are a sick bitch aren’t you? What would Dad say if he could see you like this? Do you think he’d pull his cock out and start stroking it? Would it get him so hot he’d kneel behind you and fuck your hot, slippery cunt while you sucked me off?”

Carole’s eyes had closed as she listened intently to Matt’s lustful monologue, her pussy growing wetter by the second. She slid deeper until she felt the tip of his oozing shaft nudging the entrance to her throat. She took a slow steady breath through her nose, before jamming her face downward to force his thick tool deep into her throat. “FUCK…YEAH!!!” Matt shouted. “That’s it bitch. Swallow my fucking wang you whore! Suck that fucker deep in your throat and swallow it cunt!”

He sat upright and placed his hands on her head, pushing her down even further until her lips were crushed against his tight ball-sac. She moaned enthusiastically, loving the way he was using her for his own primal pleasure. She used a technique that Jim found impossible to resist, as she worked her throat muscles as though actually attempting to swallow his shaft. “Sweet…fucking…Jesus!!” He stammered. “I’m getting close cunt, real close! Where do you want it bitch? Do you want me to pump my hot load straight down your throat?” She gave the slightest shake of her head. “No?” He asked. “Oh…I get it! You really want me to cum all over you don’t you?” She moaned from deep in her throat and gave the slightest nod. “You want me to jack my shaft and pump cum all over your hot body. You want cum in your hair, all over your slut face, and dripping down your tits don’t you?”

“MMMMFFFFF!!!!” She moaned again, nodding far more vigorously this time.

She nearly came when he grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her face up his shaft, wrapping his hand around his slick cock and jacking it rapidly. She knelt there expectantly, wanton desire written all over her face as his cock head twitched and a string of her saliva hung suspended in the air from the glistening tip. Matt’s eyes were flickering open and closed. “Uh…uhhh…..AARRGGHHH!!!!” He gasped, before one long stroke saw his piss-slit flare open as his cum flew freely. His first spray hit square on her forehead, splattering into her hair and running down to coat her now closed eyelids. The second blasted across her cheeks and nose until a thick bead hung suspended from the tip of her nose, before cascading down to the valley between her heaving breasts. A third blast sprayed across her parted lips, and she opened her mouth wide in a hedonistic invitation for his next gush. His aim was impressive, as he managed to fire his next bursts straight into her open mouth, before giving her chin a thorough coating and dropping his aim to finish by saturating her blouse and pert C-cup breasts.

He finally ran dry, his greasy cock softening in his hand as he slumped back on the couch. “Oh shit.” He whispered. “Sweet fucking Jesus! Mom, you are one amazing fuck!”

She grinned up at him as she carefully wiped this thick goo from her eyelids. “You’re not bad yourself stud.” She whispered with heartfelt enthusiasm as her eyes blinked open. “I’d forgotten how much a young man can cum, but that was a very pleasant reminder!”

With slightly trembling legs she rose to her feet, and walked over to the bar to refill her glass before taking a long sip. She felt his breath on her neck as he moved behind her, his hands sliding across her cum coated blouse and covering her proud breasts. “Can we do….more?” He whispered in her ear. “Can I…fuck you Mom?” He breathed, a clear plea in his eager voice.

She smiled softly and reached back, wrapping her hand around his shaft, and pleasantly surprised to find it was still reasonably firm. “I have no intention of stopping now Matt.” She whispered to him. “There are only two things that will stop me. One is if you run out of gas, and I don’t see that happening just yet. The other is time and we’ll have to keep an eye on that, as it would be kind of embarrassing if you were fucking me when your dad or Cassie walked in.”

Matt saw the funny side of that. “I guess that could be kinda hard to explain.” He agreed.

She turned to face him and took another sip of wine. “There are a few things I need to make clear, and while I’m desperate to have you bury that beautiful piece of manhood somewhere, it wouldn’t be fair to you to if I didn’t…clear the air first. Let’s sit down for a minute, ok?”

He gulped and nodded, sitting on the couch as he wondered where she heading. “Ok, the first thing is I’m going to tell your father what happened between us, how I found you masturbating and….seduced you.”

Matt went white for second time that day and started to stammer something, but she held up her hand. “I think you need to hear me out Matty, and then you can tell me what’s on your mind.” He nodded, but was clearly unhappy with that idea. “I won’t go running around behind Jim’s back so that’s not negotiable, and you need to think this through as well. We don’t want to be sneaking around, looking over our shoulder all the time and wondering if he suspects anything. Besides, you know your father is an intelligent man and sooner or later he’d find out, and then he’d have every right to be seriously pissed! But….I think I’m getting a little ahead of myself, as that would only be a problem if you wanted to do this again. Do you Matty? Do you want to fuck me on a regular basis? Or is this just….a one-time thing to…see what it’s like?”

He licked his dry lips and took a long pull from his can of drink. “Mom, I’d fuck you in heartbeat, anytime, anywhere!” He assured her.

She smiled, a self-satisfied smile that acknowledged his emphatic words didn’t do her ego any harm at all. “Ok then. The other thing we need to get out in the open is what’s going with Cassie. You said she was the one who found the movies? So I need to know what else you two have been up to. Is anything going on between you and your sister? Have you been…fooling around? Oh God, she had her first period about six months ago! You two….haven’t actually fucked…have you?”

Now Carole was looking concerned, openly fearful that her thirteen year old daughter could be pregnant, with her brother’s baby! Matt did nothing to help matters, blushing brightly and unable to meet his mother’s gaze. “Ummm…..well….not exactly Mom.”

Carole was on the verge of hyper-ventilating. “There’s no such thing as not exactly when it comes to sex Matt. So have you fucked her or not? She could be pregnant so this really is important!”

He shook his head, slowly at first and then with a little more conviction. “I haven’t cum in her…pussy Mom, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

That was the weakest denial she had heard for some time. “Well that’s a start.” She breathed. “But you’ve obviously been doing something, haven’t you? So how far have you gone, and don’t even think about lying to me about this. I want the whole truth right now or the fun you’ve had today WILL be a once only memory!”

That really got his attention. “Ok Mom, OK! We’ve been fooling around for a while now, but it’s just kid stuff, ok?”

“Not even close Matt.” She snapped back. “I want all of it. Every single, tiny detail.”

He was trembling, wondering how much trouble he was in, and realizing that his father was unlikely to go any easier on him. “Fine Mom, I’ll tell you everything, just don’t freak out or anything, ok? It started a few months back when Cassie said she wanted to hang with me more often, which to be honest I wasn’t that keen on, but you guys had told her she couldn’t go out or have friends over if you weren’t here, so…I guess I felt a little sorry for her. Then she started asking me questions…about sex and stuff…and why boys were so different to girls. She asked me if she could see my cock, so I told her to fuck off! Then she said she’d show me her pussy and told me she’d jerk me off, so I figured why not? She was pretty good too! Things kinda escalated from there, and soon she was jacking me off, sucking my prick, and letting me play with her pussy and her tits. One day she said she was tired of sucking me off if I wouldn’t do the same for her, so I had to eat her cunt. It was pretty gross at first, but then I got into it and it was ok until she came in my mouth! I actually thought she’d pissed on me so I was really angry, but she told me not to be stupid because piss is thin and yellow, and her cum was thicker and more creamy. Anyway, then she found your stash of movies; it really wasn’t smart leaving them in the back of the cabinet Mom.”

Carole nodded in agreement, mentally kicking herself because she had thought about moving them to the bedroom a while ago, but hadn’t got around to it. Them Matt continued his confession. “Well, that REALLY GOT US HOT! Cassie told me she wanted my cock in her cunt, but not to cum there ‘cause she didn’t want to get pregnant. So I fucked her for a while until I was getting close, and then pulled out and she finished me off in her mouth.”

“Wait a minute honey.” Carole whispered breathlessly. “Did she take all your cum in her mouth? Umm…did she swallow it or spit it out?”

“Well I tend to cum heaps as you’ve probably noticed, and she swallowed most of it but some leaked out and ran down her chin.”

“Amazing!” Carole said softly. “I was wondering about that after I saw how much you cum! Ok honey, go on please.”

Matt nodded. “We watched your movies almost every day when we got home from school, and all of them have lots of hot language, so that’s where that came from. I’ve gotta tell you Cassie really has a thing for Dad, and I’ll bet she’d fuck him for real if she had the chance. When we were fooling around she’d say “Fuck me Daddy, fuck my hot little cunt!” and “Come on Daddy, fuck your little girl and fill her up with greasy cum!” and lots of stuff like that. It creeped me out a little, but she seemed to get so fucking hot doing it.”

Carole hadn’t expected anything like that, so that threw her for a second. “So, just to be sure, you’ve had your cock in her pussy but you didn’t cum inside her, not ever?”

“Never Mom, I swear! She would’ve busted my balls if I tried that, and I didn’t want to get her pregnant anyway.”

“So….did you take her virginity? Did you break her hymen? You would have known because it would have been painful for her, and there would have been a little blood when her hymen ruptured.”

He shook his head emphatically. “I wondered about that too, so I asked her. She said she’d accidentally done it a while ago, with the handle of her hairbrush.” He said with smirk on his face.

Carole shook her head, remembering how she had done exactly the same thing when she was twelve. “What about her ass?” She asked. “Have you ever had anal sex with her?”

He shook his head ruefully. “We tried after we figured it would be a good way to fuck without her getting pregnant, but I think I’m just too big for her. I couldn’t even get the head in before she was screaming at me to stop.”

“Ok, then, when I walked in you were talking about fucking my ass, and it seemed that you were really getting off on the idea. If you’ve never done it before, where did that come from?”

“Your pornos of course Mom.” He replied, as though she should known. “Every one of your movies has at least one ass-fuck scene, and I know they’re just acting but they seem to really get off doing it! And….it’s kinda kinky and dirty, and nice girls don’t do anal, so it’s an intriguing idea, that’s all.”

“Getting back on track, is that absolutely everything? Because if there is anything else at all, now is the time to tell me.”

“That’s everything Mom, I swear!” He assured her. “You can ask Cassie if you have to, but I’ve told you everything we’ve done, honest.”

They had been talking for quite a while and the DVD had finished, so Carole glanced at the time display on the otherwise blank screen. “We’ve got about an hour before we need to clean up Matty, because Cassie won’t be far away by then. Anything you’d like to do before it’s time to hit the showers?”

He looked at her expectantly as she casually took another sip of wine, her gaze never deviating from his face. “Could I fuck your….ass Mom?”

She shook her head slowly. “Not if that’s how you’re going to approach it. That did nothing to convince me you want me so bad that your cock will turn blue if you don’t get to have me. Think back honey, just a little bit.”

A smile crept across his face. “Ok cunt, if that’s the way you want to play it! I want you to pick a movie for me, something…..appropriate, and then I want you….face down on that coffee table….with your legs spread as far as they’ll go. Then I’m gonna kneel behind you and slide my prick deep into your tight little shitter, and dump a load in your ass that’ll put the last one the shame! When I’m done you’ll still have cum pouring out of your ass tomorrow, how does that grab you slut?”

She grinned at him. “Now that’s more like it. When it comes to fucking, nothing makes me hotter than a take-charge guy who knows exactly what he wants!” She put her glass down and hurried over to the entertainment unit, ripping open the movie draw and rummaging through until she found the DVD she wanted. She flipped the cover open, slid the disk into the tray and threw the case on the floor. When she turned Matt was on his feet, an evil smile on his face as he stroked his shaft. She slid everything off the coffee table onto the floor, before she paused for a second. “Give me a hand honey?” She asked, directing Matt to move the table until one end pointed at the TV. A couple of cushions were placed on the surface before she knelt at the back end and lay forward until her head was facing the screen. She grinned back at him as the opening credits came up on the screen. “This way I get to watch the movie too.” She giggled. “Now bring that cock over here please, and you’d better bring the baby oil as well!”

He moved in behind as she spread her legs until she could feel the strain in her tendons, gazing back at him. “What are you going to do me Matt?” She asked softly. “Tell your Mom exactly what you’re going to do her.”

“I’m gonna slam this boner deep in your hot, tight clenching ass, and fuck you and fuck you until you beg me to stop. I dumped a huge load earlier, and I know I can last a lot longer this time. I’ll probably still be banging away at your slut-hole when Cassie walks in!”

Her son’s graphic description caused a shiver to run across Carole’s skin. “Oh God.” She groaned. “I just know I’m gonna love this! Can I teach you honey? Can I show you how to fuck a woman until she passes out with sheer pleasure? Would you like me to help you become such a stud that you’ve got women queued up at your door, desperate to fuck you?”

“Fuck yeah!” He shouted. “Teach me Mom. I’ll be the best student a Mom ever had!”

She grinned at his shameless enthusiasm, and why not? Wouldn’t every boy want an experienced woman to teach him the way to real pleasure, rather than fumbling around with a girl who was just as inexperienced as he was? She reached back to spread her butt cheeks. “The secret to satisfying anal is that the woman needs to be relaxed and ready, otherwise it’s only going to hurt and that’s a total turn off. Dribble some oil at the top of my butt crack and let it run down until it reaches my asshole.”

She heard the cap click open and felt the cool liquid drop on her skin, before it trailed down the cleft between her taut butt cheeks. It ran over her sphincter and continued downward until it coated her labia and dripped on the floor. “Ok honey, now use a finger to spread it around but take it slow….this is one part that simply shouldn’t be rushed. Use your other hand to stroke my pussy because this helps a girl relax too, but keep those strokes long, soft and gentle ok?” His fingers went to work and she closed her eyes for a moment as warm, moist feelings rippled from her pussy and ass. “That’s good Matty, so fucking good! Now use the point of one finger and starting working it into my sphincter. Take your time and don’t just try and jam it in there…..use your sense of feel and slowly work around, increasing the pressure a tiny bit every few seconds or so….and you’ll feel the muscle start to relax.”

Every nerve ending in her body seemed to begin and end around her asshole, and she felt the slow consistent pressure as his strong finger moved steadily around, probing her firmly but gently, giving her time to prepare.

She opened like the petals on a flower; her most private place accepting his loving touch and allowing him to finally enter. His finger slid easily inside, and she felt every wrinkle and knuckle as he slid ever deeper. “Oh yes…FUCK…YES!!” She hissed softly. “That’s an A for penetration Matt, so…fucking… good! Now, a second finger please, and just the same way…slow and gentle until my tight little ass stretches some more. This is really good Matt, really….fucking….good! Can you feel how wet my cunt is now?”

“Oh fuck yeah Mom!” He hissed. “You’re running like a tap!”

“I am aren’t I?” She acknowledged. “That’s because you’re doing me stud! You’re fucking your Mom so well my cunt is just running in anticipation.” At that moment his second finger slid inside her, and she groaned again, but this was a longer, deeper sound; a primal expression of her steadily building lust and desire.

She looked up at the screen and saw a slim blonde bent over a kitchen bench, with a muscular stud feeding his massive cock into her tight back hole. Her face was covered with a sheen of perspiration and faraway, dreamy smile as she begged him for more. “Enjoying the show Matt?” Carole enquired sweetly, as though they were sitting on the couch watching a family movie.

“I’m enjoying what’s in front of me a fuck-load more Mom!” He replied enthusiastically.

“How sweet! It’s time to feed me some cock-meat baby. Slip those fingers out nice and easy….oh….that’s it….oh God, I feel so empty now! Now….get a firm hold on that wonderful shaft and coat it in oil. A woman’s back hole doesn’t produce lubricant like her pussy does, so you don’t want to slam it in dry! You need some lube to help you get in there, and then your precum will do the rest.”

She felt his oozing cock head rest against her now closed sphincter, his warm precum smearing around her puckered entrance. “Oh Matty I’m loving this!” She encouraged. “I can’t wait to feel you feel you slide that fucker inside me. Start pushing against me baby, you’ll need a reasonable amount of pressure to open me up, particularly with a cock that size but not too much, ok? You just want to slide the head inside and hold there for a bit.” She felt the pressure increase progressively, until his sizeable head overcame her muscle tension and slid inside her. “Oooooh…. yessss!!” She hissed. “Hold it there!” He looked down and watched her back rise and fall steadily as she breathed deeply, feeling her squeeze and release, squeeze and release, as she worked on relaxing to allow him to slide deeper. “Feel me relaxing Matt? Can you feel my ass opening slowly for you?”

“Fuck yeah Mom!” He groaned above her. “Your ass is trying to milk my cock!”

She giggled softly. “That what Jim always says about now. Ok, I want you to start fucking me now, but just use short strokes and keep it nice and slow. Every few thrusts I want you to push a little deeper, and you’ll feel me relaxing and stretching so you can get further inside. Doing me like this also spreads the oil and your juice inside to make things easier for you too.”

“Oh Mom this is so fucking hot! I can’t believe we’re doing this, and now I understand why Cassie couldn’t take me. We didn’t do any of this stuff; we just tried to force my cock inside and couldn’t get there. I can actually feel you relaxing, like your ass is opening up a little bit at a time. If you can teach me other stuff like this, I’m gonna be such a good fucking student!”

“Baby there is so much I can teach you that you wouldn’t believe it!” She laughingly assured him. “But the one thing I want you to learn today is that is has to be good for you and the girl you’re with. You may get a girl to spread her legs for you, but if you don’t treat her right and show her a real good time, she’s probably not going to do it a second time is she?”

“I totally get that now Mom.” He assured her. “It’s like when Cassie said she wasn’t going to jerk me off or suck my cock unless I went down on her. I should have done something like that or something else she liked, without her having to ask me!”

“Now you’re getting the hang of things!” Carole assured him. She felt he probably had about half his hot young cock inside her at that point, and a warm pleasant glow was starting to spread through her body. “I’m getting warm and wet in there now honey, so you can start sliding faster and deeper. I really want a good fucking, so just build up steady, going harder and deeper until you’re really slamming into me. You can give it to me as hard as you like once you’ve got me all loose and lubricated.”

Carole had found it difficult to try and teach her son and enjoy having him fuck her at the same time, but the mother in her wouldn’t be denied. She could relax now and watch the movie as she enjoyed the indulgent pleasure of her son’s proud cock splitting her back passage as he worked deeper into her. She would be interested to see what happened next time they were together, if there was a next time after she confessed to Jim what had taken place. If it did happen then she’d love to see how much he had learned, and how he applied his new-found knowledge. He was a smart young man and would probably become an accomplished ass-fucker in no time, and Carole felt he had learned an important lesson. She wondered why so many men didn’t understand how to mind-fuck a woman, given the obvious benefits they would enjoy in return. Why was it that so few men understood that, if you take care of your partner and show them you want to give them pleasure rather than merely take care of yourself, they will repay your investment with compound interest? She shook her head momentarily, determined to teach Matt how to truly pleasure a woman, and enjoy the reciprocal pleasures that few men experience in their lives.

Her brief mental detour was interrupted by a long, deep groan behind her, and she realized Matt had succeeded in sliding his full length into her clenching ass and his tight balls were hard against her oozing pussy. “Fuck Mom! This so fucking good, so hot. I’m gonna fuck your slut ass so good for you, bitch. I can’t believe my hot little Mom is letting me fuck her, but I’m gonna do you so good!”

“Do it honey!” She encouraged him with wanton enthusiasm as he started slamming into her, squeezing her body down onto the table with every firm thrust. “Fuck Momma’s hot little shitter. It’s yours Matty; it’s your fuck-hole to do whatever you want. Stretch it, fuck it, AND FILL IT WITH CUM!!!” Her face, neck and crushed breasts were flushed with hedonistic desire, her cunt dripping precum, and her body starting to tremble until as the erotic pleasure built up until she shuddered through her first climax. Another cum followed, and the another, until her pussy was twitching uncontrollably as her thick cream pumped freely from her gaping slit and started pooling on the table. Still he kept on grunting and slamming into her, forcing the breath from her lungs as he tried to go deeper, his heavy balls slapping her dribbling cunt every time he drove his hard shaft into her. “Fuck it honey…..FUCK MY TIGHT SLUTTY ASS! Come on Matty….I need your cum running from my hole!

“Ok Cunt!” He shouted out loud. “You want my cum do you slut?” She nodded below him. “Convince me bitch, ‘cause I’m not so sure!”

She grinned to herself, acknowledging he was a fast learner. “Please Matty….PLEASE! I love your cock, I love your ass-fucking prick! I’m such a slut for you…NO….I’M YOUR EXCLUSIVE SLUT! I’m begging you son….I’ll give you anything you want. Please…..cum in my ass! Cum hard and deep and fill my shit-hole with your greasy fuck-juice and then….” She paused, knowing he was listening intently and her next words would be his undoing. “You can flip me over and shove your filthy cock into my mouth and let me lick and suck you clean!!!”

“Uhhh? What??? Oh…..FUUCCCKKKK!!!!” He yelled as he slammed into her, his shaft pulsing firmly as his cum pumped deep inside her.

“Oh YEAH!” She shouted back at him. “Pump it baby….PUMP IT! Oh fuck, that feels so good. I can feel it Matty, I can feel your cum in my ass! Give it to me…every last fucking drop!”

“You….got it….Mom!” He grunted between bursts. “Milk…it!!!”

She took a breath and bore down on him, using her muscles to grip him until he cried out and she relaxed. He slumped down, his weight resting on her slim body as she felt his pounding heartbeat. They lay there for some time, allowing pulse rates and breathing to gradually come back to normal levels. His cock had softened and ever-so-slowly slid free until he could roll away and collapse on the floor. She watched him breathe until his eyelids flickered open, and smiled at his spent form. “Enjoy yourself?” She asked simply.

He rewarded her with a contented, loving smile. “So much Mom! That was….I feel….that was fucking incredible!”

“Now, I think I promised you something to....finish off this very pleasant afternoon.” She whispered.

He looked perplexed, and then smiled back at her. “Mom….I thought that was just….fuck-talk. Were you actually serious?”

She slid up the table and rolled over on her back so that her head was hanging upside. “Fuck-talk or not baby, a promise is a promise.”

He jumped to his feet and moved around the table, crouching down to slide his spent cock past her cherry-red lips, groaning deeply as he felt her tongue go to work. As she cleaned him without the slightest trace of inhibition he wondered how he could live with his Mom for fifteen years, and have absolutely no idea what a wild, sexual creature she was.

With his clean up taken care of they straightened up the room, before Carole suggested they needed to shower and get dressed as Cassie would be home soon. Matt asked if they could shower together, which earned him a playful slap on the butt before she laughingly sent him away.

He had just finished his shower and was getting dressed in his room when cyclone Cassie arrived, screaming “Matty!” as she dropped her school bag with thud before she rushed over and jumped into his arms, showering him with butterfly kisses before whispering in his ear. “I have been so horny all day today. Let’s watch a porn movie and fool around some before Mom gets home!”

“Ummm….too late Sis, she’s here already.” He confessed reluctantly. “Apparently she finished that project she was working on and her boss gave her the afternoon off.”

“Aww shit!” She moaned. “And I was so looking forward to some quality time with my big brother. Now that’s a major bummer!” She noticed he was sweating and his face was flushed. “Anything wrong bro? You look…kind of stressed.”

“Yeah….I guess I am.” He admitted. “We need to talk. You wanna grab a couple of sodas? There’s something I’ve got to tell you.”

She looked concerned, but headed for the kitchen and came back with their drinks as she sat on the bed. “What’s this about Matt? You’re freaking me out a little.”

“Mom knows about us, all of it, and….she going to tell Dad tonight.”

Cassie went as white a fresh sheet and started to tremble. “Oh no! Oh fuck! How…how did she find out?”

So Matt told her what had happened, starting with their Mom catching him masturbating to the hidden porn collection. When he told Cassie they had watched porn and masturbated together before he came all over her body Cassie looked skeptical, but when he continued and told her they had anal sex, she snapped. “For God’s sake Matt this is serious! If Mom knows we’ve been fooling around we’re in deep shit, and I have no idea why you’d pick now to try and bonus yourself up like the stupid boys at school. I thought I told you one thing I really like about you is that you don’t run around talking shit and bragging about fucking this girl and that one. And now you tell me you had sex with Mom? Which part of that didn’t you understand? I really wish you would stop treating me like a stupid kid, because I’m telling you I’m not impressed!”

He gripped her shoulders gently until she calmed down a little. “I swear to you Cassie, everything I’ve told you is one hundred percent true!”

A flicker of uncertainty flashed across her face. “Matt, if I find out you’re lying to me, I’m going to get my hiking boots and crush your balls. Now tell me the truth, did you….really fuck Mom?”

He nodded, his tongue sliding across his suddenly parched lips before he took a quick sip from his soda. “I was talking shit when she came in…about her.” Cassie raised a questioning eyebrow. “I was pretty hot, and I was imagining that I was fucking her because the porno was the one about an older woman and a young boy, so I was yelling “Come on Mom, suck my cock!” and “Let me fuck your ass Mom!” and trash-talk like that, but she was outside the door listening and….I guess…she got turned on too! I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what happened…honest to God!”

She shook her head in amazement. “Ok, I think I believe you. So…any idea what’s going to happen now? I don’t want to be around when Dad finds out!”

He shook his head slowly. “Trust me, I tried real hard to talk Mom out of it, but she just said that Dad was a smart guy and he was bound to find out sooner or later, and I guess she’s right about that. But, and this is the weird part, she didn’t seem all that…worried about it? I mean….think about it. That happened BEFORE we had sex, and I’d told Mom how you and I tried anal sex but it was too painful for you.” Cassie actually flinched at that recollection. “Then she offered to teach me how to do it properly, how to make sure the woman is relaxed before you even try and get your cock in there. Why would she do that if she knew Dad was going to go ballistic and…hire a housekeeper to watch us until they get home or something? And now that I think about it, she said she wanted to teach me all about fucking.” He paused as he tried to recall her precise words. “I can’t remember exactly what she said, but it was something like she’d teach me how to give a woman so much pleasure, that I’d have girls queued up and prepared to do anything to fuck me. Yeah…I think that was about it.”

Cassie was looking a long way from convinced. “Are you sure you weren’t dreaming bro?”

“No Cassie, that’s the way it happened.” He took a breath, as there was one remaining detail he hadn’t told her about. “I guess I should also tell you, that I told Mom how sometimes you talk trash about fucking Dad when we’re fooling around. I’m really sorry Sis.”

She looked mortified, stunned, and gazed at him in disbelief. “Jesus Matt, why did you have to do that? I….just can’t believe this!”

He looked back sheepishly. “Mom gave me one chance to come clean Sis, and she made sure I knew she wanted all of it. As she put it, she wanted every single, tiny detail.”

“This has got to be the worst day of my fucking life!” She said softly. “We are in really, deep shit!”


In the meantime Carole was sitting on the bed in her room, sobbing her eyes out. The same voice that had so vehemently encouraged her to indulge her lustful desires was speaking again, but this time it was strident voice full of bitter recrimination. “You stupid, stupid bitch. All you had to do was turn and walk away, but you’re such a whore you couldn’t do that one simple thing. And with your own son, who fucked your ass after you slutted yourself in front of him, telling him he could anything he wanted with you? YOU STUPID CUNT! WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING???”

A never ending series of scenarios flashed through her mind like a DVD on fast forward. Twice she had her hand on the doorknob, desperate to find Matt and tell him she’d changed her mind and she wasn’t going to tell Jim about their carnal activities. “What then?” The voice had asked. “You told Matt your husband was intuitive, do really believe he won’t find out sooner or later? Do you really want to be the one encouraging your children to deceive their father like this?” She sat back on the bed, her mind racing desperately to come up with a reasonable alternative.

Then she decided to find Matt and tell him it had all been a horrible mistake, and not only would it never happen again, but his illegal, immoral games with Cassie were over as well. “Sure!” The voice said in a tone thick with contempt. “That’d work, no question. And don’t forget NASA are flying you and the kids to the moon tomorrow!”

But, by far the worst of it was this was the second time she had been unfaithful, and her previous indiscretion had taken their marriage to the very brink of destruction. It was ten long years ago and she had let her guard down at an interstate work function, when an attractive coworker that had flirted with her shamelessly plied her with drinks until her judgment was seriously impaired. She woke in her hotel room the next morning, naked, with a splitting headache and crusty cum all over her pussy.

She returned home and tried to keep it a secret, justifying it as a drunken one night stand that meant absolutely nothing. Quite plausible really, or so it seemed at the time as she couldn’t even remember anything about it. But the guilt would not go away, festering inside her like a growing tumor until she tearfully confessed what she had done. The thing was one of Jim’s core values was fidelity, and she had seen first-hand evidence of this many times when they were at a party or a work function and an attractive woman would flirt openly with him, until he held up his left hand and tapped the gold band on his fourth finger.

Her confession had the expected reaction and he flew into a frightening rage. At no time did she feel physically threatened, but the depth of his anger was totally intimidating just the same. He said things and called her names that he apologized for several times after they finally turned that page, but she had no wish to experience that again. For two long weeks he had been polite but distant, cordial but disinterested, and coldly rebuffed her attempts to make love. She knew they were drifting apart, and finally convinced him to open up and talk to her openly about his feelings. Jim admitted that he felt it was impossible for him to move on, and he was unable to forgive, forget, and reconnect with her.

In desperation she suggested that he “get square;” that he was a handsome man and should go out to a bar and pick up a woman and fuck her senseless in a hotel room. She assured him he could do it as often as he wanted and she would never hold it against him as she had been unfaithful first, but he refused to even consider it, telling her she knew where he stood on that topic.

Her final roll of the dice was to throw herself at his mercy, and she told him she would do anything he wanted to try and make this right. She told him he could beat her to within an inch of her life if he thought it would make a difference, but begged him not to mark her face so the kids would never know. When he laughed that suggestion off she said he could fuck her on Main Street like a street corner whore and then make her walk home naked; anything, anything at all that would help him move past his desperate disappointment in her. She was sure she had failed and her marriage was doomed when he gruffly replied “I’ll think about it.”

Two days later he told her to ring her parents and see if they could take the kids for the coming weekend, and she made the arrangements. She looked at him expectantly, hoping he would reveal something of his plans, but received nothing more than stony silence. Over the next few nights he spent a lot of time in the storage area under the house, and the kids asked what Daddy was doing as they could hear hammering, electric saws and drills at various times. She had no idea, but assured them that “Daddy’s just doing some renovations so we’ve got more storage space.”

She arranged to have Friday off and dropped the kids at her parent’s house early, before coming home and cleaning the house from top to bottom. Then she scrubbed herself spotless, washing her hair, and putting on makeup and a sexy cocktail dress. The final step involved preparing his favorite dinner and waiting expectantly for him to get home.

When he arrived she was hopeful that he wanted to spend the weekend in bed making love, but the look on his face suggested that was unlikely. She poured him a drink, served his meal, and they ate in silence. When he had finished he took a long sip from his glass and looked across at her. “Do you need to go to the toilet?” He asked her.

She looked at him in surprise, having no idea why he would ask such a strange question. “Umm….. I’m sorry?”

His gaze didn’t deviate for a second. “I said….do you need to go to the toilet, specifically, do you need to take a shit?”

This did nothing to clarify his unusual question. “Ummm….no…thank you….I’m fine….in that respect.”

“Good. Stand up and wait here.” He said before walking purposefully out of the room. When he came back she noticed a prominent bulge in the pocket of his suit coat. “The other night you said you were prepared to whatever I wanted to prevent us breaking up, is that still correct?”

A tiny flicker of hope flew across her face. “Yes, that’s right.” She answered quietly.

“I have…a proposal for you, but before you say anything I strongly suggest you hear me out. When I am finished I will give you time to consider what I have said, and you would be wise to consider it very carefully, understood?”

“Yes Jim, I understand.” She whispered.

“Your infidelity is totally unacceptable to me; there is simply no other way to put this. I couldn’t care less if you were drunk or stone-cold sober; you are supposedly a mature woman with responsibilities to me and our children, yet you seem to think it is perfectly ok to ignore these responsibilities when it suits you.” She opened her mouth to speak but he shut her down before she started. “Do not speak until I am finished!” Her head dropped and she nodded in compliance. “It would be the easiest thing in the world to pack my bags and move out, and that would be the end of it. However, unlike you, I understand we have children to care for and I have no desire to put their well-being at risk. So my proposal is this, from now until Sunday afternoon you will be confined to the storage room under the house. You will speak only when spoken to, at all other times you will remain silent, the only exception being to tell me if you need to take a shit. I warn you that I intend to subject you to various…activities, and that I will also subject you to discomfort and pain. I’m not going to beat you because that contradicts my standards, and I do not sacrifice my standards like others do, but I will inflict pain by other means. I will ensure your needs for food, water and warmth at night are met, but that is as far as I intend to go. The only way I think I can move past your betrayal, is to subject you to a similar level of pain and humiliation that you have inflicted on me, and I couldn’t care less whether you think that is reasonable or not. So think carefully before you answer Carole, and before you ask, you don’t get to ask questions about this, it’s simply yes, or no.”

Carole may have had no idea what Jim had in mind, but that in no way affected her decision. She had crossed a line that was as important to her as it was to him, and an integral part of what made Jim the man she was still so strongly attracted to. "I don’t need to think about it Jim, I accept your proposal." She said softly.

Jim walked over and stood directly in front of her, softly fondling the fabric of her dress for a moment, before he increased his grip and tore it from her body. She gasped in surprise as he treated her sexy underwear with similar contempt until she was naked, and then he reached into his pocket and produced a studded dog collar and lead which he fastened around her neck. He led her down the dusty stairs to the storage area, where he used his key to unlock the door before switching on the single naked bulb and taking her inside.

Over the next forty eight hours she saw a side of her husband she had not only never seen before, she had no idea even existed. He treated her in a way she had never been treated before, subjecting her to intense periods of pain and even degradation, interspersed with periods of love and care that appeared almost limitless. Her body was repeatedly ravaged and used as nothing more than a salve for his need for retribution, and he never once asked if she was alright or needed anything. When his body indicated the need for sleep he merely asked if she needed to shit, and when she shook her head he stalked out the door, locking it behind him. He returned the next morning with a bowl of cereal and a bottle of water, allowing her to eat and drink before the process started again.

This was the most intense form of punishment she had ever experienced, and in a brief period of respite she realized that the only way she was getting through this came from her trust that, despite the boiling rage he was clearly still feeling, there was line that he was prepared to push against but not move past. By the time Sunday morning came round she was eagerly anticipating his arrival, her body tingling in anticipation for whatever he may have in store for her. She was very, very careful not to reveal her desire in her expression, as she was being punished for an extremely serious breach of trust, but the further this had gone the more she had surrendered to his will, his control, and his primal desires. Whatever he had in mind, however he wanted to use her body that day, it was something she was completely comfortable with. By the time he finally told her she was free to leave the room to clean up and then collect their children, she was completely and totally hooked, not only prepared but eager to submit to his intense feelings whenever he chose. The only problem was how she could admit that his punishment had provided so much pleasure? The raw, intense release of all that anger, hurt and disappointment had inflicted pain and humiliation for the first twenty four hours or so, but after that the wheel had turned big time. The weeks and months passed and they rebuilt their relationship to the point that Carole's indiscretion faded in importance, but she never found the strength to tell him she desperately wanted him to take her downstairs and lock her in the storage room again, so she remained on wrong side of the locked door.

“Oh my God! Was that the catalyst that started all this?" The voice interrupted her brief sojourn down memory lane. "Please tell me that you didn't take you son's cock in your ass so that you could confess this to Jim, hoping he would take you downstairs to the storage room? You're an intelligent woman; please tell me you haven't put everything at risk on that breathtaking strategy, have you?"

She was still trying to rationalise that aspect when Jim knocked softly and opened the door. "Hey babe, what's the matter, have you been crying?" He asked, concern written all over his face as he sat beside her and slid her strong arm around her trembling shoulders.

She enjoyed the warmth of his comfort for a second before she managed to look him in the eye. "You may want to sit over there Jim." She said softly, nodding at the armchair in the corner. "I'm not sure you're going to want to hold me after I tell you what I've done."

So she told him slowly, as calmly as possible, glancing at him every once in a while to gauge his reaction. This was perhaps not a wise move, as his demeanour grew blacker with each aspect of her disclosure until she stopped talking, one part of her thankful that was over while the other screamed at floor to open up and swallow her up whole.

Jim’s face was blacker than a cloud-covered sky at midnight, his body trembling with anger. As she watched his firm chest rose and fell slowly, as though deep breathing was the only thing preventing him from wrapping his hands around her throat and choking the life from her body. She looked at him expectantly as he rose slowly to his feet, gazing at her with open contempt before he did something completely unexpected, as he strode purposefully out the door without saying a word. She dissolved into tears as she heard his strong footfalls move away, until the front door slammed with a force that seemed to shake the entire house. His car started and the tires squealed in protest as he slammed the gas pedal to the floor and roared away up the street and slewed round the corner.

Cassie and Matt were sitting on the bed in her room and she gazed at him sadly, looking for reassurance from her older sibling. “I don’t think that went very well.” She whispered softly, and Matt nodded in agreement.

Jim drove around for fifteen to twenty minutes, his mind unable to focus on driving but at least convincing him to slow down before he killed himself or an innocent driver in a major wreck. When the tiniest form of rational thought emerged he headed for a bar that he sometimes visited on his way home from work, parking the car and walking inside. He found a booth in a back corner, ordered a drink from the young waitress, and started drowning his sorrows.

He had no idea how long he had been there, but must have been on his third or fourth drink when he felt a soft hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see Carole’s friend April standing there, smiling happily down at him. “Hey Jim, I thought it was you sitting here in the corner. Where’s Carole? Is she around somewhere?”

He shook his head slowly. “No April, Carole’s at home.”

Jim’s soft monotone set of April’s alarm bells, and a look of concern came over her face. “Are you ok Jim? You don’t seem your usual happy self. Would some company?”

Company was the last thing he wanted as his plan was to drink himself into a stupor until someone poured him into a cab and sent him home, but he had no idea how to tell April without offending her and nodded to the vacant seat opposite. She slid into the booth and looked anxiously across at him, as he gazed back at her with a blank expression. “So what brings you here April?” He asked in attempt to kick-start a harmless conversation. “You and Phil enjoying a Friday night out of the house?”

April sighed softly and sat back against the padded bench. “No Jim. Once again my dedicated corporate husband is away on a business trip, so I decided to go out with my closest friends.” She glanced around ruefully at the vacant seats to indicate her last comment was somewhat sarcastic. Jim finally realized she was dressed somewhat provocatively, as she was wearing a short skirt and appeared to be braless under her tight blouse. She seemed to read his mind. “To be honest, I thought I’d come down and see if I could pick up because I’m sick and tired of spending my nights alone.”

Jim’s faced displayed his reaction to her blatant admission, and she hurried to reassure him. “Oh shit, I could have worded that better! Relax Jim; I saw you sitting here and figured Carole would be here too, so I’m not after you if that’s what you’re thinking. Besides, we all know how close you and Carole are, so there’s no way I’d put my fragile ego at risk by going there and getting shot down! So....what’s going on with you? How come you’re here alone on a Friday night?”

He took a long sip from his glass, wondering how much he should tell her until he decided he couldn’t be bothered trying to conceal the truth. “It seems my loving wife has decided I’m not meeting her needs, so she decided to fuck someone else.”

The color drained from her face instantly and she gasped. No Jim, no way!” She gasped. “I’ve known Carole for years and I know how much she loves you. This has to be some kind of misunderstanding....some kind of dreadful mistake!”

He drained his glass, caught the eye of a passing waitress, and nodded at his empty glass before holding up two fingers. “I’m not sure how April. She told me about it herself when I got home. Every....sordid....detail.”

He let that statement hang between them, and April shook her head sadly. “I don’t know what to say Jim; I’m at a complete loss! You probably don’t know this, but our group always talk about you and Carole, and how....together you are? We girls always look at you two as an example of how to make a marriage work....and....if you two can’t make it....there’s not much hope for the rest of us.”

The waitress came back with their drinks and Jim took a sip from his glass, a little surprised April had not jumped to Carole’s defence given they had been friends for years. “So, you and Phil are having a few problems as well?”

She nodded slowly. “I don’t understand what’s happening to us. I’ve tried to talk to him about it, to tell him I’m just dying for a little attention. But he keeps saying that we need the money so he has to focus on his work. I just feel like I’m....invisible most of the time, and I can’t remember the last time he made love to me. I know I’m not a girl anymore, and the body isn’t as tight and firm as it used to be, but I try and keep myself in shape and dress nice for him, not that it does me any good.”

Jim had no idea how to respond to her, as the last thing he wanted was to send a mixed message that might be misconstrued. “None of us are kids anymore April, but it doesn’t seem to get any easier does it?”

She shook her head in agreement. “That’s for sure. there anything I could do to help? Do you have any idea what you’re going to do?”

He shook his head sadly. “I haven’t got a clue. I don’t have the slightest idea if we can move past this, or whether it’s even worth trying.”

A look of sympathetic sadness was on her face as she placed her hand softly over his. “Is she in love with this guy? Do you...know who it is?”

“I know.” He replied. “And while I can’t name him, I know she’s not in love with him. She wants us to stay together, but after this I’m just not sure....”

They talked for some time and April steadfastly refused to take sides, seemingly content to allow him to talk about his feelings and confusion, offering an ear to bend or a shoulder to cry on, whatever he felt he needed. At one point he considered calling Phil and telling him to stop neglecting his wife and refocus on the things that were truly important, but he had enough problems without involving himself in someone else’s worries. It was well after midnight and April watched a waitress moving among the remaining patrons, telling them it was last drinks and they’d be closing soon. “We’re going to get kicked out soon Jim, how many drinks have you had?”

“I think I lost count around five or six.” He admitted.

Then we’d better leave your car here and I’ll drive you home.” She said matter-of-factly.

“You’re probably right, and thanks.” He agreed, not wanting to try and get through a sobriety test on the way home.

He stood unsteadily and she helped him to her car. “I’m sorry I interfered with your plans April.”

She surprised him by smiling in reply. “That’s what friends are for Jim. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve spent the night with my trusty vibrator for company.”

When she pulled up outside his place she placed a restraining hand on his thigh as he fumbled for the door handle. “This is none of my business, and you know Carole is my friend but....try and find a way Jim. Everyone can see how much you both care for each other, and I’m not saying you should just forgive what happened. But it would be such a tragedy if you didn’t make it, so.....see if you can find a way to move past this, ok?”

He glanced back at her. “I....don’t know April. But...thanks for being a friend and for driving me home.” With that he closed the door gently and moved unsteadily up the path.


Jim woke the next morning with a pounding headache that convinced him little men with large hammers were mercilessly belting away at the inside of his skull. Carole was nowhere to be seen, no surprise given the beside clock showed it was after ten, so he stumbled into the bathroom, popped a couple of painkillers, and turned the shower taps on as hard as they would go. Ten minutes of steaming spray had him feeling somewhere closer to normal, so he threw on some clothes and went in search of his family. He found them sitting quietly at the breakfast bar, Carole sipping a coffee and the kids nursing fruit juices. “Would you like a coffee Jim?” Carole asked quietly, and when he nodded she poured a fresh mug.

He sat at the table and looked at the three nervous, expectant faces. “I guess we’d better see if we can make some sense of this mess.” He said sternly, before looking directly at his wife. “I have no idea what the hell has been going on in this house, but do you have any idea how many laws you have broken, and how much trouble we would be in if anyone ever found out about the sick behaviour you three have been indulging in?” He looked directly at Cassie and Matt. “You two are underage so you wouldn’t go to jail, but your Mom and I would be in a real bind if it ever got out that you’d been fooling around together.” His steely gaze returned to Carole. “And complete and utter slut!” She flinched at the vehement way he spat out the word. “You come home and find your son masturbating.....and there’s nothing wrong with that....and what do you do? You don’t give him some privacy to finish what he’s doing....YOU DECIDE YOU WANT TO FUCK HIM! Did I miss a news bulletin saying all bets are off and anyone can do any fucking thing they want????” He slumped back on the chair, his chest heaving as he drew a deep breath and tried to compose himself. “Well? Does anyone have anything intelligent to say? OR DO I START RESEARCHING SINGLE-SEX BOARDING SCHOOLS?”

Cassie went whiter still and looked as though she was ready to burst into tears, an expression that mirrored her mother’s very closely, when Matt spoke softly. “I’d like to say something Dad, if you’re prepared to listen to me.”

“I would be very interested to hear what anyone has to say Matt.” Jim replied. “Because you have no idea how hard it is to get my head around any of this!”

It was Matt’s turn to take a deep breath. “I understand you’re angry and you’re upset and you have every right to be, but....there are aspects of this that I do want to talk about. I guess the first thing I want to say is that I’m so very sorry about what happened between Mom and me, and you’re probably going to blame Mom for this but I’m just as responsible, so please don’t take it all out on her. I knew it was wrong. I knew I shouldn’t do it. But I did it anyway so it’s as much my fault as it is hers.”

If nothing else, Jim had to grudgingly admit his son had the balls to man-up and take responsibility for his actions, without offering excuses or trying to blame someone else. But Matt was a long way from finished yet. “I guess the next thing we need to talk about is Cassie and I. We understand what incest is and that it’s illegal, but why is it? I mean, I know if close relatives have sex and conceive a child there is a chance the baby might be abnormal. And I understand that if it wasn’t illegal some fathers might be tempted to interfere with their children, but that seems to happen anyway and it isn’t what happened here! You haven’t done anything....inappropriate with us, and what happened between Mom and I could hardly be called abuse or child endangerment, so I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. Can I ask how old you were when you first started...fooling around with a girl? Or how old you were the first time you had sex?”

Jim found it very difficult not flinch or blush at that question, because he remembered very clearly indeed. He had been sixteen and the girl had been fourteen, and they both knew it was wrong and they couldn’t have cared less. They were horny young teenagers with hormones running rampant through their bodies, and after that first time they were exploring their hunger for each other whenever they had the opportunity.

When Jim maintained his silence Matt went on. “Dad, do you know that if you’re in Florida the age of consent is eighteen, and if you cross the state line into Georgia it’s sixteen? Does that make any sense to you? In Florida if you and a girl are going for it in a car you get busted for underage sex, but if you get caught in Georgia they slap you on the wrist and tell you to be a little more discreet. So in our own country we can’t even decide when you’re old enough to have sex, and in India parents arrange marriages for their children when the girl is just into her teens! So who gets to decide when you’re old enough and when you’re not?”

Jim remained silent, but this was primarily due to the lack of any kind of sensible counter to Matt’s increasingly convincing argument. Given time he may have been able to muster a logical response, but right now he was coming up empty. “And what about sexually transmitted diseases?” Matt continued. “Did you know that HIV-Aids cases are actually on the increase? After the world-wide scare that having unprotected sex could actually kill you, people are forgetting about it and deciding they don’t have to worry about wearing condoms anymore. We’ve been right though this in health classes so I’m not making this up, and at least Cassie and I know who we are with, and that STDs are not a problem. Dad, we’re normal healthy teenagers and we’re at the age where we are going to experiment with sex. You and Mom did it, Grandpa and Grandma probably did it too, so please don’t forget what it was like for you. We are going to do it, the only question is whether we do it behind your back or with your consent, and I know which I’d prefer. What we have been doing may be illegal, but I’ll be fucked if some faceless politician who last had sex twenty years ago is going to tell me who I can be with and when! You and Mom have always taught us to have the courage to question things that don’t make sense, and not blindly go along with things we don’t agree with. Well, I don’t agree with this, and neither does Cassie, and I have my doubts whether Mom does either!”

Despite his feelings Jim had to admit Matt had grown up faster than he had realised, and he experienced an unexpected sense of pride. His son had expressed himself clearly and with complete conviction under extremely difficult circumstances, and his reasoning was difficult to argue with. He wondered how many more surprises this day was going to bring, and looked at his daughter. "What about you Cassie? What do you have to say for yourself?"

She looked him in the eye. "Dad, I know you're freaked out about this, and I guess I can understand that. But the crazy thing is; parents bring up their kids to ask questions to help them learn about life. From the time we’re little kids you want us to come to you and ask if you can help us with our homework, teach us to ride a bike, and help us understand right from wrong. As we grow up you want us to talk to you about drugs rather than just try them, and come to you if a friend suggests we do something wrong rather than just go along and get into trouble. But who teaches us about sex, and how to make a relationship work? I know sex is an important part of a relationship or marriage, but so many of my friends' parents are divorced and you know why? Because most of them had a fucking affair! Why don't parents teach their kids about how to make a marriage work? Why don't you teach us about sex and learning how to enjoy our bodies, and keep our partners happy? Why don't you teach us that having kids, and money problems, and careers can make marriage really hard if you don't work together? You teach us all this other stuff that helps us grow up, but when it comes to the really important things most parents get all embarrassed and evasive. You give us general advice about our bodies and how they change, but who really teaches us how to keep our partner truly happy, so we don't go running around behind your backs trying to work it out for ourselves? I'm sure most adults had some wild times when they were growing up, but when they become parents they pretend it never happened, and come down on their kids like a ton of bricks the first time they even think they might be fooling around. I think this is the greatest, bullshit, double-standard of all time!"

While he didn't have any preconceived ideas, Jim was struggling to come to terms with the realization that this wasn't going anything like he had expected. He glanced at Carole and was surprised to she had the slightest smile on her face as she gazed at the children with open admiration. “So Carole, where do you stand on this?"

She hesitated for a second. "Are you sure you want to have this conversation now? I thought it might be better if we talk privately."

"Now is fine with me, unless you're hiding something else." He responded sharply.

"I have told you absolutely everything Jim, and you have my word on that." She started off. "As for this? Well, what do you want me to say? I had sex with our son, and I'm not proud of the fact that I hurt you badly in doing it. I would do anything I could to take that hurt back but we both know that isn't possible, so all I can do is say I'm truly sorry. But before we get on our high horses let's look at a couple of things. What Matt and I did is called sodomy, and you and I do that regularly and we both enjoy it, at least I know I do." Hearing her mother talking this openly had Cassie looking for a place to hide but she sat there quietly, trying to appear invisible. "Do you know there are several states where sodomy is illegal Jim? So you and I regularly enjoy illegal...activities in the privacy of our own house, just as Matt and I did. And we have spent the last fifteen years raising our kids just as Cassie said, so they would feel comfortable in discussing anything they choose with us, because we didn't want to be the parents that had no idea what their kids were doing until the police knocked on the door one night."

She paused for a breath and glanced at Jim again, but wasn't sure she could read his body language. "So our son decided he wanted to learn about sex from his mother rather than fool around with some girl at school. Well you know what Jim, I was really flattered. He wasn't fantasizing about some hot piece of pussy his own age, he was fantasizing about me. And you daughter feels the same way about you! Don't you get it now? This may be...unconventional....and yes it's certainly illegal.....but so was smoking pot when we were teenagers but we went right ahead and got stoned, more than once if my memory is correct. We are not abusing our children Jim, and I believe the incest laws were framed to prevent predatory parents from forcing young children to have sex against their will! They have expressed their wishes and it's up to us, and them, if we agree to be with them. Nobody is being raped, or coerced, or forced to do ANYTHING they don't want to, and provided we keep this private I don't see a single thing wrong with it. The genie is out of the bottle Jim, and I don't think we've got a hope in hell of putting it back, nor do I see why we should."

Matt was staring open-mouthed at his mother. "Mom! Did you and Dad really get stoned?"

Despite the gravity of the situation she threw back her head and laughed loudly. We got as high as kites every Friday and Saturday night for quite a while Matty." She readily acknowledged, before looking back at Jim. "So Jim, we've been around the table and now I think it's your turn to tell us how you feel."

Jim was sweating freely, and his hangover from the previous night wasn't helping him put his scattered thoughts together. He had expected a collection of stifled apologies and expressions of remorse, but hadn't been prepared for a series of logical, considered arguments that he had to admit made good sense, at least to a point. "I'd have to admit I'm probably more confused than I can ever remember feeling." He admitted. "Yesterday my world was stable, calm and made perfect sense; last night I felt as though I'd been run over by a train." He looked at Matt and Cassie. "What each you said made perfect sense, and actually made me very proud of the way you've grown up. But, what's happened is completely against everything I grew up believing, and I just don't know if I can come to terms with this, or even agree to look the other way. I'm...just....not....sure about....any of this."

Carole lay her hand softly on his. "I understand Jim, and we thought you could use some time to get your head around this. So I rang Mom and Dad this morning and asked if they could take the kids for the weekend. I told them your boss had called in a panic, asking if you could fly interstate this afternoon to deliver a presentation for a sick colleague, and if you could make it you could take me with you. The kids have already packed and Dad should be here in around fifteen minutes, so it would be a good idea if you played along, then you can spend the weekend relaxing or doing whatever you want, ok?"

"Yeah, I think that's a great idea thanks." He acknowledged.

"There's just one more thing." She told him. "Whatever you decide, the one thing I won't agree to is sending one or both of the kids to boarding school, and I won't have them scared to death all weekend wondering if you're going to do it. I'm prepared to go along with just about anything else, but can we please agree that idea is off the table?"

He considered this for a minute or more, as he'd been one hundred percent serious when he'd announced it as a possibility, but he now realized it would be extremely cruel to leave them hanging all weekend. "That's fair enough. I was incredibly angry when I said that, and I agree that whatever we come up with, that's not the solution."

With the family conference over Cassie and Matt went to get their bags and pack the last few items they would need, arriving back just as Carole’s father rang the doorbell. Thankfully he didn’t want to stay, telling Jim and Carole they should be packing to make their flight, and clearly happy to have some time with his grandchildren. They said their goodbyes, Cassie looking over her shoulder hopefully as they walked to the car.

Carole closed the door and looked wistfully at her husband. “So.....what happens now? Do you want me to leave you alone and give you some space? Do you want to yell at me and tell me what a slut I’ve been? Just tell me what you want Jim.”

He shook his head slowly. “I don’t know Carole....I just don’t know.” He looked at her but her gaze didn’t waver. “I don’t want to dredge up unpleasant memories, but....this isn’t the first time....even if the circumstances are totally different. I just can’t believe you’d do something like that with Matty!”

“And why not?” She countered. “Have you looked at him lately? He’s so much like you its uncanny. He looks like you; he acts like you...hell! Half the time he talks so much like you, I could close my eyes and believe it is you. So why wouldn’t I be attracted to him? And for what it’s worth I didn’t just walk in, see him masturbating and decide to jump him; I stood there for ages trying to walk away but in the finish I couldn’t do it. I guess that does make me a slut doesn’t it?”

She headed for the kitchen and he followed behind her, nodding when she held up his empty mug and pouring fresh coffees as they sat down. “I certainly didn’t expect what happened earlier.” He admitted. “Cassie and Matt had done their homework, and it was hard to disagree with what they said.”

“We didn’t set you up Jim.” She assured him. “Please don’t think we got up early and....prepared a defence strategy, because that simply didn’t happen. I have to admit I was pretty impressed with their comments, and they may have put their heads together but they didn’t talk to me about it.”

“Did you enjoy it? Fucking Matt?” He asked. “Do you intend doing it again?”

She took a moment to compose herself. “I enjoyed it, and I won’t deny it because you’d know I was lying. As to whether I intend doing it again? Well, that depends on you. If you tell me the only thing that will save our marriage is for me to be one hundred percent faithful, then that’s what I’ll do because staying together is what I want more than anything. But I won’t lie to you; it will be very difficult to....have a taste and not want to go back for more.”

“Then...what about Cassie?” He asked, genuinely curious. “Are you saying you’d be ok if...I fucked her?”

She smiled across the table. “You never answered Matt’s question, so I’ll ask it again. How old were you when you first had sex?”

“Sixteen.” He admitted.

“And how old was the girl you were with?”

“Ummm....I’m not sure but....I think she was fourteen.” He confessed.

“Cassie turns fourteen in a couple of months Jim.” Carole said just as the same thing occurred to him. “Look, if you’d asked me that question a week ago I’d probably wonder if you had lost your mind, but things have certainly changed since then. Now that we know what’s been going on, we know she’s going to experiment with sex regardless of what we want! After you and your girlfriend had sex for the first time, I’ll bet you went at it like rabbits every chance you got?” He nodded sheepishly. “Then maybe we need to think about what Cassie said about double-standards. How can we tell her not to do the exact same thing we did at her age? As to how I’d feel about you having sex with her, if she’s going to do it anyway then there’s nobody I’d rather have teaching her than you! You are the most amazing lover Jim. We’ve been together for a long time and you still make me tingle every time you touch me, so why not? As long as you’re both happy with it, it’s not as though you’re molesting her and making her do this against her will. To me that’s the crux of the whole thing. She’s very mature for her age and that makes a big difference. It’s like Matty said; how can it be ok to have sex at sixteen in some states, and eighteen in others? It seems to me that even our supposedly wise politicians have no idea!”

He nodded in silent agreement, and Carole felt that she was just starting to crack a door open. “What the hell.” She mused to herself. “I’m in so deep now I can’t make things any worse!” She looked at Jim. “Do you still want me, or have I completely turned you off by having sex with our son?” She asked directly.

“I still want you babe.” He acknowledged. “I’m kind of confused but that hasn’t changed.”

She breathed a silent sigh of relief. “Well I still want you too, more than anything.” She assured him passionately. “The....other time this happened, you locked me in the storage room for the weekend you remember?”

He nodded so she hesitantly went on. “How long has it been...since you’ve been down there?”

“Years.” He answered simply.

“Do you think it would help....if you took me down there again? Would it help you get rid of some of the hurt and anger strapped me down and....used me the way you did the other time?”

“Maybe.” He replied thoughtfully. “But....I was really rough on you....there were times when I felt I’d just....totally lost control. I was lucky I didn’t really hurt you!”

She placed her hand softly over his. “That first day I was really scared too.” She admitted. “But by that night I realized that....while you were incredibly angry, there was no way you’d really hurt me. Then I could actually relax a little and....let you work through your feelings....until you felt that we could move on.”

He smiled softly at her for first time since he’d arrived home the night before. “Sometimes I think you know me better than I know myself!” He replied. “Do you actually want me to take you down there?”

She hesitated for a second, realizing that this was a rare case where honesty may not be the best policy. “I want to do whatever it takes to make up for hurting you so badly. If you think that will work then let’s do it. If you want to do something different, then that’s ok too. It’s your call Jim.”

He considered her suggestion carefully, and then looked at her closely. “It worked the last time, so let’s see if it works again. Everything down there will be covered in at least an inch of dust, so I’ll need half an hour or so to clean it up so we’re not sneezing every time we breathe.”

Carole had the beginnings of an interesting idea forming, and this suited her perfectly. “Then you go clean up a little and I’ll take care of a couple of things here. Would you like me to come down in half an hour or so?” She asked sweetly.

He pushed back his chair. “That’d be perfect.” He agreed, and headed for the stairs.

As soon as he had left the room Carole flew to the bedroom, rummaging through the wardrobe with trembling hands until she found what she was searching for. A year ago they had been invited to a fancy dress party with a risqué theme. She had bought a sexy schoolgirl costume only to find the skirt was way too short when she tried it on that night. Realizing she simply couldn’t wear it with any shred of decency, she packed it away and returned to buy a wicked witch costume instead, which still had a short skirt but at least provided an appropriate level of decency. She had the world’s fastest shower before putting on the tiny skirt and sheer blouse, which she knotted just below her breasts. A pair of white ankle socks and black buckle shoes completed her outfit, and she moved from side to side in front of the full length mirror, critically appraising her appearance. There was something missing, so she put her hair up in pigtails. “Much better, but not quite there yet!” She whispered to herself. Bright red lipstick and some heavy eye makeup followed, before she laughed and used more makeup to dot some freckles on her cheeks. “That’s it.” She congratulated herself. “If this doesn’t turn him on then nothing will!”

She walked slowly back, her heart pounding as she went down the stairs to the partially open door. She paused and knocked until Jim told her to come in, and she walked in and waited for his reaction. He turned to look at her and stopped dead in his tracks, his hungry eyes roaming over her body despite his efforts to maintain control. “Hi Daddy.” She said simply. “I’ve been a very naughty little girl, and I’m here for my punishment.”

She nearly cheered when he followed her lead and moved seamlessly into character. “You have been a naughty girl....Cassie.” He said as he took a couple of steps to stand in front of her. “A very naughty girl indeed I’m afraid. Daddy is going to have to teach you a lesson....a lesson you’ll never forget.”

Jim had spent days preparing the room for their last visit, and had proved to be a surprisingly good home-handyman. He had constructed a device that was basically an X-shaped padded platform, where each of the four sections could be pivoted. Carole had been tied down with the series of straps that held her wrists, ankles and waist firmly in place, so that her movement was severely limited. The whole platform could also be rotated so that he could have her body laying flat, vertical or even upside down if he chose. Scattered around the walls and ceiling were a series of pulleys and shackles, and he had used these to good effect during her previous punishment.

She shuddered in anticipation, her pussy oozing juices already. “Daddy, I’m so sorry for fucking Matty; I know....I shouldn’t have done it....but my little cunt just took control and, it was just sooo good. I don’t know why I’m such a slut Daddy; but I just think about cocks and fucking all the time! Let me do something nice for you Daddy. I could suck your hot cock if you like? You could fuck my little mouth and fill me up with your cum, and I promise I’ll swallow every drop! Can’t we work this out Daddy, please? I don’t want to be punished!”

He shook his head and grinned lasciviously. “You’re going to suck Daddy’s cock Cassie, and so much more as well, but I have a responsibility as a parent and your actions mean that I have no choice.”

“You’re going to hurt me Daddy aren’t you?” She whispered breathlessly. “Are you going to hurt me a lot?”

“I’m afraid so baby. So there’s no point in trying to delay the inevitable, it’s time we got started.” He picked her up as though she weighed nothing and lay her down on the platform, moving each of her limbs into position as she lay there, complaint, until her wrists and ankles were secured. He put the final strap around her waist, cinching it tight so she was unable to move. “It’s kind of bright in here, perhaps some candles would be more appropriate.” He said simply, placing large red candles around the room before flicking off the bare bulb. She was breathing deeply, her chest rising and falling as he watched her, noticing how long and hard her nipples were as they strained against the sheer fabric. Ever so slowly he undid the tie below her breasts and eased her blouse open before he disappeared from view for a moment. When he came back he was carrying a pair of wicked looking nipple clamps with gleaming serrated teeth. He dipped his head and took a proud nipple between his teeth, increasing the pressure of his bite until she started panting heavily, then he stood back and attached the clamp, slowly the increasing the tension until she gasped as she felt the sharp teeth bite into her tender flesh. The second nipple received identical treatment and she felt as though her pussy was running like a tap, as the warm sensation of her fluids pooled against her butt cheeks where they rested against the vinyl covering.

Her eyes were flickering open and closed, before she felt a tugging on one nipple and saw him threading some cord through the clamp, which he ran up to a shackle on the ceiling. He watched her with an evil grin on his face as he slowly pulled on the cord, increasing the tension until her clipped nipple dragged her breast toward the ceiling. Once again he did the same to her other nipple, until both breasts were stretched obscenely toward the roof.

Her breasts felt as though they had been doused in burning gasoline, which was an accurate analogy given what was about to happen. Jim picked up one of the flickering candles and moved it over her body, holding it steady above her. “What are you going to Daddy?” Carole whispered breathlessly. “What are you going to do to your little girl?”

He maintained his silence and smirked as he tilted the candle until it was almost horizontal, watching a string of molten wax form and drop, straight down onto her stretched breast. “Aaaarrrggghh!” Carole moaned as she felt the hot liquid pool on her tender skin, immediately starting to dry as it cooled. “AARRRRGGGHH!!!” She screamed as another drip followed, and another and another, until her breast was covered in bright red wax. He moved across her, subjecting the second breast to the same exquisite torture as she gasped and panted and squealed. “Daddy please! Please stop Daddy!!” She begged. “I promise I’ll never do it again, just, please stop. Oh FUCK! My tits are on fire Daddy!”

He moved slowly down her body, putting the candle down so that he could unzip her tiny skirt and expose her glistening cunt. He picked up the candle again and tilted it to allow it to drip on her chest, her stomach, and the smooth skin just above her oozing pussy. “I really wish I could believe that honey.” He whispered softly. “But you’re just like your mother, a complete and total slut who simply can’t resist a hard, dripping cock can you? You have to be honest with me Cassie. Lying will only make things worse for you.”

“Ok Dad!” She shouted. “You’re right; I am a slut, and I.....just can’t help it. But....I didn’t really want Matty’s cock in my cunt....I wanted YOURS! I could be your slut’re exclusive little underage slut. Wouldn’t you like that Daddy? Wouldn’t you like a tight little cunt to stick you cock deep inside, and fuck SOOO HARD? I would do it for you Daddy! I would do it for you whenever you want!”

“That’s a very attractive offer honey, and I’ll give that some serious consideration.” He assured her sincerely. “’s not going to change anything between now and tomorrow night.”

She stifled a scream as the first drops of wax landed directly on her freshly shaved pussy, writhing against the straps as she tried to move free. When her cunt was a matching color to her breasts he put the candle on a shelf, stroking her hair and face softly. Treating her this way brought back memories of their previous encounter, and she loved the way he alternated between a harsh pseudo disciplinarian and a loving, caring husband. The pain could be intense but it wasn’t at a point shouldn’t stand, and her pussy continued to ooze as a graphic testament to her level of acute arousal.

He slid the legs of the cross apart, which opened her legs for him, exposing her slippery pussy to his gaze and touch. Moving between her legs her slid a finger easily past her glistening labia and into her moist cavity. She was incredibly wet, her juices running freely and providing more than enough lubricant for what was to come. He slid his shorts down and kicked then away, sliding the head of his hard cock up and down her slit until he thrust forward, burying his length in her clenching cunt.

“Oh yes!” She hissed softly. “My little cunt wants your cock so bad Daddy!”

“I can see that honey.” He grinned down at her. “Does it feel good to have my cock buried deep in your tight little pussy?”

“Oh yes Daddy, thank you.” She hissed. “It feels fucking fantastic!”

He started fucking her firmly, sliding back until the head of his cock was perilously close to slipping free before thrusting back firmly, his tight balls smearing her juices across their skin. While he knew he was fucking his hot wife, his mind was taking a different tangent, imagining it was Cassie’s tight tunnel he was stretching as he increased speed. Should he really fuck his darling daughter? Could he actually do it if he had the opportunity? Carole certainly seemed keen for him to take her, no doubt thinking that would clear the way for a repeat session with Matt. And what about Cassie herself? According to Carole and Matt she was keen, but would she really want to be intimate with her own father?

The hedonistic mental images were bringing his cum to boiling point, fast! He was fucking her firmly, almost violently, as he pounded deep and hard into her clenching pussy. “Is this what my little slut wants?” He shouted. “Does get you off you little whore? Are you gonna cum with me slut? Are you gonna pump your hot fuck-juice all over my cock when I fill your tight little hole with jizz?”

“Too....late! Uggghhhh!!!” She gasped as he felt a scalding spray of her primal fluid pumping down the length of his shaft and oozing onto his ball sac as she shook and trembled. That was the final straw for Jim, and he unloaded a massive burst of cum deep inside Carole’s clenching cunt. He hadn’t cum for a few days and thrust so hard he was sure his balls would be bruised as he slammed into her, spurt after powerful spurt saturating the walls of her pussy and his quivering shaft. Their cocktail of fuck-cream was oozing past her puffy labia as he continued to thrust until his pumping flow slowed, and finally ran dry.

They were both panting heavily, their skin flushed pink from the exertion as his softening cock slipped free from her dripping embrace. He looked down at her ravaged body, loving the way her skin glistened as the soft light reflected from the coating of perspiration. As he watched a steady trickle of white cream oozed from her gaping pussy and dribbled down over her sphincter before pooling on the vinyl, and he bent down to kiss her. She groaned softly as she felt his tongue touching her, before he slid his mouth along her pussy lips slowly and tenderly. He had never performed oral sex on a freshly-fucked pussy before, but was so overcome with fuck-lust that he couldn’t resist tasting her, extending his tongue to probe the slick wetness inside. She groaned again as he went to work, lovingly cleaning their combined fluids from her gaping passage, working his tongue progressively deeper as she writhed against him. Her body responded and bathed his face with even more fluid, the intoxicating scent of sex hanging heavily in the air as she came again and again. It was only when she found the breath to beg him to stop that he did so, resting on a chair as he watched her slowly come round.

Her eyes finally opened and blinked a few times, as though she was finding it difficult to focus on her surroundings, but when her eyes found him she gave him a dreamy, satisfied smile. “You’ve never done that before Jim, and I hope I don’t have to wait years for the next time.” She whispered. “I don’t think I’ve cum so hard and for so long; and having you eat my cunt like that was....indescribably good!”

He grinned back at her before he stood; untying the cords attached to her nipple clamps before undoing her restraints and was mildly surprised when she appeared hesitant. “Why are you untying me Jim? I might want to do other things to me.” She asked softly.

“I thought you might like a drink or a chance to freshen up.” He said simply. “Before....I tie you down again, because we’re a long way from finished.”

That seemed to satisfy her and she gratefully accepted the offer for some refreshment. “You really get off on this don’t you?” He asked.

She hesitated, but only for a second. “Yes.” She admitted. “It gets me incredibly hot to be...totally powerless. I don’t know why, but the fact that you’re completely in control and there’s nothing I can do to stop you allows me to....just let myself go and enjoy anything you want to do.”

“You really are a slut.” He said, but this time with a loving smile. “I guess that’s one of things that keep us together. So...why didn’t you tell me? We’ve only ever done this once before, and I don’t understand why you didn’t tell me you wanted to do it again?”

She actually blushed and looked at him sheepishly. “I thought about; I really did. was supposed to be a punishment and, I couldn’t find a way to tell you that it actually turned me on, a lot! I certainly wasn’t prepared to fuck someone else in the hope that you would bring me down here again rather than just walk out on me, so I agonised over it for months but I just couldn’t find the nerve to tell you I’d be happy to do it anytime you wanted.”

He nodded slowly. “When you put it that way I can understand how you felt. But you did take a hell of a risk coming down her dressed like that, and pretending to be Cassie.”

She smiled coyly. “It seemed to work though.”

“I guess it did.” He agreed. “So are we really going to do this? I mean....I know you fucked Matt and you’re telling me Cassie wants to be with me, but have you thought this through? I’d hate to see this start and then find one or more of us had serious issues later.”

Carole looked at him tenderly. “We certainly hit you with an unpleasant surprise, but I really didn’t realize until later how unfair it was just to drop this in your lap and expect you to come to terms with it. It really was quite...bizarre.....the way it all happened. I spent most of last night trying to make sense of it all, until I finally decided to stop worrying myself sick about what had already happened, and start focusing on where we go from here, provided you didn’t pack your bags and leave us. It seemed to come easier then, especially when I remembered what I was like at their age, because I was kind of wild!”

Jim nodded in agreement as his early sexual activities were now out in the open, and then she went on. “Anyway, the first thing I thought about was whether we should try and stop it; and how we possibly could. I figured the only way would be if I gave up work so that I was always here when the kids get home from school. That would make things difficult financially, and the kids would see it for what it was, a lack of trust on our part, and that would probably affect our relationship with them. And do we really want to go there? Can you imagine wondering where they were and what they were doing every time they were out of our sight? Do you want to be knocking on their door every time it’s shut to make sure they’re behaving the way we think they should?”

Jim shook his head slowly. “They’d finish up hating us, and probably move out as soon as they could.” He agreed.

“Dead right!” Carole said emphatically. “Look Jim I love you completely, but I enjoyed being with Matt very much as well. I love everything you do to me, but when I was with Matty it was different, and fresh, and incredibly exciting! And I know how much you believe in fidelity, but aren’t there times when you wonder what it would be like to slide that gorgeous cock of yours into a fresh pussy?” She waited for him to nod before continuing. “Ok then, we have a son and a daughter that are going to explore sex, and they’re going to do it regardless of how many obstacles we put in their way! Even if we stop them from being with each other, I’m sure they’d just find someone else to experiment with. As far as I’m concerned, as long as we keep it private and nobody is forced to do something they don’t want, then where’s the harm in it?”

Carole felt that Jim was finally coming round, so she pushed on. “We’re not a couple that has sex at night with the lights off and always in the missionary position, we love to fuck! We love all sorts of things as long as we both enjoy ourselves. I would love the opportunity to have you and Matt fuck me at the same time. Just the thought of having one of you in my cunt or my ass, while the other fucks my face just makes my pussy running wet. Doesn’t the thought of being with Cassie turn you on, even just a little? Wouldn’t you just love to slide your cock inside her hot, wet pussy, or maybe even into her tight little ass. She would probably go for it because she and Matty have already tried so anal doesn’t turn her off. With you taking your time to get her lubed up and stretched, she’d go crazy! Apart from anything else, aren’t you seriously flattered that she’s even interested in you?”

She paused, wondering if she had read his body language accurately or made a dreadful mistake. He replied by picking her up and dumping her back on the platform, hastily fastening the straps and cinching them tightly. He disappeared from view and returned with a ball gag, something Carole had never seen before. She raised her head eagerly as he thrust the ball in her mouth, tightening the strap firmly behind her head before he pushed her back down. His cock was hard and leaking precum as her eyes blazed at him with lust, waiting expectantly. He slid the pads holding her legs wide apart and stepped between him, taking his cock in his hand and stroking it firmly. She was surprised that he was ready to go again so soon, and closed her eyes as she felt the tip of his shaft slide down her drooling pussy before coming to rest against her puckered sphincter. He rocked forward, forcing his head past her clenching muscle until it slid slowly inside, a groan slipping past his lips as he savoured the exquisite sensations of her firm hold. His lust was undeniable as he started rocking, sliding ever deeper as his precum eased the way and she stretched in wanton acceptance of his primal need. For some strange reason she remembered Matt’s comment that nice girls don’t do anal, and a smirk passed over her face. “They don’t know what they’re missing!” She thought to herself as a series of tiny sparks radiated from her clenching ass.

Jim was thrusting firmly now, trying to force her open and accept every inch of hard cock until his balls started smacking her labia every time he drove into her. She was loving every deep, pounding thrust, willing her tight hole to relax and accept him as he fucked her firmly. Her tight ass was gripping every bump and ridge on his cock until she couldn’t hold back for another second and came violently, her juices spraying from her quivering cunt and spraying his ball sac with pungent juice. The ball gag stifled her scream, which was probably just as well as the volume level was still clearly audible. Beads of sweat were popping out all over his body as he looked down at her captive form, the erotic sight of her total helplessness adding to the sensations. He wanted to fuck her tight private hole for hours, but it was impossible to hold back, and his clenching balls started pumping firmly once again as he bathed her ass with steaming ropes of thick white cum. As soon as she realized he was filling her cavity her eyes flashed open and she came with him, both pumping furiously as they watched the other enjoying a blissful release.

When he finally stopped cumming he surprised her by slipping free immediately which was something he never did, but just as his fuck-juice started oozing from her gaping ass he reappeared, sliding a large butt plug deep into her open hole and capturing his seed inside her. She grinned lasciviously, loving the slippery sensation before he moved again and rotated the platform until she was almost vertical with her head pointing down toward the floor. Firm hands slid her head forward and unclipped the ball gag before throwing it away; and her eyes opened to see his soiled cock sliding toward her face. She smiled up at him before she closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide. His cock jammed forcefully into her mouth, the gradually softening shaft bending to the side as his head pushed against her cheek, and she closed her lips around him before going to work with her tongue. She had never performed ass to mouth on him before, nor had he asked her to, in fact the first time she had done this was yesterday with Matt. But if he was prepared to suck his cum from her freshly fucked cunt then she was more than happy to return the favour, and set to work with lustful enthusiasm. Her tongue flicked and slid all over his cock, bathing it with saliva and cleaning him thoroughly until he was groaning in appreciation.

His cock was actually growing harder in her mouth, which Carole noted with some surprise as he had already had two massive cums that morning, but the next thing she knew he had moved reluctantly away and she was moved back to a horizontal position and he was busy untying her. When her restraints had been released her picked her up and placed her on the floor, instructing her to kneel on the concrete surface. She did as she was told and he moved behind her, moving her arms behind her back before securing them firmly, and then sliding a blindfold over her eyes. She waited expectantly, wondering what was coming until she felt the touch of something moving over her skin. It brushed across her nipples, teasing the tender flesh before moving up across her shoulder and down her back. Whatever it was felt smooth and cool as it travelled down and softly caressed her firm butt cheeks, before the contact stopped for a moment and his cock head nudged insistently against her lips. Her mouth opened and he slid back inside, sliding straight into her throat as his balls nudged against her chin. He started fucking her mouth, moving slowly and steadily as he slid back and then forced his way back inside her moist throat.

“Ok you cock sucking whore.” He growled down at her, before she heard a soft hissing sound just before something slapped firmly across her butt.

Thwack! The leather tip of the riding crop slammed firmly across her skin, leaving an immediate red mark on her flesh as testament to the force of the blow. “Mmmmmmffff!!!” She groaned around his cock, before the other cheek took a similar blow. THWACK!! Another groan tried to escape from her mouth, stifled by the presence of a firm piece of flesh deep in her throat.

“I think I’m coming round to the idea of having two hot sluts to service my cock whenever I want.” He said firmly as he set about whipping one cheek and then the other, his blows strong enough to have her groan and gasp without doing serious harm. She registered his words between sparks of pain and enthusiastically started sucking him harder, her lust starting to boil despite struggling to believe he appeared to finally accept the inevitability of their situation. “So this is the way it’s going to happen. Are you listening cunt, because I expect my instructions to be carried out to the letter!”

“Mmmmfff. MMMMFFFFF!!!!” She moaned around his shaft, her head nodding ever so slightly in confirmation. Her ass felt as though it was on fire, the sensations from the recent intense fucking combining with the assault on her tender flesh as she struggled to focus on his instructions.

“When the kids come home tomorrow you can tell them that there will be no sex or fooling around for the next week, and that includes you and me.” He slid his drooling shaft slowly from her mouth and gave her thighs a couple of sharp flicks with the crop. An evil grin came over his face, not that she could see it with her eyes covered, as he lined up the crop and flicked the tip firmly across her tender rigid nipple.

“AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!” She groaned as shards of exquisite pain slammed though her body.

Thwack! Her other nipple experienced a brief sensory overload as the leather loop slammed across her tender flesh. “I don’t think you’re paying attention cunt!” He shouted at her.

“Yes!” She gasped. “Yes Jim, I am paying attention! I promise!!!”

Thwack, thwack! He started alternating between her nipples, his aim virtually perfect every time. “I hope so slut; because it’ll go bad for you if you don’t do as you’re told!”

Thwack, thwack! “!” She stammered. “ I....have to do?”

Her eyes flickered open and she looked up at him expectantly, trying desperately to convince him she was paying attention. “On Monday you need to take Cassie to the doctor and get her birth control organised, and you’ll need to get some morning-after pills as well to protect her until she’s safe.” His arm moved back and each nipple received another stinging blow. “I don’t know exactly how we’re going to organise this, but you’ll make sure the kids know that as soon as their grades start to slip they’ll be excluded from our fuck-games until they pick them up again, is that clear?”

Thwack, THWACK! “OHHHH....FUUCCKKK! Yes Jim, I....understand.” She groaned.

“Cassie will spend Friday night with me, and probably most of Saturday as well, so that will leave you free to do whatever you want with Matt.” Her cunt was already oozing hot juices, but that prospect only increased her flow in blissful anticipation of uninterrupted time with her son. “How you prepare Matt is your affair, but you cannot fuck him, suck him off, or play with his cock AT ALL. Cassie will need preparation as well, so you need to make sure her pussy is shaved and stays that way from now on. I would suggest you spend some time with her and introduce her to your collection of sex toys. She will need to spend some time using your dildos, otherwise I’m likely to tear her open.” Thwack, THWACK! As Jim continued to work over Carole’s crimson tits he expanded on his list of preparations, thinking carefully as he spoke. “I would also suggest you start getting her used to wearing butt plugs, and perhaps you should too, as I’m sure you’re both going to be butt-fucked regularly. In’d better pick up a couple of enema kits as I think it would be a great idea for you both have daily enemas from now on, as I’d hate to see you pick up an infection.”

Carole’s mind was processing Jim’s instructions carefully, though she was struggling to maintain focus as she kept drifting away as she thought of other things she could include. Another series of whip strokes quickly brought her back as Jim continued. “I think you’ll both need some hot outfits as well; some sexy lingerie and some slutty clothes you can wear around the house on weekends, and if you can think of anything else then let me know and we’ll arrange it.”

Vivid, explicit images were flashing though her mind as her imagination expanded on his list and how it was likely to play out over the coming weekend. Her body trembled as a tiny cum rippled through her as the riding crop blazed across her nipples again. There was no doubt this was going to be an amazing experience for them all, and she knew it was going to be a period of primal, hedonistic pleasure that would totally change their lives forever, and she couldn’t wait to get started. There was one thing she was totally sure of, and that was that next Friday could not come around soon enough!


This concludes part one of my story, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did in writing it. Please feel free to post comments and suggestions, as these are always welcome and carefully considered.

If you enjoy my writing style, would you be interested in having me write a story about your fantasy? There would be a cost involved as I trust you will respect that my time has a value, and if you wish to explore this possibility please send me a PM, though you have to be registered on this site to do so.


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reaally liked the writing style,, really turned off at BDSM and an over the top use of dirty words,,,cursing gets old real quick,,loses its shock value almost immediately,,,otherwise,,love family incest,,much more involved than bro/sis. dad/daughter etc...looking forward to next chapter

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Great story, but guess you know that already. Will be reading the whole series. Thansk

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