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My Horse Experience
Hi Readers I would like to add another adventure in the sexual world that my new husband has shown me…

So since Iv'e met and marry Garry who is older than me, he has introduced me to a world of sexual fantasy that I could only dream of, I am now classed as a Party Girl / Slut and I enjoy this new reputation with pride.

The following story is one that I have just got to share with the readers of this forum…

Garry had come home from work one day and was on his computer when he got a call to go straight back out for a quick quote on a job… I went into the Computer room to pick a nice book to read when I noticed that he had not turned the computer off and on the screen there was a site called, on the screen there was some information on Gold Coast Beast Club, …..very interesting I thought,,

Garry got home about an hour later and I asked him straight up what was the Gold Coast Beast Club he was looking at..??

He had a very distinct stare on him and came and sat down with me, he said that he had been talking to the owner of the club and asked what happens there, The owner said that he supplies K9 and Miniature Horse's to oversea's tourist and visitors who wish to have a holiday in Australia and some ( Quality very discreet ) time with there fetish of having sex with dogs or Horses that he has on the farm…

I said to Garry that I am very interested in finding out more of this, Garry said oh you will be baby I have set up a time to meet up tonight for a session with the miniature horse, I would love to see you take a horse cock in that pussy of your's, I said babe I would not be able to take a cock that big in me, Garry said honey you take my cock and mine is thick and tops out at 8.5in in length, the horse cock is smaller in thickness but longer in length, around 14inch to 17inch..

I had to catch my breath when he said that..

So the time had arrived and we were at this beautiful farm on the Gold Coast Hinterland talking to the owner of the Gold Coast Beast Club (name suppressed for discreetness), he asked if I was ready to take the horse cock and I said yep looking forward to getting slammed hard by it but a little bit nervous of course he said everything is fine and he takes all safety precautions, I went into the stable and Garry said I should get a little friendly with him (horse).
So I proceeded to pat him, rub him, let him get the smell of me, I was giving him a pat and rub and for sum reason I kept looking down to see his cock but it wasn't there??? Garry assured me that his cock will come out once you get into position and he knows what you want..

I stripped naked and the owner gave me a leather corset to put on, he said its a little protection from the Hooves when he gets on top of you, the owner then pulled out this bench that could be adjusted to any size for missionary to doggy, Garry asked me how did I want to take the horse cock in the front or from behind, I asked the owner which way is better for penetration he said it did not matter because the horse cock will only go in so far until it hits your cervix then it will just bend and won't go in any further,………..I opted for Missionary I just love having the guy on top,,

I took up my position on the bench and the owner with Garry,s help got me ready for my first horse cock, Garry put a lot of lube on my pussy and then started to rub Clit which was already hot from just the excitement of the night, he stuck in a few fingers and they went straight in,,, my pussy is a lot bigger than it used to be due to all the fucking and GangBangs I have had,

Well the moment of truth has arrived and the owner brought the Horse over to me, he proceeded to sniff my pussy and he must of sense that this was ready to be fucked, He jump up on the bench and proceeded to move closer to my pussy, I looked down and I saw he penis emerge from it's sheath, it became very stiff and he was thrusting forward but kept missing so I re-adjusted to give him a better angle and then I felt his cock push on my pussy and it felt really hard, he then gave a grunt and thrust forward and his cock went straight in my pussy, OMG it felt so long in there Garry was right he was not real fat but the length was amazing he thrust hard at least 6 times, I could feel my pussy filling up with his cum……. It was like some one shoved a hose up me and turned it on, I loved the way he grunted as he was cumming in my pussy, his cock then started to go soft but I was not satisfied I wanted to cum as well, as I was laying there Garry came over and said are you OK, I said yes it felt great and the feel of his Cum in me is nice but I did not cum, Garry then said do you want another one, I said hell yea and with that I saw the Owner bringing in to the stable another Miniature Horse, apparently this is the stud of the farm and he likes to mount his ladies more than once.
He did not waste anytime at all I was just about to lay down when he jump up and the weight of him pushed me back down on the bench and this Horse new exactly where the hole of a human pussy is and pushed his fully erect cock straight up me, OMG he was around the same thickness as the first but he seemed to have a little bigger flange on the head of his cock, his thrust were harder than the last and I could feel his cock in my pussy and rubbing on my clit, he was thrusting that hard that I was sliding on the bench and Garry had to hold me from going to far up and slipping of the side, This fuck I was getting was Amazing I don't really care what anyone thinks of me but I was getting the best and biggest cock in my pussy, AND I LOVED IT……

I ended up cuming with this horse and from what Garry said to me, the amount of cum that gushed out of my pussy was like Niagara Falls, hahaha, When the beast finally pulled out and the owner put him back in the stable I said thank you to the owner and I turned to Garry and said did that make you guys horny, they both looked at each other and said heck yes, I opened my pussy with my hands and said well I have a lot of Horse cum in there I am sure two human cocks and cum is not going to make a difference, Garry turned to the owner and said go for it mate, the owner then dropped his pants and stuck his cock straight in me and started to thrust hard and fast like he was a horse,,,, I have to admit tho I could only just feel him in me but he seemed to like it and came in my pussy.. with a big smile…..

Garry and I discussed our action and night on the way home, I said that it was most incredible and I would love to do it more, but I do enjoy being a party girl and getting GangBanged by guys more fun and would like to one day maybe with our regular GangBang guys put on a Horse show for them,,,, Garry smiled and look at me that way which you could see he was all ready planning it in his head……

Till next Time Love You All

Kristy K

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-25 10:38:56
yeah 8.5 is not big 10 would be

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-23 18:16:27
you said gary was just under 10 now 8.5 just how big is gary? jeez seriously?

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-18 17:47:47
Outstanding Story! I would sure like to watch that show and fuck you afterward as well.
I agree-keep the stories coming and be sure to go into the gory detail of your gang bangs! :):):)

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-18 17:28:46
Outstanding Story! I would sure like to watch that show and fuck you afterward as well.
I agree-keep the stories coming and be sure to go into the gory detail of your gang bangs! :):):)

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-09 10:25:00
Love your storie.Me to love to have a horse cock in my ass with my friend cock in my mouth. My cock get so hard that I like to 69 with my friend until the horse cum fill my ass and fill my friend mouth until he and I cum together in our mouth.I will then kiss him to share all that cum.I love it

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