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i this is my first story pls comment
hi ,
this is Dan i am a 18 years old and this is my first story pls do give ur feed backs positive or negative

this is a pure work of fiction and my fantasy after reading many stories from the site so here i am to share it

so ,this all started when i was 16 my name is dan i am only son to my parents my dads off to work most of the time i don't know what he does actually and my mom is always with her friends partying and stuff and i have plenty of time alone in the house . i hardly get the time to talk to them and they do not bother about me but i always had a feeling that something was weird in me than other kids about my family.
one day i made the time to ask my dad about this doubts i have .he told me that we are not actually normal people like all others and he also tole me that we are kind of witches who can change there gender and shapes any time we want but there are some problems and rules for them he said that we can transform our gender being a male or female any time any where but when no one is seeing us . but u can choose only one form of the other gender that is i can only transform into one girl all the time so he asked me to choose wisely
my other form.

well,i was shocked hearing all these confuse but feeling great about how i can transform and change my gender .so, i asked him when can i do that .here that he said "well you are almost ready,my son " we need to get you through the ritual that's it and "when will that be ,dad".this weekend should be a great time .hearing to this i was all feeling different about this weekend i was going crazy about changing my gender
any moment i wish .i was leaving the room the suddenly my dad called me back and asked me too make a sketch of the other part off me the girl one what i wanted to look like .ok,i got it i will do it i said to him and left the room .

i reached my room and fell on my bed and started thinking about what just happened
and fell int sleep . the next morning i started to work on the sketch of my girl part .i decide to be the hottest and sexiest girl to be in my other half so i started thinking of different girls and choose the best from them . i took completely two hours to complete the sketch it was the sexiest and hottest girl i could ever imagine with the perfect body flat stomach ,toned legs,an average height of 5"7 ,with creamy skin tone and i like the boobs the best they were huge to the structure of a 17 year old perfect 36 d to the structure with dark black hair up to the waist height . man i had a full hard -on looking at that sketch of my other half . so , after completion i went to my dad to show the sketch "wow" he said "this is one fucking hot girl,damn, well done son boys will do anything to get you oh ! my god " so is it okay i asked "okay,this is great " ok son tomorrow we will do the ritual .

i went to sleep in my room thinking about the great day tomorrow .i woke up o the sound of my alarm and went running to my dad to ask him about the ritual .he said that it is going to happen in the night son so be patient . i was fucking horrified by the feeling to wait another 12 hours man i went to my room
and i was feeling something kind of different feeling i never had pretty nervous and feeling dizzy i was thinking this is going to be great and went into sleep without even knowing .

when i woke up there was so much sound coming from the backyard i peeped through the window and was amazed to see many people in our yard my mom actually doesn't allow any one to go into the yard .mom and dad came into the room and asked me to get ready to the ritual. yeah finally i thought .i got dressed up what mother brought for me and went into the back yard there were many beautiful girls all around
ok i said what should i do ? . come here and sit in chair one of the man said. i sat in the chair and was feeling weird all those people looking at me actually i should say staring at me . then one of the elder men came and and introduced me to all the people and the rest to me and said "WELCOME " to the tribe . "the tribe " shit t was thing it to be a little cool .and they brought me a drink and asked me to think of what i was thinking to become the drink it ."wow" i thought finally i started thinking of the exact picture and drank the entire drink at once everyone started laughing around .wait i said there is no change in me ? i asked
don't be too eager u just drank it it will happen tomorrow morning so got to bed and sleep . man what the hell this suppose to mean i thought to my self.the a attractive girl came to me took my hand and took me to my room and started kissing me and pushing me to the bed i started kissing her exploring here mouth with my tongue and fell in to the bed she started removing her clothes i did the same we were naked in my bed
my first girl i am going to fuck in my bed naked along with me read for me god i thought

again we started kissing rolling on each other suddenly she stopped and started going down on me " u want put your dick in my mouth "she asked . wow i thought . i slowly raised up and guided my cock into her mouth on my knees and she started licking my cock deeper and deeper until i cum in her mouth and took here into a long kiss and started going down on here and found here tight little pussy well shaved and started licking it .she started moaning and i pushed my tongue into here pussy and
found that she was a virgin. you are a virgin i asked "yes" she said .god my first girl and she is a virgin too
started licking her pussy harder and harder until she came twice . the slowly placed my cock into her pussy and started teasing her .please do it she said .with one thrust i pushed my cock into her pussy and i was coming in her already but i was still hard like steel i started slowly thrusting her deep and slow and started kissing her and licking her nipples until she came.then we changed our position to doggy style and i started ramming into her deep and hard and she started moaning i came in her and fell aside into the bed along with her ."feeling a cock in a tight pussy is a wonderful feeling " she said then went into sleep

next morning i woke up late very late it was already afternoon and the girl was gone .
i went into bathroom and started washing my face with water and when i looked into the mirror i was amazed to see that i was a girl hot and sex just as i sketched on that paper ."mom i called " and started running to her she came out of the bed room and said "wow young lady you look so pretty " . yeah i know mom but how can i turn back i asked her. wait ill teach u she said but first we need to get u some clothes
we went to shopping and got many dresses for my other half and she started teaching me when we got back to the house. i learned it just i n a couple of hours . then she asked me what are u trying to do wit this hot and sexy form .nothing much mom i said .but i had plenty on my mind first of all i have to take out my virginity of this hot girl today night .so i dressed up wearing a skirt which was just covering my thighs and no panties and a see through top which was tight all around my 36 D breasts and my nipples were poking out of it i took a coat and left the house to find some one worth this hot girl 's virginity but what fate decided for me time will tell i started moving from place to place all over the town but couldn't find any one to my liking
disappointed i started back home it was dark and i was all alone in the street walking down the ally suddenly someone grabbed me and pulled me into the shadows and started violating me i thought of turning back to my original form but i couldn't i remembered father saying that i cannot transform when some one who is not with powers watching me .shit i thought . now i am struck in this form of a girl powerless to resist the violation suddenly one of the knocked me down to my feet and pulled away my coat
and said " look at this bitch she is hot , i cant wait any more " saying that he caught my long hair the other one came infront of me and removed his pants ."oh god i thought they are going to rape me "?.

i started shouting then suddenly the man in the front shoved his entire cock into my mouth gagging me it was so fucking huge i cannot take it completely in my mouth it was nearly all the way sown my throat and the man behind me started tearing my panties off and started fucking me in my virgin pussy removing my virginity with his hard thrusts i was breaking into tears getting violated by to men
after some time it started giving in and it was feeling good a hot cock all the way into my pussy and another one in my mouth the man in front removed his cock from my mouth and same all over my face and the back one came all over my back then they swaped there places i was still trying to resist but couldnt because of the ramming i got in my pussy this time the man in front went easy one me but the man on the rear shoved his entire cock straight into my ass i was in hell of a pain and passed out.when i woke up they left me in a pool of cum dripping from my mouth,pussy and ass i gathered my wits and stood up and started to walk.
as i reached home i went into the shower and then straight to sleep
and started to live the double life of my forms

to be continued

ill continue the story from the comments i get ( i have bestality in my mind i love it actually what do u say )
pls comment this is my first story

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2013-07-13 19:19:12
Pls make the next one

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-01 20:29:37
First u Said she wasn't wearing panties and then you say they ripped them off?

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-01 00:10:41
Too much grammar error. You're going fast. And though it is about supernatural things, it needs to be more real. I mean more realistic, so the reader doesn't actually question it or lose focus from the actual story.

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-30 19:59:38
Good story outline...however slow down and give more detail it will make the story ten times better.

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-30 19:23:04
Don't use texting contractions/shortcuts when writing stories. Put the space at the end of a sentence AFTER the period, not before.

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