The third entry of a sick and twisted tale.
Well due to popular sicko demand, Sammy's Ruined Life will continue being ruined! Now as much as I want to please everyone who gave suggestions, it wouldn't work for the story to add them all. Although in the future I could possibly write an alternate version where events happen differently. I wont spoil what happens in this version, but I will say it is the sickest, and longest one yet. Continue at your own risk.

One more quick note to all the fans of Sammy's Ruined Life, who commented on the other stories and gave suggestions: It took quite a bit of effort to put out this story as fast as I did. I also broke the story into sections when I wrote it, so at some points there may be a slight change in the characters attitudes because I forgot. There also may be more spelling errors this time around or plot holes, sorry about those. Oh and fans that commented the last few times, keep commenting, the more I hear from you the more it inspires me to write. Don't forget to rate as well, thanks again for your support. :D

Sammy's Ruined Life 3

Once again, we start where we left off in the last entry.

cooldude96 says: so like this weekend maybe?
alphanerd12 says: yeah i could stay all weekend
cooldude96 says: sweet, i hope you can help me with my problem
alphanerd12 says: well i'll try.. hey find some more sick pics for me
alphanerd12 says: i cant get enough of that loser dying and being pissed on.
cooldude96 says: if you like those pics you'll love my surprise.
alphanerd12 says: sweet, seeing losers like that die turns my crank!
cooldude96 says: yeah i know, oh uh my moms back i gtg
alphanerd12 says: k, tell your mom i have a big dick lol
cooldude96 says: lol shut up
alphanerd12 says: haha, and tell your dad to deal with it
cooldude96 says: haha uh, okay.. or what? you'll snuff him? lol
alphanerd12 says: lol yeah and i'd make you watch, ttyl
cooldude96 says: kay see ya

Sammy turned off the computer, and left his room. He was looking forward to his best friend coming over, but unsure how to explain the situation. His friend loved seeing Sammy's father being snuffed, even if he didn't know it was him. How could his friend help him out of this mess, surely they would come up with something together. He was Sammy's best friend after all, he would help him.

The front door was being unlocked when he entered the living room, but before it opened he could hear his bully talking up his mom. Perhaps it was the time alone that made Sammy feel better, because as soon as his evil mother, and terrible bully walked in, Sammy felt more alone then ever, knowing his father wouldn't walk through the door ever again.

"Look the faggot is here to welcome us home!" Sammy remained silent like always, he knew talking to much resulted in punishment.

"Your mommy and I have been talking about what else we can do to you, and I think we've got a good plan for tonight." Again Sammy remained silent, though his heart was beating faster, wondering what kind of horrible treatment awaited him.

He closed the door behind them, like a butler he followed them into the kitchen and poured them drinks as they sat. His mother let her hair down from a bun, and unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her plump soft looking titties, this was done without a sexual tone, she was simply being casual.

Sammy shuffled around the kitchen, making dinner for them, listening intently as they spoke about him like he wasn't there.

"Is whats-her-name coming over tonight?" Said his mom.
"Who his girlfriend? No she's busy with some stupid shit. It's just us tonight"
"Oh well that's okay, we can fuck up Sammy together." His mother said smiling.
"How long do you think it'll take to break him?"
"We'll he's a stupid loser like his father, so it shouldn't take long."
"Well we know that talking about his daddy hurts him the most."
"Mm good point, if we keep pushing him, he should snap pretty easy."

Sammy had finished cooking and set plates on the table for them. His heart beat faster, they wanted to make him re-live what had happened. It was horrible enough that he dreamed about it every night, now they were going to constantly remind him?

He had to change the subject.

"Um, my friend is coming over this weekend.." He said shyly.

They stared at him for a moment, then his mother spoke. "The one who moved away?" Sammy nodded. His mother smiled and turned away from Sammy, again ignoring him.

"He's that pervert friend of his, I caught him looking up all kinds of weird porn on Sammy's computer when he stayed here last." His mom told his Bully.

"Really? Maybe we could use him, see how corruptible he is."

Sammy panicked. His best friend turned against him, they couldn't possibly do that.

"Hey! No you can't!" Sammy yelled, startled by his own voice. " I mean, he's my friend, please don't.." His voice much quieter now. His horrible owners only smiled more.

"With the horrible porn he likes, I bet he'd love to know what we've done."

His bully stood up from the chair, towering over Sammy, who shrunk lower in fear. "I think it's time we got gave that friend of yours a call."


Sammy had been locked in his room since dinner two nights ago. He couldn't believe they were planning to turn his best friend in the whole world against him. How could they? Him and Sammy had been friends forever, nothing would pull them apart.

Sitting at his desk, eating the old fast food his mother gave him, and flipping through internet sites, alphanerd12 signed in online. Sammy's heart pounded with fear, he double clicked the name and started typing.

cooldude96 says: hey man, uh whats up?

No reply for a full minute, then finally the words: alphanerd12 is typing popped up.

alphanerd12 says: hey man, got a call from your mom a couple days ago.
alphanerd12 says: i wont beat around the bush, i'm coming over right now.
cooldude96 says: so you know everything? are you coming to help me???
alphadude12 says: i am, im your friend right?

Sammy's heart soared, he told his friend how happy he was and he couldn't wait to see him.

Another couple hours passed when he heard a car pull up, and people come into the house. They seemed to be whispering, he couldn't make out what they were saying. Then suddenly.

"Okay Sammy, I'm here to help you, let me unlock your door." Said his best friend, followed by the large bolt lock his bully installed being unlocked.

Sammy's door opened, and he would have been the happiest guy on earth, had his best friend not been standing there, groping his mothers tits while she stroked his cock.

The world faded to grey in Sammy's eyes, his best friend had betrayed him. He stepped back, and fell into his computer chair, staring at them.

"Sorry, Sammy. But when your mom called me, and told me how your bully snuffed your dad, and pissed on him, and spit on him while making you watch; well shit I figured I would have done the same thing!" His friend laughed. "Of course it got even better when she told me about the plan they had for you. Since I'm finally here, we can go ahead and get started!"

Sammy shriveled in his chair, but was forcefully grabbed by his friend and pushed through the house, where they stopped and stripped him of clothes, then pushed him outside where his bully awaited.

Sammy was roughly forced into the trunk of his moms car, laughing all around him as they slammed the trunk hard above him. "I'll drive, you two get hot and ready, we'll be there soon" He heard his best friend say as the car doors slammed and their weight pushed the car lower. While they drove, Sammy could hear everything going on inside the car.

"Ooh baby, suck my titties, ooh yeah like that!" His mother moaned.
"Don't you two cum yet, we gotta wait till we destroy Sammy's mind first!" His best friend yelled.
"Oh don't worry, this is going to tear the faggot apart!" His bully said happily.

They drove for a good 20 minutes before the car reached a dirt, or gravel road. After another 10 minutes the car finally stopped, and the doors opened and everyone but Sammy left the car. He was afraid, he knew they wanted to ruin his mind, make him break under the pressure of his father being snuffed. He was afraid it would work.

The trunk finally opened, although it was an overcast sky, the light still hurt his eyes. They grabbed him and pulled him from the trunk, dragging him across a grassy field until he caught his feet and started walking. He was in the middle of nowhere, just a grassy field surrounded by trees. Everyone kept laughing, and whispering about how great this would be.

They finally stopped walking, and his best friend approached him. Slapping his face lightly a few times before speaking.

"Listen, Sammy. You know I'm your best friend, and I'd do anything to help you." Sammy's expression showed confusion. "And I know how much you love your daddy, so.." His friend wave a hand at a mound of dirt near them, a shoddy cross pushed in the ground at one end. "We brought you to your faggot ass fathers grave!" He said loudly and happily, everyone else clapping and laughing.

Tears burst from his eyes as he ran at the grave and dropped to his knees. The poorly made cross read: "Stupid Faggot" Sammy couldn't believe they would do this to him, but he knew it was about to get worse as they stepped up around him.

Looking to his right stood his mother, working her pussy with her fingers. To his left, his former best friend, clearly turned on because of his raging cock he quickly jerked. On the other side of the grave, his bully, shaking his cock in an attempt to get his piss flowing. Sammy gasped, he couldn't let the person who killed his father, also piss on his grave.

Being so close to his father filled him with energy and heroism, he would stop his bully, he would restore his fathers dignity! With all the strength and willpower he could muster, he dug his foot into the earth and kicked off at his bully, ready to tear his cock off and feed it too him.

Unfortunetly when he kicked off, the wet earth slipped under him, and he landed face first into the mound of dirt his dead father lay under. Everyone laughed, and with a mouth full of mud and dirt, his bully's piss hit him square in the face. Sammy's hope of avenging his father was snuffed out, as his bully's piss stung his eyes and soaked the grave. Sammy could only cry.

"Ooooh that feels good, nothing better then pissing on a loser's grave in front of his loser son!" His bully yelled loudly.

"Except maybe shitting on a loser's grave, in front of his loser son." His best friend said.

"Nnnooo!" Is all Sammy could whimper out, he knew he wouldn't be able to stop them. Looking around again, his bully had finished pissing on his dad's grave, his mom had already came once but was working on cumming again, and his best friend had moved in front of Sammy and had squatted down.

Sammy's sobs were ignored and everyone laughed when his best friend farted loudly into Sammy's face. "Oh sorry there buddy, don't worry about moving I'll be done in a minute." He said laughing. The smell was overwhelming, such horrible rancid odor caused Sammy to start gagging. Everyone was overjoyed to see this. Sammy hated it, his stomach groaned, his cries stopped, and he puked all over his fathers grave.

Shouts and cheers welcomed it, his mother reached another orgasm watching her son regurgitate onto her husband's final resting place. His bully whooped and yelled in triumph. Since pissing on the grave, he had moved around behind Sammy's mom and was fucking her up the ass. His balls slapping against her pussy was barely heard above the celebration sounds.

Sammy gasped for breath, shame filled him for defiling his own fathers grave. "Rub his face in it!" His mother moaned, still being fucked by the fat cock she traded her husband for. Sammy's best friend happily obliged, by grabbing the back of his head, and pushing his face into the sloppy mess, which brought more cheers.

"Sorry it smelled so bad man, I ate something that didn't agree with me." His friend said while Sammy cried and tried to catch his breath.

"Ugh, okay I can't hold it in anymore, open wide for daddy Sammy!"
Sammy looked up, appalled at the sentence from his friend.

Sammy didn't close his eyes in time, but it wouldn't have helped. An explosion of diarrhea poured from his friend's ass, splashing against his face and running over the grave. Sammy heaved again, vomiting while his friend continued shitting on him. The cheers continued.

"Oooh that's much better, god that felt good. I'm so glad your daddy's dead Sammy, or we couldn't have all this fun!" His friend said, farting into Sammy's face a final time.

This was the edge, Sammy's mind couldn't handle any more abuse. His regained control of his stomach, but felt his mind starting to slip. His friend finally stood up, and decided he would help Sammy, by pissing on him.

Getting to his knees, Sammy felt the hot piss splash onto his face, and continued crying. However his senses were becoming dull, it almost didn't effect him.

Now on his knees, Sammy's sobbing filled the empty field. Looking up at everyone, he felt his sanity slipping away. His own mother flicking her clit, listening to Sammy's cries of anguish. His best friend, the only person left he trusted, now shook the last droplets of piss from his cock.
His bully, the person solely responsible for everything horrible that had happened to him, pulled his cock out of his mother, gushing cum, and started working up saliva to spit in his face. Finally his father's grave, which was now covered in diarrhea, vomit, and soaked in piss.

Sammy's head was spinning, the sound of the world around him slowly started to fade away. He felt a thick wad of spit hit him directly in the eye, but it barely fazed him. His mind slipped further into the abyss, his vision blurred, his body hurt less, but his cock had started to swell. He could hear laughing now, though it sounded muffled to him. Through the haze he could hear his best friend yelling at him: "What's wrong, Sammy? Do you miss your daddy? Because we can bring you out here anytime you want!" Muffled laughter followed.

Just before the darkness enveloped him completely and he passed out, he could feel the weight of someone squatting over his open mouth and filling it with something thick and warm. Luckily for Sammy, his mind went blank and he felt nothing else.


Time had passed, it was dark now. Sammy slowly awoke on the floor of an unfamiliar house. His entire body ached, yet he was clean. Painfully getting to his knees, he sat back on his heels and looked around. He didn't recognize anything, where could they have taken him he wondered. As his mind cleared, memories of what happened at the grave came back, and he felt sick again.

That's when his mother, his bully, and the funeral director walked into the room.

"Well he's awake, we'll be here when you get back, don't worry." His mother said to the funeral director.

"No problem. I've got a lot of work tonight, plenty of dead losers to bury." He replied.

He left and now was alone with his mother, and his bully.

"Where's my friend?" Sammy asked.
"Oh he wanted to help put more people in the ground, he didn't care enough about you to stay." Sammy felt hurt, but knew he shouldn't, not after what had happened.

"Okay faggot stand up, your mommy wants to tell you something." His bully said, leaning against a wall.

Sammy slowly got to his feet, afraid of what she would say.

A short scream filled the air, followed by low moan. Sammy's mother had just kicked him in the balls. Landing on the floor with a thud, Sammy curled into a ball, writhing in pain. His mother's pussy was dripping wet, every attack on Sammy caused the rush of pleasure she wanted. She growled like a whore, and rubbed her pussy faster with each kick she delivered to her own son. Sammy simply cried, wishing his father could help him.

With her heart beating wildly, her hand moving feverishly, and her orgasm growing closer, she needed one strong final push to cum her brains out. She looked to her son's bully who was nearby, slowly rubbing his cock, watching with interest. He smiled at her, giving her a thumbs up of approval. Squeezing her clit and fingering herself frantically, she lifted one leg high, and let out a primal grunt as she brought it down hard into Sammy's soft face.

Sammy had just looked up to see why the kicks had stopped, as he did, all he could see was his mother's foot rushing down at him. It landed with a hard smack, his head bouncing off the floor. Everything flashed white for a moment, then he could see stars popping and whizzing around his vision. After a second the pain set in, and he moaned and rolled around the floor clutching his face. His bully rushed to his mothers side to catch her, as her orgasm shook her apart, gushing pussy juice all over the floor. The ringing in Sammy's ears drowned out most sound, but through the pain and his mothers loud roaring orgasm, he could hear his bully announce that it was his turn.

Sammy wished he could pass out, so he wouldn't have to feel anymore. His body ached, his head screamed, his poor little balls throbbed, and his cock stood at full attention. The floor around him shook as his bully stepped closer. Sammy's body tensed up, waiting for whatever punishment came.

With eyes shut tight he waited, and waited, until nothing happened. Very slowly, he opened his eyes, and looked up at his bully. He stood there casually, with one hand on his cock, the other on his hip. He knew what was coming, but instead of trying to crawl away, Sammy quickly struggled to his knees and waited, wantingly. His bully's scalding hot piss hit him face first, the heat from it made his sore body feel better, almost like a hot bath. Disregarding how stupid he might look, Sammy rubbed the piss all over himself, over the bruises made by his mother, and over his sore black eyes and face.

Then Sammy did something he wasn't fully aware of, until it was over. He cupped his hands under his own chin, and opened his mouth, a pose that begged for it. Piss splashed on his tongue, and quickly filled his mouth, which he eagerly swallowed and awaited more. As the stream weakened Sammy poured what he caught into his mouth, only then realizing what he had done.

With a mouth still full of warm salty piss, he looked up at his bully, who had the biggest smile he had ever seen. He had already gone this far, he thought he might as well finish it. Staring at his bully, he took a big gulp and swallowed the remaining piss, which warmed his insides making him feel better despite the taste. His bully continued smiling, clearly happy with what Sammy had done. Sammy's wasn't sure how to feel about the way he acted, but one thing stuck out in his mind: it was much easier to deal with then being beaten.

Just as the thought crossed his mind, his bully stepped closer to him and leaned his face into Sammy's. At first he thought he was going to be kissed, but when his bully stopped Sammy felt stupid. With their faces only a foot apart, Sammy's heart raced more, wondering what was going to happen. Sammy quickly realized his bully was going to spit on him, with his lips pushed together it was unmistakable.

"Better then being beaten." Flashed in Sammy's mind again, and he knew what to do. Just as his bully was about to spit, Sammy opened his mouth again, this time with his tongue out, ready to receive. He didn't have to fake enjoying it either, with his mind set on not being beaten, he happily swallowed his bully's spit. Another huge smile appeared on his bully's face, but Sammy knew he could push it one step further, and really shock his horrible bully.

Swallowing again to clear his voice, Sammy sat on his heels and smiled up at his bully, then said: "Um..Thank you, Sir.." His bully's shock was just what he intended. He could see his bully's cock jump at the words, he took a step back with a look of pure wonder on his face. His mother who had finally come down from her orgasm also a look of pure shock.

Sammy couldn't explain what had come over him, suddenly being pissed on wasn't as bad it seemed. Since his ordeal at the grave site, anything else felt tame and easy. Being beaten was bad, but if he could please his owners enough so they wouldn't have too, maybe he would just receive their bodily wastes.

Sammy held onto this hope, and stayed on his knees, smiling at his bully. They were so shocked with how he had acted, no one said anything for quite a while..


Another chapter down! This was a tough one guys, I really had to dig deep to find ideas, I'm running out here! So keep those comments coming, and the rates wouldn't hurt either. I hope you sickos enjoyed it, the next story might take a while, if you guys even want one. Let me know!

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