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It was a hot summer day in the office and I was working late. For some reason, I was feeling really horny and my mind started to wander…
It was a hot summer day in the office and I was working late. For some reason, I was feeling really horny and my mind started to wander…
I cupped my full breasts through my blouse and tweaked my nipples. I rolled my nipples between my fingers, alternating between the two, making them seeth with pleasure.
My co-worker saw me and came over to my desk to get a better view. We had already shared a very hot office night a while ago, which left both of us deeply satisfied. My nipples were erect now and longed for more stimulation. My eyes fixed upon his, daring him to deny what I undoubtedly did to him. I stopped for a moment to pull my jeans down and to step out of them, to pull my shirt over my head and moaned in a whisper, “Touch me.” He complied immediately and I tossed my head back as he squeezed my tender breasts. As I tossed my shirt aside he fingered the lace along the cups of my bra and kissed my hard nipples through the fabric. He reached around my back as he kissed at my cleavage and expertly unhooked my bra. I slid the straps off my arms and tossed that aside as well.
I started to rub the front of his pants and felt him grow. "You certainly don't have a problem getting hard." I said, looking at the unmistakable outline of is stiff cock. I shook my shoulders, causing my massive pair of breasts to wobble to and fro. "All it takes is the right stimulus" he replied. "Believe me, all I got to do is look at you, and I'm as hard as a rock.."
I responded by picking my left breast up to my mouth, grabbed my hard nipple into my mouth and sucked. As I released my nipple, I circled my tongue around it.
He dove in and rubbed his face against them. "They are all for you," I said seductively. He sucked on my nipples. He started kneading them, sucking on them, twirling my nipples between his fingers, biting down ever so often as I moaned and pressed against him harder.
I watched one of his hand drop to his crotch and rub at his clearly enlarged cock and felt my pussy flood with arousal. His cock strained in his pants, and I reached into his pants replacing his hand to massage it. All of my tension seemed to gravitate to my pussy, which was dripping and throbbing in anticipation of a much-needed orgasm. He had a raging hard-on, and I stroked it until precum was leaking from the eye of his stiff cock.
At the apex of his thighs, my thumbs meet and fan out, tracing his hipbones through the layers of clothing. In one swift motion, I unzip his pants and yank them and his shorts down past his knees. His cock, already hard and standing tall, springs free and almost seems to strain towards my eager self. "This is...the...image I ...couldn't...get out...of my ...head," he panted. "I'm“. He fingered my hard nipples and sucked them hungry into his mouth. The more he sucked, the more excited and wet my pussy became. I got down on my knees and he placed his erect cock in between my breasts holding them by their nipples and pressed them toward his throbbing cock. While he was sliding up and down my breathing became much more labored, and I began to finger my wet pussy. He moaned and let go of my breasts to run his fingers through my hair.
I enclosed him as I moved to and fro, capturing his rigid cock in the soft embrace of my breasts, stroking it slowly with my body. He closed his eyes and moaned as the sensations enveloped his body, and his arousal continued it's slow, tantalizing crescendo. The slit at the tip of his cock exuded a steady silvery ooze of fluid, my eyes holding his captive, I leaned forward and extended the tip of my tongue, lapping it up smiling and savoring it on my tongue as he watched.
My smile grows devilish. "Now Let me show you what a mouth can do." I stare at his most intimate of regions, the new sight eliciting eager wetness. “I’m gonna blow your mind,” I quip before sheathing him to the hilt. But as quickly as I engulf him, I released him, eliciting a loud groan from my co-worker’s throat. My left hand lingers on the head, sketching tantalizingly slow circles as my mouth moves farther south. My right index finger traces the sensitive membrane separating his scrotum, pausing every time he refuses to moan for me. The soft underside of my tongue follows first immediately proceeded by the rough tip, causing him to thrust erratically. I smirk at his impatience, but continue with my torture all the same.
I place small open-mouthed kisses about the spheres of his scrotum, tongue darting out for a split second before I move on to the next patch of skin. My finger wanders to the underside of his balls and to his most sensitive area: the small stretch of skin connecting them to his body. I I trace it carefully, my speed coordinating with that of the other hand at his head. He murmurs unintelligibly, throwing his head. Licking him one last time, my mouth leaves his sack all together and travels up to join my left hand.
Latching my lips around the head of his cock, my tongue swirls about his tip. He thrusts his hips again, urging me without words to give him more, but I refuse, splaying my left hand across his hips to hold him steady. My rotating mouth muscle matches the rhythm of the hand lingering at his scrotum, and soon his head begins thrashing back and forth in ecstasy, and I back off. He moaned as I suckled the tip and began licking the shaft in between stroking. I placed the head into my mouth again and began sliding my lips up and down his cock, taking an inch at a time. At this point he was in complete ecstasy; his fingers were tangled at the root of my hair simultaneously pushing my head down and pulling my hair. I worked at it until he was balls deep in my mouth and I sucked at him and when I started to move to the tip he immediately pulls me down to engulf him completely again. He groans through gritted teeth and begins to thrust faster.
Then he lurches forward, caught in a fit of passion, sending his cock even farther down my throat than I thought possible. As he rears back for another assault, his cock almost slips out of my mouth. I regain control of our rhythm, bobbing my head up and down furiously. My grip tightened as I felt his semen racing upward along the tube, free at last from confinement, emptying the first pulse down my throat.
The second, still more copious, burst across my breasts. His balls erupted, spewing forth as if shot from a cannon and again his cock flourished, a torrent of cum erupting onto my breasts, unleashing all from his body.
I bent down and captured him in my mouth, nursing on his cock as he emptied the rest of his essence onto my tongue. At the end, I released him, my fingers moving up the shaft tightly and forcing a last ooze of cum from the tip. My tongue reached out and gathered it on the tip, returning it to my mouth and slowly swallowing. Slowly, lovingly, I extended my tongue again, and methodically lapped at the accumulated sperm on my breasts. Licking my lips with a sated smile, I rise from the floor and lay a hand on his wilting member. "You taste so good," I murmur, his seed still sloshing in my throat. My core is now so hot, I think my juices must be leaking down my legs. He must notice. I press my hand against my crotch and a loud moan escapes my lips.
Pulling my panties to one side he carefully explored my swollen mound until a finger found my wet opening. His breathing increased rapidly as he slipped his finger into my wetness and slowly brought it up to my swollen clit. I rolled my head back and moaned and he took one of my nipples into his mouth as he began rubbing my button harder. He pressed his thumb to my sopping pussy. He pushed the cotton of my pantie aside, and pressed his thumb to my clit directly. I groaned loudly. I was wetter than either of us could imagine. I put my hand on his, and pushed three of his fingers into my pussy. He anxiously began working his fingers in and out of my sopping hole.
My mind was adrift in lust and passion. He finger-fucked me harder and faster, and even took nibbles and bites at my nipples and felt the fullness of my breasts. His fingers traced the outline of my slit, then all of a sudden, he reinserted wo finger in my hole and rubbed my clit with his thumb. I grabbed his shoulders and began grinding against his finger, his hands roam my body with feverous curiosity, resting on my slick nether lips. "You're so wet." He slips another finger inside. "And so tight." All while he continued to suck on my breasts. That put me over the edge and Icalmped down on his hand. He brought his covered hand up to my breasts, smeared some on my breasts then sucked the remainder off his hand and my breasts. He pulled down my panties to my knees, "I wanna feel you come again." Without warning he attacks with both hands. I squealed in shock and thrill, and immediately ground myself against his enthusiastic effort. He thrust his fingers into my warm pussy. He found my clit and assaulted it ferociously.
My hands shoot down to grip his hips— for both my balance and my sanity. He tilts his head and laps eagerly at my nipples, biting down just enough to make me squirm for more.
He encircles the nub until I tighten my hold on his hip, seliciting a high-pitched expletive from me. Holding my clit between his fingers, he begins moving the latter in a circular pattern, syrupy-slow and excruciatingly pleasant. I nearly come on the spot, my knees begin shaking violently, his fingers leave my nub and travel back to my lips. Before I know what is happening three of his fingers are inside me. They pistons in and out of me like a mini-cock, and my hips begin bucking towards him, eager for another release. He assaulted my clit with flittering fingers.
My head was swimming. I was actually feeling dizzy and lightheaded when my orgasm finally crashed into me, erupting from my clit and filling my stomach with shudders of pleasure that enveloped my entire body. I pushed my clit hard against him, who only shoved his fingers in with even greater fervor. He now seriously went for my clit and rubbed it rapidly. I screamed out in pleasure and guided his hand into me further. He was licking my nipples with gusto, pausing only to breath. I continued to move my hips in response to his darting fingers, which seemed to hit their target perfectly.
He pulled each nipple gently, effectively sending me near the edge with a muffled whimper. He continued to finger me fervently, knowing that he was about to give me a stunning orgasm. Soon he felt my butt moving with excitment. I was moaning in ecstasy, my volume increased with each of his finger strokes. Suddenly, I let out a scream and came with an increddible intense orgasm shaking my body.


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fuck mee please!

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