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A sexy college girl is blackmailed by her horny old boss and turned into the office slut
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Her name was Sara Sharrp, a super sexy 19 year old college student who was interning at his company. She had the perfect college girl body; silky shoulder length black hair, seductive hazel eyes, nice pouty lips and a tight body that's curvy at just the right places.. 34d tits that are nice and perky just a handful!, a 5'9 body that highlights her long beautiful legs...

His name was Joe Dover, a 45 year old married senior executive and president of the company. He was a typical middle aged business man; powerful, influential and a nice body for his age.

He had hired her as a change of scenery in a predominantly male office.. He liked the way her long legs looked and her flirty attitude and he thought it could be a nice change from just staring at dudes all day long..

After her first month she was a hit, all the guys in the office wanted to fuck her so bad, however she remained nice and flirty with all the guys yet never took it to far.. She frustrated many guys with her outfits to work everyday and the fact that she will never sleep with any of them drove them crazy..

Joe frustrated by her attitude as she flaunts her beauty in the office, decided that he should do something about it. It was a wednesday a slow day as Joe always hated wednesdays he decided to finally do something about the raging boner he had. He sent her a memo asking for her to come to his office after lunch. She walked to his office, and all the guys at the office took it as a chance to check her out as she walked past them staring at her long legs and nice tight ass in a short black dress..

She walks in his office all smiling like she owns the place. "Sit down Sara" Joe motions to a seat in a serious solemn way. She sits down the smile fading, looking a bit nervous.

"Is everything ok sir? Did you get the report I left at your desk this --" She cheerfully started before Joe cut her off,

"Sara I'm going to be honest with you and straightforward, frankly I haven;t been impressed by your work ethics and attitude in the office so far, and I'm afraid I might have to let you go"

"But...but sir I've been working so hard, I assure you I'm willing to put in extra hours and more effort to prove to you that I have what it takes to work here" She desperately pleas with him looking extremely frightened now.

Joe walks around his desk locks the door, then comes back putting his hand on Sara's shoulders massaging them... "see I knew you would say that, and I want to see what you are willing to do to keep your job here" Joe says rubbing down her shoulders and brushing her breast suggestively.
"uh what do you mean?" She says uncomfortably pushing his hands away...

Joe roughly pulls her to her feet, leaning against her pressing his bulge against her tight ass as he whispers in her ear "you know I have the power to make or break you? With one word I can ruin your chances of work here or anywhere else...That reference letter you can say goodbye to that, I'll also make sure that you dont get hired anywhere, with my esteemed evaluations of your work, my word will go far in determining your future" he says smiling as his hands roam her body rubbing her thighs and squeezing her ass cheeks...

"But you can't do that uhh no I'll file for um harassment" she says turned red flustered and scared now. "Really you dumb slut, you want to risk that?" She looks down dejected and shakes her head.

"Good girl" he pushes her roughly down, bending her over against his desk. He hikes up her dress revealing her sexy tight ass in lace black thong. He rips them off and starts spanking her ass hard ONE, TWO, THREE.....TEN. As her cheeks are burning red, and she is crying against the desk. He pushes her to the floor, sits down on his desk and says "you know what to do slut"

She crawls to him underneath his desk crying in humiliation as she unzips his fly and pulls down his pants, taking his cock in her mouth and she starts sucking it. Her head bobbing up and down, he checks his email as if nothing strange is happening as she goes faster her lips sliding up and down the length of his cock and her tongue twirling around the big mushroom head. She goes faster adding more pressure until he shoots strings of hot cum inside her mouth, he holds her head as he slams his dick against the back of her throat, until he is done. He takes his dick out of her mouth and uses her silky black hair to wipe his cock clean.

"I;n done with you here slut, now go back to work and you better be obedient now, or else..." Joe says smirking as she picks up her clothes gets dressed, with no panties and walks back in shame to her cubicle. She sits there distracted, thinking about her fate, knowing that she is in for dark days of humiliation as she will be at her boss's mercy from then on.


2017-12-06 17:43:48
i want to see what she looks like. espesially with a collar around her neck and someone holding her leash

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-11 10:51:10
I swear some of the people that read stories on this site are complete morons. You can tell from the introduction that this story is about a girl that is turned into a slut and there is no accidental reading! This chapter was too short but other than that it was good. From now on take your time, and make each section longer asks more detailed and it will be better. Oh and ignore the idiots! This story deserved a higher rating

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-02 22:07:33
Nice and short. You should consider a sequel. Good job!

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-02 13:28:12
you dont have what your taggs promised, but it was good, please continue


2013-05-02 05:48:37
Awesome story! Don't listen to the first idiot, this is great! Please continue writing!

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