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Hi:) was bored so I wrote this;)
"Shut the fuck up mum!" I screamed down the hallway. Just an average Sunday afternoon. Ahhhhh. Of course, my mother and I have never been close. Never even been close to close, as far as I can remember. My dad died in a car accident a year and a half ago, and my mum's temper has only gotten worse. So has my attitude, apparently. 
"Jess, you never listen to what I say! There will be druggies, bad people, rape, and many other things! You are not going to that party, young lady!"
"you don't get it! James will be there!" I whined. James is my current crush-a-mundo, and he totally deserves the title. Every time I think of his dark hair, light skin and totally ripped abs, my heart goes…ahhhh…
"Young lady, don't make me think your father and I didn't raise you right!"
"HE raised me perfectly, youre the one who screwed me up!"
"what? By not letting you go to dangerous parties? Go to your room, RIGHT NOW!"

If mum hadn't have been red in the face I would have kept pushing my luck. But, when her face goes red, you really don't wanna be there. Trust me from experience. So, I trudged upstairs, feeling sorry for my sad ass, and collapsed in front of my mirror. I studied my reflection. Dark curly hair reaching the small of my back, hazel eyes, clear smooth skin, and DD breasts. Was i good looking? Hmmmmm…maybe I'd need more people's opinions before making a final judgement. Hmmmmm……then it hit me. Why not sneak outside and go to the party? It would be easy enough…and with the jet black cocktail dress and black heels I wouldn't be easy to spot in the dark. Yes, I would go. And hopefully get laid for the first time. I'm 16. And still a virgin. Some girls would be proud, but I'm the opposite. I'm ashamed. I want someone to pop my cherry so bad. And I especially wanted James to do the deed. I was getting horny from thinking about losing my virginity, so I quietly locked my bedroom door, closed the blinds, turned on my night-light and pulled out my vibrator. 

It was one o those ones that don't go into your pussy, they just vibrate on your clit. I lay back on the bed, and started to rub the vibrator in small circles around my clit. It felt amazing. I was already soaked from thinking about losing my virginity, so it was…well…wet and slippery. My scent filled the room, Making me even more horny. A soft moan escaped my lips as I got closer and closer to my climax. Suddenly my orgasam hit me like a tidal wave. I almost moaned out loud, but then I remembered my mum. So instead I just breathed out really heavily. I collapsed and fell asleep on my bed, feeling more determined to lose my cherry than ever. 

It's around eleven pm and I've just snuck out. My mum is a really heavy sleeper, so didn't have to worry about waking her. So I marched down the street to my best friend Cassie's house. Her parents were out for the week, so she was throwing a party with alcohol and drugs. She's a real whore too. She wears slutty clothes and always flirts and she brings condoms to school. She has even fucked boys in the school toilets. And romour is she fucked Mr.Albert, and that's why she got an A in geography. But where it counts, she's the best friend ever. I knocked on the door and she answered. She was wearing a black singlet, black undies and a pair of rabbit ears on her head. She took my coat and gave me a hug. 
"Hi!" she said. 
"Hi. Great place. Am I the last to turn up?"
"Yeah, but don't stress it. Go on in, have fun. Talk later, I'm gonna go chat up Ben."
And with that she was off.

 I spotted James halfway across the room so I started to make my way towards him. I made my way up to him and timidly said hi. He replied in a nice, kind voice. 
"Hi to you to! Jess, right?"
"Yeah. And you're James."
"Uh huh. Wanna get a drink of vodka?"
I simply nodded my head and followed him. 
"Here. Drink up!"
So I downed it. It sorta burned my throat, but also felt good. I think I had about 10 and I was so drunk it wasn't funny. Suddenly, James took my hand and started to lead me upstairs. I was not sure what was going on, but I just giggled like a drunk weirdo, which was basically what I was. We reached Cassies parents bedroom, and he took me inside and locked the door. Slowly he undressed me, making sure I was wet by rubbing his fingers up and down my pussy lips. I moaned and groaned as he started licking my tits, lavishing each one in turn. His quick tongue whipped over my hard erect nipples, making me shiver with excitement and anticipation. I felt drops of wetness form on my pussy lips, making me sure I was soaked. He too was undressed, and seemed somewhat ready for action, or so his hard cock said. I was moaning under the work of his quick tongue-it was obvious this wasn't his first time. I felt his kisses move lower down my anatomy, reaching my clean shaven pussy lips. I moaned as he started eating me out. I again felt his quick tongue soak up my juices, he was hungry, and ready. His cock stood at full attention, ready to be mounted and fucked silly. His tongue started plowing deeper into my folds. 

He pushed me down so I was on my knees, and pointed his cock at my mouth. I was an amature, so I decided just to give it my best. I wrapped my hand around his hard shaft, and placed my lips at his mushroom head, lapping up some pre-cum. It tasted so delicious, like nothing I had ever tasted before. My lips started sliding down his shaft, and my nose eventually touched his pubic hair. It tickled and almost made me sneeze. 

I continued sucking his shaft hard, while he moaned and moaned. I could feel him start to thrust at my face, and I knew from Cassie that he was face fucking me. It felt good. I was bobbing up and down on his dick like a maniac, a drunken one. Suddenly he pulled out of me, and stared at the doorway. I knew why. My mother had just barged in, and she had a red face. 

Thanks:) if u want me to continue, just request it in comments:) suggestions are much wanted, constructive criticism too. If you think this is absolute horse shit, then please dont comment that you think it is. COMMENT PLEASE AND LIKE:)


2014-08-27 10:13:49
Yes good story please continue it


2014-08-27 09:55:02
Yes good story please continue it

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2014-04-30 05:48:54
Oh shit somebodys ass is grass

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2013-08-09 12:18:33
very good, a cliff hanger... lol wanting me to come back for more. I'm a guy and there's something about a female writing that is more enjoyable to read. please keep going, thanks

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2013-08-04 00:51:20
holy fuck you have to make another one

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