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When Mina stumbled through our front door, which was left slightly ajar in expectation of this event, I breathed a sigh of relief. She was looking a bit wasted, but still seemed to know what was going on, and there was a strong look of longing in her eyes. I was sitting on the stairs, waiting for her to make the advance towards me, which was harder than it sounds, as my hard penis was telling me to do the complete opposite. She slowly moved towards me, stumbling once on her stilettos. She bent over, ever so slow, and planted a lasting kiss on my lips. She pulled away, and we gazed into each others eyes for around 10 seconds. This was when it really started.

As if coming to some sort of sudden mental understanding, We both broke into a frenzy of passion. She ripped off her red blouse, stripping down to a black lacy bra, as I tore all the buttons off my Fred Perry shirt, forgetting the $150 price tag in the moment of heated passion. Our mouths were sliding over each other sloppily, her scarlet lipstick smearing my cheeks, and tongues were flicking into and out of each others gaping mouths like raging flames. She pushed herself away from me and, leaning against the banister for support, wiggled her white skirt round her ankles and threw it behind her dismissively.

She stepped back for me to get the full view. She was now standing in her lacy black bra, a tiny white thong and stilettos. She reached slowly behind her back and unclasped the bra, sliding the straps off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor, revealing her exquisitely shaped breasts, with cute little red nipples. She again leaned forward, pushing her breasts towards me. By this time I had loosened my jeans, revealing the huge bulge in my shorts ever-growing as she seemed to grow in beauty. Seeing my massive erection, she moved her hands down my chest to the waistline of my shorts, sliding them slowly down over my thick cock. She advanced further still, and mounted my lap, shifting her thong to one side to allow entrance to her bald cunt. Another quick shift and my cockhead brushs aganist her wet pussy.

Then Mina quickly raises up off my lap, halfway up the stairs I stop, She nearly bumps into me. I turn and slowly smile at her, holding her in my arms. Her body is so tense, my lips aching for hers. She closes her eyes and feels my warm breath coming closer. My own breath is getting shorter. She gasps as she feels my lips touch hers my tongue tracing her lips. She wanted that moment to last forever.

My hands moving up her thighs as I press her against the wall. The hard cold wall against her back, my warm body pressing against her and my hands moving over her body. She tilts her head up letting my lips caress her neck, her hands holding my head. Softly moaning " oooohhhh..mmmmm," She feels my kisses trail down her neck, my hands fumbling with the clasp of her bra. Her hands glide over my chest as I kiss her breasts. Soft, warm tender kisses. My tongue flicking at her hard nipples, it's driving her crazy. My hands moving down her body feeling the curves of her hips. All she can think of is my tongue flowing down her body as I pull her thong down. I slowly kiss her inner thighs. She bites her lip as she feels my tongue and lips moving upwards.

Pressing her legs gently apart and nibbling on her thighs biting her, I watch her flinch. She eagerly shifts her hips and moves her legs apart inviting me. My tongue sliding in between her wet lips, licking and sucking, grabbing her hips pulling her onto my tongue. She throws back her head with pleasure and moans as she feels my tongue moving inside her. " omg..aaaahhhhh..aaaahhhhh...mmmmmmm."

She pushs me back and lets me sit on the steps, I lean back and She smiles at me, looking into my dark eyes. She pushs my knees together, straddles my lap. She takes my hands and places them on her hips as she runs her fingers through my hair. Kissing my chin softly and then my cheek, gently brushing against my skin with her lips, laying the gentlest kisses on my eyelids and moving down to trace my lips with her tongue. She can taste her wetness on my lips as I kiss her back. Her hands wonder over my bare chest feeling my muscles tense underneath her. She leans towards me to kiss my neck and lick her way to my nipples, her tongue making slow circles on my skin.

Her hands moving between our bodies as her nipples rub against my chest. She fumbles with the edge of my shorts and I pull her closer. She giggles with excitement as she feels me move under her. She got off my lap and slowly pull my shorts down. She wants to feel me in her so bad, her mouth aches to feel me too. I lay back and close my eyes as she lets her tongue playfully dart over my abdomen. She gently strokes my leg and kiss my thigh then licks her way up, kissing me everywhere and letting her tongue play. Holding me with one hand and licking along the shaft, licking her way up and finally licking her lips. Hovering right over me so I feel her hot breath and then parting her wet lips and placing them on me, letting her tongue slide out and lick me, tasting the juices.

Slipping me in her mouth letting her tongue slip over and around my head tracing around the edge of my head licking it, fondling it. She needs to feel me in her deeper so she slides me in further feeling me rub against the inside of her cheek. She wants to feel me so deep inside of her, deeper and deeper inside her mouth. As she goes down she sucks me in deeper and she lets her tongue slip around me as she moves up again, looking at my face as I enjoy it. I start to push against her wanting to go deeper in her but she stops, holding me still in her mouth and hum so I feel the vibrations moving down my shaft. That small gasp and the smile on my face tells her that she is giving me as much pleasure as I'm giving her.

She quickly resumes the movement of her head. I grab her hair and make her move up and down faster while I thrust harder. As she hears me moaning " uuuuhhhh..uuuhhh "
and feel my lust growing. She takes me out of her mouth, pushs me back onto the stairs and straddles me once again. I whisper in her ear how bad I want her and she loses herself in me. I hold her hips as she lowers herself onto me, feeling me slidding inside of her inch by inch she gasps and moans a low deep moan of pure pleasure. " AAHH!

The smell of coffee combined with that of our bodies, our lust and our sweat makes her lose all sense of time and space. All she can think of is the pleasure I give her and she gives me. I wasted no time taking advantage of our position. I kissed her deeply as I placed my left hand on her right nipple. She grows hornier by the second as I tease her relentlessly by twirling and pinching the bud of her breast. My right hand caressing down her body and lingering over her burning throbbing clit.

" Turn over," I commanded, and she did as she was told. I spread her legs until her left knee pushed against the banister and her right was forced against the wall. I raised her ass and rubbed my hard thick cock against the opening of her pussy. " Oh, baby, you are so wet," I said, and my voice sounded so sexy she nearly rammed her back onto my cock.

I didn't make her wait long. Grabbing onto her hips, I stood on the stairs and rammed my full nine inches inside of her tight tunnel. Mina's pussy has yet to adapt fully to the rough sex I was accustomed to. She winced in pain and pleasure, and lowered her head onto the stairs. I continue forcing my hard thick cock deeper into her tightness, forcing her small tunnel to open wider as each thrust tears the tender lining. My thrusts increasing as the pain increased. She bites her lip to keep from screaming as I buried my cock all the way in. The cockhead slams aganist her cervix as my balls slaps aganist her. I reached around to her clit, I only lightly graze her bud, then she screams " OMG..YEEESSS..YYYEEESSS," encouraging me to rub harder and faster.

I use two fingers to rub small, fast circles on her clit and I continue to relentlessly punish her tight cunt. She feels herself slipping over the edge into an orgasm. " Baby, may I cum?" She cried, too overwhelmed with pain and pleasure to care about the answer.
I let her suffer for a few seconds, and whispered, " yes," into her ear. I held on tightly to her abdomen, not stopping the attention to her clit nor her drenched sore pussy. She feels the burn deep within her stomach, and the first waves of orgasm crashing on to her like welcome relief. She stretched her hands out on the stairs and clung to the short fibers of carpeting. She couldn't muster coherent words, so a loud moan escaped her lips " OO
OOHHHH..AAAAHHHH," and the continued thrusts of my cock sends bursts of pleasure through her body.

As the last pangs of orgasm ravaged her, She slumped down on the stairs. " Not so fast," I said, "we're definitely not done yet." I pulled my member out of her, and she rolled around on the stairs to look at me. I stood erect in both ways, my cock dripping with the fluid of her passion. She sat up and looked up at me, the glaze of climax still clouding her vision. I arched my back, pushing my cock closer to her.

She slowly took the head of my penis into her mouth and licked the juices off it. I closed my eyes and grabbed hold of the banister. She moved her mouth farther down my shaft, swallowing her girlcum and my precum off the warm head. I closed my eyes, breathing deeply as she begins to bob her head up and down. She used her hot mouth as a pussy, sucking and swallowing, completely enveloping my cock to the back of her throat.

My cock grew harder and an involuntary moan escaped my lips. " uuuhhh..uuuhhh..aaahh." She placed her left hand on my balls and gently massaged them. The new sensations made my cock twitch in her mouth. I pulled her head off my dick, pushing her head against the stairs. I dipped my ball sack in her mouth, and she sucked on my rocks until I was close to cumming. " Not yet," She said. Her orgasm-ravaged body had recharged, and she was ready for round two.

Mina stood up next to me and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I gave her a knowing look, and she knew that twinkle in my eye meant we would both get something special on the stairs tonight. I sat down on the steps and pulled her down towards me, with her back facing my chest. I kissed down her back and leaned against the staircase.

I reached my left hand around her waist and begin fingering her sore pussy, still drenched from our first coupling only minutes before. While tormenting her pussy with a slow, deliberate in-and-out motion with my index finger, I begin rubbing circles around the star of her ass.

She draws a short breath in. We had often experimented with anal play during our marriage, and anal orgasms were becoming her favorite. I withdrew the finger from her pussy, dragging a trail of wetness from her vaginal canal to the opening of her ass. I was careful to lube up the outside, and poked the tip of my index finger into her tight ass hole.
She shuddered as I forced my finger further inside her. Nothing felt more dangerous or wrong than the two of us, sprawled naked on the staircase, while I fingered her ass. I pumped my finger in and out of her ass, picking up speed. After a few minutes, I added a second finger. She groaned, " that's right, sweetheart, finger my ass...fill my ass up and give it to me!"

" Oh, you like that?" I asked her. I removed my two fingers from her ass and she groaned with the thought of delayed pleasure. " You'll get what you deserve..." I grabbed her hips and forced her ass cheeks apart. She leaned forward, balancing on the stairs while grabbing both banisters. I guided the tip of my cock to her ass hole, pausing at the entrance before easing it in. " Ready?"

Her answer didn't matter -- I was going to fuck her, in the ass, right then and there. I shoved inside, and she winced as my hard thick cock struggled to enter her tight ass. The tip of my cock soon popped past the tight ring of muscle, and the pain of anal sex intensifed as the thick shaft entered. I gyrated my hips to maximize my pleasure, and she slowly bounced up and down on my cock, trying to adjust to the fullness in her ass.

I slammed her hard and she slammed back until our moans of "Fuck! Yes! Ahhhhhh!" melded into a jumbled mess of pleasure sounds. It was impossible to distinguish between our vocals. She rubbed her clit in a frenzy, attempting to quell a fire that burned deep inside her. Her orgasm started first. She bounced faster than ever, using the banisters to hoist her up and down on my hard thick shaft buried deep inside her ass. Her anal muscles clenched hard on my cock, and her breasts jiggled as she called my name in a scream of passion. My hand replaced hers on her clit, and I rubbed so fast my knuckles were a blur of motion between her legs. My other hand wrapped around her abdomen as she came hard, and she heard me " Fuck!" and " Yes!" become an indistinguishable yelp of pleasure. As her orgasm reached a peak, She feels hot jets of semen pulse into the upper reaches of her ass. My shots of six full bursts into her as the last waves of pleasure subsided.

Her ass pulsated as the electricity emanating from her clit washed away. She hoisted herself off my cock and cuddled next to me on the stairs. Her mind was reeling from pleasure overdrive, and she could hardly think straight. " Thanks for waiting for me, Nice to have you home." She managed to choke out before collapsing on my bare, heaving chest.
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