An awkward college student hooks up with a cheerleader at a wild party.
A Night to Remember
Everyone in this story is over 18.

18oz Red party cups, cheap beer, and plenty of drunk horny college students!

"I'm tellin' you It's gonna be a really good party, Chris."

Christopher was a student studying at the local college. Since he had started taking classes, he hadn't been to a single party. He felt he should focus on his work to ensure his grades wouldn't slip, a party would take time away from finishing what he needed to do.

"I don't know, man. I could really use that time to write my essay on pollution." Chris told him as they walked to his car.

"Look just come this one time, I promise you wont regret it. Oh and borrow someone else's car, I can't believe you're still driving this thing."

Chris's car was an old beat up Volkswagen Beetle, covered in dents and rust spots. Despite it still working fairly well, everyone made fun of him for driving it.

"Fine, I'll stop by if I can. What time?"


Later that night, Chris put on some casual clothes and got into his car, slamming the door rather hard to make sure it closed this time. He had an unfortunate accident where it flung open after making a right turn in the middle of traffic.

Parking across from the house, he could hear the party. Every window shown a silhouette of people moving and laughing. He felt nervous, but noticed his friends car parked further down the road, so at least he had backup. Checking his hair in the car's mirror he climbed out and headed inside.

The party was loud, a lot louder then he expected, some kind of annoying techno music played, people chatted loudly, some dancing and wearing glow sticks and necklaces. He smiled and nodded to people as he pushed his way through the crowd, looking for his friend.

"There you are! I was starting to think you shouldn't show!"

Chris smiled and nodded, the music was hurting his ears, and people constantly pushing and bumping into him was becoming aggravating.

"Common, let's get you a drink!" His friend yelled so Chris could hear him. Dissapearing into the crowd, Chris wasn't sure if he should follow or not. As he waited and looked around, he caught the eye of an attractive girl, trying to wake up her passed out boyfriend. Shaking him by the front of his shirt, he remained ragdoll and slumped.

She threw her hands up in frustration and caught Chris staring at her. Chris immediately turned his vision, pretending he was looking at something else. When he turned back to where she had been, only her drunken boyfriend remained.

When his friend returned with a cup of beer, he led Chris away from the music to a quieter part of the house so they could speak better.

"So what'cha think? Pretty fun right?" Chris gave a unsure look, slightly rolling his eyes.

"Oh common, you just need to shack up with someone! Plenty of girls here! And guys too, just don't look at me." Chris genuinely laughed and felt better, perhaps he did need to loosen up. Jerking off to porn sites had become stale, he needed a good one on one. Looking around the room, his eyes caught the same girl as before, walking straight at him.

"Hi! I'm Monica." She said. Chris's friend raised his eyebrows at him, smirked then turned and left. Nervous around girls, he started to studder slightly but forced himself to stop. After a moment of awkwardness and introductions, everything went smoothly.

"So, what are you studying?"
"Oh, mainly history, and world events, I'd like to get a job working for-"

Chris rambled on, without realizing she didn't really care. Finally he stopped talking, and another awkward silence started. Just as he was about to ask her a stupid question, she inturupted him.

"Do you wanna get laid?" The question stunned him, his mind raced with possible answers, but all he could do was nod.

"Okay, let's go." She said while laughing at Chris's stupid expression. Taking his hand and pulling him along, they walked upstairs until Chris found his voice.

"Hey wait, what about your boyfriend, wasn't he-"
"That stupid asshole brought me here, and then passed out drunk, I don't know anyone else here, how do you think that makes me feel?"

Chris had stopped walking, and now was afraid to answer.

"He's done this to me before, and I'm so sick of it! So I figured a little payback sex would make me feel better, you in? Or should I find someone else?" Chris wasn't afraid to answer this time.

"Oh yeah, I'm in let's go!" He exclaimed as he rushed past her, grabbing her hand and pulling her into the empty bedroom. She giggled at his enthusiasm as they stood in front of the bed. Chris was never one to make the first move, but tonight he really wanted this. Grabbing her shoulders he pulled her close, and kissed her.

Kissing passionately while removing each other's clothes was challenging, once it was done however both jumped into bed and continued making out. Grabbing Chris by the hair, she pushed him down
until he stopped at her titties, biting and pulling on each one. He wanted to do as much as possible with her, but knew time was against them.

As she laid on her back, he moved up and straddled her, pushing his hard dick between her titties. She didn't have a problem with this, which was a relief as he started bucking his hips. Her tongue would flick out and lick pre-cum from the tip each time it would come close to her mouth, sending jolts of pleasure with each thrust. The only thing he hated was how rushed he felt, any second now someone could come barging into the bedroom, and stop everything.

Giggling again as they changed positions, she moved onto her stomach and stuck her ass in this air, wiggling it around. His heart pounded and could feel the blood pumping to his dick, he was ready.

Grabbing her hips, he eased his cock into her, both of them letting out a long moan as he pushed his entire length inside. Slowly he would withdraw, and slowly he would push in again, picking up the pace every few times. Monica's moans grew louder as he now fucked her at a good steady speed.

The bed squeaked loudly, and if not for the party downstairs, the whole house might have heard them. A dresser across from the bed gave Chris a great profile view of everything going on. Monica's small tits bounced back and forth with each thrust he delivered, and her mouth hung open, gasping in pleasure.

It didn't take long for him to reach his limit, Monica hadn't cum yet but that was no concern of his. He wanted to finish cumming before anyone barged in and ruined the moment. Voices and movement could be heard outside the door now, Chris increased his speed. Louder moans came from them both as his hips slapped loudly against her bare ass, and with a quick jerk he pulled out and started stroking his cock aiming at her ass.

However she lowered herself, turned around and opened her mouth. Chris couldn't help but smile as his cum shot across her face, landing on her cheeks and nose. Some managed to land on her tongue, but she quickly spit it out. He guessed she was just trying to look better in the moment, rather then actually wanting his cum on her face.

They both breathed heavily and laughed, she wiped her face on the bed sheets and moved to kiss him. His erection now slipping away, and his mind returning to a state of normality, he found kissing her would be a little disgusting. But figuring it wouldn't hurt to be polite, he quickly kissed her lips and smiled.

They both collapsed on the bed and lay silent for a moment, wondering how much more they could do.

Just then the bedroom door swung open, and a large menacing jock stood staring at the two of them.

Noise from downstairs billowed through the door, but it was quiet compared to the shouts of rage coming from the apparently pissed boyfriend.

Christopher scrambled to find his clothes and retreat, but the jock was on top of him, cursing and swinging his fists in a blind rage. Luckily Chris was able to avoid a few swings, snatch up his pants and bolt for the door. His now flaccid dick flopping around comically, he ran through the main bulk of the party and out the back door screaming as Monica's
boyfriend lumbered after him.

Chris's friends caught what was happening before everyone else, and as the boyfriend passed, stuck out a leg and tripped him into a table filled with fruit punch and plastic cups. Screams and laughter followed, but Chris couldn't hear them. He had already slipped on his pants and made a U-turn to his car, which started on the first try.

Peeling out as fast as his old car would take him, his laughter filled the streets as his car dissapeared down the street.


Thanks for reading guys, after my previous stories I thought I'd write something a little less extreme. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave me comments, let me know how I can improve!


2013-05-02 13:58:39
Good little tale ,, I enjoyed it

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