This story is purely fiction. Any similarity to any persons or circumstances is coincidental
Chapter I

The summer when I was eleven, Amy came to stay with us for a month. This was not the first time she had stayed with us in the summer, of course. Amy was my cousin, the daughter of my father’s twin brother, and until we were six years old, lived next door to me. We were only two weeks apart in age, but because our birth dates came at just the wrong time, she was a year ahead of me in school.

When we were six, Uncle Bob took a very good job offer in Houston, and moved the family there. It was a very hard decision: obviously, at age 32, leaving a twin who had been with him from birth was a daunting decision. Moreover, the relationship between Amy and me was as close as any sisters. Our mothers were sisters also. But the decision was made, and was old news this summer.

Amy and I were often mistaken for sisters: blond hair, blue eyes, and tall and gangly at age 11. All knees and elbows, many would say. Every summer since her family moved away, one of us had stayed with the other for a month. It was always more fun at our home, since Amy still had many friends here.

We went to Orlando to pick Amy up at the airport, and I got a warm feeling as soon as I saw her. She was taller than last year, but so was I. We rode back to Kissimmee, and the conversation never ebbed. We picked up just where we left off last year. School, friends, sports, clothes – we went on and on. We arrived at my house about 3:00 p.m. Amy unpacked in my room, and we got our swimsuits on to go to the pool. I had sprouted a few public hairs, and I was interested in whether Amy had also. Amy had somewhat more hair than I, but certainly nowhere that of a full-grown woman. Her breasts, too, were slightly more protruding than mine, which had only recently formed small buds under the nipples. Amy was a pretty girl, about to become a beautiful young woman. I thought I saw that Amy was satisfying a similar curiosity about me.

It was a hot day, and we frolicked in the pool until dinner was ready about 6:30. We had steaks, baked potato, and peas. It was a very satisfying meal. We watched a movie until about 10:00, and we were tired and went to bed in my queen bed.

Both of my parents worked, and were long since gone when I awoke about 8:30 a.m. I opened my eyes to see Amy sitting on my bed just looking at me. We exchanged good mornings, and began talking about the same things we had discussed the day before. Abruptly, Amy asked, “do you masturbate?” I wasn’t really sure of the meaning of the question: we had taken sex education in school, of course, and I had heard the term before. However, the course was made as boring as possible, and my understanding of masturbation was that it was something that boys weren’t supposed to do. As it related to a girl, it didn’t make any sense to me. With other people, I might have feigned knowledge, and tried to sidestep the question. Amy and I, though, had such a close, trusting relationship, that I just told her I didn’t understand what she meant. I told her that I thought masturbation male-specific.
“Women can masturbate too,” she told me simply.
“How, I asked”
“Let me show you,” she said, and she began to remove her nightgown. When she had it off, I could see to my mild surprise that she had no bottoms on. “Take yours off,” she said, and I did as she suggested. She lay on her back, and spread her legs somewhat, and I could see her entire pubic area down to the slit where her vagina was. “First, you lie like this,” she said. I did as she instructed. “Now, put your index and ring fingers on each lip of your pussy, and begin to slowly move them around, while pressing hard enough that it feels good.” I did as she said, but she then said, “here – let me show you.” She took my hand off and put it on her, then placed her hand on my pubis. “You can do this by yourself, but it’s so much nicer to do it with someone else,” she said. I trusted Amy so thoroughly that even though I thought this strange, I had no reluctance to her actions. I have never regretted it. “Now, do this,” she said and began rubbing the lips of my pussy in a circular motion. It felt very good. I did the same to her. As I said, sex-ed was boring, and I never understood why anyone would bother with sex apart from creating a baby. I was beginning to understand.

I could feel my pubis swelling and becoming very sensitive. She pressed more firmly, and I moaned, but remembered to press on her as well. I liked that too. After a few minutes of this delightful activity, Amy began to lightly touch me with her middle finger, between the others. I flinched slightly, but loved the feeling. I lowered my middle finger, and could feel the firmness of her early maturing clit. It was harder than the lips, and moved back and forth as I pressed from side to side.

After a few minutes, Amy began to press harder with her middle finger, and at this point, I’m afraid that I neglected my task with her, because my head became light, and I forgot about anything except the feeling of Amy’s hand between my legs. She pressed harder. I moaned, and arched my back against her hand. She ran her finger down to the opening of my vagina, and then slid it back up, slippery with my secretions, which were generous by this time. Back down went her finger, and back up as I felt my pussy would explode. Now, quicker, now quicker, and my head swam; I began a long groan; and I could feel my eyes roll back in my head. A few more slides, and it suddenly felt like every muscle in my body contracted, as my first orgasm washed over me, and I let out a yelp. A few seconds after the yelp, my body began to relax and Amy began to slow the rubbing, until finally I relaxed completely into a listless puddle, and she just held her hand lightly on my pussy. My hand was still on her crotch but wasn’t actively doing anything. “I’m sorry,” I apologized. “I forgot to follow your lead.” Amy laughed and said, “I knew you would. Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance.”

We lay together for a few minutes, each with her hand on the pussy of the other, and I began to regain some strength. “So, how was it,” she asked. “Incredible times ten,” I said. “Times a hundred. Spectacular, unbelievable, delicious. The very best thing ever,” I stammered. As I regained my strength, I knew exactly what I should do. I began again to massage her pussy lips, and as she closed her eyes and began to make cooing sounds, I lowered my middle finger to her clit again. A few slight rubs, and her coos became moans. “Right there. Just like that,” she uttered. “Harder, harder” I slipped my finger down to her vagina, and found it drenched. Apparently doing me had excited her a lot. I withdrew it, and sent it down there again. Slippery and softly, I rubbed her clit, just as she had mine, for just a few strokes, and she arched up into my hand with an “Ooooohhhh, Ooooohhhh. Wow. Aaiiee. As she relaxed, I slowed the rubbing, and finally rested my hand on her pussy. It felt so good, and doing it had made me hot again. “Oh, that was so good,” she said when she regained her speech. “That was so good.” she repeated.

“So that’s how you masturbate,” she said, and we both laughed at the stated obvious. “What do you think?”

“I think I wish I knew about this years ago,” I replied.

“I don’t think it would have done any good years ago,” she said. “I believe you need to be getting near puberty.”

“Well, I’m glad you showed me now,” I said. “I want to do it again.” Her hand was still on my crotch, and she began moving it, as I did mine. This time, I was able to think more about doing her, as I enjoyed her on me. This time, she moved her hand down deeper between my legs, and inserted her middle finger slightly into my vagina. It felt good, and I did in kind. Amy’s palm now rested on my clit, as she withdrew her finger, and inserted it again – this time a little farther. Her vagina was soft and slippery against my finger, and we both increased our rhythm. Soon, the fingers were up to the middle knuckle, then were slipped up to the hand. We both had long fingers, and the feeling of her inside me while her hand massaged my clit was wonderful. This time, I was able to maintain my composure right through the orgasm, and though I had the same swimming head and the eyes rolling back, I kept massaging and fingering her up to orgasm, although mine had already come a few seconds earlier.

That morning and early afternoon, we repeatedly worked each other – sometimes together, sometimes separately. It didn’t get old. Finally, around 2:00, we put our suits on and went swimming. After about an hour, we found ourselves touching each other, and went back to my bedroom and spent another hour playing with each other. By the time my parents came home, we had dressed, but were physically spent. We told my parents we had swum all day and were all tuckered out.

That night we began watching a movie, but we both fell asleep. Dad carried each of us up to bed, and there we slept until about 2:00 a.m., when I felt Amy moving. I could see by the night light that the sheets were moving, and that Amy was helping herself. I reached over and put my hand on top of hers. She started to move her hands, but I held her right hand on her pussy, and guided her finger onto her clit. I placed one of my fingers beside her clit, and one of hers on the other side. Together, we massaged her clit until she arched against her hands, and emitted a soft squeal. After a few minutes, she took my hand and did the same thing. I loved the orgasm that was produced, and we fell asleep again until morning. The next day some old friends of Amy’s came over, and we spent most of the day at the pool. We grilled some hamburgers, and had a great time. Off and on, I thought of the day before, and by the time we went to bed about 10:00, I was so hot I could hardly stand it. We got in bed, and I saw that Amy was as anxious as I. Amy turned over on her side, and kissed me on my breast. I was surprised at the feeling that gave me, and I held her head to my breast for a few sections as I turned to face her. Then, she lifted her head up and kissed me right on the lips. I kissed her back. Strangely, we had not kissed like this before, and it made me even hotter. I pressed my crotch up against hers, and she pressed back. Her hand went to my breast, and mine to hers. It all felt so good. Neither of us had on bottoms to our nightgowns, and we easily bared out pussies and pressed them together. We rubbed them together, until Amy began to move her head away from mine, and turn around so that when we spread our legs and turned, our pussies met for nearly their entire length. Our vaginas kissed, and we could each feel the juices of the other mixing with our own. Moving and churning against each other; kissing and sucking on toes; and rubbing each other’s legs, ass, and whatever else we could reach, eventually produced a very satisfying orgasm. Even though it was not as intense as those produced by our fingers, it was warmer and closer, and really, really, loving. It might have been the best of the summer.

I asked Amy how she had discovered this wonderful activity. An eighth grade girl had spent the night with her and showed her how it was done. Just the masturbation part, though. The girl hadn’t tried to touch her, and she wouldn’t have done that anyway. It was when she thought about showing me that she decided that doing it to each other would be nicer. She was right.

The remainder of the month went the same way, but with not as many hours devoted to these activities. As the days and hours of her stay began to wane, neither of us wished to be separated from the other. Much cajoling finally allowed my to fly back to Houston with Amy for the next month. There we frolicked for another month. However, no amount of begging would allow me to stay longer, so I flew back to Florida, ready to pine away for a year until I could see Amy again. I thought that I would never have the nerve to approach someone else, and that I would be playing with myself until then.

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