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First story so helpfull coments please for those who will post hurtful coments... suck a dick have a nice day
My alarm clock went off on
a Saturday morning
because I forgot to turn it
off. I mannage to hit every button
besides the one to stop it. Damn it I'm up I'm up.
I got up hopped in
shower and got dressed. A
few minutes later my sister
comes busting through my

Birrrthdaaaay little
FORGOT! Well since you
never do anything for your
birthday im taking you out.
How do you like my outfit?
That when I noticed how
freaking hot she was.

My sister always looked good
but today that outfit was
just over the top. My sister
is 5"8 long black hair
a little past her shoulder
with a hour glass frame. That
doesent help the fact that she has the
cutest face ever.

She was wearing a sleevless all pink top accept the hello Kitty face. And a all black skirt that came up
above her knees. With high socks stripes pink and white with her black boots.

She Is seventeen and I'm just
turning 15. I'm 5"6 short
dark brown hair not very
muscular. So where
are we going I ask? She said out to eat, the amusement park and the
movies. OK fine I said. She
told me to get dressed in
some better clothes.

She left my room and all I could think about was what she was wearing. So I ran to the bathroom and pulled my pants down and
started masturbating. Ahhh
Naomi don't stop Naomi. I
was Cumming within 5

After that I decided to take a quick shower rather cold o I could get my thoughts together. I got cleaned up
and changed and was off with my sister. Hey Noah she said? Yeah? What doyou want for your birthday? Nothing comes to mind I said. OK well let me know. Will do I said.

She drove us to the amusement park and we started to look around.
We went on lots of rides and played
games.We left the amusement park around 7. She took me out to eat To this restaurant. It was OK the buffet had a large selection. We dug in and sat arrround and talked for a couple hours.

So we made it to the movies around 9:15. She asked what movie did I want to see. She's been so nice to me so Ipicked a chick flick so she
wouldn't be bored. Bullshit
she said. Two tickets to the
dead man's rising resurrection apocalypse. This movie is rated r the movie guy said she showed her I'd and he gave her the ticket. OK I said. We sat in the backrow with only two seats.

The movie wasn't packed so some how halfway through the movie my
sister fell asleep. I told her she'd get bored. When she did her hand fell on myleg. I was shaking her a little to wake her but she only stired a little. I can never wake her up for school even yelling. I said forget it and continued to watch the movie.

A while later her hand moved directly on my man parts making it twitch. O wow I thought. I had to move her hand. I grabbed to move it
and she ended up pushing down and it felt so good. My hormones got the best of me. I moved her hand to reach my zipper. I unzipped my shorts and pulled my penis out. I didn't have anything major just 7 inches.

I looked at her while moving her hand around and she stayed
sleep. I opened it up and wrapped her hand around my cock. I let out a soft moan of pleasure. Then I moved it up and down slowly while being cautionate. I kept thinking to myself this is wrong.... but it felt too good to stop.

I kept going and continued losing myself forgetting where I was. So all of a sudden out of nowhere
there was a scream on the
screen. She didn't wake up but it made her squeeze my dick. So when she did I started to cum. When I settled down my train of thought came rushing in. Man what did I just do?

I had to think fast and clean up the mess. So I grabbed some napkins out
my pocket and cleaned what I could. I moved her hand and put it on her lap. So I looked at her and was
shocked when my hand just up and grabbed her breast. It felt amazing. I
was instantly hard again. This caused her to wake up so I quickly moved my
hand. Man I fell asleep wow. Told you you'd be bored. We watched the rest of the movie. She drove us home and when we got home she gave me a hug and said happy birthdayagain and went to her

I went to my room and got on my computer. I opened my journal. I
talked about this girl I couldn't get out my hand and how I dreamed of
being with her. Secretly it was my sister but I wouldn't dare type that
out. I went to the bathroom and my sis knocked at my door and walked in. Noah u got a minute be out in a minute I said from my bathroom. I
walked out and she was reading my journal. I forgot to close it. Sweet
who is the lucky girl. I ran over to the computer and closed the program and said nobody. Come on who
is shle my sis asked? Nobody. That when I noticed she was in her
panties and just the top
she had on. I turned away
to hide my erection. Hey
you can tell me. It's no
one I said. Come on tell
me Noah. It was making
me mad so without
thinking turned to her and
shouted. It's you your the
girl. The one I dream to be
with the one I fantasize
about your her!!!!!

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2013-05-21 23:53:07
nobody knows what a commodore 64 is okay

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2013-05-03 08:47:37
sorry mate not a good story :(
practice writing more is all I can say
read other authors as well

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2013-05-02 23:34:15
Why the fuck did you put all those damn X's? They made extremely difficult to try and read this story, I finally got tired of having to scroll back and forth and gave up reading. Maybe next time you should try using more maturity and not ruin things with all of those childish X's which I'm sure you only added because you were to lazy to actually write a decent length story that was over 5000 characters.

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2013-05-02 22:06:20
more for the love of god ....... MORE !!!!!!

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2013-05-02 15:30:09
What the hell did you write this on an old commodore 64???

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