Sammy gets his revenge! (Alternate Ending)
Sammy's Ruined Life 4 (Revenge Ending)

This version of part 4 will answer the fans who wanted Sammy to get his revenge on his owners. Sammy has been pushed around long enough, It's time to make them pay! Hope you enjoy, don't forget to comment! Oh and the regular edition of Sammy's ruined life will resume, when I can finish it.

We pick up the story a week after the events of part 3.

After what happened at his father's grave, his mother and his bully had managed to break Sammy's mind. He had welcomed his bully's piss, and his mother's shit, days after the event. Though as his mind was broken, and his views on his lifestyle were altered, Sammy started to notice things he hadn't before.

When his mind was working, his father's death was the only thing he thought of. Why it had happened, and how it was allowed to happen, Sammy thought of nothing else. Now with his mind free, and his father's death no longer bothering him, his perception of the world became greater.

He noticed what time his bully would arrive, what time he would leave, or sleep. The same went for his mother, her time of work, how long she was gone, and how long she slept. In such a short time, Sammy knew almost every move his owners would make before they made it.

He would stare at the clock, waiting for his mother to leave for work, he would swallow his bully's piss, and check the time when he passed out on his bed. He realized he no longer needed to fear them, they believed he was broken. He was smaller then his bully, but by knowing what time he slept, it wouldn't matter how strong he was. Sammy knew he could overpower his mother, she had been the one to start it all, she would get her punishment last.

This morning started like any other, Sammy awoke by being pissed on. To make sure he didn't arouse suspicion, Sammy happily accepted the piss, and thanked his mother. Her love for Sammy, had turned into her lust for hurting Sammy. After pissing on him she held his throat and choked him with one hand, while working her pussy with the other, she wanted to cum once before work he guessed. Her hand didn't hurt him, Sammy had to fake being choked more then really being choked.

After his mother's orgasm and her pussy squirted the floor, she regained her composure and left Sammy to take a shower. Sammy took a deep breath and got out of bed, it would be 20 minutes before she left, and 40 until his bully showed up. Lately his bully had been staying with Sammy's ex-girlfriend. Since Sammy's mind was broken, he hadn't had the same drive to degrade and humiliate him, It didn't matter to him though, today was the day it ended.

As Sammy made his mother a small breakfast, she came in from the shower, her body completely naked and dripping. This was the same as every morning, she left Sammy at home to clean up her mess everyday, Sammy was use to it. She sat at the table as he placed the plate before her, and started cleaning.

As he wiped down the counters, she finished eating then left to dress, her seat now soaked. Sammy didn't mind though, he knew it wouldn't happen again, just needed to make it through the day. Once she was dressed she grabbed her keys, and was about to leave when Sammy stopped her by pulling on her business skirt. When she turned around Sammy was on his knees, with his mouth open, she quickly spit in his face, missing his mouth, rubbed herself through her clothes and left, slamming the door behind her.

As soon as she was gone, Sammy sprang to his feet, and ran to the shower. He jumped in and took a very brief wash, before drying and getting dressed. Running into the kitchen, he finished cleaning and snatched another two steak knifes, hiding them under furniture. With the way his bully treated him each day, he would constantly be within arms reach of a knife at any point.

While waiting on his bully, Sammy's stomach gave a sharp twinge of pain, and he ran off to the bathroom. Sitting alone on the toilet, he heard the front door open and his bully step in. Sammy cursed, he hadn't hid anything in the bathroom, just as he had finished, his bully walked into the bathroom looking for him.

"There you are, I was wondering where you were hiding." He said. Sammy pretended to smile, and waited quietly, he didn't need to guess what would happen next.

"Since you're already in here, you can help me out." His bully said, pushing Sammy off the toilet and sitting down. Sammy sat quietly, forcing a smile as his bully farted, and shit loudly beside him. The entire bathroom reeked now, and it was time for Sammy to wipe his bully clean. Luckily his bully didn't object to normal toilet paper, Sammy wouldn't have to get his tongue dirty. But just as he finished, his bully grabbed him by the back of the neck, overpowering him, and laughed as he forced Sammy's face into the toilet.

Sammy thrashed and then remembered not too, he didn't want his bully to think he was against him. He relaxed and held his breath until finally his bully let him up. While gasping for air, his bully waited silently. Sammy tried his best to sound convincing, and said thank you. His bully smiled then left the bathroom, no doubt to go play Sammy's video games, or to make food. Sammy gave himself a second, then washed his face off before flushing the toilet. Walking into the living room, he found his bully sitting on the couch, legs spread wide, stroking his cock watching porn on the TV.

Sammy ignored the TV, because he noticed a knife glinting directly under where his bully sat. This was it, the moment he had waited for, Sammy's mind twisted to a darker state.

He ran over and sat down on his knees between his bully's legs. His bully ruffling his hair with one hand, stroking his cock with the other. Sammy's dick hardened, as he leaned forward, and took his bully's fat rod into his mouth, his hands reached under the couch. His bully's head lay back, gazing at the ceiling as Sammy sucked, slurped, and swirled his tongue around the fat head of his enemy's dick. Sammy could have ended it there, but he waited, closer and closer his enemy came to cumming.

After another minute, Sammy's own cock was drooling precum, he could hardly wait. Finally his bully grabbed his hair, and shoved his mouth down, entirely covering his cock, Sammy gagged and his eyes watered, the cum splashing in his mouth and ran down his throat. As his bully finished, Sammy smiled, and swallowed what was left.

His bully looked delighted at how Sammy had pleased him, that was until the knife came up from below the couch. Jabbing the knife upward, his bully had no time to react as the knife slid it's way into his throat.

Sammy's cock gave a jolt, and more precum splashed the floor, his bully reached for the knife Sammy was holding, but before he could reach it, Sammy twisted the knife hard and pushed it deeper. Twisting in agony with eyes wide, he shoved Sammy back, but not before Sammy slid the knife sideways as it left the gaping hole. Sammy sat on his knees, watching in ecstasy as his bully fumbled for something to stop the bleeding, but nothing would work. It only took a moment before enough blood left his body, and he collapsed on the floor, shaking, and looking up at Sammy in horror.

Sammy stepped beside him, smiling down at his bully. Holding his cock, the last thing his bully had seen was Sammy's yellow pissing raining down on him. Sammy now had the next 6 hours and 23 minutes until his mother came home.


With plenty of time, it only took Sammy a couple hours to drag his bully's body into the laundry room, and clean up all the blood. His dick remained hard the entire time, but he wouldn't touch it, he wanted to save it for his whore mother. As he finished cleaning, he sat down and relaxed, enjoying the silence and peace. He flipped on the TV, and for the first time in a while, enjoyed some cartoons.

A few hours before his mother would return, he heard something ringing, searching the house he found his bully's pants, with a cellphone in it. His best friend was texting his bully, memories flashed in his mind of the grave incident. Opening the phone, the text read: "Hey, bro I'm on my way over, you got the fag nice and hungry?" Sammy smiled, and started texting.

"sure do, just made him suck me off, but I had to leave, his girl wanted my cock again." Sammy giggled then texted again. "I wont be there when you show up, but he's real submissive today, treat him bad bro." Sammy waited with excitement. After a minute a new text popped up. "Sure thing man, have fun nailin' his girl"

Sammy laughed, then snapped the flip phone in half, tossing it into the trash. Cleaning himself up he sat on the couch waiting on his best friend to show up. As a car pulled up, he forgot his bully's car was still in the driveway. He quickly devised a lie, and got on his knees waiting for the door to open.

As his friend entered the house, he noticed Sammy then looked around for his bully. Sammy smiled and spoke softly. "My girlfriend picked him up, she couldn't wait." This lie fooled his friend, he smiled at Sammy and took off his pants and underwear.

Sammy ushered him to the same couch his bully sat on before, but his friend didn't go for it. "I don't need to sit for what I'm going to do to you." Sammy felt nervous, but knew he would have a chance soon, he just had to keep up his act. "Sam, I hope you don't have bad feelings for me after what happened at your daddy's grave." Sammy was a little shocked at his friend's words, for a second, a thought of forgiving him entered his mind. "I mean, what I did was pretty bad, but you and your daddy deserved it!" Sammy's thoughts of forgiving him quickly faded.

His friend walked over to Sammy, who was still on his knees, and pushed him back so he rested on his hands behind him. "I wont deny it, shitting all over you and your daddy's grave was the hottest thing I've ever done." His friend walked around him, squatting over his face.

"So what do you say Sammy, are we still friends?" He said laughing, now straining over Sammy's face, Sammy secretly reached under the coffee table, taking hold of the knife hidden under it. He wanted to savor the moment for as long as he could. "Of course we're still friends" Sammy said, taking a free hand and rubbing his friend's cock and balls for a moment. "I never got to thank you defiling my dad's grave with your hot runny shit." He said. "Oh you're more then welcome, pal!"

His friend said, his asshole opening now. "Please shit in my mouth." Sammy moaned, his dick hard again. His friend laughed and pushed harder, Sammy smiled and opened his mouth as what looked like soft serve chocolate ice cream slowly descended into his mouth.

His friend moaned, farting loudly into Sammy's face as the shit plopped out across it. "You're welcome!" His friend said laughing, Sammy laughed too. His friend stopped laughing however when Sammy's knife shot up into his friend's balls and cock, severing them, Sammy continued laughing. Screaming in pain and shock he fell to the ground, trying to hold his bloody genitals together. Sammy stood above him now, spitting out, and shaking his friend's shit onto the floor. "Arghhh!! Why Sammy?!"

Sammy laughed and held the knife tighter, stepping closer to his friend, who now tried to crawl away. Sammy wouldn't let him, he pounced on his back as he crawled, and shoved the knife into his back, more screams came, but only for a moment, Sammy had sliced his throat with the next move. Thrashing only for a moment, his friend remained motionless. Sammy smiled again, and started cleaning.


The house was clean again, plenty of candles and air freshener later, no shit could be smelled, and no blood could be seen. Sammy was now fully dressed, and clean. Sitting on the couch, knowing his mother was on her way home, Sammy waited patiently. When he heard his mother's car coming down the road, he flipped out his friend's phone, and started texting her.

Smiling widely as he hit send, he got off the couch and moved into his mother's bedroom. With candles lit and dried flower petals leading to her bedroom, he stood quietly behind her door. His mother checked her phone before walking into the house, a text from Sammy's friend. "I beat Sammy half to death while you were at work, get that pussy hot for me and meet me in your room. ;-)" He could hear his mother sequel in delight, as she rushed into the house, giddy as a school girl. He waited as she moaned coming down the hallway, no doubt the text had worked.

As she entered the room, she spoke. "Okay you bad boy, I wanna hear how you beat him while you fuck me!" Once she had passed into the room far enough, Sammy slammed the door behind her, she jumped in excitement, then horror when she realized the bat in Sammy's hand. She couldn't hear the loud cracking sound as she fell to the floor.

She awoke some time later, in a painful daze. Sammy standing next to her. "When she tried to talk, or scream, she found her mouth to be gagged, when she tried to move, she found her body bound to the bed. Sammy simply smiled and ran his fingers over her body, flicking her nipples and clit as it passed over them. Her body shuttered, but he could see the anger in her face.

"I gagged you. I felt there was no need for you to speak, you know what you've done, and you know why I'm doing this." Sammy said, cooly and calmly. "If you're expecting help, there will be none." He held up his friend's cellphone, showing her their body's."

She screamed in her gag, and Sammy smiled.

After she stopped screaming, and tears had formed in her eyes, Sammy spoke to her again.

"I'm going to break your mind, mother. I'm going to make you feel everything you put me through." He said, taking his left hand he shoved three fingers into his mothers cunt, and ruthlessly worked them. His mother's body easily betrayed her, she had already started squirming, and trying to fight it. He watched her closely, her body gave subtle hints as she came closer to cumming, and just as she was about to scream, Sammy stopped.

More screams behind the gag as she cursed and yelled. Sammy laughed, then started pinching her nipples, tugging them hard, slapping her titties around for fun, he had all night. As tears rolled down her cheeks, Sammy stepped onto the bed. Standing over her, he aimed his cock straight at her face, and relieved himself. She thrashed more, but was unable to free herself, crying harder. Sammy laughed at her agony, then kicked her in the ribs. A sequel of pain was released from her, a look of horror struck her face as he reared back to kick again.


Still crying but now bruised all over, Sammy had spit on her, pissed on her, beaten her, and tormented her by eating her pussy, and fingering it, but never letting her cum. He was ready to fuck her, he pushed himself against her, and then entered his own mother's pussy. She continued to moan from any stimulation, and now with her son fucking her, she grew louder.

Fucking her sloppy wet cunt, no doubt stretched by his bully, his mother started to laugh through her gag. Sammy slowed his pace, and stared at her. He guessed his cock wasn't giving her the pleasure she normally recived from his bully. His cock was smaller then average, and in his mom's pussy she could barely feel it. He thought for a second, then smiled evilly at her, as she laughed, and shoved his cock into her ass without hesitation. She screamed in pain, trying to get away, apparently she wouldn't let his bully fuck her ass.

The sound of his hips hitting her ass filled the room, Sammy continued his fast pace while she cried. He had never felt happier, and since his mother's pain stopped her from cumming, Sammy felt even better unloading into her ass. His mother let out a moan as his cock was removed, while she had her eyes closed, Sammy placed a bowl under her ass, then left the room.

He came back an hour later, clean and dressed. She scowled at him as he walked up to her. The bowl he left had been filled with her waste, he smiled and picked it up. She looked terrified as he held it over her face, watching her reactions. Shaking her head in a desperate plea to stop him, he tilted to bowl and emptied it across her face. Her own piss rushed up her nose, her shit splattering across her eyes and face. He laughed as she struggled and screamed. After a moment of wild movements, his mother calmed down, and continued cursing him.

Sammy was almost finished with her. She yelled through her gag, trying to scare him, but it didn't work. Sammy held up a photo of his father, one that hadn't been shit on, or burned. She stopped at once, but gave a look of disgust. Sammy's expression was sour, he was ready to end this entire ordeal. Behind the photo, he pulled a knife. Trying her hardest to get free, her cries of fear fell of deaf ears as he placed the tip of the knife between the center of her chest, and her first rib. She shook her head in protest, and tried to speak, but Sammy didn't care for her words. With a final scream before it was done, Sammy slammed the
knife into her heart , causing her to convulse and shake, he pushed harder until the knife had almost completely sunk inside her chest.

It only took a moment before she lay still. Spitting on her, he folded the photo and placed it in his pocket.

Sammy gathered his things into an old backpack, an set them at the door. Before leaving, he returned to the kitchen, and turned on the stove, which started filling the house with gas. He set the timer on the automatic furnace for three hours, then left the house. Getting into his bully's car, he drove north until the car's gas tank ran low. It was early morning now, and he left the car down a dirt road before hiking along the main highway.

Luckily a passing truck driver stopped and gave him a ride, Sammy was very happy to finally meet someone who didn't want to shit on him.

The End.


Okay guys another one finished! I'm sorry if the story ended a bit suddenly, I'm kinda new to working out endings. I hope this was good enough for all of you who wanted Sammy to get his revenge, It was pretty fun to write. Let me know what you thought, and any of kinds of stories you'd like to see, I take requests you know! It just might take me a few days to come up with a story, I have a lot of free time but it still takes time to check my writing and come up with good events. Thanks for reading!

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I liked this ending the best. Sammy got his revebge and they all got what the deserved. Good for Sammy.

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Oh snap, it's this route! Now, could you make a sequel where he deals with Dexter?

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