This is my first story. It is a story of fiction about one of my past doctors. Hope you enjoy the story......
Sarah is a 13 year old girl. She lives with her mom and Dad. She's a good girl and has never done anything sexual before......she is a virgin.  Sarah's mom has always gone into the doctors office with her when being examined. Now that Sarah has turned 13 her mom thinks its time for Sarah to go into the doctors office by herself as she is getting older.
 Her doctor's name is Dr.  James Boyer.  He has long brown hair down to his shoulders and has a mustash. He is an older man about late 40's early 50's. He has a reputation of being a creepy doctor because he holds the children down while being examined and because he looks like a hippi.

So the day of Sarah's doctors appointment has come.  Sarah is dreading it because she hates going to see Dr. Boyer he just creeps her out.  Sarah's mom goes up to the doctors with her and waits in the waiting room with her. Soon after they arrive the nurse appears and calls Sarah back to the doctors office.  Sarah's mom leaves and goes shopping. Sarah follows the nurse back to doctors office number 3. Sarah is very nervous having never gone to see the doctor by herself. 

They get to room number 3. The nurse asks Sarah a few questions about her health and asks if she's ever had sex? Sarah says no and the nurse replies that's good because you are too young for that, you should wait until that special someone comes along then she giggles to herself knowing what's about to happen.  The nurse tells Sarah to take a seat and the doctor will be in in a minute.  Then she goes to her desk and flips on the video camera remote to start the video rolling for the "examination".

Sarah sits there and thinks about why the nurse would ask if she's ever had sex before and wondered why the nurse was giggling as she left the room. 
Just then the door opens and in walks Dr. James Boyer. He shuts and locks the door behind him. 

He then picks up the medical chart.  On the chart it tells the answers to the questions that the nurse asked her. He gets a weird smile on his face when he sees that she's  still a virgin. He then asks her to remove all her clothes.  Sarah says mom says I'm not suppose to be naked in front of a boy. He replies I'm not a boy.....I'm a man and also your doctor so I'm allowed to see you naked and besides ur mom isn't here today now is she? Then he tells her in a stern voice to take off ALL of her clothes and get on the examination table.

She is scared and nervous so she does as he tells her too and strips off her clothes then gets on the examination table. He tells her to lay down and relax but this guy totally creeps her out so how can she relax? She lays down on the table. She puts one hand over her titties and the other over her pussy to hide it from the doctors view. He comes over beside the table n removes her hands from covering her breasts and pussy and holds them up above her head.

He then begins to nibble on her little nipples. It hurts and she moans in pain. She then notices a tent in the front of his pants. (she knows that this is called a hard-on being taught about it in sex ed at school) She starts to panic and tries to get away. He is too strong and holds her down.

He continues his assault on her nipples then he lets go of her hands and puts a finger at the entrance of her tight virgin pussy then pushes it inside her. She has never had anything inside her before and it hurts a little. He continues to finger fuck her even tho she is crying and begging him to stop. While he is finger fucking her he feels the resistance of her hymen and is careful not to break it......he has other plans for that. 

His cock is unbearably hard in his pants and it's straining to get free. He unzips his pants and pulls out his big cock. Sarah is really scared now......that thing is HUGE!! The doctor tells her to open her mouth she says no and keeps it closed. Then he pinches her nose which forces her to open her mouth and he shoves his cock into her mouth and holds the back of her head  so he can get his cock deep into her throat. She gags on it and cries n begs for him to stop. He starts fucking her mouth  moaning ya suck that cock you little bitch!!! All the while he is still finger fucking her. Getting her ready for his big cock. 

He is close to cumming so he starts face fucking her harder and starts moaning ohhh fuck yes I'm gonna cummmm in ur better swallow all of it or I'll have to hurt you and with that he sperts rope after rope of cum down her throat. She desperately tries to swallow all of it but a little bit of it slips out of her mouth.

His cock is still hard and hes ready to fuck this little slut. He tells her it's time to make you a woman and with that he gets at the foot of the table and grabs her legs and puts them on his shoulders. She knows whats going to happen and she tries to squirm away but he has a hold of her legs. He pushes her on her back and gets ontop of her and shoves his 9 inch dick into the little teens tight cunt and begins fucking her as hard as he can. She screams as his cock tears through her hymen. The pain is unbearable and she continues to scream and cry as he continues to fuck her harder and deeper each time. He tells her the room is soundproof so scream all you want no one will hear you.......

Her pussy is so tight and he can't take it much longer.  So he fucks her harder still and then he feels her shudder against him and knows she just had her first orgasam. That throws him over the edge and with a few more thrusts he cums deep inside her. Her whomb is coated with his baby seed and he hopes that she will get pregnant. He just lays there ontop of her with his cock still deep inside her while he comes down from his high caused by his intense orgasum.  Sarah lays there crying underneath him.  He kisses her and says that he's sorry but that he needed to do it and if she told anyone he'd hurt her.

A few minutes later he gets up and pulls out of her. She notices the blood all over his cock and knows that it's the blood from her hymen when he took her virginity. He gets dressed and leaves the room telling her to get dressed and that he'll see her in a couple of months and also tells her to have a hot bath when she gets home to ease the pain. He walks out to the front desk and checks his appointments for the day.

Sarah just lays there on the examination table for awhile still sore between her legs. She then gets dressed and leaves with her mother. When she gets home she goes up to the bathroom, strips off all her clothes and takes a hot bath as her doctor ordered. 

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2013-09-23 11:05:17
sex animals video

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2013-06-04 22:58:01
Maybe you could get him cauvht, there are no stories that i have where the pedo goes to jail


2013-05-14 14:34:15
Great it has to go with getting her pregnant and then maybe bring her mom in and knock her up too. Would be great if she has some younger sisters or cousins to knock up down the line as well.

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Hmmm...ok story I doctor has long hair too.

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Great story. Potential for more.

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