This is a story about an orgy party that a friend of mine had at his place while his gf was out of town
My First SEX Party Feb 18, 2012

On Friday February 17, 2012 I went to my first sex party. It was at my friend James's (teacher dudes) house. So James picked me up at 9pm n we went back to his place to set up for the party. We just hung out and watched the Winnipeg and Boston game.

At about 10:30 the first 2 people showed up. The first one to show up was a really hot guy named Shawn. The 2nd to show up was Ian a big black guy from Whitby. So the 4 of us hungout downstairs talking about life etc. Shawn had told us that he hurt his leg that day when a couple drywall sheets fell on his leg when he was working.

I thought Shawn was so fuckin hot and hoped I'd get with him. I was kinda board/hyper/horny so I started playing with my iphone n the hot guy thought I was board so he told me to come and sit beside him. When I sat beside him he started kissing me n then we started playing around. 

June (the other chick) got there at about 11:00pm n Craig & the Black guy started kissing n playing around with her. Then Shawn took off my tshirt n bra n started sucking on my nipples. I was moaning n that was turning him on. He played with my tits for awhile then he took off my pants and thong n started eating me out. His phone started going off so he went to get it n James came over n told me to suck his dick. Shawn came back n I was suckin both of them off at the same time. It was hot.

A few minutes later Shawn went over to the Black guy n the other chick n started playing with her. She sucked his cock while the black guy fucked her. (I was kinda Jeleous) 

So James took me over to one of the mattresses we set up and he got ontop of me n started fucking me hard n deep. It hurt a lil at first cuz I havent had sex in awhile. He always mannages to make me bleed....maybe its because his cock is so thick but not long. while James was fucking me my patch came off. 

Shawn comes over to me n we start kissing and making out again. Then he takes my hand and we go over to the mattress n I begin sucking his cock. Hes moaning and saying
" oh yes baby ur so good at suckin cock". He gets really hard and soon hes ready to fuck me.

He gets a condom out of his pants pocket and puts it on. He then tells me to lay on the mattress then he gets ontop of me and starts kissing me as he enters my tight wet pussy. I moan as he starts fucking me n that turns him on so he starts fucking me harder n deeper.

I can feel I'm about to cum so I start moaning "oh ya baby fuck that tight pussy .......I'm gonna cum all over that big cock" that turns him on even more and he starts fucking me harder and deeper. I cum all over his big cock and and that sends him over the edge too. We lay there and cuddle for a few minutes afterward. Then he goes n gets rid of the condom. 

Then June (the other chick) says it's time to play a game. She tells me to lay in the middle of the mattress. I do as she says n lay on the mattress n the black guy gets between my legs n starts eating me out while she sucks him off. The other 2 guys suck and play with my tits.

Then June says it's time to switch. So she switches spots with the black guy and starts eating me out while James is fucking her. The black guy and Shawn are sucking/playing with my tits n kissing me. I give the black guy a purple nurple n he tries to give me one to but I wrestle with him but then he holds my arms down n gives me a purple nurple. It kinda hurt but kinda felt good. 

After that I go sit on the couch and watch the black guy as he hits June on the ass with a whip. Then he tells me to come over n hit her on the ass with the whip so I do. I smacked her ass real good n she loved it. 

I go back n sit on the couch n Shawn comes over n we start making out again n then the others disappear and go into another room leaving Shawn and I alone. He tells me that he can't get enough of me. 

I lay on the couch and he gets ontop of me n kisses me as he begins to fuck me hard n deep. I'm moaning "oh ya baby ur cock feels so good in my tight pussy." hes replys "omg ur so fuckin cock feels so good inside you too baby." Then a good song comes on the radio and we start singing the song as he's fucking me. It was so hot! 

He starts fucking me harder as he gets closer to cumming. I can feel that he's close so I'm moaning "oh fuck ya baby, fuck that tight pussy" that sends him over the edge n he cums inside me. And that sends me over the edge too.

We lay there wrapped in each others arms him still inside me as we catch our breath. We lay there cuddling and kissing for awhile. Then I ask him if he would like a massage (since I knew he had been hurt at work that day) so he layed down on the mattress n I sat beside him and massaged his back. He said it felt amazing. 

Then soon he was semi hard again n wanted to fuck me again so he got some lube and lubed up his cock and told me to get on all 4s in the doggy position then he got behind me n started fucking me hard n deep. 

I was moaning "oh fuck ya baby that feels so fuckin good.....give it to me" he began fucking me harder n it felt amazing to have his cock inside me again. He kissed my neck as he fucked me in the doggy position.

After a few minutes in the doggy position he wanted to fuck me in the missionary position so he told me to lay on the mattress then he thrust his big cock deep inside me n put my legs up on his shoulders as he fucked me hard n deep. 

It felt so fucking good n I was moaning like crazy n he leaned down and kissed me as he continued to fuck me. I could feel that I was gonna cum again. I started moaning "oh fuck babe ur so amazing ur gonna make me cum again.......ohhhhhh fuuucckkk immm cummin babee!" I could feel that he was ready to cum so I moaned "oh ya cum inside me feels so fuckin good when you do"! After a few more thrusts he did just that. We laid in each others arms and cuddled for a bit after that. 

At about 2:30am the black guy left. Then at about 3:30am Shawn decided to leave because he had to to go a wedding in Ajax the next day. I wish he could have stayed the night tho....I would have loved to have fallen asleep in his arms.

Shortly after that June left after discussing with James plans of going to Toronto and staying in a hotel for a night the next day. 

We tidied up a bit then went to bed. In the morning James finished doing the laundry and some other chores. Then we left for him to take me home.

We had to go to shoppers drug mart first (before we left town) so I could get the morning after pill because my patch had fallen off and I had had unprotected sex with Shawn.

On our way to take me home (about 10 min away) we got into a car accident. A car came out of a road and they were slipping and taking up the whole road n James tried to swerve to miss them but they hit us anyway and we went down in the ditch and hit a fence. It was kinda freaky cuz there was smoke coming out of the front of the car so we knew it could catch fire so we got out of the car and climbed up the ditch.

The people that hit us were standing at the top of the ditch and helped us out. my brothers friends mom Susan was just happening to pass by and she stopped. We stood outside in the cold for about 20 minutes. I had to work at noon so Susan said she would take me to Work.

Then I remembered that I forgot my backpack in the car so I slid on my bum down the ditch and got my bag then Susan gave me a ride.  I was totally fine but James had hit his head and had a headache and a sore neck. He ended up going to the hospital later that night to get checked out but he's fine now! 

Wow what a weekend!

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2013-05-03 01:12:09
This sounds like one long text message (n, ur, ect). When you write spell every thing out, and spell check.

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