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Rachael is a high school slut who is looking forward to have some fun today after being sick for a week
This is a true story about a high school slut i know.

Rachael was a nymphomaniac.It Was hard to believe that this 16yr old has such a huge libido.She was the sexiest girl in school which made sure she got action whenever and with whoever she wanted.With dirty blonde hairs,blue eyes,34C Boobs,a firm bubble butt and long slender legs which went on forever,she was a stunner.
She had fucked almost all the guys of her year and she maintained a reputation for giving the best blowjob humanly possible.It was rumoured that no dick has ever made her gag,regardless of how big it was.She was the ultimate fantasy for any guy in her school but she fell sick for a week and has been out of action.Rachael had been itching to get someone in her pants.She had been desiring a strong pair of hands on her boobs.

After missing school for a week due to illness,today she was going back to school and the thought of finally getting some action had her very excited .
Rachael found herself very aroused when she woke up.She pulled on a sweatshirt over her naked body before going to the bathroom.Rachael liked sleeping in only her panties.While she was going to the bathroom,she noticed his brother Jake,11 was still sound asleep.Its been a few months since Rachael had introduced Jake to her world.Although,at the tender age of 11 his penis had not become a 'dick' ,she had taught some valuable lessons to the kid.The things he could do to a pair of boobs was amazing and he was definitely the best 'pussy eater' Rachael had ever been with...all thanks to Rachael's training .She had trained him like a dog. No wonder,today she thought of getting herself off before leaving for school.She woke him up saying "wake up little bro,time for your breakfast".
Jake had no idea what Rachael was talking about,Jake never had breakfast and she knew about it.It took a few minutes for the young boy to register what actually his hottie sister was talking about.As soon as Jake opened his eyes Rachael threw away the sweatshirt revealing a perfect pair of boobs.She brought her boobs in front of his mouth and said"C'mmon!don't make me wait ".Jake latched onto her sister's boobs.He had always loved them,actually he loved everything about Rachael.From her perfect boobs to her firm ass,everything and he could never have enough of her. Jake sucked her right nipple passionately while his fingers were busy pinching her left one.Rachael was squirming in pleasure,the hot mouth of his brother on his nipples was just what the doctors have ordered for her after a week of rest.She ran her hand through his curly hairs as the place between her legs got wetter and wetter.When both her nipples have been bathed in saliva she moved away and slapped her brother.Jake was stunned...Rachael, pointing to the wet spot on her panties said"see,what a mess you have made.Now,take care of it". A faint smile appeared on the kid's. face on hearing that.He moved towards her sexy sister and pulled down her black panties.Rachael stepped out of her underwear revealing her dripping pussy to her young brother.Jake's mouth started watering at the sight in front of him.Rachael lied on his bed,spread eagle. Jake motioned towards his breakfast and inserted a finger into her lovehole making his elder sister moan.Adding another finger inside her pussy,he started stroking Rachael pausing momentarily to apply pressure with his thumb on her clit.Rachael could feel her orgasm building but when she felt her brother's mouth on her slit,she thought she's going to explode.Jake parted his sister's vaginal lips and pushed his tongue inside her After licking every corner of her pink insides,Jake put Rachael's clit in his mouth.Rachael groaned loudly"gggghhhhh...oh're going to make me cumm all over your mouth".Jake loved it when his sister talked dirty to him and he loved drinking her nectar.When Rachael felt something inside her about to explode,she ached her back,lifted her pelvis and shoved his brother's head harder between her legs.Jake kept on sucking onto her clit until Rachael exploded all over his mouth.Jake drank her juices enthusiastically,not wanting to waste a single drop of her nectar.It tasted great...he wouldn't mind having breakfast if her sister's juices were served to him daily.When Rachael had calmed down from her orgasm,she looked at the clock and realized she's going to be late.She sat on the bed quickly pushing aside his brother,she gave him a long passionate kiss and squeezed his tiny penis saying "that was amazing,little bro.Thank you so much,i gotta go now.LOVE YA".
"love you too Rach,you are the best elder sister ever"Jake shouted as Rachael left the room. Rachael took a long shower giving special attention to cleaning herself between the legs.Rachael wore her lacy pink bra,pink tanktop and black mini skirt giving the panties a miss.She often did this when horny,she liked how the cool breeze felt against her bare naked pussy.Also,being pantyless meant she could flash her pussy to anyone she wanted.When she reached her class,she saw Mr.Tyler had already reached the class.He was a very handsome man.About 6ft tall,with broad shoulders and huge biceps he looked like some male underwear model.Rachael had always wondered how 'big' he might be.Rachael took the usual front row seat smiling at him.She had tried to seduce him before but he had refused to give himself to her sexual advances.When Rachael noticed that he was staring at her legs she parted her legs to show him what he had been missing all this while.The sight of Rachael being pantyless made his dick throb vigorously inside his pants.He couldn't focus on the class and was relieved when it ended.Mr.Tyler said to the class"good bye class...see you all on friday....Rachael,you come to my office". Rachael was very excited to hear that and followed him like a pet dog."Close the door behind you,Rachael"Tyler shouted at her. Rachael complied .Her pussy was tingling in anticipation.Tyler had a thorough look at the young girl before growling at her"come here and stoop in front of the desk".
Oh My!what does he have in mind Rachael thought but she obliged to him immediately.Tyler went behind her and lifted her skirt revealing her naked pussy and tiny asshole.Tyler marveled at the sight,he had never seen a more beautiful pussy than this,he felt her ass gently before shouting at her "you have been behaving very badly of late Miss Rachael,are you aware of that".
"yes Mr.Tyler...i know"Rachael managed to say.This whole scene was highly erotic to her and it was making her pussy throb. "And now you will get punished for it"Tyler said.Rachael's mind had just registered his words when she felt a hard blow on her ass.Her ass sting so bad,it felt like it was on fire and then another blow.
Tyler rained slaps on Rachael's tight ass making the young girl cry in pain"ahhhhh...that hurts please stop it!!"Tyler was enjoying this but he wasn't aware that Rachael had never been spanked before.Taking his index finger around her slit he rubbed around it,her dripping juices made his finger wet.He took his wet finger to Rachael's mouth and said"suck it bitch!see how horny you are...taste your juices".Rachael couldn't believe how turned on she was after being spanked by Mr.Tyler.For the very first time she tasted herself,she had swallowed the cumm of a lot of guys but she never tasted herself.Now that she was doing it she liked how she tasted."oh shit!we don't have much time"Rachael heard Tyler say as he parted her vaginal lips with his fingers. Pulling down his zipper he sticked out his massive cock and shoved it into her pussy.Rachael felt like someone shoved a baseball bat inside her,it was huge.She could feel her pussy stretching cause of his mighty dick."Ahhhh....gawwwd!you are huge Mr.Tyler"Rachael moaned.Tyler smiled at her comment and said"you should be careful who you are trying to seduce girly".Rachael didn't repent seducing him,although it was painful and she felt like someone is tearing her pussy apart when he was stroking her from behind Rachael knew the pain was worth it.Tyler had been giving powerful thrusts to Rachael when he felt his balls twitch "can't believe a slut like you could be so are making me cumm" . "come inside me...come inside me...i am on pills Mr.Tyler...please plant your seeds inside me"Rachael begged.Tyler didn't need any further invitation.He shot ropes of cumm deep inside her womb.The hot sperm triggered Rachael's orgasm and for the second time in the day Rachael was lost in heavenly pleasure.When Tyler pulled out his cock Rachael turned to have a look at it.Rachael was shocked to see him hung like a horse,this was by far the biggest cock she had ever seen not to mention it was the thickest too.Tyler pulled up his zipper and said"leave!!before you get me into trouble".Rachael walked out of the office with her juices and his cumm dripping down her legs.She rushed to the bathroom to clean herself up.Founding the bathroom completely empty she took her precious time and cleaned the mess.
When she was all squeaky clean she stepped out of the bathroom and went for her next class.

Rachael was getting bored in English when someone passed a note onto her seat,she opened it.It read"Meet me outside during lunch break...we will have some fun;-))."The note was signed as Michael.Michael was the captain of the football team and ever since Rachael had heard about his huge dick,she had wanted to fuck her.Rachael could feel her pantyless pussy tingling in excitement upon reading the note.She almost rushed outside when lunch break came and found Michael sitting inside his car.Michael opened the door for her and Rachael sat beside the driver's seat.He drove away the car for a mile before stopping at secluded place.Michael said"i have heard a lot about your oral talents...i hope you won't disappoint me".With that said he unzipped his fly and took out his cock.Rachael couldn't believe her was HUGE!Bigger than even Mr.Tyler's.She instantly put her hands across it,her petite hands could barely cover the total girth.She stroked it a few times before taking it in her mouth.Rachael had only taken the head of his dick inside her mouth and she was feeling stuffed.Michael had been given several blowjobs but no one has even been able to deep throat him.He had heard about Rachael's oral abilities and he had wanted to try if she would be able to do it.Rachael being the slut she was ecstatic to finally have his cock in her mouth. When Rachael stopped, about two inches of his manhood was still outside of her mouth and Michael thought she won't be able to make it.Letting her muscles to relax for a few minutes Rachael was on it again and this time she successfully deep throated him.She put her fingers on his balls and fondled them,Michael groaned loudly as his balls twitched. Rachael bobbed her head and Michael shoved her head into his crotch as ropes of cumm hit down Rachael's throat.Rachael tried to drink all the cumm but his load was huge and a few drops trickled down from the side of her lips.When Michael had calmed down he said"that was just WOW!!that was definitely the best blowjob someone has ever given me".Rachael smiled at him and said"I will take that as a compliment.I think we should go now".Michael dropped her at the school but before he left he invited her to his b'day party the next day which Rachael gladly accepted. When Rachael reached home she took another long shower to clean herself up.She wrapped a towel around her body and stepped out of to find his dad standing in her bedroom.William(Rachael's dad) and Rachael had been having sex for quite sometime now.Rachael's mother was usually very busy working which left him horny and unattended. Rachael loved her father a lot and she more than made up for her mother's absence.Rachael dropped her towel to reveal her sexy body. Williams moved towards her daughter and started kissing her lips while his hands fondled her boobs.He pinched her nipples and his mouth kissed her neck,collarbone.Taking one of her nipples into his mouth,williams sucked onto it hard.Rachael moaned in pleasure as she stroked her dad's hairs.William's hands have found out her clit and he was playing with it while sucking her boobs.William stopped sucking her tits and asked her to lie down on the bed.Rachael lied on the bed with her legs spread eagles but William had different ideas today.William said"baby girl,do can i fuck your ass today?".Rachael smiled at his father and said"awww...daddy have i ever said no to you for anything?". With that said Rachael turned over to lie on her stomach.William was staring at her daughter's perfect bubble butt.Her butt cheeks were perfectly round.William leaned onto the bed and spread Rachael's butt to see her tiny asshole.William noticed how clean it was,her daughter was very particular about keeping her body squeaky clean.William shoved a finger inside her ass and stroked her.Rachael moaned at the anal intrusion.Rachael had always loved anal sex.William now stroked her anus with two fingers making his daughter scream louder in pain.William pulled out his finger and shoved his head between her asscheeks. He sticked out his tongue and circled around her asshole.Rachael groaned loudly,no one has ever licked her asshole before and now that her daddy was doing she couldn't believe how great it felt.William licked every corner of her tiny asshole lubricating it with his saliva.Rachael was lost in heavenly pleasure as her father licked her asshole clean.Suddenly,Rachael felt grateful to her mother for being so busy with her work because that allowed her daddy to fuck her brains out.She had no idea what she was missing.When sufficiently lubricated,william stopped licking his daughter and pulled out his dick.Putting it between his daughter's asscheeks he rubbed it around the border of her tiny asshole before shoving it with a powerful thrust.Rachael groaned loudly as her father's cock spread her tiny asshole apart.She could feel her asshole getting stretched by her daddy as he pushed his cock further . Rachael felt excruciating pain in her ass but she was enjoying it too.Rachael gripped the bed sheet tightly as her father gave powerful strokes."ugh...ugh..,"her dad was groaning loudly while Rachael felt as if someone had put a hot,thick rod inside her ass.William stopped to finger her pussy from behind finding her pussy had been drenched in her juices.When Rachael felt her father playing with her clit while fucking her ass,she shrieked out."OH DADDY!!you are going to make me cumm so hard".On hearing this William fucked her faster with more powerful strokes saying"cumm for daddy,baby girl.cumm for daddy".Rachael could feel her orgasm building and she was liking this dirty talk with his father.She shouted"fuck your little slut daddy...fuck her...just tear apart her asshole...don't show any mercy...oh daddy "William now put his hands on her asscheeks and kept on thrusting her.Rachael felt her legs go weak,her vaginal walls convulse and her body go stiff when her orgasm hit her hard."gggghhi..."Rachael cried out.Williams aroused by her daughter's sexy moan came too,he shot his seeds deep into her.When totally spent out william put his dick inside his pants and went back to the living room.He never stopped after having sex or said anything. Rachael always thought it must make him feel guilty. After being out of action for a week,Rachael had a great day today.She made her little brother ate her pussy,seduced her teacher to ramm her pussy from behind,given the school team's football captain a mighty blowjob and just when she thought the day couldn't get better,her father had stretched her tiny asshole.She was totally spent for the day and she fall asleep soon.

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