60+ year old man had trouble with young nymph
About two weeks after I first met a had sex with young Cindy her mother Sandy called me on a Saturday. she told me Ed was going out of town to promote his new mystery book and she needed a babysitter. I told her I was not to be around children because of my status as a sex offender with a minor victim but she said that was why she wanted me. She wanted a man who was not afraid to have sex with her daughter.

So I ask her when she would need me. She told me to be at her house no later than 8:30AM on Monday when she would have to be in the restaurant. She also told me if I was there by seven I could have breakfast and coffee with her. I told her I would be there.

So on Monday, I left my house at 6:30AM and was at her door no later than 6:45AM. I knocked lightly and she came to the door in a nighgown that was semi sheer. Her breasts were visible under the fabric. She sushed me as I entered explaining that Cindy was still in bed. She took me to her dining room table and served me bacon and scrambled eggs. We had both coffee and orange juice to drink.

She told me Cindy had said I could come into her room and climb into bed with her if I got there before she woke up. So Cindy apparently liked me well enough.

I had taken a 48 hour Cialis before leaving the house figuring at my age I might need the help. Sandy excused herself after a while and went into her room and came out in a few minutes in a waitress uniform. She gave me a kiss with tongue and a full body hug and told me to treat her daughter right. I knew what Cindy and I were doing was so wrong but she was willing and wanting.

I went back to the dining table and finished my coffee and then went into Cindy's room. She was lying on her back covered by a sheet. What she had worn to bed was mystery. I could not see it without pulling down the sheet.

So I took off my clothes and dressed only in my briefs I pulled down the sheet and found she was in a simple white dress like she had when I saw her ad Ed's but that one was red.

So now I'm in bed with a 9 year young girl who was said I could wake her up. I reached down to her inner thigh and went up the inside toward her treasure. As I reached it I did not find panty but pussy. So I started to run my finger up and down her slit. Circling her clit at the top each time. She started to stir. As she woke up she realized what I was doing and she said,"Keep that up and I'm going to cum." So I did and in a few minutes she was moaning with my stokes and then stiffened and shivered in climax.

When she came down from the climax she said,"Eat me. Lover" So I did as she requested though I started off kissing her feet, then her ankles, her calves and then her knees, her thighs up one leg and down the other one. Then up that leg and finally after teasing her I went to work running my tongue where my finger had previously run. She shuddered in climax again after a few minutes then she opened her eyes and looked down. The Cialis had done its job and I was hard. She said,"Now make love to me." I put my cock's head at the entrace of her vagina and pressed into her about two inches. Then I moved my legs outside her legs and rocked my pelvis to stroke in and out of her. The Cialis was helping me hold off the ejaculation and I felt her stiffen and quake five different times each one more deep than the last one. On her fifth penetrative orgasm I finally came and pumped my white greezy slimy cum into her young vagina.

Then we just held each other until my organ got so soft that I fell out of her. She said,"That was even better than the first time you did me." Then she got up and went to the bathroom, urinated, douched, and flushed. I asked her where she got the douche. She said her mother had started stocking it when Ed said it made sex more pleasant.

While she was using the bathroom I went out to the kitchen and fried a couple strips of bacon and a scrambled egg for her. I gave her cereal with milk too. Captain Crunch as I recall.

She said as she ate that she wanted to suck me to orgasm when I was ready and I told her it may reduce the chances that I could make love to her again. She said,"I can take care of you on that." She seem confident she could get me back up. I'd brought my Cialis vial with me just in case. I poured myself a cup of coffee and hiding it in my hand I took another Cialis.

There is a warning with all the erectile dysfunction drugs not to take so much as to induce a 4 hour erection. For this nymphomaniac I might need to have a 4 hour erection. My doctor had complemented me on my heart health so I figured I could risk it. I went into her room and got dressed and brought in my laptop and collection of DVD porn. When I came in she was sitting naked in the living room with her fingers stimulating her pussy.

With the drugs helping me I was rock hard in seconds. She said,"I'm sorry. I've been bad. I guess you'll have to punish me. Make me suck your cock and fuck my mouth." I took off my pants and briefs and then my shirt. My shoes were sandals and I had not worn socks. I picked her up and sat her down with her back against the sofa then I put my cock in her mouth and grabbing her ears I punished her by pushing myself into her mouth to the choaking point then pulling out until the rim of the head of my prick was at the inside of her lips and then pushing it in to the choaking point. I made sure she was getting enough air to avoid passing out. I pulled out to her lips and started shooting my cum into her mouth. She kept a tight seal on the organ and looked up at me with intense eyes.

Then she slurred her speech and said, "Luke" and stuck out her tongue. It was covered with my white, sticky, greasy cum. She pulled her tongue back in and swallowed the reproduction product.

She stood up just a bit unsteadily since I'd reduced her air intake for the last 10 minutes or so. I held out my hands to steady her. She looked down and saw I was still hard. `

She pointed at my hard-on and asked, "What do you want to do with that?" I replied,"I want to fuck you with it." She inquired,"My ass or my pussy?" I told her,"I had proposed anal sex to my daughter when I abused her but she didn't want to try it. Are you sure you want to? "Ed has had my ass but I had an enema first. Mommy bought me my own enema kit so if you want my ass and know how to give me an enema you can take my ass too."

I picked her up and kissed her full on the mouth. She gave me tongue and I returned it to her. When we broke the kiss she took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. She opened the cabinet under the sink. She explained that I was to fill the bag with about a quart of water. Insert the free end of the tube an inch into her rectum and release the clamp and hold the bag high to let the water gravity feed into her bowels. Then she would sit on the toilet and push the fluid out. I was to repeat it until the fluid ran clear.

I told her it sounded simple enough. She bent over the sink after I had filled the rubber bag and re installed the rubber plug with the tube connected to it. So I put the end of the tube to her rosebud asshole and pushed it in about an inch and a half. She flinched a bit then said,"That's far enough, Charlie" Then I lifted the bag above her head and she reached up and released the clamp allowing the water to flow.

The bag collapsed as the water ran out then Cindy reached up and closed the valve clamp. She sat down on the toilet seat and pushed and when the tube was expelled I pulled it out behind her. She pushed again and a lot of fluid came out with some chunks of shit. She reached and depressed the flush lever and watched the brown lumpy liquid drain out of the bowl. She said,"Do it again." So I refilled the bag again, reinserted the plug, reinserted to tube into her ass and let it drain again. This time I pulled the tube out of her ass before she sat down.

Again she pushed and discharged all the fluid I had put into her. It was still slightly brown and still had a few chunks in it. She stood up. Wiped her ass with toilet paper. Threw it into the toilet and flushed it. She said,"With what Ed feeds me normally it only takes two times to clean me out I don't know why it is going to take three times with your bacon and eggs.

So for the third time I filled the reservoir with water and put the plug back in it then I put the tube in her ass and held it up. As it drained she said,"Charlie stand right in front of me." I did. She reached out for my tool and pulling me toward her started to suck me off. She was using her tongue on the bottom of it. This distracted me so I did not notice when the bag collapsed as it emptied. She came off my cock and said,"You want to pull it out again?" I told her,"Yes", she stood and when I pulled the tube out she farted. It had almost no odor at all.

She sat on the toilet and pushed out the fluid. When she stood up the water was clear. She said,"You can fuck me anyway you want to. My mouth, ass and pussy are all available to you now.

I took her hand and took her to her bedroom and started by making out with her and then feeling her nipples and then fingering her pussy in the cycle of down to the vagina up to the clit and circling it before going back to her love hole. I kept at it until she shivered in orgasm. Then I Went down on her and ran my tongue over the path my finger had traced and one hand had 2 finger stimulating her G-spot and then other was outside on her lower belly applying pressure to the same spot. She broke into a full blown orgasm than in her throws of pleasure she almost rolled me off the bed. Then I put myself into her pussy to make love to her in the standard missionary position. After a few strokes of this I picked up my right leg and pushed her left leg in and brought my right leg to rest outside her leg. Then I repeated the same move with my left leg and her right leg. I just rocked my pelvis to pump in and out of her. She climaxed again arching her back lifting both of us off the bed! I had no leverage until she settled back but resumed as soon as I was back where I had leverage.

She said,"Damn, you are one great Fuck Charlie." I told her she was a great lover and made all that possible. She said,"Ed does me the same way you do but I have harder orgasm with you" I told her I found that hard to believe. I know Ed and I are both about the same size as far as our penises are concerned. I was pumping along as we chatted and she went into another orgasm and again lifted her hips raising me until I could not stroke. I was starting to tire and Cindy noticed it and she suggested,"Let's roll over and I'll ride your cock, okay?" I put my arms around her and rolled over to my right until she was on top. She raised herself up to get her legs under her and outside mine. She dislodged me while doing that but immediately grabbed my organ and re installed it in her vagina.

She put her hands on my shoulders, fell forward until our lips were locked and now as we made out she was rocking her pelvis putting my penis in and out of her. This was so sensual but I was still no where near being able to cum. When she broke the kiss I noticed her nipples were swollen and were about a half inch extended from her chest with little cones. Her hair was loose now, and hung down on each side of my face touching and tickling my ears. I could see where my cock entered her and where her erect clitoris was being rubbed by the top of my prick. She kissed me again and put her tongue so far into my mouth I think she touched my tonsils as she writhed is exstacy as another orgasm claimed her.

She said,"I think I've had 5 orgasm and you still haven't cum yet. What is going on here." I told her. "I took a double dose of Cialis to make sure I could perform to her satisfaction. She said,"I'm satisfied and getting a bit sore in the pussy. Would you like to take my ass, now?" I simply nodded and she got off my cock and got on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed. Turning back to me,"The K-Y is on the headboard. i turned and grabbed the tube. I put a big glob of it on my right hand and then stroked it over my cock greasing it up thickly. When she saw what I had done she reached back and spread her butt cheeks. I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass and slowly pushed myself into her bowels. When my balls slapped her pussy she said,"That makes me feel full."I reached down and put two fingers in her pussy. It was still well lubricated from the fucking we had been doing.

So I pull and push long slow strokes for a few minutes with my fingers fucking her pussy. My fingers were being squeezed by her contracting vaginal muscles as she climaxed with me in her ass. I kept on pumping her in both her lower openings until she climaxed yet again I could feel the pressure building in my balls and with her third climax while I was in her ass I finally came, ejaculating my hot, greasy, sticky ropes of semen into her. She fell forward and we both fell over the foot edge of the bed. I was still barely inside her ass. But I was concerned that I may have hurt her when I fell on top of her. I asked her,"Are you okay, did I hurt you when we fell?" She said,"Just a little bit. I'm okay." We stood up and she finally slid off my shaft. She ran into the bathroom leaving the door wide opened, she sat on the toilet and pooped out my sperm.

I went into the bathroom and she said,"Damn Charlie, won't that thing ever fade?" as she pointed at my still erect penis. "Miracles of modern medicine." was all I could reply. She said,"Take a shower, stud." So climbed into the shower and carefully washed my private parts that had this morning been in all three of Cindy's holes.

She joined me and I washed her all over whereas she washed only the parts of me that had been in her. As we got out and I dried her off she said,"I'm hungry." I said,"For what?" She said,"Food." I said,'Well let's go to the kitchen and see what your mother has on hand."

I found some deli sliced turkey in the meat compartment and bread was on the counter. There was mayonnaise in the fridge too. I asked Cindy what she would like. She said,"Obviously by now you cannot believe I am a picky eater."

So I made up two turkey sandwiches with mayo and we sat at the dining room table. Still naked eating. When we had enough she told me her mother had called the pedophile club and submitted both my name and Ed's. She told me I had been cleared because of my prior conviction on a sex charge. Ed had no such record.

I had downloaded the video I had made the night Ed had called me over when we "gang banged" her to my laptop. I pulled it out and played it. She said "If the guys running the pedophile club knew about that they would clear him right away. I stopped the playback at that point and exited the disk player and loaded VLC media player with the same video file. I ran it up to a point where Cindy and Ed were both naked and asked her if that would be enough. She said she did not know. She said her mother had the number in her phone book and she went and found the book. I found the listing and called them and asked them for their fax number. She gave it to me. I instructed my computer to fax the print to the man's fax machine. It reported it had done so after about a minute.

She said we would not know if he was cleared. The call would go to Ed's cell phone since that was the number he had given them. She turned to me and said,"I think I'll have you take me to the club since you got cleared first and you do so much to make me feel really good. From what the guy told mom some guys just want to look at a little girl and jack off. Others make the girl cum and that's all they want to do. Others make the child cum then they cum. A few have a child suck them off and don't make the child cum at all. Some of the kids go to 2 or three different partners until they find someone who will do what they want.

"One girl at my school who has gone said she sucked off four guys one night before she found anyone who would make her cum then he made her cum five times to make up for the other guys. The guy had already blown his load and was done. Now you've shot your load three times and you are still hard. What am I going to do with you?"

"You don't have to do anything if you don't want to." I reminded her she did not have to take care of every hardon that came along. She told me about 2 teachers that had been fired from her school for being caught with their fingers in her pussy. Which explained her mother's attitude that Cindy was going to have sex no matter what she tried to do. That's why she was hiring male babysitters.

At that point the phone rang. Cindy went to pick it up. She said, "Hello" and then listened for a moment and said,"It's Ed and I think he wants to talk to you." I took the phone and said,"Hi, I'm Charlie." Ed said,"I know you got cleared by the club and I just found out I was cleared too. Do you whose fax machine is 662 555 1212? I told him that was my home land line and it was my HP multi-function machine that was connected there. He asked what I faxed to convince them to let him in and I told him it was a single frame from the video my weird sunglasses had made the night we were doing Cindy. He asked what he and Cindy were doing in the picture and said,"Nothing, just naked and looking at each other. Okay was his response. Then he asked to talk to Cindy. Cindy told him she knew there was a pedophile club meeting tomorrow night. He said he would not be back until next weekend and she told him,"It's all right, Charlie will take me."

Then she hung up. She turned to me and said,"Well now we know what it takes to get in don't we? I explain to her,"They have to be sure nobody coming in is a police informant. The penalties for what we are doing are severe for the guy. She said,"Yes I know." Daddy is in prison and won't get out until I'm at least 30 and only for doing what I asked him to do. Maybe that is why I want to be punished sometimes. I told her it didn't matter to me why she wanted to do what she was doing and if she stopped i'd still want to babysit her. She same over and kissed me on the mouth. No tongue this time. It was simply a kiss of appreciation for what I had said.

Then she said,"We have to get your erection to fade." I told her,"Being naked with you naked is not going to help." She said,"I know what to do." She reached over and started to jack my cock. Then she knelt in front of me a put my organ in her mouth. She closed her lips around it and tried to swallow the whole thing then she backed off until only the head of it was inside her lovely lips. I looked down and our eyes met. She continued to go forward and backward on my cock. It felt great she had her tongue in contact with the bottom of my cock as she pulled it out. This kid knew how to give head. It had been ninety minutes since the same cock that was in her mouth had discharged its load into her ass.

I felt that familiar pressure in my balls building up again. I found it hard to believe the drugs were allowing me to perform almost as well as I had when I was 19. Except the erection had not faded all day so far.

Then I came and squirted rope after rope of the hot sticky greasy cum into her young throat. She says,"If you are still alive when I get 16 will you marry me. I told her I'd love to but unless I got off the sex offender registry it would be difficult. I'd paid off my resitution and applied for a pardon but since it was classed as a forcible felony it was not likely.

While I had my computer up I checked my e-mail and there was a message stating the address and time of the next pedophile club meeting. I sent it home to my printer which had the ability to print from the internet.

When I finished cumming the little girl opened her mouth and showed me the cum I had deposited there. The she closed it and swallowed. I picked her up and put her mouth to mine and kissed her. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and tasted the saltiness of my own cum. She then pushed my tongue out with her own. and put her tongue deep into my mouth. Her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms surrounded my neck. She lifted herself up as high as she could and whispered into my ear,"Put your cock in my pussy, I need to be punished." So reaching under her left leg I put my cock pointing up and she lowered herself onto my shaft. She missed it the first time she came down but recovered quickly enough.

Now using her legs and arms she was raising and lowering herself on my organ. She kept it up for twenty minutes stopping with each of the three orgasms she had during that time before she announced that she was tired. I walked jauntily into the dining room and laid her on the table. As I laid her back on the table she released her grip on my waist and moved her legs to my shoulders. Her arms were gone from my neck but were on her breasts. She only had a bit of swelling under the nipple so she really had no tits at all but apparently they were sensative.

I slammed into her pussy and then pulled out so only my cock's head was still inside her labia then I slammed into her again. I was now doing all the work but that didn't mean it did not feel good. I found it strange that she kept on cumming every six or seven minutes even though I felt I was abusing her. My balls were swinging against her ass every time I drove myself into her. One half hour after I had lain her on the table I was coming close to my endurance for such physical activity. She was still orgasming on a regular basis having 5 more in the last thirty minutes. I was tired and pulled out before cumming because I was an old man, there was just no way even though the erection remained strong and hard that I could keep up the pace with this fresh young nymphet.

She sat up on the table and said,"What?" I said,"Honey, I'm just too old and worn out for you. She said, Lay on the floor. I complied with her command.

Then she came down from the table and impaled her self on my rigid organ. I was uncomfortable having now a four hour erection but she had the enthusiasm to keep on riding my cock after the half hour rest I had given her. She had driven herself to 3 more climaxes before the phone rang. She said,"I guess we have to stop a minute." I just shrugged. She got up and went to the phone and said,"Hello" ...Oh it's okay Mom we were just fucking." She then listened for a while then said okay mom we'll see you in a while." Then she hung up. She said,"Mom is bringing Pizza home for supper. You are invited. Then she returned to the dining room straddled me and lowered herself onto my organ and resumed her earlier stroking. She kept it up until her mother walked in and carefully stepping over my legs and watching her daughter's ass going up and down over my pelvis she said,"You can wait to eat until he cums." Just then Cindy climaxed. She told her mother as she came out of it. That's just it Mom he won't fade. He took a double dose of some kind of hard on drug and while he can cum he doesn't lose the erection. I've been fucking him all day and he hasn't lost it once.

Sandy laughed at that and said,"Then I guess you've met your match then haven't you? She excused herself and went into he bedroom I heard the shower come on and ten minutes later I heard a hot comb running and after five minutes it shut off. Then Sandy came out. Naked!

She tapped Cindy on the shoulder and said,"Honey take a break, I'll keep him hot and ready. Then she sat on my face and I ate Sandy's pussy as I had eaten her daughters earlier. When she was well lubricated she came off my face and impaled herself on my cock. Cindy was chowing down on the Pizza which seems to be a large Pizza Hut Meatlovers.Then Sandy reached over to the table and grabbed a piece of Pizza. I expected her to eat it. She didn't. She fed it to me. She would put the piece in my mouth, I'd bite ofr a chunk and she'd withdraw the pizza while I chewed it and swallowed it. It was still hot. After I ate that piece she ate a piece herself and asked me if I wanted another one. I said yes and when she finished her piece she fed me another one. We continued this way until we were both full. She'd had to stop eating while climaxing my endless boner would not fade. I felt the pressure in my scrottum again and told her,"I'm gonna cum." She said,"Fire away, old man." So I released a flood of cum into this sexy redhead that was an object of admiration for my friend Ed.

When she got up after she finished eating I was still hard. So Cindy came over and impaled herself. Sandy went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she came back she told Cindy,"Honey go brush your teeth." Cindy asked her,"Can I cum first mom." Sandy asked, "Are you close?" Cindy said "Yes I am." It was less than thirty seconds later that she collapsed onto my chest after the climax had taken her. Then she got up and went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

Sandy had taken Cindy's place on my organ and was wearing it raw with this continuous fucking routine I was in right now. Cindy came back and sat on my face so while her mother was fucking me I was eating her daughter.

This was twisted stuff for sure.

The two women kept on switching, tag teaming me with sex. It was wearing my organ raw. It hurt. I started to say we needed to stop but Sandy did not want to get off me until she got off herself. I passed out. When that occurred the girls did not panic. Sandy checked my pulse and told Cindy, "He's passed out. I guess we need to get him to the Emergency Room. The two of them carried me out to the car and threw me in the back seat. Sandy drove and I came to listening to her tell Cindy to say her mother had been fucking Charlie all day and not Cindy.

Cindy said,"Yes mommy I know I don't fuck except for the guys I want to do." Sandy pulled out her cell phone and called her boss. She wanted him to say she had called in sick today and not come in. He said he needed something in return for his alibing her. There was a whispered conversation between Cindy and Sandy and then she said,"Okay we'll do it in the morning at 7 okay?"

I was in no shape to ask what had been agreed to. We pulled into the ER and both girls went in to the ER leaving me alone. After a few seconds a couple of orderlies came out with a gurney and put me on it. After putting me in a treatment room a nurse removed my pants and breifs. Funny I didn't remember putting them on! Apparently the girls had dressed me.

The organ was still at full hardness and the female doctor seemed ammused by it all. She said,"What happened?" I told her,"I wanted to keep up with my girlfriend who is less than half my age so I took a double dose of 36 hour cialis." She looked at my purple prick and said and now you can't get it back down. She walked out and the nurse came in and packed ice around my balls and cock.

It didn't work to reduce my erection and a half hour later the nurse came and checked it and went and got the doctor. She looked at it and said, "We know you are a registered sex offender with a minor victim." I cut her off,"and you think I'm with the mother to get at the little girl." She said,"That is the question." "What did she tell you?"

"She told me you were her mother's boyfriend and she didn't want anything to do with you. Said she hated you." I replied,"So if I'm grooming her for sexual abuse, I'm not doing a very good job am I?"
That seemed to convince her and she stuck a big needle in my prick and drew off my own blood! The erection went down. She said,"I think you'll be okay but we need to be sure you won't get back up. If you can have sex without discomfort go ahead but no erectile dysfunction drugs for at least 24 hours.

She left for a half hour then came back and finding my organ flaccid she told me to get dressed and go home. Sandy helped me into the car and we drove to her house. We went in. Cindy was wearing her same old simple dress but did have panties on.

Sandy said,"You will sleep in my bed with me tonight." I simply nodded. I went to her room and stripped and got into the king sized bed. Sandy came through and went into the bathroom. When she came out she was not alone. Cindy and Sandy were both naked! There long red tesses were down to their shoulders and loose. Sandy's C sized breast were spectacular. Then Cindy got up on the bed and reached for my cock. She gently jacked it and then as it stiffened up she put it in her mouth and started fellate it. Her mother was swinging her hips and swiveling her shoulders seductively then she started to finger herself. My organ had grown fully stiff in Cindy's mouth.

She pulled the covers down uncovering what she had been making. Then Sandy came up on the bed and straddling me she lowered her wet pussy over my aching prick. As she rode it up and down her daughter backed off and watched with her fingers rubbing her pussy. Sandy said,"See where you go into me? I said yes then she laid down on my body kept humping me. Her clit was rubbing on my body and soon she stiffened and arched her back as the climax took her. That was enough in my exhausted state to trip my trigger and my balls started pumping my white, sticky, greasy cum into her body.

She got up when I fell out of her and then Cindy got into bed on the other side. Sandy douched and came back and got into bed. I put my arms around this 30 year old red head and I felt two arms come from behind me to hold me. Those were Cindy's. I fell asleep.

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