This is the last segment of Evan and the Beach Boys. Enjoy! Brought to you by Penetration Publications. Thank You.
Twelve year old Evan had just returned from a fucking session with the notorious Beach Boys. Evan was thinking about cock in his room. He took out his sexy young penis. He was stroking it thinking all about boys. He then had a hot idea. He called his friend Michael. Michael answered the phone. “Hello” said Mike, “Hi it’s Evan, you wanna come over?” responded Evan. “Sure, I’ll be there very soon.” said Mike. They both then hung up. Evan was home alone. He took off all of his clothing and sat on the couch naked. He was stroking his hard twelve year old member thinking about his friend Michael. Michael and Evan were both in seventh grade, and were very good friends. Michael arrived at Evan’s house, and walked into the living room. He was staring Evan’s young naked body. Mike’s young dick became erect. Mike knew why Evan had invited him over, and he liked it. Mike took off all of his clothes. He sat down next to Evan, with his 4.2 inch penis fully erect. They both started stroking each other’s cocks. They both were softly moaning as their young hands explored and caressed each other’s young sexy penises. Evan then brought his mouth down to Michael’s dick. He was sucking on Mike’s hard dick, giving the young boy the first blowjob of his young life. Mike was thrusting his hips up into Evan’s throat. Mike was moaning, and then moaned louder when Evan’s tongue licked all over his dick. He finally reach orgasm when Evan started to lick at Mike’s urethra. Mike yelled “I’m cuuuuuuuuming!” Mike sent his young semen into Evan’s mouth. Evan loved the taste of his friend’s cum, and he swallowed all of the jizz. Mike then returned the favor and started to suck Evan’s cock. Even moaned “Ahhhh” when he sent wave after wave of semen into Mike’s wanting mouth. Mike loved it and swallowed all of the cum. They then decided to take this to the next level, as they were both hard and horny once more. Evan bent over, and Mike plowed his young cock up into the sexy anus. Both boys were moaning, and then Mike screamed “Aww fuck yes!” Mike sent his young spunk deep into Evan’s bowels. Now it was Michael’s turn to be fucked in the ass. Michael bench over the couch, exposing his young sexy anus to Evan’s hard, sexy, throbbing, and ready cock. Evan rammed his dick up into Mike’s juicy anus. They were now groaning, as Evan slammed his hips against Michael. Evan then roughly slapped Michael’s ass as he was fucking the young boy’s tight hole. Michael screamed “Aw Yeah!” because he liked Evan making him his private fuck toy bitch. Mike then moaned “Ehhhh” as he started cumming onto the couch. He was cumming because Evan’s hard cock was stimulating his young prostate. Evan, about two seconds after, moaned “Ahhh Weauih” as he sent his semen into the depths of Michael’s tight anal caverns. They both sat next to each other on the couch, resting. Cum was leaking out of both of their used and abused assholes. Then they heard a knock on the door, then again. They both sat there pretending no one was home. They didn’t want to get the door because they were naked and covered in cum. Then, the door was blown open by explosives. Hoan Vegars and Kajc Netersop walked in. Hoan was wearing the same clothing that he had on earlier that day when he put an end to the lives of the Beach Boys, but to clarify, his black western boots were Ariat Heritage with an R style toe. These boots come in two types of brown and one type of black. Hoan indeed was wearing the black. Kajc was wearing a brown leather jacket, Levi jeans with a black dress belt, and combat boots. Hoan then drew his Kimber Custom II 1911 .45 ACP handgun out of his leather shoulder holster. Hoan had replaced the standard factory grips with Pachmayr American Legend grips. Kajc then took his classic style black gripped Italian stiletto switchblade out of his pocket. He pressed the button, and the blade quickly swung out with a the classic switchblade click. Evan and Michael knew they were in some serious trouble. So, while still naked, they ran out the back door of the house. The two boys split up, so Hoan followed Evan, while Kajc followed Michael. Kajc followed Mike into an alley. The alley was divided in half by a chain link fence. Mike was trying to climb it. He was almost at the top, when Kajc pulled him to the ground. Michael landed on the hard ground with a thud. The wind was knocked out of the young boy. Kajc then knelt down next to him, and slit his throat with the knife. Michael was dead and blood was pouring out of his throat. Kajc then cleaned off his blade with a discarded newspaper he found nearby. He folded up the blade, and headed back to Evan’s house. Hoan had chased Evan into an alley, but this alley was a dead end. Evan ran towards the wall, he turned around frantically trying to think of what to do next. But Evan’s thinking was interrupted by two .45 ACP bullets going through his chest and back into the wall. Evan slumped down. He was sitting on the ground with his back against the wall. Evan was still alive, but barely. Hoan then pointed his gun at Evan’s head. He pulled the trigger. He killed Evan with the shot to the head. He blew Evan’s brains out on the wall behind him. Evan’s head and torso then fell down from the wall to the boy’s body’s right. He was dead. Hoan then met up with Kajc infornt of Evan’s house. They told each other of what happened, and told each other that they did a good job. Hoan then got in the driver’s seat of the General Lee, with Kajc sitting shotgun. They then drove away.

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