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I get to have fun with my niece and her friend
It had been a couple weeks since I had first fucked my 15 year old niece, Rachel. I’d had duty for a couple weekends and not been able to spend them with family. Thankfully, we had a three day weekend coming up and, in addition, I had Friday off so I could spend four days at my sister's home. I packed up my truck Thursday after work and headed up to see Mary and brother-in-law Steve and their 4 wonderful kids. Rachel and I had an intense weekend alone a couple weeks ago and I was wondering whether or not I might have a chance for another quick encounter this weekend. I was hopeful, but knew there was little chance as Steve and Mary had expressed no plans to do anything other than hang around the house all weekend. My one chance might be Friday while they were at work and the kids all at home. “Oh well, if it happens it happens” I said to myself. I arrived fairly early due to a lack of heavy traffic, a benefit of coming up Thursday. I was greeted in the usual fashion by my three teenage nieces, each jumping up and giving me a full body hug including wrapping their legs fully around me. Rachel, gave me an extra sweet kiss on the cheek and secretly guided my hand to her breast as she slid down my leg. I gave her nipple a little tweak and winked at her. Nobody appeared to have noticed a thing.

“Hi, Uncle Andy” I heard a voice behind me. It was Morgan, Rachel’s best friend and nearly constant companion during the school year. “There goes my chance for any pussy” I thought to myself. “Good day, Morgan” I replied cheerfully. “How has your summer been so far?” “Oh, very good” she said. “I’ve had several wonderful new experiences”. She looked me directly in the eye and winked. “What’s that about?” I wondered to myself. Morgan and Rachel couldn’t look further apart but were best friends. Where Rachel was slender and very light skinned brunette, Morgan was stocky almost to the point of being chubby, though I don’t think she had an ounce of fat on her. She was an athletic girl with dirty blonde hair and a deep rich tan. Well at least the parts that showed, which during the summer, was quite a lot. She was very attractive in her own way. She was also a year older than Rachel, having been held back in school at some point. About the only thing they had in common, appearance wise, was both had relatively large breasts for girls their age.

I was thinking to myself she would be an interesting fuck if you could hold on for the ride and didn’t hear a question posed by Rachel. “Uncle Andy, are you listening?” “Excuse me, I’m sorry, what?” I stammered. Rachel chuckled a bit. “I said that Morgan is spending the weekend with us, but needs to go home and pack up the clothes and things she needs to stay over. Could you give us a ride to her house so we can pack and then bring us back?” she repeated sounding a little annoyed. “Well, if it’s OK with your mom, I don’t have any issues with it. There’s not a lot of room in my old truck, though. One of you will have to sit in the middle. What do you say, Lil Sis? OK for me to take Rachel and Morgan to pick up her things?” I asked Mary as she walked up. I always called her 'Lil Sis' even though she was 3 years my elder, because of her diminutive size. The only child of hers still shorter than her was 13 year old Karen, and she was quickly catching up.

“Oh, can you, please, Andy? I need to run some errands and won’t be able to take them for a couple of hours. And you know how long it’ll take those two to pack. I’ll probably still beat you back here” she replied, smiling. “OK” I said “let’s go then. I’d like to be back before it gets too dark”. “Very funny, Uncle Andy, it won’t be dark for hours” Rachel retorted. Morgan just smiled and yelled “Shotgun!”. “Damn” Rachel said, but she didn’t look very disappointed. My truck is an older Chevy. It’s in great shape with engine and transmission upgrades and aftermarket air conditioning. Some people might call it a hot rod but it’s just a truck I’ve lovingly cared for. It’s not very roomy, but it does have a bench seat. You could squeeze in four people in a pinch but it wouldn’t be comfortable. With three it works fine, but the person in the center has to put a foot on either side of the transmission hump. The manual shifter curves back over the seat a little so when shifting you sometimes hit the center rider’s legs. Anyway as we hop in, I notice Rachel is wearing one of her trademark tight stretch mini-skirts, the kind that like to ride up under certain circumstances. Had I been wearing leathers earlier during her jump hug, I would probably also have noticed she was wearing no underwear and was hornier than a three-peckered billy goat.

I’d soon find out. “Thanks, loads, Uncle Andy” she said as she slid across the seat toward me, lifting her leg to clear the hump. If I had tried, I could probably have gotten an easy view of her crotch, but Morgan was right behind her. She was wearing a short denim skirt and tank top with a vest. As she got in, she said “It’s warm in here” and removed her vest. She was not wearing a bra and I could easily see the outline of her nipples. Rachel said “Yeah, it is” and removed her outer shirt. Now she too, was in a low cut tank top with no bra. The truck had been sitting closed up for only a short while but I had to agree. It was a little warm. “It’s OK” I said “I’ll start the AC”. As I put the truck in reverse to back out the drive, my hand rested on Rachel’s right leg, inches from her cunt. I left it there on the shifter while I backed out. Again, when I shifted to second to drive off, my hand lay against Rachel’s left leg also just inches from her cunt. I held it there as long as I could every time I had to stop and start. It was exciting rubbing her thighs and thinking about how fun it would be to fuck her again.

Morgan lived alone with her single mom. Their house was on the outskirts over at the other side of town. The drive would take a at least fifteen or twenty minutes. There were several stop signs and lights to go through. My right hand spent a lot of time in contact with Rachel’s left leg. And my right arm was almost constantly in contact with her left tit. It was almost as if she were leaning in to me, pushing her tit to my arm. Be it from the AC or shear excitement, both girls nipples were fully erect within the first half mile. My cock as well was starting to respond to the situation. I noticed my hand seemed to be closer to Rachel’s cunt every time we had to stop. Was she sliding down in her seat? I secretly took a little peek at the next stop and confirmed my suspicions. She was sliding down and her skirt was riding up. I could almost see her crotch. At the next stop sign Rachel said “I told Morgan some of the things you showed me, Uncle Andy. I showed her some stuff too. She wants to learn more”.

I was shocked. Now I was really in trouble. I looked down at Rachel. I could now clearly see her pussy sticking out past the hem of her skirt. Morgan had her left hand on Rachel’s right leg about an inch below her pussy and her right hand had pushed up the hem of her own skirt so I could see a sparse mat of blonde hairs on tan pussy lips. Her hand slid down and spread her lips and she inserted a finger deep inside, all the while looking me directly in the eye. At the same time she inserted two fingers from her left hand into Rachel’s twat. She started to move both hands in and out at the same pace. “Can you please show me too, Uncle Andy? The boy who took my cherry must not have done it right, because I didn’t get anything like the experience Rachel described. Please”. She almost whimpered the last word. A car behind me honked and I realized I’d been sitting for a little while. I pulled away and said “We’ll talk about this when we’re at Morgan’s and safely off the road”. Morgan kept up her fingering of both their cunts and both were close to cumming by the time we arrived at her house. “My, uh, mom, uh is , uh, gone for the weekend, uh, uh, uh” said Morgan gasping air between each word. Rachel was also breathing very hard in sync with Morgan’s pace. After stopping and shutting off the truck, I reached over and fingered Rachel’s clit. She came like a rocket, humping up and down on Morgan’s hand. Morgan’s climax followed right after and soon all was once again calm in the truck. All but my raging hard-on, that is. “OK, let’s go inside and talk this over” I said. We all piled out and headed into the house.

Why, I don't know, but, I started out trying to protest the situation. “Girls, I don't think we should. It's just not right” I said, trying to sound convincing. “Oh c'mon, Uncle Andy. You already did it with me. And we all know you want to” Rachel countered, looking at the tent in the front of my shorts. “Just because I did it before or want to do it now doesn't make it right. Besides, you know it takes time to do this kind of thing right and we’re expected back” I said my reserve dwindling. “Yeah, in like 2 hours! That should be plenty of time” Morgan argued. “OK” I replied “if there’s time after you get Morgan’s stuff all packed for this weekend, I’ll consider it. Good enough?” I thought I had them here. They were teenage girls and it’d take forever to decide what to bring. Morgan disappeared down the hall for a minute, and came back carrying a large overnight bag. “OK, all packed and ready” she exclaimed triumphantly. “So, Uncle Andy, where do you wanna do me, in my bed, on the couch, outside by the pool?” I was crestfallen and speechless. “We packed those up last week when we decided to get you to fuck Morgan and hatched our plan on how to do it” Rachel explained.

I now happily resigned myself to the fact that I was going to get to fuck my niece’s 16 year old best friend, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I had resisted in the first place. “Oh, I don’t know” I said. “You decide. It’s your place”. “I like it out by the pool” Morgan said. “Of course” I replied. “I should have known that after seeing that tan pussy. You spend a lot of your summer by the pool naked, don’t you?” “Oh sure” she said. “That’s where I lost my cherry to the pool boy. I think my mom has fucked him out there a couple times too” she added. “I might have to meet her mom” I thought.

I opened the sliding door to the patio. “After you, ladies” I said with a formal air. They sauntered on ahead and immediately began to disrobe. It didn’t take long as each of them wore only two articles and sandals. They were naked in seconds. It took me a little longer. I removed my shoes and socks then took off my shorts and shirt. I stood there in my boxers, my cock at full mast, poking its head though the opening in the front. Finally, I stripped off my underwear and walked over to a lounger. “Rachel, come on over and suck my cock. I want to eat Morgan’s pussy” I commanded. Morgan piped up. “I’d really like the chance to suck your cock, Uncle Andy. Rachel showed me how and we’ve been practicing on carrots and dildos” she said. “OK, well then you come and suck my cock. Rachel straddle my face, I’ll start by eating you” I looked at Morgan “Unless you want to try 69. I’m sure Rachel’s told you about that too” I said with a hint of mock anger. “That was kind of our plan” said Rachel “We’ve been practicing 69 a little on each other, but it’s more fun with a cock in your mouth” she paused “or a dildo in your hand”.

No wonder these girls were best friends. They were practically lovers, shoving dildos in each other, eating each other’s pussies. I’m sure they had lots of fun together. “OK, Rachel, you’re on your own for a while then” I said. “I think I’ll be fine for a few minutes” she replied as she pulled an 8 inch fake cock from her bag. “Damn” I thought “I’ve created a monster. Rachel is a real horn dog”. Morgan straddled my face and bent over to take my cock in her mouth. She started in sucking like she’d been doing it for a while and it felt good. I stared for a moment at the 16 year old twat in front of my face. I sniffed and took in her musty aroma. I dipped in my tongue and lapped full length. “Mmmmm” Morgan hummed on my dick. I parted her lips with my hands and dove in full force. I started out concentrating on the entrance to her pussy, rolling my tongue and pushing it in and out like a little dick. She moaned around my dick again but didn’t break stroke. I moved up to her clit, first licking and flicking my tongue around it which resulted in more moaning. Then, I put my lips around her little clit and started sucking in sync with her manipulation of my cock. This got a response. “Oh, Ohhh my god, That feels so fucking good” she said and began humping her pussy against my mouth. She forgot about sucking my cock as an orgasm racked her body. “Eat her Uncle Andy, eat her good” Rachel encouraged. She was on the lounge next to us stuffing that dildo in and out her twat at a frenetic pace. “I’m cumming” she screamed thrashing about, as her cunt squirted juice all over the lounger.

Both girls relaxed for a moment. Then I interrupted their reverie. “You still want that fuck?” I asked Morgan. “Oh, yes I do” she replied. “Then climb on” I ordered indicating my stiff man-meat. “Me? On top?” she asked. “Don’t worry,” I replied. “I’ll help. It just makes it easier to eat Rachel while we’re fucking. You can watch each other cum that way”. Morgan turned around and positioned herself over my cock facing me. “Come on, Rachel. Come over and sit on my face” I ordered. Rachel jumped up. “You don’t have to ask me more than twice” she giggled, straddling my face and facing Morgan. “Oh, this is going to be so fun” Rachel chortled.

Morgan lowered herself slowly on to my throbbing cock. She was pretty tight, but not as tight as Rachel had been. Her hot moist cunt enveloped my member like a wonderful silk glove. She slid all the way down ‘til she was sitting on my hips. I could feel her cervix pressing firmly against the head of my prick. “Ahhh” she moaned “this has got to be the best feeling in the world. I could just sit here forever stuffed full of hard cock”. “Start moving and see what you think” I said and started tonguing Rachel’s sopping cunt. “This is so cool. You look so hot with my uncle’s cock stuffed up your cunt” Rachel interjected. “And, Ohhh, that feels so good Uncle Andy, don’t stop” she moaned. I had no intention of stopping. I pushed my cock up into Morgan to help her set a pace while I nibbled on Rachel’s clit. Rachel leaned forward to give me a little better purchase and took one of Morgan’s nipples in her mouth. Morgan just moaned and kept riding my cock. As she slid up and down, I tried to help control her movement, but she was lost in her own world, so I just matched her pace. I slid a hand down and rubbed her clit in time with our fucking. At the same time I pushed two fingers from my other hand up into Rachel’s hot sticky twat while I licked her clit in rhythm to Morgan. Pretty soon we were all breathing in gasps that synced with our movements.

We were all moaning and panting, each lost in the ecstasy of the moment. I was getting ready to cum and figured I’d prepare Morgan for the moment. “I’m getting ready to come inside you soon, Morgan. Don’t worry, I can’t get you pregnant. I think you’ll like the feeling”. “I think I’m close too” she whimpered. I arched my hips to bury my cock as deep as possible and spewed rope after rope of thick hot cum into her tight teenage pussy. The feeling of her cunt filling up must have sent her over the edge as her pussy immediately began to spasm and twitch, milking my cock. Rachel too followed suit and came, squirting all over my face. We collapsed in a jumble of arms, legs, and tits. My cock, still buried deep in Morgan, began to shrink down to normal size and popped out followed by a gush of our mixed fluids.

“Yep,” Morgan was the first to speak as she regained some composure “the pool boy definitely did it wrong. I would do that every day, if I could. How did you know just how I wanted it, Uncle Andy? It was so perfect”. “You set the pace” I replied through Rachel’s cunt. “I just concentrated on matching your rhythm”. Rachel got off my face and sat down on the lounge on my left. “That was a lot of fun. Can we do it again, Uncle Andy?” Damn, what a horny little vixen. “I couldn’t be ready again for quite some time and we’re expected to return home soon. We should get going as quickly as we can, after we’ve cleaned up a little”. A scene of Rachel and I in the shower together popped into my head. “No, not this time” I thought to myself, “Not this time”. On the way back, Morgan, who was riding in the middle because Rachel had beat her to “Shotgun”, kept rubbing her pussy on my shifter knob any time it was in range. We pulled into the drive just minutes ahead of my sister. My niece Sharon exclaimed as we walked in the door “Took you guys long enough”. “Well,” I said pointing at Morgan’s bag “sometimes they just don’t know what they want”. “But,” I thought, smiling to myself “sometimes they know exactly what they want, and aren’t afraid to get it”. Rachel and Morgan just laughed and headed for the girls’ bedroom. The weekend went well. For the most part we just hung around the house relaxing together and went for daily walks. The girls would get together and talk excitedly now and then glancing my way. I wondered to myself “what scheme are they trying to hatch now”.

On Friday we rented a couple movies and settled down in front of the TV. The first movie was pretty good and just about everyone enjoyed it. The second movie was geared more toward teens so Steve and Mary and their son Carl all said “goodnight” and headed to bed. As I was set up to sleep on the living room floor with my camping gear, I was now stuck watching a movie with four teenage girls. I sat in the middle of the corner sectional sandwiched between Rachel and Morgan. All the girls were dressed for bed which meant they weren’t wearing much at all. As I glanced around, I could see lots of smooth teenage skin. Sharon and Karen wore their signature men's boxers and short tank tops that stopped only a couple inches below their boobs. Well, Sharon had full boobs, probably B cup. Karen’s boobs were still smaller but were rounded and defined. She would eventually overtake her sisters in tit size. Rachel wore her usual over-sized t-shirt with panties. The v-neck shirt fit quite loose and hung down about mid-thigh when she stood. As she curled up next to me, with her head on my lap, it rode up stopping just below her butt. Someone standing near the TV would have been able to clearly view her panty covered crotch. Morgan wore a teddy with matching panties. While Steve and Mary were up she had worn a robe over it, but she removed it when they went to bed mumbling something about the lack of air conditioning. She sat close on my right leaning into me with her head on my shoulder.

I had my arms on the back of the sofa on either side behind Rachel and Morgan. Sharon and Karen each curled up on their sides at the ends of the sectional, their heads resting on pillows at the sofa arms. I wore only thin loose running shorts and a light t-shirt. The movie was a teen film with lots of PG rated skin, the producers had shown everything they could short of having an R rating. It was almost pornographic with lots of love scenes with scantily clad teens rolling around together. There was even a quick shot of bare boob here and there. The plot was a little boring to me though the girls seemed enthralled. I dozed during the video and woke to find hands on my cock. Rachel had pushed her right hand under my leg and was stroking my balls and cock from underneath. Her left hand was pushed down between her legs. Morgan’s left hand was stroking my cock from above. She had her knees curled up to her chest blocking any view Sharon might have of her activity. I couldn’t see where her right hand was. I glanced around fearing we might get caught.

My fears were soon relieved. Karen appeared to have fallen asleep lying curled up on her left side with her hands stuffed between her legs. I turned to look at Sharon. She was in a similar position on her right side, her eyes wide open staring at the TV. We were about an hour into the movie. I took a chance and slid my left hand down the back of the sofa to caress Rachel’s hip and butt. I carefully pulled her shirt up to gain front access to her crotch and slipped my hand down toward her pussy. She stretched her left leg out to give me better access and I slipped my fingers under her panties and into her cunt. She moaned softly. I snapped my head around to look at Sharon. Her eyes were still locked on the screen her hands still between her legs. I slid my right hand down between Morgan and I and rested my hand on her hip. She dropped her left leg down and I slid my hand in under her panties and began rubbing her clit. This went on for several minutes with soft moans and whimpers emanating from both Morgan and Rachel. I kept glancing over at Sharon to be sure we weren’t caught. She was still staring at the screen her hands between her legs. She seemed to be rocking her hips slightly. I think she was friggin’ herself.

Karen was still asleep in the same position. My now hard cock lay alongside my leg still being stroked lightly by Rachel and Morgan. Rachel soon began bucking her hips slightly as she came biting her lip to stifle a moan. Morgan soon followed suit, a whimper escaped her lips. I stretched my arms above my head and returned them to their spot on the back of the couch. I bent my left hand to my mouth and sucked Rachel’s cum off my fingers. The movie soon ended and Rachel, Morgan and Sharon stood up stretching and yawned “Goodnight, Uncle Andy”. They all started toward the girls’ room. “Wait, we should wake Karen” I said. “Oh, you can’t” Rachel said. “She won’t wake. She sleeps like a rock. Just cover her with a throw, she’s used to waking up on the sofa”. “Cool,” Morgan said. “I can sleep in her bed”. They continued on to the girls' bedroom.

I rolled over and shook Karen by the leg. “Karen, dear, wake up” I whispered. Rachel was right, it was no use. She was dead to the world. I figured I’d roll her onto her back, and cover her with a throw. I moved around and pushed her right leg and shoulder toward the back of the sofa. As she rolled onto her back, and her legs fell open, I could see her hands disappeared into the slit at the front of her boxers. It was clear she was not wearing any panties underneath. I couldn’t help it, I had to take a peek. I carefully pulled apart the flaps on either side of the opening. She still had two fingers buried inside her cunt!!! I had thought the boxers they always wore were sewn shut in front and figured they always wore panties. I looked back now to the times I saw them sitting at the table reading with their hand in their lap. Were they frigging themselves all those times, maybe not all, but probably some.

As I pulled her fingers out of her she moaned softly. I decided to have a little fun. I stuck my hand inside her shorts and began to stroke her pussy. She moaned again. I stuck two fingers in her cunt. Her butt arched up off the couch to drive them in her. She was still out, but her body responded to stimuli. I took a chance and pulled her boxers off. I started eating her pussy while driving my fingers up inside her. After a couple minutes, she came. I considered fucking her but decided against it. I pushed her top up to reveal her small perfect tits. I took out my cock and started stroking it. I jacked off looking at the young vision of lovely teen flesh lying naked before me. I grabbed some tissues from the side table and spent my load into them. I redressed Karen, laid her on her back and covered her with a throw. I disposed of the tissue in the kitchen trash and climbed into my sleeping bag. I fell asleep dreaming of three naked teens.


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The rest of the parts are on another site, findable on Google and worth a read believe me!!

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Great series so far!

Please write more?


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This story made me laugh (not in a bad way) I'm called Rachel and friend is called Morgan and we both match the deions of the characters perfectly, although my Morgan has normal sized breasts where I have abnormally large breasts for a girl my age.

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