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I meet my niece and we have a little fun
My name is Andrew. I am a 33 year old career military man. I grew up in a large family of adopted children and joined the military as a way out of our small town. My wife of 12 years Susan and I recently purchased acreage near my previous post on which we built a nice house. I was transferred soon after to an assignment two states away. Rather than leave our property empty for three long years we decided she would stay in our new house and I would live in a small apartment near my new post. We wanted to retire in this area as it was near her family especially her mother who was getting on in years. Coincidentally, my sister and her family had moved to a small town just an hour away from my new assignment. I hadn’t seen them in a few years and was looking forward to catching up on old times.

I decided to ride my motorcycle for the initial trip to my new post and return to bring my pickup down later. The ride down was great ,with lots of wonderful winding roads. By the time I finished the bulk of the trip and arrived in the town where my sister was living, I was feeling refreshed, recharged and a little excited. I had looked up their address on a map and figured to surprise them with an early arrival. I rode up to a nice little duplex on a quiet street and pulled in. There was no car in the drive, my plan may just have backfired and I may be hanging out for a while waiting for someone to show. I walked up to the door and rang the bell. Immediately, I heard a surprised shout and then some scuffling followed by the sound of footsteps heading toward the door.

The door opened and there stood my 15yo brunette niece Rachel looking slightly disheveled and surprised. A look of recognition came over her face and suddenly “Uncle Andy!” she yelled jumping up to give me a big hug wrapping her arms and legs around me as she had done many times in past years. Rachel was wearing a tight black mini that rode up when she jumped up on me. When she slid back down I thought I caught a glimpse of bare pussy before she pushed the skirt back down. She was also wearing a tight tank top and didn’t appear to have on a bra. She had developed a nice set of breasts with small nipples that seemed fully erect. I noticed a wet spot on the side of my leather over pants out of the corner of my eye. I rubbed it off with my hand. Rachel noticed it too and looked a bit embarrassed but shrugged it off as she invited me in. While she wasn’t watching, I quickly sniffed my fingers and the sweet smell of excited teen pussy confirmed my suspicions.

“Mom and Dad are out at the coast today, they’re going to be so happy to see you” she said. As we walked down the hall to the living room I saw a teenage boy sitting on the couch trying to cover an obvious bulge in his sweat pants. I think I must have interrupted something. “This is Willie” said Rachel. “Willie, this is my Uncle Andy”. “Pleased to meet you Willie, have you been dating Rachel long?” I asked. “No, not long. I gotta go, Rachel” he replied his eyes on the door. “Really?” Rachel asked sounding disappointed. “Yeah, see you later” Willie replied and left holding his hand in front of his hard-on. Rachel looked quite disappointed, but she took it in stride and managed a smile for me. “Have a seat Uncle Andy, would you like something to drink or eat? Mom and Dad should be back from the coast later this afternoon” she said almost as one word. “I wouldn’t mind some water” I replied.

I took off my motorcycle jacket and had a seat on the sofa. I noticed some fabric sticking up between the cushions and pulled on it. I was surprised to find myself holding a pair of panties and a bra. Just then Rachel returned from the kitchen. I held up the items. “These yours? Did I interrupt something?” I asked, smiling at her discomfort. “I don’t know what you mean” Rachel stammered. “Listen, I’m not here to judge. It’s none of my business if you’re sexually active. That’s between you and your parents” I said. “You’re not going to tell them, are you?” she sounded a little scared. “That's not my place. I would just suggest you use discretion and choose your partners very carefully. You don’t want to end up pregnant or get some STD” I cautioned. “STD?” she asked. “You know gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS, those kind of sexually transmitted diseases. C'mon, you know what I mean”. “Oh,” she replied “we were just fooling around you can’t get pregnant or diseased just fooling around.”

“Yeah, right” I said. “Look, Rachel, Willie there had your panties and bra off and was sporting a serious hard-on. No matter what he may have told you, he wanted to fuck you right here on the couch. And judging from your disappointment when he left and the wetness you left on my leathers, you weren’t far behind. You’re still aroused and horny aren’t you?” She was fidgeting and absentmindedly rubbing her pussy on the corner of a chair back. “Uncle Andy!!! You shouldn’t talk like that” she exclaimed. “Maybe not but it’s true. That guy wanted to fuck you. I can’t blame him, you’re quite a nice looking young woman. And I’ll bet with just a little more coaxing you would have let him, wouldn’t you?” She was still fidgeting at the chair. “Well,” she admitted “I was pretty turned on, I don’t know, maybe”. “Did you have any protection?” I asked. “No, he has a condom though. He always carries one.” Boy she was naïve. I might be able to take advantage of that. I looked at her hot little teen body. I couldn't believe the thoughts running through my head but, I quickly formulated a plan.

“OK, Rachel” I said softening my tone “we need to talk about some things. I'd like to give you some advice, but first you’re still really horny aren’t you?” She was looking at the floor, but nodded. “I thought so” I said. “You need some release, do you masturbate?” She looked down afraid to admit she frigged herself a lot. “Sometimes, but I seldom climax. Mostly, I just get more horny” she said, embarrassed to admit she had even tried. “Maybe you just need to change things up. Come over here and sit down beside me” I patted the couch. She hesitated “But, I don’t know.” “Look we’re going to get you through this together and then we’ll talk about some things you really need to know to keep you out of these situations in the future. You can’t concentrate when you’re all charged up and you’ll need to be able to remember.” I was going to straighten her out if it killed me, and maybe see some of that sweet pussy in the process. She walked over and sat on the couch next to me. “Now,” I said quietly “show me how you masturbate. I know, it seems weird,” I said, rebuffing any argument she might be formulating “but we need to figure it out. And I think I can help.” She spread her legs and pulled up her skirt revealing a beautiful pink pussy with just a little tuft of light brown hair above it. She rubbed up and down her pussy lips and her breathing started to increase.

I was starting to get aroused myself. My cock began to strain against my pants, but I knew I didn’t want to do anything just yet. As she rubbed her pussy she continued to use the same straight up and down motions over the lips not concentrating on any particular area like her clit or vaginal entrance. “Rachel, is that the way you always masturbate?” Do you ever concentrate on your clitoris or insert fingers in your pussy?” I asked. She stopped rubbing. “This is what I usually do” she replied. I was surprised by her response. I thought most girls her age were adept at rubbing the hell out of their pussies. I decided to take things a step further. “Let me show you something” I reached forward to take her hand in mine. She pulled back, resisting. “Let me show you, Rachel” I whispered grasping her hand once more and guiding her fingers to her clit. With me guiding, she started rubbing circles around her hard clit and began to moan. “OH,that feels real good, mmmm”. I pushed her fingers towards her slit “Now take a couple fingers and just ease them inside just a bit” She complied “Oh my god Uncle Andy this is great” I was really getting hard watching how fast she picked things up. “I’m going to show you one more thing. Do you trust me?” I asked hopefully. “Uh, I guess so” she replied.

I knelt between her legs and dipped my head down licking the insides of her thighs. Her body arched, as she tried to push her pussy toward my tongue. I started lapping at her tasty pink lips, sticking my tongue in her sweet hole. “OH, FUCK, OH MY GOD” she began yelling. I silently hoped the neighbors weren't home. It was a duplex after all. I put my lips around her clit and started to suck. Soon her body began quivering and shaking as she humped her hips against my mouth. “OH, OH, OOOHHH” was all that came from her mouth as she came in mine. As her orgasm subsided, she lay back and sighed “Uncle Andy! That was wonderful! Is real sex always like this?” She was a little excited to say the least. “Well, it can be but you have to work at it. What just happened between us we did just so you would be able to actually listen to the advice I’m about to give you. Are you ready to listen?” She nodded her head. “I guess so” she smiled, languishing in the afterglow of her climax.

“OK”, I began “first, most guys are after one thing. They want to fuck you, whether they like you or not. You’re a pretty girl with a nice body, so you’re going to attract a lot of them and need to be able to weed them out a little”. “You really think I'm pretty?” she asked. “Of course, dear. Now listen” I replied. We discussed some behaviors that she could observe to help her know whether a guy really liked her or just wanted pussy. Then it was on to other issues. “Never let a guy fuck you without protection and never trust some guy’s condom to protect you. Get some of your own, or if you like, I can get some for you. You don’t want to end up pregnant at the wrong time in your life and some guys will carry a condom around for years hoping to get lucky. Those cheap old condoms break if you sneeze on ‘em. That in mind, even a good, fresh condom can break or leak, you might want to consider going on the pill. I think you can do it in this state without your parents having to know. Don't let them talk you into it just because you're horny and want to cum. You can always masturbate to orgasm. You can use toys too, vibrators and dildos. But you don’t want your mom to catch you with them. She probably wouldn’t like it all that much. There are normal looking substitutes. I’m sure you can figure those out”. I discussed several other ideas concerning the pleasures of sex, the risks of unprotected sex and how the woman is the one risking the most. I figured I’d covered most everything but had two more important points I wanted to get in. “If you ever get so horny you can’t stand it, and can't get off masturbating, you can come to me and we can get you to orgasm like we just did. Just don’t take advantage of that too much, OK?” She nodded. “Finally, and most important, never, ever let your parents or anyone else know we had this talk or did the things that just happened, both of us would catch hell”. “And I’d end up in jail” I thought to myself.

She thought for a moment. “That’s a lot of information, but I’ll try to remember. Just talking about it though has got me a little horny, and” she looked at my crotch, where my dick was straining to break free of my pants, and continued “I see you are just a little excited yourself. Don’t you want to show me more new stuff now?” I thought about it a little while. I was certainly tempted. I wanted to fuck her teen ass bad but I decided to wait and let this develop a bit. “Do I want to? Yes. Are we going to? No”. She looked like she was going to argue, but I held up my hand and continued. “I know we’re both pretty excited and horny, and you are one beautiful girl, but we need to show a little restraint. You are, after all, my under aged niece, and we've already gone further than we should have. Your mom and dad could come home early. Also, you have some masturbation skills to practice. This would be a good chance to use them. I know how to relieve my own, uh, 'excitement', so I can take care of that myself. I’ll use the bathroom. You may want to go for a little more privacy in your bedroom”. She was obviously disappointed. “OK, I can see why you won’t show me how to do other stuff right now, but I think I’d like it if you watched me get myself off and I really would like to see your thing” she pleaded.

“Yes, but I don’t want to be caught with you naked if your parents should come home earlier than expected” I explained. “Oh, OK” she sighed and got up and headed toward her bedroom after picking up her under garments. She looked over her shoulder as she turned the corner. “You will show me more stuff later when the timing’s better, right?” “Well, I’ll consider it, if you still want to later, but I’m not going to promise anything more than that”. I got up and headed toward the bathroom to relieve the ache in my balls with the fresh memory of her hot little body squirming to my touch still tickling my mind. As I stroked my cock reliving the events of the day, I could hear her cumming in the bedroom next door. Yes, I was going to think about showing her some more 'stuff' all right. And, oh, the 'stuff' I wanted to show her...

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