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Chapter 1

I was in a palace with no memory of how I got here, and no idea where here was. I was in a large circular room with evenly spaced out columns going from the floor to the ceiling and large windows in between each column. Small wooden doors lined the walls underneath the windows, there frames were gold and so were their doorknobs.
Everywhere I looked was intricate artwork, scrolls and vines flowed up the columns and on the doom ceiling was a enormous painting of a battle with dragons and knights fighting and fire falling from the sky. The colors swirled in a way that made it hard to follow individual lines and it made my dizzy to look at for to long.
I noticed that there were no lights any where in the room, even looking through the windows I could not find the sun. The entire room was dimly light though, the more I studied the room I was in, the more confused I
In the center of the room there were stairs leading up to a raised platform, I couldn't see what was up there
but I climbed the stairs to investigate. As my head became level with platform I could see a large blue mattress with golden tassels and piled with blankets over every color. My curiosity overshadowed my earlier confusion as I climbed the last few steps quickly to get a better look.
Nestled in the blankets was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, she had long flowing black hair and bright purple eyes. Somehow her face was pointed but soft at the same time giving her a sharply defined appearance but remaining very feminine. I was so overwhelm by how gorgeous her face was I didn't realize she was completely naked at first.
My eyes grew wide and I felt myself blushing as I drank in the sight of her body. Her breasts were large but firm, I would have guessed they were around size 36D if I really cared about the official measurement. Her nipples were slim but raised up at least 2 centimeters and they were surrounded by the soft pink flesh of the areola.
My eyes moved downward past her toned stomach, past her belly button to her pubic region, the beautiful woman had her legs crossed but I could see that she had no hair down there. Her whole body was lightly tanned and her long legs had the perfect amount of muscle making them extremely sexy. It felt like I had been staring at her magnificent body for five minutes but she just sat there calmly until I had seen it all, when my eyes found there way back up her she spoke.
"Come fuck me, it's your destiny" She said in a toned that would have allowed no argument, not that there
would be. For the first time I looked down and realized I too was naked, it was so warm in the room I had not noticed the absence of my clothes. As I calmly climbed into bed with the beautiful woman she spread her legs giving me full view of her vagina.
She was extremely wet and her pussy lips where spread wide ready for my cock, I glided forward and without any hesitation I plunged my penis deep into her tight cunt. She was so hot and wet I slid in smoothly, I watched her chest rise and fall as her breathing increased.
"You have much to learn but together we will accomplish so much" She said in the same tone as before, I had no idea what she was talking about but I didn't care at all. I was balls deep in a goddess and I wouldn't have stopped fucking her if I was on fire.
As I thrusted my cock in and out of her cunt I ran my hands up her torso until I reached her breasts. I caressed and gently squeezed them as I leaned forward to kiss her. As our mouths met it felt a surge of electricity go through my body, our tongues darted in and out of each others mouth and I felt her heart beat rising as I lay on top of her. I finally broke of the kiss when I felt myself nearing climax, I went back to my original position as I put my hands on her hips. I began thrusting into her sweet pussy with more force as I pulled her body into my own.
As I was about to orgasm I felt a strange tugging feeling and heard someone call my name, "Rand, Rand wake up." I looked at the beautiful woman one last time, she had a smile on her face that seemed to say "We'll meet again", before I was pulled back into reality.

Chapter 2

I awoke lying with my head down on my desk, as I looked around it took me a few seconds to realize what just happened and where I was. I had just had the most amazing dream rudely interpreted now I was stuck back in science class. The classroom was fairly typical, gray walls, a few motivation posters and a bunch of bored high school students. Science is probably my favorite class of the day because its my last class, we do cool experiments and my teacher, Miss Rom, is smoking hot.
She's 28, fresh out of teachers college and she has a great body. Her tits are small, probably only b cups, but really perky and her ass is better than any of the girls in school, perfect size and shape. Miss Rom has long brown hair, milky skin and a face like a super model, with very soft angles that make me think of an elf and a small button nose between her bright green eyes. All the guys in my school have a crush on her and some of the male teachers too.
I was a bit groggy from my nap and it took me a few seconds to realize my best friend John was standing above me with a stupid grin on his face. "Dude, you slept through the whole class." He said. Sometime people mistake John and me for twins, we look very similar and we are inseparable.
We both have short brown hair, big blue eyes, and we're pretty much the same height, I'm 6'5 and John is 6'4. We also work out every other day after school so we are both in good shape and even our faces look the similar. Large noses, high cheek bones and rigid jawlines, the only way most people can tell us apart is that I usually have some sort of facial hair and John usually has a tan while I remain pale.
"Fucking asshole, I was having the best dream and you interrupted it." I growled at him as I stretched and cracked my back. John laughed so loud that a few of the other students look around to see what was happening, when the saw who made the noise they went back to their work.
"Yeah I can tell." John said still grinning. I had no idea what he was talking about until I looked down and saw my obvious hard on, I tried to adjust it but I was wearing gray sweat pants and a t-shirt so there wasn't much I could do. I would just have to sit at my desk until my boner went away, John must have read my mind because he said, "There's only a few minutes left until the day ends Rand. If you don't calm your shit soon your going to be in a pickle.... because of your pickle" I could still hear John laughing half way across the room as he walked back to his desk.
By the time the bell had rung my erection had not faded at all, and I had not been able to come up with a solution to my problem. I was still sitting there by the time everyone had packed up their stuff and started to file out the door. Once John has all of his school stuff together he walked over to me with that big stupid grin on his face still.
"So your just going to sit here for a while?" John said as he sat down on top of the desk beside me, he obviously thought my predicament was amusing.
"Yeah, I don't really have much choice." I said "I'll pretend I have some homework to catch up on until I can
"Whatever Rand, I'll see you tomorrow then." John said, he got of the desk and left the room with the rest of my classmates. I opened up my text book and flipped to a blank page in my binder. I doodled for a while before my thoughts began to wander back to that dream, I knew that I shouldn't be thinking anything sexual right now but I couldn't help my self. My dick was still hard as a rock and thinking about the beautiful woman was making it worse.
I was so focused on reliving that dream in my head I didn't even notice Miss Rom walk over to my desk.
"I don't usually see you after school Rand, do you need help with something?" Miss Rom asked, she has a motherly tone but it never feels like she is talking down to me.
"Uh, no Miss Rom, I just have some work to catch up on and if I wait until I get home I probably won't do it." I
quickly said, my boner was still sticking straight up but it was out of Miss Rom's view because of my desk. The smell of her perfume and the way she was dressed was making my dick twitch.
It wasn't that she was dressed provocatively, she was wearing a dark blue skirt that went just past her knees and a matching blouse that was tight enough to show her curves but loose enough to be modest. Miss Rom was also wearing her hair up in a bun, and she was only wearing a little bit of make up,her appearance made me think of a sexy Librarian. I've only been in her class for 2 months but right from the start it was obvious that she was extremely smart, and that she knew how to dress in a way that perfectly highlights all of her features.
"Okay, if you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask?" Miss Rom said, I only nodded in reply before she walked to the back of the class. It might have been my imagination but it seemed to me that she put an unusual amount of emphasize when she said the word anything. I went back to my doodling with out thinking about it to much and after a few minutes I could hear Miss Rom walking back to the front of the classroom. Just as she was walking past my desk she tripped and the stack of papers she was carrying went flying. Without thinking I jumped out of my seat and caught one of Miss Rom's flailing arms to prevent her from falling.
"Are you alright?" I asked once Miss Rom was up right again. In the short time it took for me to react I had
completely forgotten my erection. We were standing close still but she didn't notice the huge bulge in my pants.
"Yes I am, thanks to you. You've got great reflexes Rand." Miss Rom said as she began collecting her papers off the nearby desks. I crouched to get the ones on the floor, when I gotten them all I stood back up and handed the stack to Miss Rom. She gave me an appreciative smile as she took them from me, her smile quickly changed to a look of shock when she finally noticed the large tent in my pants. I quickly turned red as I remembered my erection and I sat down on top of the desk behind me in an attempt to hide it.
"So is that why you decided to stay after school?" Miss Rom said before I had a chance to stutter an
"Yes." I said, looking at my feet. I thought that I was about to die from embarrassment.
"Since you saved me from falling it would only be fair that I give you some sort of reward." She said as she
turned and walked toward her desk. I didn't really realize what was going on until Miss Rom was back beside me carrying a bottle of moisturizing hand cream and a box of Kleenex.
"Wait" I said "What are you doing?"
"I'm going to take care of your little problem, I mean big problem, as compensation for catching me." Miss Rom said as she put the lotion and Kleenex's on the desk beside me. "Now take of your pants while I lock the door and close the blinds." Without thinking I stood up and dropped my pants to the floor then I sat back down on the desk with my rock hard cock pointing to the ceiling. When Miss Rom got back over to where I was sitting she applied a generous amount of lotion to her hand and grabbed onto my cock.
"Let me know when you're going to cum." She said as she began to stroke my cock, it felt so good I could only grunt in reply. Miss Rom's hands were so soft and the moisturizing lotion was the perfect lubrication, her hand glided up and down my shaft slowly at first but quickly gaining speed. After Miss Rom got over her initial nervousness it was obvious that she had given plenty of hand jobs before. I closed my eyes and rested on my elbows leaning back as much as I could on the desk.
After having an erection for the past 15 minutes I was very sensitive and it didn't take long for me to start
feeling the effects of Miss Rom's hand stroking my cock. As my orgasm built I tried to focus on my breathing to distract my self and last longer, Miss Rom must have noticed because she stopped. Just as I felt my cock beginning to relax she put her hand back on it and began slowly stroking it. I moaned a quietly when Miss Rom started using both hands to really massage my dick, she squeezed gently as her hands moved up my shaft.
"I'm about to cum Miss Rom, don't stop." I said as I began to feel my balls churning, she just smiled at me as she grab a few tissues, and positioned them by the tip of my cock. Miss Rom began stroking faster as I felt my cum building up, I knew this was going to be one of the biggest orgasms of my life. I looked down to see Miss Rom smiling at me, the sight of this gorgeous woman was enough to send me over the edge and my cock started squirting out cum.
Miss Rom wasn't prepared for the amount of cum I shot out and she had the Kleenex in the wrong place, I could hear cum splashing on the floor and Miss Rom gasping as some hit her in the face. I shot out one
more big glob on to Miss Rom's shirt before my balls were completely empty.
"Oh my god Rand, that was a lot of semen." Miss Rom said as she wiped my cum from her face and shirt, when she was done she put the Kleenex and lotion back in her desk. I put my pants back on as I watch Miss Rom move around the classroom gracefully cleaning up.
"Sorry." I said with a sheepish grin on my face "That was the best hand job I have ever gotten though." Miss Rom smiled at me while I packed up my school stuff. It only took me a few minutes even though I was moving so slow because of how relax I now was.
Before I left the classroom Miss Rom said to me "Rand you can't tell anybody about this, not even John." She sounded worried and for a good reason, if something like this were to become public she might lose her job.
"Okay," I said "I won't tell anybody I promise. I also promise that if we do this again I will satisfy you after
you finish with me." Miss Rom gave me a funny look but before she had a chance to respond I slipped out of the class room.
As I walked down the hall I relived the events of the past half hour, it was crazy how an awesome dream lead to an awkward situation which then turned into an awesome situation. I was absorbed with my thought that my mind was on auto pilot, the next time I looked around me I was at home. The rest of the evening was uneventful, I ate dinner, play some Xbox then I went to bed.

Chapter 3

I was back in the Palace again, the only change from last time was a skillfully crafted painting hung above the platform where I met the beautiful woman. As I climbed the stairs I noticed the person in the painting looked very familiar, when I reached the top of the platform I was able to study the painting better. To my surprise it was a painting of me, in the portrait I was wearing a fine red shirt with a gold design on the sleeve. I heard a small noise and tore my attention away from the painting long enough to realize the beautiful woman was lying in the blankets completely naked again.
"I have been waiting for you Rand, do you like you're portrait?" She said as our eyes meet, I could feel my cock engorging and I looked down to see I was naked again.
"Yes, it is breath taking," I said, I had been climbing onto the bed when I realized I had never told her my name before and I hesitated to go any further. "Wait, how do you know my name?" I asked
"I know everything about you as you will soon come to know everything about me. For now all you need to know is that my name is Lahrin and I will never hurt you." She said, her regal tone made me hang on every word and as she spoke I crawled over to her, I believed every word with out questioning. By the time Lahrin was done talking I was lying down beside her, caressing her breasts and feeling the warmth of her body. As I felt her body beside mine I realized I had been her before and that I was dreaming, but this did not feel like any ordinary dream.
"What is this place Lahrin?" I said while nuzzling her neck. We were spooning but shortly after I had lain down I could feel her butt pressing back into me, I knew what she wanted but I wanted some answers first.
We lay there quietly for a few minutes before Lahrin finally spoke up, "This place was called Thear'drem in an ancient language, it translates into the Heart of Dreams or Dream Heart. There will be time to explain more later, but for now let us lay together as man and woman." Lahrin raised her left leg giving me easy access to her pussy.
My questions would have to wait, I was to horny to pass up this opportunity. I positioned my cock at the opening of her vagina and gently pushed in. Our legs entwined and I ran my left hand down her chest to meet my other hand which was underneath her, I locked my fingers together and held her firmly as I thrusted my cock deep in her cunt.
Lahrin moaned quietly as I kissed her neck, the movement of our bodies
had caused the blankets to form a hollow around us. The intensity of our fucking was causing us both to sweat, I could feel heat radiating from Lahrin's vagina as I pounded her pussy with my dick.
"Fuck me Rand, You're the only man I've ever wanted." She said quietly between soft moans. I nibbled on her ear lobe causing her to moan more. Our bodies moved in synchronization, every time I thrusted into Lahrin she would push back using my hands wrapped around her waist for leverage. Her cunt was feeling great on my cock but I wanted to try another position, Lahrin must of had the same thought because at that moment she pushed herself up with her right arm. I squeezed her tightly and rolled over on to my back pulling her on top of me.
When Lahrin regained her balance she turned around without taking my penis from her pussy. I now had a full frontal view, Lahrin was kneeling with one leg on each side of me and her hands on my chest to lift herself up and down. Her breasts were right in front of my face, I reached out to caress her left tit with both of my hands. I messaged her breasts for little bit then squeezed her nipples before moving my hands down her sides to rest them on her hips.
Every time Lahrin would lift almost completely off my cock I would pull her back down into me. The only sounds to be heard were our heavy breathing and the rhythmic slapping together of our bodies. Lahrin looked deep into my eyes before leaning forward to kiss me passionately, our tongues danced playfully in and out of each others mouths as she began to use only her hips to fuck me. I reached around to her
perfect ass to rub it lightly as she glided up and down my cock.
After a few minutes of this Lahrin broke of our to kiss to whisper in my ear, "I'm going to make you cum." As the last syllable rolled off her tongue I began to feel her vagina squeezing my cock in-sync with her movements. The sensations were instantly overwhelming, I could feel my orgasm approaching quickly. I was breathing heavy between quiet moans and I heard Lahrin doing the same thing, her tight wet cunt slid down my cock one last time and as she reached the base her whole body trembled. Her pussy clamped down on my dick more than she had been doing before and it sent me over the edge, I pumped rope after rope of sticky semen deep in her vagina.
Lahrin collapsed onto my chest as her climax subsided, I wrapped my arms around her in a tight embrace. The blankets around us were soaked in sweat but I was so hot from our wild fuck that I found it extremely cooling.
Eventually Lahrin lifter her head to look me in the eye, "Would you like to learn more about Thear'drem now?" She said so quietly that I would not have believed that she spoke if I didn't see her lips move. Without waiting for my answer she pushed herself up and rolled off of me causing my cock to slip out of her pussy with a soft plop.
I lay there for a few more seconds contemplating what had just happened until Lahrin grabbed my arm and pulled me up. We stood together on the mattress holding hands, I didn't know what to say or do so I just enjoyed the peaceful moment.
"So Rand, what would you like to know about Thear'drem first?" Lahrin said finally breaking the silence. She studied my face as I thought about what to ask, a million questions were running through my mind but I settled on the most obvious one.
"Is this real?" I ask, not really sure if I wanted to hear the answer. I had just had the most amazing sex in my
entire life and I wasn't sure how well I would be able to handle it if I found out it was only a normal dream.
"How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." Lahrin said with a smile on her face, I guess she was trying to be clever but it was only making me more confused. "But to answer your question, yes this is as real as the life you live while awake. You can be injured here and you will still have some of those injuries once you awaken, depending on how serious they are and how much of you is connected to Thear'drem. If you die in Thear'drem you will wake up with those injuries slightly healed and you will have a short amount of time to seek aid." My eyes grew wide in surprise, I didn't see anyways to get
injured here but I wasn't going to take any chances.
She lead me by the hand down the stairs of the platform as she continued talking, "You will remember everything that happens to you here as vividly as if you were to live it whilst awake. If we were to have sexual relations in the waking world it would feel the exact same as in here. Does that answer your question?" When we reached the bottom of the stairs I noticed two chairs in the middle of the room that were not there before. I was very confused but I hoped asking more questions would help me have a better understanding of where I was.
"I guess so, but who are you and how are you here?" I asked as we sat down on the two high backed chairs, they were both made out of sturdy wood and they also had carvings of birds and flowers on them.
Lahrin looked at me for a few seconds before answering. "I was a normal girl until I touched Thear'drem for the first time, after that I spent more time sleeping than anything else. There was nobody here to guide me but I was able to find a book in here that had some information, it didn't tell me everything but what I learned was useful.
Every time I visited Thear'drem I was extremely careful but it didn't stop a horrible accident from happening."
Lahrin paused for a few seconds, she looked very sad and I was about to tell her she didn't have to tell me about it if she didn't want to but before I could say anything though she resumed speaking. "One night whilst I was visiting Thear'drem my body killed, I don't know how or who did it but it doesn't matter because I can never wake up."
"I'm so sorry." Was all I could say, comforting women was not one of my skills and Lahrin seemed like she really needed some comforting. "So how long have you been in Thear'drem." I asked quietly.
Lahrin looked at me sadly for a second, I didn't think she was going to answer and I was starting to wish I had never asked the question. "I don't know, time moves very strangely in Thear'drem." She said looking at me thoughtfully, "One day in here could be a year in the waking world, or it could be the exact opposite. Clocks don't work properly and there is no day night cycle in Thear'drem." We sat quietly for a while, both of us consumed with our own thoughts. The more I learned about Thear'drem the more questions I had, but I didn't want to cause Lahrin any more pain by bringing up old memories.
After a long moment of silence I finally asked "What is Thear'drem?" My mind was racing the way it does when ever I receive new information. I wanted to know everything but at the same time I wasn't sure how much I would be able to understand just from Lahrin explaining it to me.
"That is the question I have been asking myself the whole time I've been here. The laws of physics are not the same in Thear'drem and things that you can't do in the waking world you can do here. Try plugging your nose and breathing in." Lahrin said with an expectant look on her face. I reached up and plugged my nose as I inhaled, it was the weirdest sensations I have ever experienced. I knew my nose was closed but some how I was still breathing through it. I was so engrossed by the absurdity of what I was doing I didn't notice Lahrin get out of her chair and walk over to me until she was standing right in front of me.
"Follow me, there's more you need to know." She said grabbing my hand, I let her pull me out of my chair. We walked towards the columns, windows and doors that surrounded the room we were in. "One of the greatest mysteries of Thear'drem is time, like I mentioned before it isn't the same as in the waking world. Past, present and future are all one and you never know when you will be." Lahrin said as we arrived at the nearest window, outside was a large forest with trees taller than most skyscrapers and an odd pink mist that hung around their gnarled roots.
"Shortly before you first arrived here I noticed some changes, I can't explain to much because it might change the outcome but some how I became aware of who you are with out ever meeting you." All of this was beginning to make my head spin but I listened intently as I tried to understand as much as possible. We studied the landscape outside for a few more seconds before continuing walking around the great domed room, stopping again when we reached the first door. It was solid wood but upon closer inspection I realized there were swirls and shapes craved into it.
"Through this door lies many hallways and rooms, in every room is the source for some kind of dream. There are an infinite number of rooms and each room has different variations of itself inside. When someone dreams a part of their consciousness touches Thear'drem, the more contact they have with Thear'drem the more vivid and intense their dream is. When a person dreams in black and white they are barely touching Thear'drem, but when someone experiences Thear'drem like you are now they have nearly complete contacted." Lahrin paused as she opened the door, we walked through into a hallway that had the same color scheme as the first large room. The walls were white and so where the tiles, as far as I could see doors lined the hallway except where another hallway intersected.
"As you learn to master your abilities you will be able to connect with Thear'drem in your desired way. You will be able to have extremely vivid dreams that you have complete control over and you will be able to design the dream you want." Lahrin Said as we walked down the long hallway, even though the hall way was so long I had a feeling that we were passing by doors quicker than we should have been.
Most of the doors were made of the same plain wood with a golden door knob but every so often we would pass a door that was unique. After walking for what felt like a short distance we stopped in front of a door that was carved ivory with large beasts and armored knights adorning it. I Looked back to see how far we had come, to my surprise I could only see a faint brown smudge where the door we first came through was.
"Would you like to observe Thear'drem in action?" Lahrin asked, we we're still naked and I watched her breasts move from her breathing.
I studied the door some more before finally saying, "Isn't it dangerous though? I thought you said injuries you get here transfer over to the real world."
"Yes Rand it is dangerous, but you have the best guide and we won't be doing anything unsafe. If you are not ready we can continue on with something else." I wasn't afraid, it was just that this was completely unknown territory for me, as I stared at the door feelings of excitement and uncertainty flooded my entire being.
Suddenly I became aware of my hand around the doorknob, I don't remember grabbing it but it was to late to turn back. I turned the knob and slowly opened the door. Through it I could see rolling green hills and tall trees but a grey layer now occupied the area where the door just was making the whole landscape look hazy. I ran my hand through the grey layer, it felt like mist but it was pleasantly warm.

Chapter 4

Taking a deep breath I stepped through it out onto the grassy hill, I could still see the layer of gray behind me but there was no door frame. This is not a room I thought as I observed my surroundings, the sun was high in the sky and small clouds floated along lazily. There were dense copses of trees sparsely spread out among the rolling hills, a flock of red and blue song birds flew from the nearest tree presumably startled by my sudden appearance.
The grass was soft on my bare feet and the dirt underneath warm and squishy in a good way. I was overwhelmed with a profound sense of insignificance when I realized that all of the other doors I saw must
contain worlds as large as this one. I didn't even notice Lahrin come through the door behind me until she said "So Rand" She said as she wrapped her arms around my waist, "What do you think about the wonders of Thear'drem?"
I couldn't possibly think of a word to describe the beauty of what I was seeing, after a few seconds I simply
said, "It's amazing." We stood there together in silence enjoying the scenery for a few minutes before Lahrin let go of me and began walking away from the door. "Shouldn't we stay close to the door? It would really suck to get lost in here." I called to her before hesitantly following. Lahrin was almost to the nearest copse of trees before she turned around to look at me.
When our eyes connect she said, "The door can be anywhere we want it to be, getting lost is one of few things that is impossible in Thear'drem." Lahrin smiled at me before turning back to the trees, I quickly ran to catch up. As I got closer to the small forest I could hear noise in the distance. It wasn't loud enough for me to know what it was but I certainly wanted to find out.
The sound of twigs snapping drowned out the other noise as I wove my way through the trees, when I reached the other side I still couldn't hear the noise any better. Lahrin was there waiting for me against a tree, neither of us had put any clothes on yet and I drank in the beauty of her nakedness for a second.
"Anything you can imagine can happen in Thear'drem," She said smiling at me, her eyes darted to my cock for a split second before looking me in the eye. "Walking is slow and boring, there is a much quicker way we can travel."
Suddenly Lahrin was floating a foot off of the ground, she smoothly glidded over to me until I was eye level with her shoulders. Without thinking I took the nipple of her right breast into my mouth and began sucking as I rubbed my hands a over her left one. Lahrin let out a soft moan when I flicked her nipple with my tongue. I continued sucking as I moved my hands down her body to her sweet pussy, she was already swollen and wet after only a few seconds of me enjoying her breasts. The first two fingers on my right hand slid in easily and I used my thumb to gently rub her clit.
I stood there for a while pleasuring Lahrin until she began to slowly float higher, when her cunt was at the same height as my mouth she stopped. I knew exactly what she wanted so I slipped my fingers out of her soaking wet pussy and placed my hands on her ass. As I pulled her closer to my face she spread her legs and leaned back a bit to give me better access, I slipped my tongue into her vagina and began to pleasure Lahrin orally.
My hands caressed her ass almost on their own as I worked my tongue deeper into her hot wet cunt. Lahrin wrapped her legs around my head as if she wasn't going to let me stop until I satisfied her sexual appetite. I twirl my tongue around the opening of her pussy and nuzzled my nose into her pubic mound, her hairless skin felt smooth on my face. The more I licked and sucked at Lahrin's cunt the more she moaned and squeezed her legs. It got the the point that I felt like my entire head was going to exploded.
Just as I was about to stop Lahrin spoke up, "I need your cock in me." She practically growled at me. The tension left her legs and she spread them wider before floating down the length of my body.
I positioned my penis in such a way that Lahrin would float right down on it and we could start fucking without any delay. Just as I predicted Lahrin lowered onto my cock and I slid in smoothly, I was immediately rewarded with a long low moan from Lahrin. I ran my hands back up her body to caress her breasts again, to my surprise she kept fucking my by floating back and forth. The was a whole new experience, it had never occurred to me how amazing it would be to fuck a girl that could fly. Lahrin wasn't moving fast but she was pushing me into her with enough force causing me to take a step back to improve my balance.
I fondled her breasts as I leaned in for a quick kiss, but Lahrin wrapped her arms around my head and slipped her tongue into my mouth. My hands eventually found their way to her firm ass, I began to rub and squeeze it gentle causing Lahrin to break off our kiss and let out another moan. I grabbed her ass firmly and pulled her into me burying my cock deep in her tight cunt. Our bodies collided over and over as I continuously pulled Lahrin into me, and her cunt squeezed on my dick lightly as I pushed her away. Every time I slammed my penis into her pussy she would cry out in joy, I had completely forgotten about the noises I had heard, my mind was focus entirely on pleasuring this goddess.
With the ability to fly added to wild fucking I decided to get creative, I pulled Lahrin's legs up from behind me
and said, "Grab you legs babe." She quickly did what I asked. With one hand on each side of her hips I started to spin her slowly as I thrusted my dick deep into her vagina.
After three rotations Lahrin said "Stop, I'm getting very dizzy." She was face up when I stopped so I pulled her chest close to mine and kissed her passionately, then I began moving her body up and down on my cock. The position we were in and the sensation of Lahrin's tight cunt was getting to my head, I began to feel my orgasm approaching.
Lahrin must have also been getting close to climax because she buried her head into the crook of my neck as she started to continuously moan. "Don't stop Rand, Fuck me! Fuck me Hard!" she said into me shoulder barely louder than a whisper. I began to thrust in-sync with the movements of her body floating up and down. Suddenly Lahrin gasped loudly at the same time her cunt clamped down on my dick, I could feel her juices squirting out around my shaft. I continued fucking her slowly to prolong her orgasm, until I felt a strange pain in my shoulder.
I looked down to see Lahrin biting me softly, the pain and pleasure centers of my brain must have been lighting up as I shoot my load deep into her pussy. We stood the in a warm embrace for a few minutes, eventually Lahrin floated off of my cock. It was nice being able to look a girl in the eye even if her feet are not touching the ground.
"How are you flying?" I was so focused on fucking her I never thought to ask if it was possible that I could fly too. Lahrin didn't answer me right away, instead look me in the eye with a huge smile on her face before she flew off in the the sky. I lost sight of her among the clouds as I wondered when she would come back I became aware of the noise again. My senses must have been heightened after our wild fuck because I could hear the noise way better, from this distance I could hear a metallic banging sound and some loud yelling.
The warm breeze felt great on my sweaty skin as I strolled across the open field to the next forest, I assumed Lahrin would be able to find me with her birds eye view of the land. This group of trees was exactly like the first except that it was much larger and when I got to the middle I stumbled out into a clearing. Laying right in the middle of the clearing was a large wolf, its head was rest on it paws and its eyes were closed. I slowly stepped back keeping my eyes on the wolf, its fur was black with patches dark red and its long claws looked like they could tear me apart very quickly.
Walking cautiously I circled the clearing while stay in the trees. Just as I made to the other side and I was
turning to go I heard as sound behind me. It sounded like a human clearing their throat, I was very confused because I didn't see anybody else in the area with the wolf.
"Don't go." Someone said behind me, I quickly turned around to see who was there. The big black and red wolf was now awake, it was sitting there staring at me with its bright yellow eyes. I surveyed the clearing but there was nobody else there. "You don't wear extra fur like those other walkers, and were are your shiny scales?" The wolf's mouths barely moved but I knew it was the one speaking. It's voice sounded like a man in his 40's that had been a heavy smoker a for his whole life.
"What are you talking about?" I said unsteadily as I slowly stepped closer.
The wolf eyed me lazily as he went from laying down to sitting up, he scratched at his head with his back left paw before he began to speak again "The pink fleshy walkers that fight with shiny sticks just passed the next hill, can you not hear them? They are making such an awful din." He said. I stopped slowly walking towards the wolf at about a meter away and strained my ears to hear what he was talking about. A light breeze rustled the leafs of the surrounding trees but when the stilled I could still only hear the same noises as before. The wolf almost looked like he was smiling at me as I stood there listening.
"Yes I can barely hear it." I finally said, "I was about to investigate the noises when you stopped me, if there
isn't anymore you need to say I would like to continue on my way." It seemed like a good idea to be as polite as possible to a big talking wolf.
I don't know if it made an difference though because at that moment the wolf stood up. "I will come with you." He said, quickly stretching before he lumbered over to me, "It has been a while since I last had the opportunity to speak with someone like you, and I don't suppose I'll sleep much here anyways." I was quite surprised but at the same time I wasn't about to argue with something that could easily tear out my throat.
We set out in the direction of the noise walking silently for a while, "What do you mean by someone like me?" I said as we walked side by side weaving our way through the trees, we had only traveled a short distance but I could already see the edge of the forest.
"Your a Dreamer, I can see it in your eyes. A sense of wonder mixed with uncertainty, I use to see that look
quite often but lately less and less Dreamers seem to be visiting Thear'drem." The wolf said sadly, the forest ended and we stepped out in a large field with a hill in the middle. The sounds of the battle were getting louder but I was more interested in what the wolf had to say.
"So Who are you? Like how are you here and what do you do?" I didn't to be rude but I had some many questions, it seemed to me like every moment I spent in Thear'drem added more. The sun was warm on my skin as I walked up the hill with the wolf walking beside me. I didn't expect him to answer right away but I was almost bouncing with anticipation.
When we reached the crest of the hill the wolf sat down and looked of into the distance before speaking. "Ah, where are my manners. My name is Balith'zar Noidfran but you may call me Bal'zar, I was a Dreamer like you. When I was in the waking world last the Roman empire was collapsing, there I saw the darker side of mankind. Greed, and corruption spread and with that came deceit and suspicion eventually they destoryed themselves with little help from outside influences. Since then I have stayed in Thear'drem, enjoying the wonders it has to offer and peaceful contemplation." I was so focused on what Bal'zar was saying I didn't even notice that I could see the battle from our vantage point until he stopped speaking.
There were hundreds of men in armor that shone brightly in the sunlight as they wielded nearly every type of medieval weaponry. I couldn't see any discernible sides, everyone seemed to be fighting everyone, but I noticed symbols on shields and breastplates that must have represented different houses. The battle was chaotic and from my point of view nobody was winning. In the middle of the sea of men where two men large than the rest that everyone else seemed to be giving some room. They both wore plated armor from head to toe though one set was more dented than the other, the man with the dented armor was wielding a two handed broadsword while the other man had a one handed sword and a battered shield.
Everywhere I looked I could see men hacking and slashing at their opponents, I even witnessed one man bring down a one handed mace on another mans head, but my eyes eventually went back to the duel in the middle where I could see the fight clearly.
As if my watching was a queue the man with the two hand broadsword began his assault, the blade sliced through the air and smashed the other mans shield with such force that it completely shattered. He didn't even pause to allow his opponent to discard the remnants of his shield, another swing of his broadsword left a considerable dent to the armor on the same arm as the broken shield. The other man stagger but turned it into a roll narrowly dodging the broadsword cleaving down where he just was, as he stood he charged forward with his one handed sword.
It suddenly dawned on me what Bal'zar had just said, he was alive before and he had know about Thear'drem. "Wait, you mentioned the last time you were in the waking world, does that mean you can leave Thear'drem when ever you want?" I said as my attention shifted away from the battle just as The man in the dented armor side stepped the other man and brought his broadsword down on his back knocking him flat to the ground. As soon as I asked my question it felt like I knew the answer but I waited patiently to hear what Bal'zar said.
Bal'zar looked at me liked the answer to my question should have been obvious. "Not exactly, I can leave if I so choose, but there is a task that must be completed first." He said after staring at me for while, "Thear'drem is like a vacation between lives but any novice Dreamer could tell you that. Do you not have someone in the waking world to teach you about Thear'drem?" I was quite certain that Bal'zar already knew the answer but I said it anyways.
"No, but there is a woman named Lahrin who lives in Thear'drem and she has been teaching me what she knows." If Bal'zar was human why did he look like a wolf, and why was he calling humans walker earlier? I made a mental note to ask him once we were done our current point of discussion. I turned away to watch the battle again as I contemplated this new information. It looked like the man in the dented armor was fighting a new opponent but the old one was no where to be seen. As I looked around I noticed something peculiar, there was not a single corpse anywhere in the battlefield. Just as I was surveying the battle I happened to witness one man cleave
another clean in half with a double sided axe. The man that was cut didn't bleed at all, he just vanished. I made another mental note to ask Bal'zar or Lahrin about that later.
When I mentioned Lahrin's name Bal'zar made a noise that sounded like laughter. "The blind leading the blind," He said still chuckling, "Lahrin knows enough about Thear'drem to survive but she is to frightened by what she doesn't know. She won't even let me talk to her, she just screams and runs away." I laughed quietly with Bal'zar, not entirely sure why. "Can you remember the door to this Dream Room?" Bal'zar asked, I visualized the white ivory door with the beasts and knights as I nodded in reply. "Good, Every time you are in Thear'drem you will come here to learn after you have spent some time with Lahrin, she may not no much but you could learn more with two teachers. I will count this as your first lesson, you may observe this battle a while longer but I suggest getting some real sleep soon." With that Bal'zar turned away from me and began lazily running down the hill, I watched him for a few seconds before turning back to the battle.
The man in the dented armor was still in the middle circle but he was fighting another new opponent, it must be some sort of champion circle duel where the strongest stays until they are defeated I thought. From all the dents in his armor it looked like he had been in the champion circle for a long time. The new man in the ring was not wearing any armor, instead he had on a leather jerkin and loose fitting trousers. In his right hand he held a long spear with a tip that could slice flesh like butter and he had a shield on his left forearm. The new man may not have been as durable but he was a lot quicker than the man in the dented armor.
I watched as he rolled quickly until he was behind the man in the dented armor then he would lash out with he spear aiming for a joint or gap in the other man's armor. The spear found it mark and slid through a gap in the dented armor causing the man to stumble and fall to his knees, the man quickly slammed the butt of his spear into his opponents head knocking him to the ground. I stood there watching as he stabbed the other man in the gap between his armor and helm, the spear slid in easily but no blood squirted out. Some other men fighting in the battle distracted me for a second and by the time I looked back the man in the dented armor's body was gone.

Chapter 5

I stood there for a while watching the battle, even though men kept getting injured in a way that surely meant death the amount of soldiers never changed. The man with the spear had fallen to another man who in turned fell to another. I was so fascinated by mechanics of this battle that I didn't hear a soft thud behind me.
"There you are Rand, I've been looking all over for you." Lahrin said as she landed beside me, she sounded like she had been panicking. I smiled at her reassuringly as I turned away from the battle, unsure what to tell her about Bal'zar I simple wrapped her up in a tight embrace.
We were both still in the nude and my cock quickly engorged. "Oh, I guess that means your happy to see me too." She said giggling, taking me by the hand she lead me down the hill and away from the battle. As we walked Lahrin began to lecture me about the dangers of Thear'drem. I listened attentively for a while but zoned out when she mentioned something that reminded me of Bal'zar. The trees blurred past as I thought of what I was going to learn in the days to come, I was so deep in thought that I nearly jumped when we stopped in front of a small hut.
My erection was still standing strong and the sight of Lahrin's gorgeous body made it ache. Lahrin let go of my hand to open the door, while she was turned form me I drank in the sight of her ass, admiringly I traced ever curve with my eyes. Without turning back to me Lahrin walked into the hut, I followed her as if I was hypnotized.
Inside was a single barren room, the only pieces of furniture was a mattress on the floor and a small table with a candle on it. It didn't matter though all I cared about was fucking Lahrin again, just feeling the warmth
radiating from her body was making me go crazy with anticipation. Lahrin laid down on the mattress with her legs spread and motioned me to join her. Not needing to be told twice I flopped down beside her and put my head to her right breast taking the nipple in my mouth. Caressing her left breast I could faintly feel her heart beat and it seemed to me like it had sped up since I started.
Without saying a word I rolled Lahrin on to her back on got behind her. Once I was in position I lifted her gently of the mattress so she was on all fours and slipped my cock into her already soaking wet pussy. I began talking slow deep breaths as I thrusted into Lahrin at a steady pace. The temprature in the room got noticeable warmer as our bodies moved together in unision, every time I pushed forward Lahrin would push back and as I slid out she leaned the opposite way.
I could feel her vaginal muscles applying light pressure to my dick as I buried it in her, for a few minutes the only sound I could hear was the rhythmic slapping together of our bodies. Then Lahrin began to moan with pleasure quietly at first but she quickly became more vocal. "Oh Rand, fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she said as I continued to pound her pussy. Every thrust seemed to make Lahrin louder and I knew it wouldn't be long before she was full on yelling. "Oh god, don't stop!" She moaned, I could feel the sweat trickling down my back as our body heat made the small hut turn into a furnace.
I leaned forward and pressed my back into Lahrins as I wrapped my arms around her, I thrusted into her a few times using just my hips before leaning back and pulling her with me so we were both kneeling. My hands traveled all around her chest until they finally settled on her breasts. I rested my head on Lahrins neck as we fucked slowly. As our bodies grinded together rhythmically the only sound I could hear was our heavy breathing and my heart pounding in my chest.
I was very tired from my long stay in Thear'drem so I leaned all the way back to lie down while still holding Lahrin. Stretching out my arms and legs I enjoyed the amazing view as Lahrin began to ride my cock with her ass facing me. Every time she came down on my dick her whole ass jiggled sexily. Now that Lahrin was on top she was controlling the pace and she was quickly picking up speed.
I could see the muscles in her legs working at the same time as her pussy tightened slightly. "Yeah Lahrin, ride that cock like a good whore." I said, Lahrin just giggled and flashed a smile at me over her shoulder as she continued to bounce up and down. After a few minutes she stopped and with out getting up she turned around.
"Do you like this view bettter?" She asked, the way I was staring at her tits must have been a good enough answer because she started to fuck me again with a large smile on her face. "Fuck Rand, you have the best cock." Lahrin said, I was so absorbed the sway motion of her breasts that I barely heard her.
"My dick is all yours Lahrin, but in return your going to be my fucking slut." I said looking her straight in the
eye, she stopped fucking me for a second and I took the opportunity to run my hands up her body. I reached up to rubbed Lahrins nipples as she rode my cock slowly.
Every time I tweaked one of her nipples she would let out a sharp gasp than moan quietly. The more I played with Lahrin's breasts the more she moaned and the faster she bounced on my cock, after only a few minutes it getting tricky to rub her nipples.
Just as I was about to remove my hands from her boobs Lahrin let yelled loudly, "OH FUCK RAND, OH FUCK!" I felt her cunt squeeze my cock and I looked down to see her juices flowing out. Lahrin's whole body shook wildly and she collapsed on to my chest. Her breasts felt amazing pressed into my body. Eventually Lahrin looked up and smiled. "Now it's your turn." She said as she began to grind her hips up and down. The hut we were in was extremely warm now and the only small window had completely fogged up. When I glanced out the window I thought I saw a bit of movement but there was nothing there.
The added lubricant of Lahrin's sweet nectar helped her glide up and down my cock smoothly. She had returned her head back to my chest when she finished speaking but now she began to suck my nipples. It felt incredible, I had never had a woman do that to me before.
The sensations of Lahrins cunt on my cock and her tongue on my nipples quickly began to send me over the top. As my orgasm edged closer Lahrin looked up at me and whispered, "We will meet again soon my love." I wasn't really sure what she meant but I didn't really care. At my approaching orgasm I closed my eyes in preparation, while my eyes were closed I felt something change.
Before I had time to figure it out cum began shooting out of my cock, I couldn't feel Lahrin's pussy anymore but I was came more than I had the previous times we fucked. When I opened my eyes I was back in bed, to my surprise when I looked at the clock it was only 12 o'clock. It felt like I had been in Thear'drem for a few hours but it had only been an hour. I quickly went to the bathroom to clean up before going back to sleep with images of Lahrin's naked body dancing in my head.


The air in the hut was still very warm as Lahrin lay spread out on the mattress panting in a pool of sweat. She stayed there for a while with her eyes closed and her hands resting on her belly. Eventually she got up, and stared at the door to the hut before turning away. I bright slash of light appeared in front of her, widening until it revealed a long hall way on the other side. She looked around the hut once more before stepping through, as her back foot cleared the bright opening it winked out of existence.
A tall man in a flowing black cloak opened the hut door and strode through as soon as Lahrin had left, his beady eyes surveyed the room carefully scrutinizing every little detail. Wiggling his nose at the smell of sweat he stepped closer to the mattress. His mouth twisted into a snarl as he remember the face of the man that had been fucking Lahrin.
They had not know they we're being watched since they left the battle but the man had always prided himself on his ability to be stealthy. Before the man left he kick the mattress hard enough that it slid to the opposite wall. Anger was painted on his face as he walked through the door.
"Lahrin has played her little game long enough, I will not lose Thear'drem to some punk kid" He said aloud as another dazzling doorway opened in front of him. Without waiting another second he stepped through into a dimly light room with stone walls and a blue and white carpet on the floor. When he was completely through the doorway vanished.

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How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." that's from the matrix


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How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." that's from the matrix


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