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Well babe once upon a time there was a girl called Poppy, she was in her early twenties and was married with a man that she loved. Her husband was working most days while poppy had to be a house wife, looking after the house. Poppy was a beautiful girl with a very sexy body.

She was a very reasonable girl but had her little secret, she had a very high sex drive and like in lot of couple her sex life was good with huby but sometimes she was hoping for more. One morning poppy got woken up by her husband that had to go to work.

Poppy just realised that she just had a wet dream that had got her really horny, she could feel her pussy being very hot and moist. Just before huby got out of the bed she reached for him and gave him a big snog and gently reached down with her hand and started to play with his floppy penis.

It did not take long before poppy could feel the penis of her husband getting larger and excited, she was so hot that she wanted a cock to relieve her pleasure. She was working her way up and down on the shaft that was nearly getting to his full size.

She gently kissed her husband down his chest and slowly aimed for his cock that was at that pint nice and big. Hubby grabbed her hair and push down on her head until he could feel poppy's lips wrapping themselves around his shaft.

Poppy was going as low as possible on the cock, she could feel the cock helmet touching the back of her throat, hubby was so enjoying it a was moaning of pleasure. Hubby moved her around while she was still sucking on his cock so that he could reach her arse and started to finger her, putting one finger at first then went to four fingers making his way in and out of her dripping wet cunt.

After a while hubby pushed her out of the way on her back and spread her legs revealing her wide spread pussy ready to swallow the stiff cock. Hubby being pushed for time did not waste any time and inserted his cock all the way in making his balls slap against her bum.

Poppy was really enjoying the fuck and feeling her pussy being used and serviced by a cock. Hubby kept pumping her making her moan like a little slut. As hubby was shagging Poppy a sudden thought came back to her, she remembered what she just dreamt a little while ago and she shut her eyes to imagine that total stranger that was fucking her in her dream, it got her even more horny and kept saying: Go on fuck me hard, until hubby could not take it any more and exploded deep in her wet pussy. He quickly looked at her, gave her a kiss saying :"Thanks darling enjoyed that, need to go now". Poppy felt a bit better but did not managed to have an orgasm, so was still feeling very horny.

While hubby was getting ready Poppy, fell back asleep to suddenly find herself woken up by a bang on the door. She quickly put a skimpy top on her just covering below her ladies bits and went down to check who it was. She opened the door and realise that it was the postman. He was in his early forties and at her first glance thought that he was quite handsome.

He was called Vinny according to his badge. Vinny was standing at the door holding a parcel. He gave the parcel to Poppy who grabbed it. He also needed her to sign the receipt so she asked him to come in. She sat down on a chair and grabbed the pad to sign it.

What she did not realise is that she had her leg spread enough to show vinny a full view of her pussy. Whithout her noticing it he took his mobile phone out of his pocket and took a full front picture of her clearly showing her face and her flashing her bits. When she handed back the signed pad, Vinny was looking at her with a smile and it is just then that she realised that she was showing her pussy so she quickly squeezed her leg and go all red with embarrassment.

Vinny was still looking at her and said to her: Don't worry it is a beautiful site and I even have a souvenir of it showing her the picture on his phone. Poppy was shocked and asked him why did it take a picture. Very calmly, Vinny replied back: Well you see Mrs Smith I know your husband very well and i don't think he would appreciate me having picture like these on my phone, so i am afraid we are going to have a deal if you want me to delete it of my phone.

She was bit unsure but she certainly did not want her hubby to see that picture so in a panic she said: Well sir I ll do anything as long as you delete these picture for good. Vinny smiled and said: What a good girl.
He reached for his trousers zip and pulled it down and pulled his unerected penis. Vinny said: well you see you are a very pretty young girl and old men like me have to be clever or rich to be able to fuck young dirty slut like you so get my fucking cock in your mouth. Poppy hesitated a little bit but she knew she did not really have a choice so she reluctantly got nearer and grabbed the cock to slowly insert it between her lips.

Just like that vinny said pushing the back of her head so that she could take the whole length. As she was sucking she could feel vinny's cock swell in her mouth, it was actually getting quite big and she just realised that it was bigger than her hubby. Vinny was now face fucking her like if he would fuck a pussy pushing nice and hard. Poppy was nearly gagging.

Vinny was loving it, he could not believe that fact that he was fucking a beautiful young girl nearly twice as young as him. He could feel her nice soft warm lips sliding along his fully erected cock. After a while he asked her to lie down on the table. He got himself fully undressed and got on the table over her, his cock in her face while he went down on her pussy.

Vinny could feel that Poppy was dead horny with a pussy so wet he loved inserting his tongue right the way in slurping all her pussy juice and flicking her clit with his tongue. Vinny was also working his cock up and down her mouth. Vinny was licking her all the way to her arse all tingling her anus muscle he was pushing as hard as he could to get his tongue to open her tight arse hole.

After a bit he got up on his knee directing his bum hole to her mouth and forced her to push her tongue in his bum hole. He was hoping up and down feeling her nice wet tongue filling his back hole. Vinny was getting so horny that he had to fuck that nice wet pussy.

He got off the table and pulled on her legs until they reached the ground. He push down on her back so that her bum would stick in the air and grabbed his cock and directed it to her pussy hole. Poppy was so wet that his cock slided in like in butter.
Straight away Poppy felt the difference in size and the cock was nicely stretching her pussy lips finding its way all to the back of her vagina, she could fell the cock helmet going in and out. Vinny was loving it and said: Are you loving it you slut.

Poppy could not actually deny it, she was so horny and wanted his cock to carry on fucking her. “yes Vinny keep fucking me, I love your cock in me” Oh yeah Vinny said: Tell me that you are a little whore that love being fucked by old strangers men. “ Yes I am Vinny just a little whore, come on old man jam it right up my dirty cunt, I want you to make me cum hard. Vinny was banging her and at the same time was reaching from the front to rub her clit and insert every so often another finger or two as well as his cock. Vinny being very clever while he was fucking her from the back took a few more pictures with his cock up her so that he could keep black mailing her.

After having banged her from behind for a while, he pull his cock out of her pussy and turned her around to sit her on the edge of the table making sure her legs were nicely spread out. Vinny looked at Poppy and said: there is nothing better than a tight young bum hole”. Poppy understood what was going to happen he pushed his stiff member against her bum hole. At first it was resisting but then it gave way and swallowed Vinny’s cock helmet. It hurt a little bit poppy but she did not have the choice so Vinny slowly pushed harder until his balls were touching her bum.

Poppy could feel this hard shaft stretching her back door Vinny was pushing in and out and also inserted two finger up her pussy to double penetrate her, both her holes were being serviced and at her surprise she was enjoying it.

The rhythm was getting faster and faster until Poppy could feel this warm feeling invading her pussy then going right to her head she was having an orgasm, which triggered in Vinny an urge to empty his balls, he quickly grabbed poppy by her air and flung her mouth straight to his cock as suddenly big jets of spunk flew out straight in her mouth, he made sure every drop got in the mouth and said to her: Do not spit it out!!! I want to see you drink every single drop of my nice spunk. So Poppy did not have the choice and swallowed the lot and made sure Vinny could see it by pulling out her tongue.

Vinny looked at her with a smile and said Well You see it was not that bad, I knew you would enjoy it because as soon as I saw you I could tell you are a little slut that love big cocks so hopefully we might get to get a bit more fun together. Poppy did not replied but the good side in her kept saying: No it will never happen again!!! And the dark side was saying: Oh yeah baby bring it on, come and fuck me when you want because I am a slut.

Vinny got dressed said bye to her like if nothing happened and left the house.

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