Meets a guy offline and has Roleplay Daddy sex
       Sneaking out for some fun with            Daddy                                             March 12, 2012

 On Monday March 12, 2012 I was talking to this guy online named Bill. We were chatting for awhile then he suggested that we meet. I said that I would have to sneak out and that it wouldn't be until 11 or so that I could get out.

 He said that was fine so we exchanged cell numbers and arranged to meet at the school behind my house at 11:30 that night. So I layed in bed naked, watched porn ands played with my pussy while I waited until 11:30. My parents went to bed around 9:30 so I knew they would be fast asleep by 11:30 and not hear me leave. 

 At about 11:25 I got dressed and got ready to sneak out. It was my first time sneaking out at night so I was kinda nervous about getting caught. At 11:30 I saw a car pull into the school and I knew it was him so I started walking over to the school.

When I got there I got in the car and he kissed me and we talked for a bit and got to know each other better. He asked where is a good place to go for privacy and I said in the parking lot by the daycare where its dark. So thats where we went.

 Once there he started kissing me again and then put his hand up my shirt and started playing with my breasts. We kissed for a little while longer then he took my breasts out of my shirt and started playing with and sucking on my nipples. It felt so good.

While he sucked on my nipples I stroked his cock threw his pants. I could feel it growing and getting harder as I stroked it. Then he told me to take off my pants that he wanted to see my pussy. I took my pants off and as soon as they were off he started playing with my pussy, then he stuck 2 fingers inside me and started finger fucking me. It felt so good.....I was sooo wet. 

Then i told him to undo his pants and that I wanted to play with his cock. So he undid his pants and pulled them off. I started stroking his cock he was moaning "oh baby you make daddy's cock feel so good, you should put it in your mouth and suck on it like a lolipop!" So I kissed it then put it into my mouth and began sucking on it. I scraped my teeth against his cock as I continued to suck it and he loved it. 

Then he told me to lay on the seat so he could eat my sweet pussy. He got between my legs and began eating my pussy and fingering me as he ate me felt so good. Then he said that he couldn't take it anymore and that he had to be inside his babygirl's tight  pussy. So he told me to lean the seat back and that he was coming over. 

He grabbed a condom and put it on and then got ontop of me and kissed me as he entered my tight wet pussy. It felt so good to have a cock inside me after so long, I started moaning "Oh fuck yes daddy fuck your babygirl's tight pussy"  Then Daddy said "Oh fuck ya baby your so tight, Daddy's cock loves being inside his babygirl."! Mmmmmm yes daddy fuck me harder I moaned n he began fucking me harder.

Soon I felt I was gonna cum so I moaned "oh ya daddy fuck me harder im gonna cum on your big hard cock daddy. " with that he started fucking me harder and I came on his big cock n that sent him over the edge too. " oh fuck babygirl daddy's gonna." OMG I'm cummin baby" and as we recovered he laid on top of me and we kissed.

We both got dressed and he suggested that we go to coffee time for a coffee. On the drive there we talked about our lives, jobs, gfs etc. We got to coffee time and he went in and got him a coffee and me a pop. 

When we got back to the school parking lot we talked for awhile then it was time for round 2. We started kissing again and he started playing with my tits again. I unzipped his pants and took out his cock and started sucking on it again. He loved it again when I used my teeth. I got it real hard then he said he wanted me to ride him this time.

He got a condom and put it on then got over in the passenger seat and I got on his lap and he held his dick up as I lowered myself down onto it. It felt good as it entered my tight pussy and I began to move up n down on his cock. As i rode him i moaned Mmmmmm daddy your cock feels so fuckin good inside me. 

It was really crowded cuz it was a small car so it wasn't really comfortable in the position we were in so daddy told me to get on my knees it the doggy position. I did as he asked and he drove his cock deep inside me.

"Oh fuck yes Daddy, fuck your babygirl's tight pussy" I moaned. He replied " oh fuck babygirl my cock feels so good in your tight wet pussy. OMG I'm gonna crave your pussy now baby.
Mmmmm I'm gonna crave your cock too daddy.......oh yes fuck me harder daddy. Fuck I'm gonna cum Daddy. Daddy says "Yeah baby cum for daddy......cum all over his big cock like a good girl."

I cum and that sends him over the edge and he pulls out and takes the condom off and strokes his cock as he cums on my tits. We kiss then he takes some cleanex and wipes me off. He throws the cleanex out the window and we get dressed. He kisses me and we say our goodbyes for now. Then I walked home. I got home at 2am and went up to my room and went to bed.

                                                                            The End!

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