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White Sportscaster Bitch disses a Rapper
Prior –
The Rapper and the Sportscaster:
The Rapper and the Sportscaster – Down In the Dumps
The Sportscaster in the Urban Jungle
The Sportscaster in Psycho Hell
The Sportscaster – BAD Girl

Where you think you are going.

I like the fire, it looks so nice. The light from the fire cast a yellow hue over
the room. One of the Boys took a knife and set it in a corner of the flames.
Karin could see the knife, glowing red.

No NO, don’t.
Karin felt a 4 x 4 pushed under shoulders. Hands stretched her arms out.
Wait. Wait. She felt the heat of the red hot nail on her wrist.
AHHHHHHHHHHH. Karin screamed with unbearable pain as her left
wrist was nailed to the wood.

Sweating, panicked, Karin felt the other nail against her out stretched arm.
Karin fainted.
AHHHHHHHHHH. She came to feeling the terrible torture of the red hot knife
slicing across her breast. Barely able to see she could make out Stanley smiling
with the knife in his hand.

AGGGG, she felt the deep thrusting o f a cock inside her.
Thrusting, fucking.
The pain of the nails, the red hot knife, heat, light, smoke, laughter, jokes. Jeering.

AHHHH. Searing new pain. Stanley smiling with her nipple in his fingers.

You are a BAD GIRL


Karin was surrounded by a group of the worst sex offenders.
Living on the edge of society they had banded together in
in the city waste land. They relived the terrible stories of their past.
They had all served time in prison but only for a fraction of their
sordid crimes. Rape, Torture and Murder was their common bond.

Karin had fallen into their grips. She was theirs to live out their fantasies.
This would be a long night. A night in hell for the once haughty sportscaster.

Stanley put the nipple on a poker and stuck it over the fire.
Cum dripped from Karin’s pussy as her rapist shot his cum load.
Ha, that’s it bitch. Fuck you are not so hot now. Thought you were
Hot shit huh, strutting around on the side lines with all the jocks.

You are just another piece of ass. We gonna fuck you all night..
Please, stop, no more. Please.
Fucking whore ,shut the fuck up.
Stop, Please, don’t do this.

Wait Wait.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what are you doing? Screamed Karin.
Willie put two thin pieces of wood across Karin’s left denippled tit.
He tied them tight on one end and then on the other end squeezing the
top of her breast tight.

What are you doing. NO NO. Stop Please.
HA. HA. Willie grabbed and squeezed her pinched TIT.
This fucking tit is ripe, time for some real fun.
Man, look at how red it is.
Willie slapped the tit watching it bounce back and forth.

Hey man, she’s ready now. Stanley took her nipple off the fire, let it cool a little
and then slid it off the poker. He grabbed the bitch by the hair and showed her
her cooked nipple as he tossed it in his mouth.

HMMM, perfect, nice and crunchy.

Another sex offender, Alex grabbed her pussy with his hand and twisted it around.
He twisted, pinched and slapped it. He then pushed himself inside her fucking her
like a crazy man.

Willie grabbed her mouth and twisted her head back and forth.
He changed places with Stanley. Straddling her chest Willie smiled at Karin
with a big grin, a tooth missing and gold caps. He had huge tattooed arms and
his trademark pony tail.

I seen you on Cable bitch. Always with those tight clothes on the
sidelines . You been fucking those black boys? Like that black dick?
Then you are on the set showing off those legs. You spread them
for the jocks?

OH MY, please stop this. No More. Stop.

Bitch you are mine. Those tits are mine. My man Stanly is an amateur.
He is very crude, just cut off a nipple. I am a craftsman.

I am gonna skin that Tit.

Willie took a knife out of the fire and ran it slowly along Karin’s
breast. No NO she was screaming frantically. Willie was laughing.
Man, I am going to enjoy this. He put the knife back in the fire.
He grabbed her breast, the one with nipple missing. He squeezed
and twisted.
This is going to be so sweet.

Willie took his knife out of the fire, red hot, and made a cut
length wise from the top to where the wood was clamped at the base.
He made another cut about ½ inch away then a cut along the
top and bottom. He put his knife tip under the skin and one end
and began to pull back.

desperately to pull away. There was little she could do. Her arms were
nailed to the beam. Willie straddled her chest and Alex held her as he continued

Willie was a skilled craftman as he slowly skinned the thin strip of flesh from her
breast. Karin The was screaming her head off and being fucked by
Alex who was going crazy as he watched her breast being skinned.

Stanley pulled her stupid bitch head up so she could watch Willie skinning.
Willie dangled the piece of tit skin in front of his mouth so the bitch
could see what he was doing. Slowly he sucked it in his mouth chewing slowly
while Alex continued to fuck her.

Nothing tastes better than raw freshly skinned tit. Willie laughed at her screams.
Willie pulled another red hot knife out of the fire. Slowly he made a slice
next to his first. Again ever so slowly he pulled the skin off the length
of the tit.
Ha – Willie laughed at the stupid bitch screams.
He worked so slow watching her face contort with pain.

He threw this piece back to Alex and moved over so the
bitch could watch. Alex chewed and swallowed the bitch skin while
he continued to fuck .
Red in the face and fucking as hard as he could, he came in her cunt while chewing her skin.

My man Marcus, jump in. Yelled Alex.
Marcus took Alex’s place. He wrapped his arms around Karin’s thigh’s and
rammed his dick inside her.

Yea, that’s good, real good, slice me some tit skin. Marcus yelled to Willie.
Karin’s screaming was constant.
Willie had several knives in the fire.
He would slice off a thin piece of tit skin, toss it to one of the guys
and then put the knife pack in the fire.

He pulled the knife from the fire and taunted Karin with it.

He threw a slice to Alex. Alex took the piece and began to stuff it down
Karin’s throat. Choke on your own tit Bitch. Laughed Alex.

Alex stuck three fingers in her mouth and pushed her skin down her throat.
Gag you fucking whore. Karin gagged with her flesh and the fingers in her throat
while the brutal fucking continued. Finally she threw up violently.

To Be Continued

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2014-07-14 15:33:53
More gore! Perhaps you can add more strain & stress to her body by stretching & arching her body? Suspend her from her crucified arms & spread her legs wide open; then whip & gut her.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-07-14 15:22:56
Nice, but needs to be more deive! Add details to paint a picture of a naked girl being tortured. Describe her body type (lean & defined), her movement & suffering (writhing & squirming in pain), her screaming (arrrg, ooow), the harsh sounds of what's being done to her (clanging of hammer driving nails).

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2013-05-06 10:44:49
Getting good now. Cant wait to find out whats next.

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2013-05-05 06:05:01
Guys. . . lts b practicle . . . no1 can remain consious during the skinning process. . . so, this story lacks the reality factor. . .that was rational part. . . . .now . . . . u half brained motherfucker. . . .how sick r u . . . .admit urself to a disreputable psyco ward . . . . .there they wil show u what rape feels lik then u can write it by experience. . . .

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2013-05-05 00:30:18
Wtf you guys like this Nasty shit ??? LMAO Fucking crazy omg

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