This is the second part of Sarah's doctor visit! In part 1 Sarah is raped by her doctor ......what will happen in part 2??? Hope you enjoy!!!!
Sarah's Doctor Visit (Part 2)

As Sarah soaks in the tub she thinks about her doctor and how he fucked her and she realizes she actually did like it.  She then remembers that he came inside her and that she could become pregnant. She hopes she doesn't but begins to wonder what if.......

That night she dreams about her doctor making love to her instead of just fucking her like a wild man. She loves how he is so sweet in the dream.  She slowly developes a crush on her older doctor and suddenly she can't wait to see him again. 

That night he watches the video taken of Sarah's rape. She was a virgin and so tight...he was in absolute heaven when he was burried deep inside her tight pussy. He feels bad about raping her but knows she wouldn't have agreed to it. He jerks off  as he watches the video and imagines  her tight pussy riding his cock. Mmmmmmm he hopes she gets pregnant. And with that thought in mind he blows his load all over his chest and abdomen.

He takes a shower and goes to bed. As he falls asleep he imagines that Sarah is naked beside him in his bed. He realizes what he feels for her is more than just your typical crush.  He falls asleep and dreams about making love to Sarah. 

Over the next month Sarah thinks about him more often and has dreams about him almost nightly. 

Sarah is at school one day and starts to feel sick so she asks to go and see the school nurse. Sarah describes to the nurse what she's feeling and the nurse asks if she could be pregnant. Sarah says I don't know .....maybe. The nurse gets Sarah to go to the bathroom and take a pregnancy test. The nurse checks the pregnancy test and it turns out to be positive. The nurse gives Sarah some panflits about pregnancy and abortion (as she's so young)  ht. Sarah leaves the nurses station and calls her mom and asks her if she can come pick Her up because she's not feeling well. 

The nurse calls Sarah's doctors office and arranges a doctors appointment for her.....not knowing that her doctor is the one who impregnated her.  The doctors office calls Sarah later that night to tell her an appointment has been arranged for tomorrow. Sarah is excited to see Dr. Boyer after all the dreams and fantasies she's had about him.

The next day Sarah arrives at her doctors appointment early. She is called right into the doctors office number 4 (The same room where it all happened) . Dr Boyer comes into the room and pulls her into his arms and kisses her softly and passionately. She kisses him back and that makes him moan. He then says  to her that "Damn Baby I've wanted you so many times over this last month." she admits that's she's thought about him alot over the past month too. 

He slowly undresses her as he tells her that he's happy that she's pregnant. She tells him that she's scared of being pregnant. He tells her not to be scared and that he will
always be there for her. They continue to kiss as he begins undressing himself. She is now naked standing in front of him. 

She gets up on the examination table and he gets between her legs, spreads her legs and begins to eat her out.  It feels so good and Sarah starts to moan and thrust her hips up to meet his wet tongue. Her pussy is very wet and ready now so after  she tells him that she wants to feel him inside her. With that he stands up and lines his cock up with her pussy and thrusts deep inside her.  She moans loudly as he begins to fuck her slowly as he kisses her. He stars fucking  her harder and deeper. 

She begins thrusting her hips upward meeting his thrusts. They are fucking like wild animals now.  She is moaning uncontrollably  and he knows she's about to cum. So he moans "Ya baby cum on my big cock. " Sarah lets go and cums all over his big cock. That sends him over the edge and he pumps a rope after rope of cum into her.   He thinks to himself " If she wasn't pregnant already she sure as hell would be now."

He collapses on top of her and she wraps her arms around him.  He kisses her as he gets up off of her.  Then he tells her that he loves her and wants her to move in with him.  She's shocked at what she's hearing. She knew he liked her but love??? She tells him that she'll think about it. 

He quickly examines her and asks her if she has any questions. She asks him when she will see him again and he says that's up to her. He gives her his cell phone number and tells her to call him anytime. They get dressed and kiss one last time then she leaves. Her mom is there to pick her up. 

On the drive home she thinks about what her Doctor/her man had said about him wanting her to move in with him and that he loved her and how amazing it had been when he had made love to her. She could feel a blush creep into her cheeks and wondered what her mother would do if she found out Sarah was pregnant. 

The following Friday night Sarah was home alone for the night so she called Dr. James Boyer.  He answered the phone on the first ring knowing it was Sarah. 

Dr. B - Hey baby how's it going?

Sarah - It's going ok but I miss you and I'm home alone tonight and was wondering if you could come over. 

Dr. B - Ya sure I can come over there in 10 min.

Sarah - Ok see you soon then!

They both hang up at the same time.
Sarah can't believe she's having her sexy older doctor over to her families house. He shows up 10 minutes later. 

When he arrives she jumps up into his arms and kisses him. He kisses her back. Then let's her down as he takes off his shoes. She takes his hand and leads him up to her bedroom. He pulls her into his arms and kisses her. They get undressed and lay down on the bed and cuddle in the spooning position. He asks how school is going. She says ok but the morning sickness is starting to get worse. He kisses her and tells her it will get better in a few months. 

She wiggles her bum against his cock and she starts to feel him getting hard. He lifts up her leg and enters her tight wet pussy from behind. Mmmmmmmmm she moans loudly as he begins thrusting in and out of her faster. They kiss and 
take their time making love this time as they have all night. 

One of the neighbors saw him come in so they call her parents and tell them that an older man was seen at their house with Sarah.  Sarah's parents come home early. It's an hour drive........

Sarah and James make love and then fall asleep in each others arms.  This was his dream to fall asleep beside her in might not be his bed but still. 

Sarah's parents get home and notice a car in the driveway which means the "older man" is probably still there. They go into the house and go up to Sarah's room. They open the door and see their young teens trusted doctor in bed naked with their young daughter......

Sarah's parents freak out and start yelling at him to get the fuck out of their house. Sarah starts crying saying that she doesn't want him to go.  He kisses her then gets out of the bed and gets dressed and leaves. Once he leaves Sarah's parents start yelling at her asking her why the fuck she was in bed with her doctor. She tells them that she loves him and doesn't care what they say. They take away her phone away and tell her she's grounded for a month. And that she will also be getting a new doctor. 

The next day Sarah  uses her friends cell phone to call James. He answers on the first ring even tho he doesn't recognize the number.  He is delighted that it's Sarah......he worried about her all night. She tells him that she loves him and asks if he can come pick her up. He says yes of course.  5 minutes later he shows up and she gets into his car and they drive off and go to his place.  She decides to move in with him.

What will happen when Sarah doesn't return home after School??? 

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2013-06-04 23:08:54
Why didnt the parents call the police?

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2013-06-01 15:30:30
Really liked it but hope no threesomes in da future ..not my thing n she ends up losing da baby cuz im not in2 pregnencey stories n they will have a lot more sex

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2013-06-01 04:45:04
Really liked it but hope no threesomes in da future ..not my thing n she ends up losing da baby cuz im not in2 pregnencey stories n they will have a lot more sex


2013-05-14 14:47:26
Good story it would be cool if he gets Sarah's friend got close and joined in n the fun and got pregnant too and they had some threesomes.

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2013-05-07 01:19:13
great story can't wait for part 3 and 4

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