Cindy pays for Sandy's Alibi for Charlie
I woke up when an alarm went off at 5:30AM. I looked at my watch and realizing what time it was I went back to sleep. I did not even notice that Sandy and Cindy got up, got dressed and left the bedroom. My watch alarm went off at 6AM and so did my cell phone's alarm and I had to get out of bed to shut it off.

I put my clothes on and went out and found Sandy and Cindy sitting at the table eating breakfast. They had set a third table setting for me. So I went in and sat down and started to eat.

Sandy told me she was taking Cindy into work today and she needed me to pick her up by 9AM. I asked her why. She said it was the price of her being home yesterday when she was supposed to be at work. I said,"But you were at work." She said,"Yes, but to provide you with cover for the overdose of Cialis and to say you were with me and not my daughter we have to say I missed work and my boss has to verify it."

"So what is he going to do with Cindy and with you?" I asked. She replied, "Cindy will suck him until he is hard and then he will fuck me in front of her." How did he find out about her knowing how to give a blow job. She said,"His mother is the judge that handled my husband's case. He had taught her to suck cock but not very well. He only gave me a job because I gave his sex. We were in school together and I was the class whore and he was part of the judgmental crowd that condemned me."

That pissed me off. I ask her "Do you want to stop it?" She said,"yes" I went to Cindy's room and pulled out my sunglasses. I gave them to Sandy and told her "When he propositions Cindy today push the back button and then hold down the front button for 2 seconds. Then look straight at them while she gives him a blow job. These contain a digital video recorder and will record him in the act. After it is over push the front button again and it will store the video. Let Cindy bring them to me."

Cindy spoke up,"Would it be good if he fucked me instead of mom?" I said,"It would provide stronger evidence of wrongdoing." "Mommy let me fuck him please, I want to put a stop to him doing it to you."

Cindy I'll pick you up at 9 behind the restaurant. I took out my laptop and went to and typed in where we were and then I typed in the address Sandy gave me for the sleaze ball's restaurant and I connected her printer to my computer. After downloading the driver for the printer from the manufacturer's website and installing it I printed it out on her printer. The map said it would take 52 minutes to make the trip.

The girls left. I had about an hour before I would have to go get Cindy. I knew Ed's activities would not start for a couple of hours yet but I knew his habit of rising early. I called him. I told him of how his dream girl neighbor was being sexually abused and blackmailed to keep her job. And how it had now spread to the child next door too. He said he had known the restaurant owner in high school and the guy was a jackass back then. Thought he was better than anyone else because his mother was a judge he thought he was untouchable.

I told him of the video recording glasses and how we were going to stop him. There would be no blackmail simply the implied threat that if he ever tried to fire or fuck Sandy again or get at Cindy then the DVD would be released.

He asked me who I would get to convert the AVI file to a DVD and I told him I could do it myself with either my laptop or my desktop because both had the Freemake Video Converter Software installed and had DVD RW drives.

He asked me how I liked babysitting Cindy and we talked about my medicine problem the night before and how both of them had worn me out and worn my prick raw. After I hung up I took a shower and taking my laptop with its fully charged battery with me I left to go get Cindy.

I followed the google map to the restaurant then I went around the block and went down the alley behind the place. I found the back door about 8:48AM and did not have to wait long.

Only five minutes after I pulled in the little girl who had grown so dear to me came out. I reached over and unlocked the car door for her. She got in and handed me the sunglasses her mother had borrowed from me.

I asked her,"Well What happened?" She replied, weeping,"When he found out I was not a virgin, he called me a fucking slut. He did fuck me and you'll see in the video he did not let me get a single orgasm. I feel dirty for the first time since the court put Daddy away." I drove out of the alley and went back to Sandy's home. She asked me to let her out in the driveway and she ran in and I went and parked the car in front of the house.

I went in and heard the shower running. I went into Sandy's room and heard Cindy call and say,"Would you like to wash my back Charlie?" I opened the bathroom door and stepped in. You know I would not mind washing any part of you. I took off my clothes and got in the shower with my little nymphet and took the bar of soap and scrubbed her back. I went from her shoulders to the small of her back not wanting to force anything after what she had been through. When I was done scrubbing her she turned and embraced me with a full body hug. She said,"I'm glad you are here for me Charlie."

Now that was enough to start my organ expanding. She felt it rise was we held each other. And she commented,"I hope you don't mind if I ignore that right now. I just don't want to have a penis right now. I got under the water and washed the days sweat off my body. She scrubbed my back. I had to hunch down so she could get at my shoulders but there was nothing sexual even though she washed down to my thighs.

She said,"I douched at the restaurant. I douched again when I got home. I still feel dirty down there." We got out of the shower and I dried myself off then dried her off. When I went down to dry her legs and feet I sniffed at her pussy and said,"You smell as delightful as you ever did." She said,"Really?" I said,"Since he did not let you cum maybe that is what you need to have to get yourself into the clear. We exited to her bedroom. She laid on her back on the bed and said,"Maybe so, would you mind giving it to me?" I said,"You only have to ask." Then I climbed up as she spread her legs. No tease this time. I put my mouth right to work licking up her slit and circling her clitoris and then down the slit to her vagina and then up again in an endless loop. Normally this kind of stimulation would trip her trigger in three minutes or so but I was holding her ass in my hands with my tongue moving through the cycle for a full ten minutes before she stiffened and quaked in climax. I then added two fingers inside her vagina and finding her G-spot I worked on it from inside while my other hand presses on the spot from outside. So this was a three point assault on her senses. Five minutes after the first clitoral orgasm she released herself to a full vaginal climax which cause her to roll back and forth and arch her back in a way that lifted her ass off the bed and I had to raise up with her to stay in contact.

When it was over she grabbed me by my ears and pulled me up to her face and kissed me with tongue. She embraced me fully both of us naked. She said,"Charles, make love to me." I did not need to be told twice. My erection was ready, my little girlfriend was ready so I slipped by prick slowly into her vagina. I pushed up so as to be driving into her high in the slot and brought both of us to strong climaxes twenty minutes after I had penetrated her. We just lay there in each other arms. About a half hour later she asked me if I had seen the video. I reminded her i had not had time to watch it. But we got out of bed. She said,"I'll make sandwiches while you look at it." I got dressed. She went to the kitchen still naked. So I took my computer and running off AC power I loaded my VLC Media Player and hooked the video sunglasses to the USB port of the laptop.

The computer loaded the driver and showed the contents of drive E. It was single AVI file. I told the media player to play the Video on drive E and it complied. I saw the kitchen of the restaurant and saw an office with windows. As the man in the office saw Sandy and Cindy come in he pulled down his blinds so no one else could see what he was going to do to the two red headed women coming to his office. He opened the door as they arrived. Gallantly admitted them welcoming then by gesture. Sandy turned to show us he locked the door and closed the blinds on the door.

He walked back to his desk, took off his suit coat, dress slacks and his boxers and said to Cindy "Suck it" Cindy hesitated but then reached out and started to jack him and as he became hard, she told him,"Maybe I'll fuck you today since I'm no longer a virgin." Then she started to put his organ in her mouth and suck him. He became abusive"Not a virgin and you are only nine! What a fucking whore you are! If you want me to fuck you then that is what I will do. He started to lift up her dress. She did have panties on. She uncoupled his orgasm from her mouth so he could remove the dress. Then he took her panties off and sniffed them.

He said,"Oh the scent of a woman and you're only nine." He reached out and ran his finger up and down her slit a couple times and then said I hope you are ready bitch. He grabbed her by her armpits raised her over his head. Sat in his office chair and put her down guiding her legs under the arms of his desk chair and impaling her on his cock, Cindy let out a whimper when he penetrated her as she was not truly lubricated yet it had hurt.

She commented,"Bastard didn't even give me any foreplay." She may have been on top but with her feet not reaching the floor she had no leverage to control what he was doing to her. He raised and lowered her with all the passion of a nerd doing curls with a barbell. Sandy walked behind the desk to show where his penis went into her daughter's body and he just kept lifting and lowering her. He had no rhythm to it. I would say he did not want her to get off from this. This rape ran about 10 minutes when his face scrunched up and he said quietly,"Bitch is making me cum. She is so tight." When he finished cumming he tossed Cindy halfway ac-crossed the office. Sandy ran to her a picked her up. Reclaimed her panties and dress and helped her into them. They left the office and went to the back door. The whole thing only ran 30 minutes all together. Then Cindy put the glasses on walked out. She saw my car and came and got in. I had shut them off and stored the image when she gave them to me.

I told her,"He has no idea what a precious little girl you really are." She turned to me and kissed me. We are the sandwiches she had made. They were as good as mine. Then she said,"What do you want to do now?" I told her, I'm going to make a DVD of what happened but I'll have to edit out where you get in my car.

I loaded my Freemake Video Converter and loaded the video in. I edited it while she watched. I started where Sandy had started and included everything that happened until she came out the back door. That is where I stopped it. Then I clicked on convert to a DVD and I titled the DVD Criminal Evidence and then I went to the living room. She asked me how long it would take to make the DVD. I told her less time than it took for him to mess you up. She sat down beside me and snuggled into my side. I put my arm around her. She said,"You know I feel safe with you."

I told her, "I can't understand why. I have had sex with you, the bastard had sex with you." She said,"Yeah, but you are so gentle and make sure I am ready before you ever put yourself into me. i know you love me and my mom. You've told me you would babysit me even if I did not have sex with you. That just makes me want to seduce you all over again. We sat there holding each other until the computer ejected the DVD. I put another blank one in and told it make another copy. Then we sat on the sofa and must made out. NOthing sexual just hugs and kisses.

The phone rang. She got up and answered it. "Yeah mom, it came out fine. We've got it on DVD already. I was feeling so dirty when I left but Charlie helped me come through it. Yes mom I'll ask him." She turned to me and ask me if I had taken my medicine. I said what I needed yes but not the erectile dysfunction drugs. Then she turned back to the phone and said,"We made love after I took a shower mom and he was fine without it. Okay mom, I will." She came back into my arms and she told me, "Mom wants make sure I leave enough of you so you can do her tonight."

After a half an hour she rose and went through her room and douched the semen I had deposit in her out. I was not planning on doing anything more not knowing when Sandy would ask for a command performance. She came out of her room wearing her red plain pullover dress. She sat down and embraced me and said,"You seem to be happy to hold me and I feel good and secure when you do." I could not think of any sensible response to that so I just said, "Thank you." Then we made out a bit more nothing sexual just hugging and kissing.

Then she whispered to me,"You know I'm NOT wearing panties!" I took my arm from around her front and dropped it on her knee. I started moving it up her inner thigh. "That's nice." and right after she said that I found the truth of her statement. I started playing with her clitoris and she started to breath harder and started to gasp for breath. Then she straightened out her body as stiff as a board as the orgasm seized her.

I continued the stimulation now working down the slit to the vagina then up circling the clit and back down to her vagina. She came again a few minutes later. This was closer to her normal pattern. I asked her,"Can I eat you?" She said,"Please, eat me."My tongue ran around her clit and down to her vagina and in three more minutes she was rolling back and forth as the orgasm struck her. I kept my hands cupping her ass until the climax subsided then I moved two fingers of my right hand into her vagina where I found the little lump that was her G-spot. I rubbed it as it flooded her with lubricant. My left hand was pressing on the G-spot from outside pressing into the fingers inside her. She came with a audible howl as she stiffened and quaked and arched herself off the seat of the sofa. Her head was on the back of the sofa and her feet were on the floor but only I was in contact with her between those two points.

As she came out of this she said,"I promised mother could have you tonight so I don't think we should keep doing this." I pulled my fingers out and let go of her. She said,"If mom won't suck you tonight just call me in and I will get you going. You've almost got me to the point where I'm ready to rip off your clothes and rape you. I told her."You can't rape a willing victim." That is a damned lie. You know I was willing to fuck that bastard but they are going to call it rape when the DVD gets seen.

I took her in my arms and held her and told her she was a beautiful young girl who was worth more than just sex. We both turned and looked in the dining room as my computer ejected another DVD. Then I put a third blank in it and told it to copy it again. She said,"Yeah, that guy just used me for a masturbation rag."

As the DVD's came out I pulled out the phone book and looked up the bastard's address and also his mother the judge. I needed mailers and called the local office supply store who told me they would deliver yet this evening if I gave them my mastercard number. I did and they said it would be there by 6. That was about when Sandy would get home.

We took one of the DVD's and put it in the player in the living room. She turned on the TV and started the DVD player. She laughed at the childlike art of the menu then started the video. She saw herself being guided into the office and the man welcoming her in then the demand for a blow job and just before she puts him in her mouth the admission she was not a virgin and the tantrum he threw when he heard that. Then the rape. She watched it intently and said,"He could have done that with a rag or a doll or anything inanimate. He did not make love I was fucked!"

She took the second copy in it played just like the first and the computer spat out the third copy. I closed the program and checked my e-mail. She put the third one into the player. Each was exactly the same since the program saves a file and makes each copy from the same file.

We'd killed a couple of hours with watching this rape video. I was bored with it. I told her,"I suspect that will end your desire to be punished. I can't think of a worse punishment than to be used as a jack off rag." She said,"Yeah I guess that is true."

We were making out on the sofa again with her dress covering her again when there was knock on the door. I looked out the window and saw an office supply company truck out in front and went to get the mailers. He gave me the mailers and I signed the receipt. The man smiled at Cindy and said good bye then turned and went back to his car.

I ask her,"Do you know him?" She said,"Yeah, Mom dated him for a while and I got into the act too with him." She got up and brought out the VHS tape she had shown Ed before. I watch as the man who had just delivered the mailers for the DVD's a bit younger in the video as Sandy explained that a man having his cock sucked will enjoy it and then teaches Cindy how to do it right. I said,"Now I understand why he smiled at you and why you blushed."

A few minutes later we heard Sandy's car pull into the driveway and she came in the back door. She said,"I've got cold cuts and Hoagie buns for supper and of course chips and dip." I took the Kroger grocery bag from her and started laying out the buns to build the subs. Cindy helped while her mother took a shower and dried her long beautiful read hair.

By the time Sandy came out we had the table set the Subs and chips and dips all on the table. She came out in a sheer nightgown calculated to grab my attention.

Sandy thanked me for talking to Cindy about what had happened and straightening out her thinking. She'd never have to submit to that jackass again once it hits. I printed the mailers on her printer. Since it was an inkjet I doubted they'd be able to trace it to her printer. She also sniffed the air and recognized the scent of her daughter's arousal. She asked Cindy,"Didn't i ask you to leave him with enough to make love to me tonight? " I cut in at that and said,"She got that hot on my fingers and tongue. I only made love to her once right after we got home.

She said,"Okay, I'm sorry I accused you." Then turning to me she continued,"I know how seductive she can be because she likes being so hot and climaxing." I told her,"Yes she can be seductive but she does respect your wishes."

She asked me if we could get any legal trouble with the warning we were sending. I told her,"What he is doing is illegal. A boss having sex with employees is guilty of sexual harassment. Having you bring Cindy in is child molestation and rape. He wants trouble he'll have more than he knows how to deal with if we release the tape and he knows it. It could force his mother to resign too. She will pressure him to stop.

"If nothing else we can get them both busted on a federal child porn rap if they keep the discs." She said,"How do we get them to them. I told her we will mail them through a mailing service that won't require a return address.

She ask me if she was to maintain a copy of the discs. I told her she could. I had made an extra copy. She then said,"Well if you want to see it and keep it." I said,"I don't find rape that arrousing and make no mistake about it what he did to Cindy this morning was rape. He cared nothing about her feeling good. He only cared to get his rocks off." She stated,"That's the way he is. I've never cum for him like I have for you and Ed and even the guy in the video you saw." Cindy cut in at this point,"Yeah mom, he was here today, delivered the mailers for the DVD's." Sandy asked her daughter,"Did he say anything to you?" "No mom, but he did look at me with a devilish smile. And Charlie said that I blushed." She turned to me. I explained,"I noticed he looked at her and smiled. Then I noticed she was beet red. It faded fast so I figured she had blushed at seeing him again."

We continued discussions about what had happened that morning both at the restaurant office and here at the house. When we were done Cindy loaded the dishwasher and started its cycle. Then Sandy asked to see the video. I waited until Cindy came back and she said she did not mind then she herself turned on the TV and DVD player and started the disk playing.

When he impaled Cindy on his cock and she whimpered, Cindy piped up and said,"No foreplay just rub rub and wham bam thank you mame. I wasn't even wet yet." Sandy said,"I'm sorry honey. I did not think he would be that cold with you since you are so young. And he had no call to call you names when he was having you suck his cock and you offered him full out sex." Cindy said,"Mommy Charles brought me home afterward and showed me how much he loved me. He is so nice about everything after we wore him so hard yesterday. We were sitting on the sofa with Sandy on my right and Cindy on my left. I went to Sandy and started to make out with this young woman as the DVD returned to the silly juvenile menu. Cindy shut off the TV and the DVD player then brought out my computer and pulling out the disk with her two man gang bang on it she said watch this and played the file using my VLC media player. As Ed and I has passed her back and forth as if she were a rag doll. Sandy asked,"Honey wasn't it hard to do them both?" Cindy said,"No mommy since I was wet before they ever put anything inside me. They did not ever hurt me.

"I want to fuck a bunch of guys sometime maybe I'll take on the whole pedophile club sometime."

sandy said,"She wants to go tomorrow are you going to take her?" I replied,"If you want me to I'll go and take her. I don't know these people but one base rule is leave no marks. That's why they do not accept virgins. You break one and she goes home bleeding and all hell breaks loose."

I was getting tired. I told Cindy to go to bed and I stayed out with her mother. She went to her room changed into a white pullover dress and came back out. She hugged and kissed her mother. Then she hugged and kissed me. with tongue and the parting shot."If you two need any help you know where I'll be."

I resumed kissing her. She asked me if I would like to see some very old homemade porn. I told her I would not mind. She went to her room and came out with a Poloroid VHS tape. It was hand lettered Sandy's Cherry Popping. I thought I will learn something I did not know before. She put the tape in the VHS machine, turned on her TV and turned it to the channel the VHS machine was on and said, "Just watch, at first I thought I was looking at Cindy. She was sitting on a bed. An off camera voice said "You know if I do this you won't ever be a virgin again right? The little red headed girl on the bed just nodded her head. I had to ask,"Is that you?" She said,"Cindy looks a lot like me at her age." She understood my confusion. Then the man came into the camera view and it zoomed in on his face with his tongue flapping on the little girl's clit. She was leaning back on her hands and enjoying the sensations until she climaxed at which time she grabbed her father's head and pulled him into her pussy. I had to know,"Is that your dad?" Sandy smiled and nodded. When she came back after that climax her father stepped back and said,"Honey the first time I do this it will hurt but after that it will all be pleasant okay?" Again the little girl on the screen nodded. The man stripped to his skin and pulled the little girl flat on her back. He gently pushed her legs apart and laying in between them he lined up his prick with his daughter's vagina. And pushed. When he reached her maidenhead he stopped, pulled back and pushed in hard and fast. She squealed as he tore through it then she relaxed and let the sensations wash over her. Soon she was stroking with him really getting into it. She had her arms reaching up to him and when the orgasm hit her she grabbed him and pulled him down against her own body. She screamed "I love you Daddy" as the orgasm overthrew her reason.

I realized as I watched the film that the camera had moved around the bed. I asked her who was holding the camera. She answered me,"Mom."

I ask the next logical question,"Are they still alive?" She said "yes" and then, "and we are in contact though they live a couple of states away. We may go there later in the summer and definitely during Christmas vacation. Do you still fuck him. When he wants me to. He did me last summer and my mother did my brother in the next bed.

The tape ended and went on to the same man with a beautiful but heavier version of Sandy. She said,"That is my mother." There was a whole bunch of incestuous sex acts on this tape. I ask her how long she expected the tape to hold together. She said it was probably only going to be showable to this generation by the time Cindy has children it will have deteriorated. I told her I could make it more permanent by putting it on a DVD. She said,"You can do that? I told her I had VHS to DVD conversion software even on the laptop.

She said,"Reliving my family sexapades made me wet, feel me. I reached for her pussy and she was dripping greasy cunt juice. I knelt in front of the sofa and began to lap at her love hole. When I had cleaned up most of the mess I went up the slit to her clit and circling it she shivered into a mini orgasm. "Damn" She exclaimed,"I didn't know I was that close." I slipped on finger into her vagina and found her G-spot. I put a second finger in and rubbed it constantly while holding the spot to my fingers with pressure from outside. My tongue was running up her slit around her clit and back down to where my finger went into her. With the triple stimulation she did not stand a chance. She suddenly stiffened and arched her back and quaked with a 8.0 Ricther scale and slid right off the sofa onto the floor. I climbed on top of her and kissed her with extreme tongue putting one hand on a breast and the other remaining at her pussy running the trip around the clit and down to her love entrance. She reached for my organ. She found it soft. But under her expert ministrations I got hard real fast.

She said,"Cindy was right you can eat pussy real well. Fuck me right now Charlie." The hand went from her breast to her mouth as I shushed her and said,"I won't fuck you but I will make love to you." She lined me up with her entrance and pressed myself into her about two inches. Then I swept her left leg in with my right leg putting my right leg outside her left leg. I swept her right leg in with my left leg and put the left leg outside of her right leg. Then I slide myself in as far as I could go. Then I rocked my pelvis to thrust in and out of her. She came every five minutes after I got into this position. She started to complain,"I've never had this many orgasm during sex." I tell her, "It's this position." She said,"Ed does it like this and I don't get this many this often." I point out the obvious,"He is too young to do it real well." She laughed for a few minutes and then another climax hit her and she lifted me off the floor for a few seconds before she collapsed back to the floor as she recovered control from the orgasm.

Finally I was about ready to cum and when she stiffened again I pumped my sperm deep into her body. As she recovered she felt the surging of the vas deference and knew what was happening. We both released a sigh as the pressure to cum was relieved. She said,"Too bad I can't marry again. You are a stud for your age." I told her "You ought to see me with my erectile dysfunction drugs." We got up and went into the bathroom. Sandy applied a douche. Then said,"I'm exhausted. Want to go to bed. I said, I'm tired too you lead." She lead me to her bed and we both collapsed into it and fell into a deep sleep.

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