Incest phone sex anyone?
So as I was saying in on part one, I was reading my porn lesbian novel and going over every detail of my amazing sex with Lilly and Nicole, slowly rubbing my clit with my fingers when my cell phone rang.

Beep, Beep!

I glanced up from the novel I was reading. I pressed my lips to a thin line, wondering who would be messaging me at two in the morning. I placed the book flat next to me on the bed and got up, kicking the covers off my body. Lazily, I walked to my dresser and grabbed my phone, opening it to my missed texts page.

I know you're awake Kiddles, call me when you get this. Ellie

I rolled my eyes and smiled a little. Ellie was my older sister. Kiddles was her pet name for me. I told her I hated her calling me that, but in truth I kind of liked it. Ellie was 19 and living on her own. Mom found her in bed with Maria our house cleaner and went ballistic. I really missed her, even though her apartment was just across town. I also missed spying on Ellie and Marie as they fucked each other silly. . I quickly dialed my sister’s number. As I made myself comfortable under the sheets, Ellie answered the phone. I put her on hands-free.

"Hey there," she said in a sexy whisper.

"Hi Ellie, so is there a reason you wanted me to call you at two in the morning?" I asked, trying to sound annoyed, but I wasn't, well maybe just a little bit since Ellie interrupted the start of a great cum. Ellie laughed on the other end and said, "Well I couldn't sleep, so I figured I'd talk to kid sister for a bit. Did I interrupt something?"

I licked my bottom lip and murmured, "I was reading."

"Ah, reading horny vampire novels right? Such a JoJo thing to do." Ellie chuckled.

I frowned and said, "For once I'm not reading a vampire novel."

"Oh really now, what kind of novel is it?" Ellie asked. I heard movement on her side. Ellie tends to pace around when we talk on the phone. I shook my head at the thought.

"It's an um— erotic romance novel." I whispered.

"Hm, erotic…mmm? What kind of horney novel sis, fluff? High school? Raw sex?" Her voice grew deeper towards the end of the sentence, and my stomach fluttered and I felt my clit grow a little harder.

I swallowed hard and said, "It's um… you know a one of those X-rated romance novels."

Ellie giggled, "I never my sweet innocent sister liked reading porn, " Ellie was trying to embarrass me.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me sis.” I said defiantly.

Ellie was quiet on the other end, but I knew she was probably smirking devilishly on the other end. She murmured, "Is it girl on girl JoJo is that the kind of porn you like reading?"

Now it was my turn to smirk. "As a matter of fact it is Ellie, it's um, interesting." I responded.

"Does it turn you on little sis, does it make your pussy wet?" Ellie asked, her voice thick in my ear.

“Ellie, you are my sister, why would you ask such a question?" I stammered.

"It's a simple question JoJo; does your hot lesbo novel at two in the morning make you want to fuck yourself silly?" Ellie persisted.

I softly cleared my throat and swallowed hard, really hard, practically gulped. I whispered, "N-no…"

"You little fucking liar." Ellie purred.

I frowned and just as I was about to protest against her answer, Ellie asked, "Do you imagine it's me and you in those hot lesbian love scenes, your own sister kissing you so hard you get all wet and bothered?" How did my sister do that with her voice, so sexy, so sultry?

"Ellie I—that would be wrong…we are sisters…ever hear of a little thing called incest?”

"Yeah sis, I have and it turns me on. I'm pretty sure what I can do to you my hot little sister, is way better than what the girls do in your little sexy lesbo novels." Ellie said, her words licking at my ear.

I slipped a hand over my pussy and clenched my legs together, rubbing my little cunt into my hand. My heart was racing, my nipples were suddenly rock hard. With my free hand I reached down and tweaked each of them. Goosebumps started to form on my skin and I felt flushed.

"Okay, this is totally weird, but we are only talking right? Okay, let’s say I am curious, so how would you do…it I mean?" I asked, letting my curiosity get the better of me.

"Depends on where you want me to start, sis." Ellie said. I heard the sound of Ellie's bed squeak softly, she laid down on it I suppose.

I licked my bottom lip and said, "Surprise me sis, you are good at that." I sighed.

"Well, if I were there, naked on your bed. I would stare you down, look into those beautiful blue eyes until you sighed and your eyelids fluttered. Then I would straddle you… pin you beneath me. I would lean forward, hesitating before kissing then kissing your graceful neck sis licking and kissing my way up and down your neck. Then I'd kiss you softly while I slowly reached down and open your legs wider."

I whimpered, which caused Ellie to stop for a second. “Are you okay sis, do you want me to stop, I mean you were the one who said this was all…wrong.” Ellie was enjoying this too much.

I removed my panties and top now naked my hands stroked up and down my body. “No…don’t…stop,” I whispered.

"As I pull my lips away from your soft mouth, I'll move my lips to your neck again and softly bite your skin, rubbing my hands across your stomach." Ellie stopped, and I couldn't help the small moan that escaped my lips.

My cunt was dripping with juices, but I didn’t want to touch myself not yet. I breathed heavily and reached down, moving my hands up and down my thighs and over my lower tummy, I could see and feel how wet I already was.

Ellie asked, "Is your pussy wet JoJo? Like when you watched me and Maria fuck…yes I knew you were watching. It made it all the hotter for me, that my kid sister was rubbing off while I eat out that hot Latino bitch,” Ellie said with a low moan

I whimpered in response, “Oh fuck yes, Ellie. I loved watching the two of you while I rubbed my pussy so hard I came in my panties,” I was so turned on I didn’t care that this was my sister.

"Mmm, are you touching your little cunt Kiddles?" Ellie asked in lewd growl.

I continued to rub closer and closer to my pussy, then moved my finger up and let my finger nail lightly flick over my stiff little clit. I moaned, "Ohh… yes Ellie oh my hot fucking sister."

"Do you want me to continue? You want your sister to tell you how I would make your young cunt cum?" Ellie questioned.

I let to fingers trace my tight cunt hole, then I slipped one in. My only response to Ellie’s question was a long hiss of “Yessss”.

"After I'm done biting, sucking, and licking your neck. I’d start teasing your nipples by licking and sucking softly on one while I softly twist and pull on the other. Then I'll switch and do the same to the other before I move back and gently play with your tits." I moaned and pushed my finger deeper into my cut butting up against my happy spot as I chewed on my bottom lip. My cunt juice was flowed and I was sure Ellie could hear the sloppy sounds of me fucking myself on the other end of the line.

"Sounds like you're enjoying yourself sis, fuck I can almost smell your juicy little cunt. I love it that my kid sister is into phone sex, " Ellie said and giggled.

"Only with you Ellie," I whispered breathily.

"Oh this is fucking hot JoJo, anyway, I'll move down, placing kisses on the undersides of your firm little titties, down your stomach, circle my tongue around your outie belly button, I love how tanned it gets, like a little clit. I would suck the skin there into my mouth and nibble on it a little. I’d kiss your hipbones and take a long time to trace the delicate skin there with my wet tongue. With my hands on your thighs I would push them apart hard enough to let you know I mean business. And there…. Before me, would be your slick, and beautiful cunt, your pink puffy lips splayed pout and weeping girl juice…”

"Ahh." I moaned as I plunged two fingers in and out of my hot wet cunt, and I breathed heavily, whispering Ellie's name in the process.

Ellie gasped and I could hear her fingering herself as her voice halted then continued.

“Oh, JoJo, I’ve wanted this for so long…. I let my tongue stroke the full length of your perfect little cunt…up and down then thrust it deep inside you, my mouth pasted to your wet cunt lips my tongue twisting and plunging deeper. I suck and slurp your juices as I tongue fuck you again and again. Oh, sis, oh I love the taste of you, your cunt is grabbing at my tongue as you hump your hard little ass off the bed.”

I’m fucking myself harder, faster, while rubbing my clit hard with my other hand. Ellie’s voice, her nasty incestuous words were going to get me off better that I had ever had before.

"Then I'm licking and sucking on your clit, I'll slowly insert my middle and ring finger into your pussy, slowly thrusting them in and out. Oh fuck your cunt is so wet little sister. I feel your slick cunt walls grabbing at my finger and I want to see cum erupt from your hot, churning cunt hole. Oh baby sis cum for me, let me taste your hot creamy cunt juice…”

"E-Ellie, oh fuck sis, you are going to make me cum… don’t stop, don’t stop." I whimpered as I rubbed my clit, my legs spread a little and I arched my ass off the bed, as I plunged my fingers inside my wet cunt, moving them fast, trying to get myself to orgasm.

Ellie groaned and whispered, "JoJo , my hot slut sister, my cunt is going to cum too, lets cum together. "

I gasped, listening to Ellie's heavy breathing and her finger fucking over the phone.

"Oh fuck I’m sucking on your clit so hard JoJo, its deep in my hot wet mouth and my tongue is lashing it back and forth and I can’t help myself, my sister is such a hot little bitch, as I fuck you hard forcing my fingers into your contracting cunt I begin nibbling on your sensitive, clit, biting on your blood engorged cunt button. ….and you….and you …oh fuck sis ….oh fuck.” Ellie moaned

My screams drowned out Ellie’s voice as I thrust my body in the air a torrent of cum pushed my fingers out of my cunt and sprayed all over the bed in front of me. I growled again as cum dripped into my ass crack I thrust a wet finger deep into my tight little ass and came again, cum squirting everywhere as I moaned my sister’s name.

I came a third time, my entire body was twitching as I collapsed in a pool of my own cum.

"That was fucking amazing, " Ellie growled; her tone was filled with lust.

"After we calm down, I'll crawl on top of you, and automatically start biting your neck before I suck on your skin," Ellie moaned, and then after a pause, "JoJo." Ellie whispered.

"Hm?" I asked.

"I'm coming over, I'll see you in a little bit."

"But Ellie, what if mom finds out…” my sister had already hung up.

I pulled my fingers out of my cunty and licked them clean. Damn I had a great tasting cunt.

I closed my phone, and glanced at the time. It's a little bit passed three. My bed sheet was soaked in my own cum, even the cover of my erotic novel was wet with it. I smiled, I wanted my sister more than anything and now she would me mine.


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Thanks for all the entertaining tales of lust ! Do take care of yourself.

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or heath reasons I will not be contributing anymore to this site...been a blast. I have to put my health first. MB

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or heath reasons I will not be contributing anymore to this site...been a blast. I have to put my health first. MB


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Epic! Can't wait for the next episode...

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