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Adventure continues
Summary of the previous parts: Kadri felt at 11yo, that she likes exhibitionism. Year later she had also become a sex addict. When I meet Kadri, I quickly realized, that can help her to fulfill some dreams about exhibitionism. I made a list of tasks, what Kadri can do and for now she has done most of them, hitchhiking naked, shopping naked, being left at city centre alone naked and some other things.

After being gangbanged by 28 boys, Kadri started her way back to hometown. She has now been exactly 24 hours naked, including overnight stay at boys apartment. Again she was standing at roadside and ready to hitchhike naked. Obviously naked, because she had no clothes with her.
First time, when she hitchhiked opposite direction, it didn’t go well. She waited about 20 minutes, because nobody wanted to pick up naked girl. Maybe drivers were suspicious and thought, this was a some kind of trap.
Kadri started to hitchhike. Some cars passed, not stopping and now the next one approached. Kadri looked and frightened: this was a police car! Kadri quickly jumped from the roadside to forest and started to run as quickly as possible. She didn’t even hear, if police car stopped or not. Running some 300-400 metres she stopped, hiding herself behind a tree and looked, is somebody coming. But there was silence, only passing cars on the road made a little noise.
„Maybe they didn’t realized, that I was naked,“ thought Kadri and returned slowly to the road. She had to be more careful now. Kadri was never afraid to show herself naked for hundreds of people, but police was another matter.
This time Kadri had luck: only 5-6 cars passed and then one van stopped. There was sitting whole family at the car: dad, mom and two children, boy younger than Kadri and girl about same age as she. When Kadri looked at them, she really was surprised, how they were ready to pick up a girl. Mother of the family asked: „Young lady, is something terrible happened? Were you raped?“
Kadri thought some seconds and this time she didn’t say her usual phrase: „I am simply traveling, can you take me to the (name of the city).“ Instead of it Kadri said: „Not raped, but one bad gang of boys took all my clothes and throw me out of the car. Hitchhiking is only possibility.“
„Poor girl!“ shaked woman her head. „Come to the car, we give you some clothes and then you can go home.“
Kadri sit to the van and thought, how she can refuse a offering clothes. She said: „If it is possible, please give me your mobile phone and I call to my friend. He will meet me an agreed place and you don’t have to give me clothes.“
Mom was a little bit confused: „Sorry, our childrens are here, how you can sit there naked?“
„Boy is small,“ laughed Kadri. „And maybe you understand, this was a urgent situation.“
„I give you at least a towel, you can cover yourself a little bit.“
Kadri realized, that she can’t say anything against this proposal and took towel. She was sitting at the back side of the van with girl and boy. Then she took a call to me and fortunately I was not yet left the city. „Of course I can meet you. Jump down 2 kilometres from city sign, there is a little parking area, maybe they will turn here,“ I said.
Adventure was over. In a van girl asked Kadri some questions, what happened, but Kadri rejected, only saying, she don’t want to talk about the whole case. „Let her alone, she is shocked,“ said mom to daughter.
Kadri was only a bit angry to itself, that she could not hold her pride and gave up, talking them not a truth, But truth was too harsh for the family to hear: „I was left after gangbang to the roadside and started travel to home. This is that simple, I only want to be naked and that’s all.“ Kadri didn’t say this.
When Kadri entered to my car, I give her clothes back. In home city she never did exhibitionism, that was too risky. Kadri told briefly her story and I sighed heavily: „Soon you are famous, whole country will know about your exhibitionism.“
„I hope, they don’t,“ said Kadri.
„How you liked the gangbang?“ I also asked.
„Some of the boys came very quickly, they were so excited, that even failed to fuck normally. I can only comment, that this was not too exhausting and I never felt sore, although their big cocks in a row penetrated inside me.“
But asking about fucking now, Kadri said: „Sorry, I will go to home and take a little rest. This is not about gangbang, but I simply want to be alone right now.“
That was something new – usually she never refused a offer to sex. Maybe still gangbang did a job.
Kadri bought some products from shop and lay down to her bed at home. She switched on TV, but this was only for a background, Kadri was too much in her own thoughts. She remembered, that she had not touched two books of her school compulsory reading. „Only 12 days to read these books,“ she thought about school.
And then she suddenly began to cry quietly. Unexpectedly she felt bad. „What I heve done!“ Kadri grieved. „I had gangbang with 28 boys and felt proud of it. I can’t refuse sex, I can’t,“ she cried. „What I have become! A slut! It was so exciting to get out of the car at the main square of the town, but now I felt ashamed. Why?“
She remembered one case after football training, when one boy completely accidentally entered to the girl’s dressing room. The boy quickly realized his mistake and after some seconds jumped out from the door. Then one girl started to cry. She was absolutely shocked, because she was very near to boy and without bra in that moment and she didn’t reach to cover herself.
Kadri tried then to comfort a crying girl and said to her: „Don’t cry, it was not as terrible.“ Then girl turned her head towards Kadri and very angrily shouted: „Don’t say it, I am completely ashamed. Boy is looking to naked girl and you say, this is not a big deal!? Are you out of mind!“ Kadri didn’t know what to reply. She realized, that if she has been naked in front of several boys and enjoying it, then some other girls felt guilty for that, even this was not their fault.
Now Kadri felt also ashamed, but story was quite different, she has done some extreme things, which she regrets now. Kadri’s anguish was strong. „Is it all over?“ she asked herself. „I have done many things, but what I have not done of this list, what my friend gave? Not being naked at church, not hitchhiked naked at the winter, not riding on the train or bus? Yes, these are not accomplished tasks.“
And suddenly her mood changed again. Kadri began to laugh: „Naked at church! Yes, this will be interesting. And I have one good explanation to the minister, why I am naked. Yes, this is great to try!“
Kadri relaxed again. „Ashamed? But why? I have to defend my position, that naked body is not a shame. When people can realize this? Why should people prevent, if someone wants to go naked in public place?“ asked Kadri angrily.
Then Kadri again called to me. „I was here a little bit confused, am I doing right things. But after some thoughts I realized, that going naked in public place can’t be a crime. Why people don’t understand?“ she asked me.
„I always support you,“ I said. „But society’s conscience is not changing so quickly. This is simply tradition, that everybody wear clothes at the streets or in the shops. However, we have striptease clubs and brothels, which are all legal. Nudism is legal too, but only in certain areas. I appreciate your standpoint, but I also understand people’s reaction – we can’t do anything to prevent them not to react.“
„I have to try again,“ said Kadri now. „Last time I was left at the main square of the city without any help and obviously without clothes. Quickly I fell under attack of the angry woman and only boy rescued me. In shopping centre all went well, why not in the city? We must try another place!“

Sorry, this part was only intermission. Soon exciting things will occur again!
Will be continued.
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