wanting to be a sex slave
Ok my training

Ok years ago I dreamt I wanted to see how a sex slave life would be. So I asked my hubby to get me some videos it took him some time but he managed to get me one called the story of and training of O. well I was flabbergasted to see what she went through but it turned me on that much I wanted to try it out but how.? We decided to put an advert in a contact mag so of we go .
it read couple wanting to be taught by a master into sex slave /bdsm. Wow the replies we got were very interesting in deed but one was interesting so of goes a reply. The Letter we got back said yes he would interview us both and decide what he will do as not everyone is able to be a sex slave ect.

Since I was at school in the final years we wore stockings and suspender belts no horrible tights for me. Even to this day I wear stockings. Our skirts were up to our bums near enough. Always wore white blouse top two buttons undone.underwired bra at first I did not have big boobs so stuffed toilet paper down front to make them look bigger, Tie on but undone a little we had to wear white socks as well over our stockings. That was school uniform. (You will see why I mention this in later letters to site)

Ok letter from this person i received was to meet up with him in two weeks time at a pre arranged place then go back to our house if we agreed with what he wanted from us. Well I was surprised to say the least. The Letter is as follows.

I am to call him master at all times. He has the right to own me and do as he sees fit. I wear what he wants when he orders. I do all am ordered by him husband is now my overseer he sees to it that all orders master gives me are carried out to the letter.
I must shave all my body hair off and at no time am I allowed to have any hair except my head hair .I can and will be inspected at any time knickers are never to be worn (only on the week)at any other times never unless told to wear them. Bras never wear them again only if I get order to but must wear a halter bra at all times. Stockings must be worn at all times if they have ladders in the better. Looking at it the rules seemed not to bad (ooo how I was wrong)
So we discussed it on what we should do well two days later we sent reply of saying yes we will meet I agree to some of his rules can we discus it. Letter back saying ok we will meet up he will interview us see how it goes.
So the night before we meet up hubby gives me a shave around my fanny. Soaps me up well and shaves of all my body hair of. I decide to wear new stockings on the day with new suspender belt and a red bra on .no knickers as instructed put on a grey skirt and blouse not to tartty as he said it was an interview so thought id look good.

That day in the afternoon so of we go to the pub to meet up with this man who was willing to teach me about s&m and how to be a sexslave we met he was really nice he paid for the drinks. Said you sit there to me a distance from him thought funny but did as was told.

hubby sat next to him. This man who was interviewing us then got up He then came up to me and said in low voice I look nice have I done as ordered stockings on and no knickers I told him yes good I want to see.
when I tell you you will open your legs so I can see your stocking and fanny. Shocked I did not reply did you hear me or are you fucking deaf he said again this shocked me
“no” was my reply.ok do it when I tell you he got up and moved back to his seat. He started talking to my hubby.then said do you want another drink yes so he got up to get another drink for all of us. I pulled a face at hubby as if to say help but then thought no I will carry on with it its my idea its what I want. Anyway he came back no drink thought funny must have change his mind. He sat down and said ok when they come to bring drinks I want you to open your legs wide enough for them to see your stockings and that you have no knickers on.

Shit I was to do this like this no I cannot do it thoughts went through my mind. He looked at me directly you will do it I nodded to him. im sure I was shaking I was inside but all of a sudden I felt wow this is a turn on in front of others seeing me or looking up my skirt seeing id got nothing on I must admit my fanny was getting wet thinking about it.I was getting aroused id not done anything like this at all before.

Next in came the waiter bringing the drinks he had his back to me when I was told by our date I heard him say to me ok let’s see. I then opened my legs what I thought was wide enough for anyone to see. But no next word I hear was wider now. so did as I was told I opened my legs wide enough I know they was because my legs hurt doing it and my skirt had ridden up to nearly my waist. I could even see my own stocking tops and suspenders. You could clearly see I had no knickers on as well. I got a nod from our date.

Then it happened the waiter turned round to go and was directly in front of me he could see all my glory hole and every thing on show. I felt such a idiot but I was turned on by what I was doing I can assure you I was wet .and ready the waiter stood for a bit looking he looked at me smiled and said that looks nice. Well I grew 10 foot tall I felt great someone said how he liked the view all my attempts were not in vain this made me nearly come.

The next thing I heard made me nearly jump out of the chair our date said to the waiter have a feel of the bitch if you wish.

Bloody hell no one else apart from my husband had touched me down there apart from the nurses /doctor. At this the waiter bent down a bit and rubbed his hand over my fanny and bum hole saying very nice he then moved away. Well that move increased my juices im sure I came I was as wet as hell. Next thing I hear is sit up correctly now .it was our date so sat up he then said part one done drink up we are going to your place. I thought funny man were going to go home now and he’s going to do me in a 3 someme well I expected did that in the pub but nothing else l really did not know what to expect nor did hubby.all the way home I was wet thinking what id been made to do this was good but turned out non starter after all. What a waist of time.


Ok part two later

When we got home I thought id make tea. Tea anyone ? I asked hubby and date if they wanted tea but no they wanted coffee for both was reply. So in kitchen getting it ready in walks our date .I smile at him he comes up to me literally pushes me up against the cupboard im thinking he’s going to fuck me.

But no without talking he pushes me against cupboard pulls up my skirt forces my legs apart and then puts two fingers up inside me .he then says mmm nice and wet takes his fingers out puts them in my mouth says lick them so I do as im told. When you bring drinks in make sure your skirts up so stockings are showing he then undoes my blouse opens 4 buttons. This shows my tits of with my red halter bra on make sure they are on show as well.
He then goes back into hubby im thinking funny man ok I take the drinks in as ordered hubbys face was wow on how I was dressed I put the cups on the table went and sat down next to hubby.

Then our date spoke “OK you stand” pointing to me. So did as I was told right are you both sure you wish to go ahead with this we looked at each other I spoke and said yes I would still like to go ahead and become a sex slave and do training I looked at my hubby he nodded yes we agree I said…
Right your name for now on is bitch you answer to that name only no other is that understood. Yes fine I said .

Ok then turn round bend over so I did as I was told. I received a whack from his hand hard on my arse then another one quickly followed after. I did shout out in surprise next time bitch you will always call me master or your husband overseer .do you understand . If you don’t you will be punished do you understand. Yes master was my reply.

id already learnt one lesson that was in a strange way this stranger had excited me even more to be a slave. So im standing there bent over waiting for whatever is going to happen.

so bitch show me your cloths what you daily wear .

I then reply master what do you require of me .

your wardrobe knickers draw ect.overseer will come with us. I thought this is one way of getting me into the bedroom threesome here we come. We went upstairs’ to bedroom which is your draws and wardrobe he said so showed him right bitch stand facing the wall don’t move.
Overseer show me her wardrobe they both went to it master opened it right he said to overseer go get bin bag .
me thinking what the fuck for.?
I heard overseer go as he went I got a hand over my tits it was master playing with them milking me then he put his hands between my legs I could feel his fingers gradually move inside me mmm that’s nice and wet bitch your doing well. This was making me even wetter I was leaking come I know as some had dribbled down my leg. I heard overseer come upstairs master did not move so overseer could see he had his fingers up inside me and my tits now hanging out of my bra.
Right master said I want you to put all this bitches cloths that I pick into that bag. He then took most of my cloths out of the wardrobe now knickers draw show me so overseer showed him same here .bitch this is what you will be left with. I had 4 pairs of knickers left from about 20.all my nice ones had gone .my dresses well I had 2 left and 3 skirts 3 tops was left as well that’s your cloths you will not wear anything else until you are given them. These
pointing to the bag go with me (shit that’s torn it I could not pretend to throw them out)

Now bitch strip this is it I though so strip I did as doing so I was about to take my stocking of NO was the order leave them on. So now im standing in just my stockings waiting to get fucked. No get your arse downstairs now. He said so we did as we was ordered getting downstairs I was ordered to stand in front of master for inspection on this he stood in front of me lifted my left tit felt it squeezed it as if milking me he did the same to my right tit.then he put his hands between my legs opening my legs a little he then shoved two fingers up inside me then moved full hand. To this he said ok lets see if we can fist you fuck I though not possible but I was wet and eager to please or something as next words he said was nice well done full fist up inside. Bloody hell I though that’s a funny feeling it was nice but like giving birth again. As he pulled his fist out right bitch sit down and finger fuck yourself .not that easy if someone is watching you but though I will pretend that will do .so sat down began to finger myself started to rub my clit and play with myself .I heard stop fucking about bitch do it fully or you WILL be punished fingers inside do it properly. I knew I was in trouble so started to do it fully and properly once I got stared I got going fully and was enjoying myself I was on the verge of coming when STOP BITCH ! What the fuck I thought. When I had stopped master ordered me stand so did hands down side this is position one position two hands clasped holding head. They are your two positions you will get into when ordered by me or overseer do you understand .
yes master I said.

Now rules you will wear what you’re told when you’re told. You will let people fuck you feel you when they want .there are no excuse you will do as you’re told at all times do you understand yes master. You will be punished how I feel to punish you. You will do orders day twice a week do you understand that yes master. You will be branded when you have passed all tests and tattooed do you agree and understand. This I looked AT HUBBY OVERSEER. Don’t look to him for answer your doing it not him. Bloody hell what do I say but something inside said you wanted this so yes master. Good now we will start.

If I ever see you wearing bras like that again you’re in trouble. Overseer go get some scissors of he goes .im standing get the fuck here bitch so stood next to master he shoved three fingers up me I was even wetter than before after id been playing with myself your doing fine he said we will have you working nicely few weeks to get you into the swing of things. Yes master he then took his fingers out of me said suck so I sucked his fingers.
Overseer came back with scissors master took his fingers out of my mouth took scissors of overseer right you will have four pair of bras that you will wear all the time inside or out shopping ect understand yes master. He then cut the full cups out of my bras. Left just the outer rim there that’s how you have them they are called halter bras put one on now. I did as ordered looked silly but made my tits stick out even more. You will wear these at all times unless told otherwise I don’t want to see them off. Right bitch im going now you will phone a taxi you will stand at the door as you are in stockings and halter bra only.

If your neighbours see you good. If I accept you as slave I will let you know soon. So expect a letter or phone call from me. I will contact you not you contact me is that understood. Yes master was my reply. I phoned a taxi I expected right this is it a fucking im going to get. But no he said ok lets go to the door and wait for taxi. As we were waiting he said ok stand position one good job I remembered the position so did as was ordered. He then put his fingers up inside me you could hear I was wet ready my juices were running from me onto his hand I thought any minute now he’s going to fuck me .all of a sudden taxi beeps he pulls his fingers out says you did well I will maybe get in touch. He picks up my cloths opens the front door wide the taxi driver sees me standing there stockings halter bra on nothing else. I wave to master the taxi driver is smiling then he goes. Shit what an experience we have just had
I have just met this man who orders me to do this and that strips me takes my clothes away leaves me only a few will I ever see him again. Or what this is the first time any other man has touched me never mind fingered me. I must be stupid but then think this is what I want it’s my dream coming true.

Ok next bit later if you wish let me know.

Slave bitch

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