The good ending of Sammy's ruined life
Sammy's Ruined Life 4 (Good Ending)

Hey again guys! Sorry for the wait, It's been hard to find time to write. I've decided I'll
come up with two more endings, this ending: (The good one) and one more: (The bad one)
Hope you enjoy this story, story if it kinda jumps around, I kept being interrupted whenever
I tried writing.


Three days had passed since the grave incident.

Sammy had been left at the funeral director's house, while his mother, bully, and best friend returned home to fuck and enjoy time without him. Sammy was happy to see them leave. Time without them would mean his injuries could heal, or so he thought. At first the funeral director helped Sammy, letting
him shower, eat, and sleep without bothering him. He couldn't explain why the same old
man who had shit on his father, and fucked him in front of his dead dad was suddenly being
so nice to him.

As the third day dawned, his attitude changed and Sammy's torment started again. Since his
father's grave had been pissed on, and shit on, Sammy no longer felt such a disgust for the
nasty things people wanted to do to him. When the funeral director ordered Sammy to lick
his ass crack clean, he never questioned it. He did just as he was told, even when ordered
to spread his legs and beg for the director's cock, Sammy did just that.

Getting fucked was a different experience for Sammy, instead of pain or humiliation, it felt
wonderful, far better then being beaten or swallowing shit. Sammy arched his back,
moaned loudly, and begged for more as the director ruthlessly penetrated him. Sammy
couldn't believe such pleasure existed after what he had been through. As the director's
seed emptied into him, Sammy's own orgasm shook him, causing him to nearly passout.
Drooling and limp as he was pushed onto the floor, he could feel the director's piss
splashing across his body.

The day after his first good breeding, Sammy pleaded and begged to be fucked more, but
the director wouldn't. Today was something else, the director had plans for Sammy, plans
not even his mother and bully knew of. Leading Sammy into the dark basement, he
worried what would happen to him next. As the lights flickered on and the room was
illuminated, Sammy noticed a punching bag, weights, and some dusty yoga mats that
looked unused.

"I own you for the moment, and I want you healthier. Eating shit has left you weak and
feeble. I want to see you get flexible, and more muscular. I'll feed you good when you
come, and you're still my property, but that's no excuse for you to look sickly."

Sammy didn't know what to say, he couldn't believe how nice this old pervert was being to
him. Over the next few weeks, Sammy stayed with the director, exercising and eating food
much better then he normally got. His body slowly grew stronger, and more muscular then
it had been. He received phone calls every few days from his mother or bully, asking if he
had died yet. It seemed like they didn't miss him, but wanted the news if he had died under
the director's care.

Sammy's mind was reformed as well, after a hard day of exercise and doing yard work for
the director, he would sometimes be whipped, or spanked, beaten hard or lovingly fucked.
The entire time he would be told that he loved it, no matter what it was. With enough time,
Sammy came to believe it himself, receiving slaps, punches and kicks, he would moan and
ask for more. Being a toilet became a reward, stroking the director's cock as his bowels
were emptied into Sammy's mouth. Getting fucked was the best of all, Sammy could never
get enough, but the old man's stamina wasn't as great as Sammy's.

Some part of Sammy mind had stayed safe from the abuse however, no matter how much
anyone tried to make him a complete slave, a small part of him still rebelled. In Sammy's
private moments, he figured this was his fathers spirit that kept him sane from all the
extreme things he had to endure.


A few days before he was to leave the director, he was pulled away from his yard work and
brought into the house. The funeral director pulled out his cock, and issued Sammy to suck
it, which he did happily. As he sucked, the director spoke to him.

"Sammy I know I've been teaching you how to be a better slave, and I'm glad I have; but I
can't keep it from you any longer. " Sammy was puzzled, but kept sucking and stroking.
"Sammy the truth is.. Your father is still alive." Almost like a cruel joke, the director
stopped Sammy from pulling off, instead shoving his cock deeper into his throat. Sammy
couldn't believe what he had just heard. "No need to talk yet Sammy, keep sucking and I'll
explain everything."

Sammy continued, working his balls with his hands while slurping the fat head. "Sammy
your father came to me one day, and told me about how evil his wife had become. He was
worried she would try to kill him, which is what she really wanted. He convinced me to get
in good with your bully, to make sure if anything happened I would be there to help." The
dicrector stopped, and released a grunt as Sammy pushed a finger into his ass.
"When your mother told your bully to snuff him, I was there with him." Sammy
remembered the photos. "I went along with your bully, pissing on him, slapping him, and
pretending like I hated him. Once your bully started choking him, your father passed out.

Luckily I was there, and once your bully let him go, I checked his pulse and told your bully
he was dead. Lucky for us your bully is just a stupid jock with no brains, I told him I'd clean
up since I'm a funeral director, and he left."

Sammy's heart had begun beating faster at the wonderful news, his happiness reflected his
enthusiasm for sucking, as the director could barely contain himself. "At the funeral, your
father was pretending to be dead, no one even checked him. Your bully pissing on him,
spitting in his face, and fucking over the casket went well. They were so busy with their
own lust the never noticed him breathing. "The director's cock made a loud popping sound
as it was removed from Sammy's mouth. "But wait! You shit on my dad!" Sammy said,
staring up into the old man's eyes. The cock was pushed back into his mouth, and Sammy

"I did, your father asked me too, just so they wouldn't suspect me. You didn't know this
about your daddy, Sammy: but he's a horny slut just like you. Why do you think you enjoy
all this so much?" Sammy could hardly believe it, taking his fingers out of the director he
sucked them clean, then bobbed harder on his cock.

"Oooh.. I'm getting close. So after the funeral, I had to treat you like they would, since your
father still hadn't escaped. So I made you lick my ass clean, and I fucked you, I knew you
wouldn't object." Sammy sped up. "Fuck..Once you left, your father cleaned up, and
caught a ride to a friends house in another state, that's where he is now.." Sammy squeezed
the director's balls and his cock popped out again, spraying lines of cum across Sammy's

"Fuuuuck!" As his cock dripped onto Sammy's tongue, he patted his head. "I'm telling you
this, because your mother doesn't want you. She would be happy to see your snuffed like
your father, only this time I may not be there." Sammy rubbed the cock against his face.
"I've been helping you get stronger, so when you want, you can escape from them."
Sammy stared at him for a moment then spoke. "So wait.. If you've been training me to
escape, by helping me get stronger and feeding me.. Why have you also been beating me,
shitting on me, fucking me, and treating me like a slave?"

The director smiled. "Me and your father go way back, and he's not the only one who's a
giant pervert. I treated your daddy the same way I'm treating you, only when we were
much younger. Don't you enjoy how I treat you, Sammy?" Sammy didn't answer for a
second, but considering how happy he was that his father was alive, he answered yes.
"Of course I enjoy it! My dad is alive, I can leave my bully and mom and go see him soon!"
Sammy yelled happily, before pushing into the director and kissing him.


An hour before his mother arrived, Sammy was on his knees cleaning the director's toilet,
while the director sat on it. Sammy's mood had been so elevated with the news, nothing
could get him down. After licking the director clean, and scrubbing the toilet bowl while
being hammered from behind, the doorbell rang. Sammy and the director pulled apart, and
the he left.

Sammy finished cleaning up and walked into the living room, standing there was his
mother. Sammy smiled at her, secretly laughing about how she had failed to snuff his
father. The director spoke with her, telling her how Sammy had become a much better
slave, and really enjoyed all the abuse you could give him. She looked to Sammy,
wondering just how true that was.Sammy noticed the opportunity, and walked over to his
mother, getting on his knees he spoke. "Mom, I want to thank you for getting my bully to snuff dad, he deserved it!" His mom looked shocked. "I'm so glad I was there when you and him fucked over dad's casket, I can see now how great it was. Oh and if you ever want to snuff me like dad, I'm ready
any time!" His mom was thunderstruck, she couldn't believe her ears, but hearing her own
son say he wanted to be snuffed sent her pussy into a sopping mess.

"I told you, he's a real slave now." Said the director proudly. His mother thanked him, and
ordered Sammy into her car.

Once they arrived at home, his mother called up his bully and his friend, she couldn't wait
to tell them the exciting news about Sammy's change. It only took a few minutes for
everyone to arrive. His mother told everything Sammy had said, and they too couldn't
believe it. "Snuffing my best friend would be fuckin' hot!" Sammy's friend said. "Let's
abuse the fuck out of him one last time before we do it!" Said his bully. "Oh god I'm gonna
cum!" Yelled his mother.

In the next hour, Sammy endured the worst treatment he had ever recived from them, they
were truly holding nothing back. His body had been beaten by everyone, his own
mother's fists left bruises on his stomach and back. Red marks from his best friend's slaps
across his face and ass. His balls screamed as his bully had squeezed them, twisted them
and smashed them. Each time his mother would reach another orgasm, Sammy would
shout: "Snuff me, mommy snuff me!!" Which would send her into a fit of shaking and

Sammy's best friend had made him endure his horrible wastes. Unlike the director, his
friend didn't eat good food, so all his shit was soft, smelly and foul. He made Sammy suck it
out of his ass, rather then just shitting on him. Sammy gagged and puked once, which
everyone enjoyed, after finishing his friend's shit, everyone else him down, while his friend
pissed up his nose. Sammy struggled as the hot piss burned him and choked him as he tried
to swallow it.

Somehow he was able to survive it, everyone laughing and talking about how great a job
the director had done. Sammy kept his focus on his father, and waited for his moment when
he could escape, ruining everyone's happy night.

Next his bully beat him, mostly with his cock. The long thick cock of his bully beat against
his face hard, popping his eyes more then once. After the beating, Sammy had two black
eyes. Luckily he only had to suck the cock after that, while his friend thumped and flicked
his sore balls.

Sammy moaned, slurping and sucking on his bully's cock. His bully tried to remain casual,
and wouldn't admit it openly, but Sammy was sucking his cock far better then his mother,
or his ex girlfriend ever had. When his mother tried to pull Sammy away, his bully had
stopped her, saying to let him finish. Jealous of this turn of events, she kicked Sammy in
the side and walked over to his friend, kissing him.

Sammy's mouth opened as shots of warm delicious cum hit the back of his mouth. Moaning
and rubbing his bully's balls as he swallowed every drop he could get. His bully's attitude
had changed slightly, perhaps he didn't want to snuff such a good cock sucker. Regardless
of his change in attitude, Sammy noticed it, and with everyone looking, Sammy lept to his
feet, and french kissed his bully in thanks.

Everyone stared, his bully's eyes wide open in shock. The most shocking result came a
second later, when his bully embraced him and kissed Sammy back. After a moment they
split apart, Sammy smiling happily, his bully nervous and unsure what to do. So he resorted
back to his former self and shoved Sammy to the floor. "What's everyone looking at?! The
faggot's gonna die soon, I thought I'd give him one.." But the stares continued, Sammy
smiled more.

"Uh, yeah man, cool. Lets go grab the camera, I wanna watch this over and over again."
His friend said. "I'll go get a few trash bags! This might get messy!" His mom said with
glee. "Don't go anywhere faggot, you're gonna die in a few minutes!" His friend said as
everyone left him alone. Sammy had to stop himself from bursting out into laughter, his
luck couldn't have been better. As they dissapeared from the room, Sammy grabbed his
clothes and slipped them on quickly, then quietly left out the front door.

Hiding behind a neighbor's house, the watched them come running out of the home
frantically looking for him. He could hear them shout something about police, and jumped in
their cars, slowly driving down the road looking for him. Sammy remained out of sight until
they were gone, then ran back into the house, grabbing his hoodie, and his mom's money
from her purse.

He called up a taxi to arrive a few houses down, then hid behind the house. While waiting
his owners returned, running back into the house. While they searched for him again, the
taxi arrived, and Sammy hopped in, telling the driver the location of the Funeral directors
home. The taxi driver thought Sammy was a bit crazy, seeing as how to laughed the entire

Once at the funeral directors home, he paid the taxi driver and jumped into the directors
arms the second he saw him. It would only be another 36 hours before he saw his father..


Okay now we're at the point to decide the final story. The last ending I'll write: The bad
ending wont have Sammy escape, and find his father alive. Instead it will end with Sammy
being snuffed, but I need more ideas. Let me know in the comments any ways you'd like
to see the Bad Ending play out. I hope you guys enjoyed this ending, let me know! Thanks

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