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I was sitting at home, alone, watching MTV like I always do. The house felt empty. No kids, no boyfriend. My only company was Max, my Doberman-Rotweiller mix. He is pretty much a happy-go-lucky dog, the kind that would rather lick a person to death than bite them. Max is about 90 pounds, which makes playing with him rather annoying sometimes. When he gets the energy to play he can really throw his weight around, and while he doesn't try to, every now and then he ends up knocking someone down and hurting them - startling them at the very least.

David had been gone for almost two weeks now. His truck-driving job had been keeping him away longer than usual. The kids were with their grandmother. Summertime always drew them to their grandmother's neighborhood where there were more kids their age to play with. They would go for a week at a time, at least once per month over the summer months. That left me at home with David, usually, and we never failed to take full advantage of that free time. But David was gone now and we were both unsure of when he was going to be home again. He promised it would be within the next week, but I wasn't getting my hopes up.

On occassion I had gone to clubs in the last couple of weeks. Sitting around the house alone was driving me nuts, especially on my days off. During the day I don the hat of an interior designer. But in the afternoon to evening hours, when I'm alone at home, I go insane. Watching TV just doesn't cut it after a while. The local club scene is very active with everything from techno to goth. And, of course, there are lots of guys always looking to get with the girls.

I'm a slight black woman: 31, 5'2", 110 pounds, 38C breasts, a tight ass and nice hips. Not bad for a mother of four. I had the fortune of having all my children by the time I was 26. That gave me the last five years to work my figure back into what I wanted it to be. I always enjoyed making David's head spin when he came home from work by wearing something sexy and different that accentuated my body. He, of course, was always eager to accept my sexual invitations later that night.

In the last week I was out clubbing I had met a guy named Tory. He was a gorgeous man, 24 - at least that's what he told me - with a beautifully sculpted body. I had managed to get his attention and had flirted with him both on and off the dance floor. Lately, I had found myself imagining what it would be like to feel him on top of me, inside me, kissing me, sexing me. The way I felt around him, in afterthought, was like a high school girl, skiddish, flirtatious, curious. Sometimes I got butterflies just being around him and close to him on the dance floor. I've always liked white men; most of them seem to treat a woman better than any black man I've ever had experience with. Tory was just the way I liked my men.

Now I was watching MTV. As my mind drifted to my georgeous man, I really wasn't watching TV at all. Watching the dancers in the music videos just reminded me of being so close to him. I imagined myself as one of the female dancers in one of the videos. A couple of times, when the male dancer would get close to me, it was my Tory and I would shudder as he breathed hotly on my neck or caress my supple body. Soon enough I found I was sitting on the sofa so wet that I had to get up to go change my clothes.

All the time I was watching the videos and dreaming of my Tory I had failed to notice Max. He was sitting off to the side of me when I finally decided to get up and change. There was what appeared to be a silly grin on his face as he looked at me with tongue out, panting. Max was leaning heavily on the front of the sofa with his body and looking at me while his tongue lolled lazily out of the side of his mouth. I grinned and leaned over, petting Max on his head. Then, as I leaned down to pet his body, I realized why he had that stupid grin on his face. There it was, thick and pink and long, stretching out of its sheath and pointing up at me. I guess I never realized how big Max's dick was until then. He had stopped panting, his mouth closed and he just stared up at me as my hand petted down to his body. I was sure he was wishing I was closer to his member, but that wasn't going to happen.

As I kept petting Max he would occassionally lick me on the arm of the hand that was petting him. He would make little whimpering noises and look at me sheepishly. I couldn't help but think, as I looked at his slightly throbbing member, that he had gotten that way because of me. Thiking about it for a minute I realized he must have smelled me when I got wet. He was thinking of me as a bitch in heat right now and wanted me to give him some! That thought sent a moment of anger through me as I processed the fact that he was thinking of me as a bitch. But that feeling passed rather quickly as I let myself realize that although he was a male, he was only an animal and was only reacting the way he instinctively knew how to react. I couldn't really blame for that.

Then I found myself getting curious about how his cock felt. There was no way he was getting some from me, so that wasn't an issue. In fact, the thought rather disgusted me. But his cock was bigger than any man's that I had ever been with and I was curious about it. I got up and went to the kitchen to find a measuring tape and Max followed me, panting all the while. In one of the kitchen drawers I took the meausuring tape out and knelt down. Max was sitting and looking up at me again and licked my face as I knelt. I stretched the tape out and put the end of it at the base of Max's cock. Again, he stopped panting and got a far-off stare in his eyes. When I stretched the tape along his length the tape read 11 inches. Then I dared to measure around Max's cock. I wrapped the tape around the thickest point in his shaft and the tape read 6 inches. Max seemed to have stopped breathing now and licked his jowels as the tape unwrapped from his shaft.

As I stood up I unconsciously touched myself. The size of Max's cock had gotten my juices flowing again. My hand pulled away soaking wet from under my short dress and Max's tongue shot out and licked it as it passed by his face, startling me and sending a shiver through me at the same time. I began to get angry with myself for the thoughts I was having. This was a dog, and here I was having thoughts of that cock inside me, in my mouth so I could taste it, shooting its cum deep inside me. How could I have thoughts like that about a dog, a beast?!

That was when I decided to do it. I walked back into the living room with Max following close behind me. Stopping in front of the sofa, I turned around, faced Max and got down on my knees next to him. Max promptly sat down and licked my face. Reaching down, I took Max's cock in my hand and began to stroke it up and down gently. Again, Max stopped panting and sat perfectly still. Then I leaned forward, opened my mouth and took the head of Max's cock into my mouth. I was prepared to gag, thinking the taste would be horrendous enough by itself to prove to me that I was crazy for even thinking of doing this with a dog. But as I took that cock in my mouth and ran my tongue along it in my mouth, I realized that it didn't taste bad at all. Max's cock tasted rather good.

With that thought my body quivered and I knew I was wetter than I had been before. I knew Max must be smelling me by now and it was probably driving him crazy. I knew how much David liked it when I deep-throated him. David is 9.5" long and the most I've ever had in my mouth at once. Once I got the hang of taking it all in my throat, though, I had hooked him for life. Now I was wondering if I could take all of Max in my throat. His cock only got thick near the middle, but at the tip and base he as much narrower. As long as that thick part didn't get too far in my throat I would probably be alright, still able to breathe. I went down slowly, taking as much as I could. Then, feeling where I needed to adjust in order to take more of it in, I went up and down a few more times until I felt I could get more in. Once I got past that point, I found the rest slid down my throat fairly easily. I had it all in.

Once I had Max's whole cock in my throat I came back up. This time, though, when I came up I realized Max was squirting something. I took his cock out of my mouth and looked at it. The squirt was a clear fluid; it wasn't cum and it wasn't urine, and it didn't taste bad at all. Curious, I decided to just lick his shaft for a minute, tasting that new liquid. After I got used to its taste, and the fact that Max was likely going to have this come out again, I resumed sucking his cock into my throat. I enjoyed the feel of it as it slid all the way down my throat and then all the way back out. Max was whimpering now and he stood up on all fours. He squirted some more of his fluid in my mouth and I hungrily accepted it, getting wetter as he began to try to hump my mouth.

Getting up on all fours, I positioned myself so that Max could fuck my throat without hurting me. He would occassionally lift his leg as he humped, trying to stuff his cock further down my throat. After about 10 minutes of this, I heard a knock on the door. I wasn't about to stop playing with Max, but I didn't want anyone nosing around to be able to see what I was doing either. Getting up, I took Max upstairs to the entertainment room and ignored the person at the door. I took my dress off the, and determined to have Max fuck me.

Max looked up at me quizically and wagged his tail as he panted. I knelt down next to him, then leaned forward on my hands and leaned my body into his. Max didn't need further coaxing. He promptly got up, went around behind me and mounted me. As his paws grabbed at my small waist, I was glad we had gotten Max's nails clipped short. His weight leaned heavy on me as he thrust, missing his mark on the first few thrusts. Then, just as I was reaching back to guide his cock into my pussy, Max found that hole and pushed in hard. I gasped and leaned forward on the floor, the strength in my arms seeming to leave me all at once. Max hopped forward a little to push more of his cock into me. He wasn't happy until his whole cock was forced inside me.

Max began pistoning in and out of me harder, faster and deeper than I had ever been fucked. It was all I could do to catch my breath in between poundings, but it felt so good. Max's cock seemed to fill my pussy with it's thickness, as though even the narrow parts of his cock were now swelling and pushing at the recesses of my longing love hole. With my face on the floor, I managed to look back and see Max's huge member skewering me, his large testicles slapping hard against my legs, my pussy lips, my clit. There was also something about the base of his shaft that I could see. It looked like his base was somehow beginning to grow larger than his shaft. As it hit against my pussy I could tell it was hard. The first time Max managed to actually force it inside me I gasped in pain and pleasure and felt the air pushed from my lungs. My eyes rolled back and I felt my body push back against him as if my body didn't want him to pull out.

I managed to get my strength in my arms again and pushed myself up on all fours again. By now I was fucking back against Max and looking forward to having that lump forced into me with each thrust. "That's it, Max, fuck me! Fuck me hard!" I screamed. Never had I thought I would love being taken by an animal. But here I was, Max's willing bitch.

I had been so wrapped up in how good Max felt fucking me that I had closed my eyes so I could feel everything. Now, when I opened my eyes, I lost all my breath again, but this time in terror. Sitting in front of me was an ex boyfriend who had obviously come by to visit. That must have been who was knocking on my door earlier. But how did he get in?

"You shouldn't leave your door unlocked if you plan to do things like this," he said with a stupid grin on his face. He was sitting there stroking his dick only inches from my face. Before I could tell him no, the head of his dick was at my lips. Resigning myself to this fate, I opened my mouth and felt him push in. His dick was only about 8" long and was much easier to suck than either David or Max. In fact, as Max continued to fuck my pussy, having my ex's dick in my mouth was feeling really good too.

The lump at the base of Max's dick was beginning to get bigger and harder now at an alarming rate. As it popped in and out of my pussy I could feel myself getting stretched more and more to accommodate it. Soon I was feeling an orgasm begin from deeper inside me than ever before. My ex was fucking my mouth in deep, long strokes as my orgasm built. Then, as Max was fucking me, he finally couldn't pull out any more - he was stuck. My first thought was panic and my eyes opened wide as I began to fear what was happening. But then, as Max got still and held onto me, I could feel his cock pulsing in my pussy. And then it hit me.

As Max grabbed my tiny waist tighter and held still with his cock stuck inside me, I felt him begin to squirt his cum deep inside my pussy. The first squirt was hard and the hot liquid flowed into me. The second squirt, just as forceful, sprayed the inside of my pussy like a garden hose. Max squirted cum like that five times before turning himself around and dismounting me. But we were tied together by then and neither of us was going anywhere. Max just stood there then and panted while my ex fucked my mouth. I could still feel Max's cum inside me, but it wasn't running down my legs yet. Every time Max moved a little, I could feel his cock slosh around the cum that was sealed in my pussy. It was such a wonderful feeling.

Finally, as Max's cock began to get soft, he managed to pop himself free and trotted away. I couldn't see where he went because I was still sucking on my ex boyfriend's cock. Looking in the mirror behind me he said, "Man, I always knew you were a slut, but I never thought you liked it like this!" As he fucked my mouth faster I felt Max begin licking the cum from my pussy. I moaned and had another orgasm almost immediately. Finally, my ex put his hand on the back of my head and fucked my throat as deep and fast as he could. He was cumming in no time and squirted so much cum in my mouth that I had to let some dribble down the sides of my mouth. I reveled in the taste as I swallowed everthing I could. Then my ex grabbed Max and led him around to me and held Max's cock to my mouth to let me clean it off. I licked and sucked all the sweet cum off Max and finally collapsed on the floor on my stomach.

I had never been so satisfied in my life. My ex told me he would come by next time I wanted to do this and I agreed. This was just the first of several such events. But those are for another time...

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Wonderful story. Believable. Leaving the front door unlocked seemed a little bit of a stretch. Love how the dog did it, must be nice to have a pussy...enjoy yourself.

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my favorite small 110pd 5'2 38c and loves to fuck and suck were can i find me one like that.

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wow I have dreamed about a dog enen masterbated to it.. this was good

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